Critical and imminent were the words used by S. Korea to describe the standoff with DPRK, which has been boxed-in by sanctions and been baited by more US-S. Korea military drills.  It's now not a question of 'if' but of 'when'. Will DPRK strike first before Christmas to ruin the holiday season? Certainly, it can't wait until after the new year as the sanctions bear down. Meanwhile, US long range bombers have been placed on 24 hr alert and 1,000 retired US Air Force pilots could be called back to duty.  Who is calling for war? The answer may lie with the blackmailed Congress.

When the deep state (aka the Khazarian mafia, the international plutocrats, the Zio-Con dogs of war) have run out of options, when Congress is no longer controllable, their only option left is the Samson option: bring down the rest of the world with them.  End Times prophesies are not the sole purview of Christians. Muslims have their own eschatology that includes a final conflagration, the war to end all wars that will usher in an era of peace with the appearance of their last Mufti and Jesus. The Jews have their own wind-up scenes scripted in the Old Testament. There are even Satanists-pagans-occultists that believe that Jesus will return only when evil has saturated the world. In their minds, their perversions are accelerating the return of the Messiah. 

Of course, atheists like Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping are not tethered by such ideologies and act only in the best interests of their nations. We could even add Donald Trump in the mix, since he is anything but a God-fearing Christian.  Don't get me started on Trump.

We are now entering the greatest period of upheaval, uncertainty and turmoil the world has seen or will ever see, as the Samson option is implemented politically and economically.  China will be unveiling the Petro-Yuan, soon. Our lives will be turned upside-down and what we cherished most (sports, entertainment and shopping) will lose all meaning. Those who are tethered to God will survive the storm, not unscathed, but they will be refined and tried like gold. Then, after a period of years, there will come peace when the Prince of Peace returns.  Until then, buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride. Things may kick-off with the DoD EMP drill on Nov. 4-6 to coincide with AntiFa insurrections planned across the USA.

Zooming down to ground zero, Mike Pence cast the deciding vote in the Senate, which makes it almost impossible to sue a credit card company or a bank in a class action suit. This proves, once more, that the two party illusion of choice is the biggest scam perpetrated on the American people. Here are the details.

Paul Adams



Nothing changes without a complaint. The more people complain the more likely the change. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. At least, that's the theory. But, what if the wheel is square?In an attempt to take the power from the elite and give it back to the People certain individuals are not only complaining but also doing something about it. And I have joined their movement to give the People their country back. More on that later. Bottom line:  we are going for eDemocracy where the People - not their bought and paid for career representatives - have control of the government.

On the North Korean front, we are at a tipping point where we either follow-up on our threats to Kim Jong Un or we back off.  Trump is sending out all kinds of false signals to confuse DPRK. We hear of decapitation forces landing by submarine, of air craft carriers mooring in S. Korea, of military strategies in flux, and of new S. Korean strategies. Tomorrow we may hear of startling new developments, like Trump recalling 1,000 Air Force Pilots from retirement. One thing everyone neglects to consider is that DPRK may be also be smudging the red lines. China has a history of turning on its friends. It may turn on N. Korea.How do we know that China, Russia and the DPRK don't have their own submarines parked off our shores ready to launch nuclear weapons? The notion that DPRK needs another five years before it can develop ICBMs capable of reaching the US  doesn't hold water.  A complete pull-out from the Iran deal will only exacerbate the already fragile rapport we have with Iran, to Israel's great satisfaction. And since Russia and China both back Iran, what better way to de-fang Iran than by taking on its backers first?

But Netanyahu also reads the Old Testament and knows that Israel may not live to see its 100th anniversary. He has said as much in a recent interview.  Israel is front and center in Biblical eschatology.

Whether or not Russia retaliates for Israel's attacks on Syria remains to be seen. Russia may choose to pounce when Israel's only ally is knocked off its feet first. Putin pretend to be hoarding gold, while at the same time he is promoting a new CryptoRubel as he realizes oil may soon be traded in something other than the petrodollar.  The die is cast. We've crossed the Rubel-con.  There is no turning back to the good old days.

I'm not sure how much longer this tension can go on. Something has to give, and when it does it will be like a dam burst. One final thought. This report coincides with my analysis. Israel needs as much infighting between Arab nations as possible in its bid to conquer by destabilization. Except time has run out. Iran, Russia, Syria and China are no longer giving Israel any leeway.

Paul Adams


I try to keep my comments terse and poignant. There is no other way of saying it: the Zio-Neocon deep state is reeling. No one in their right mind believes the official lone shooter narrative. This was a badly coordinated psyop B movie - much like 9/11 was - perhaps to take the public's pulse, perhaps to retaliate for not taking down Assad, which would have allowed Israel's gas pipeline to run through Syria, perhaps to enrich insiders, and definitely to make Americans feel the terror that Israel feels every otherweek.

The word is out: America is the wagged dog. I've said it before.  Anyone who thinks that Russia, China, Iran and DPRK are oblivious to the fact that Israel is the tail that wags the American dog is still under the ether of the two-party illusion of choice and of hackneyed left-right-tit-for-tat politics. Get a grip. When a Jerusalem-born Jew whose grandfather was a signatory to Israel's founding documents argues for reform to Israel's policies, it's no longer antisemitic rhetoric, is it?

Here's what I want:

1. I want to see polygraphing of FBI officials in charge of the Mandalay massacre, as well as of the Sheriff, the hotel owners, key employees who may have had advance knowledge, of the city mayor, the state governor, and George Soros. And you ask: by what right can I make such a ridiculous request? And my answer is the 9th and 10th Amendments of the US Constitution.

2. I want to see surveillance footage of Paddock's room and of his every move before the shooting. Was there more than one person entering his room? I bet there was and that's why we are being given this alibi that the cameras on the 32nd floor malfunctioned that day. By the way, while you are at it, show me the footage from the 80 cameras that surrounded the Pentagon on 9/11. Where are those tapes FBI?

3. I want to see real autopsy reports of Paddock. I want to know how long his body was dead before his body was found 'dead'.

4. I want to see shell casings, ballistics analysis, entry and exit points of anyone who was killed or injured that day.

Until and unless I see all this evidence, this act of violence will be a barbaric act of violence on the American equal to the attack on the USS Liberty and 9/11.  Make no mistake about it: world leaders know who is wagging the American dog.

On the North Korean front, it's not a matter of 'if' but a matter of 'when'.  Trump has made it very clear that North Korea could have been 'fixed' 20, 15, 10, 5 years ago and that he is the one left to fix it. In November he is scheduled to visit the border that separates the two Koreas, presumably as the last sign of defiant dominance over a soon to be crippled foe. 

His remarks about Tillerson's diplomacy leave little to the imagination. It's his way or the highway.  Never mind that only Congress can declare war on another nation, never mind that he has essentially declared war on the American people by not rescinding the NDAA or NSA spying of Americans.

Trump seems to forget important facts, such as him boasting about how the market has benefited from his decisions. Two days later he brags about how he caused health insurance stocks to tumble. He also doesn't realize that he presides over the US Virgin islands.

Which begs the question: cui bono from this Kabuki Theater, from this lump of clay with the instincts and etiquette of a mobster posing as a President? You have a pretty good idea who benefits. Just ask yourself who funded his bailout after he went bankrupt, and who funded his Trump Victory Fund, and which world leader congratulated him for his stance on the Iran deal.The Truth always has a way of coming through. We'll eventually know the truth about the Mandalay Massacre and 9/11 as we are about to learn the truth about JFK.

In today's lamentable geopolitics one truth keeps resurfacing: America is controlled from without and within by merciless powers.

Paul Adams



We are to believe that a lone gunman, equipped with ten weapons, made his way into his hotel room without any surveillance cameras tracking his moves, from where he smashed not one but two windows and shot 558 people in 240 seconds of rapid gunfire.  We are also to believe that the police can change its story about how he was killed and about his girlfriend's whereabouts. First they told us he committed suicide, then they told us he was gunned down.  We are to believe that a man without a criminal record or mental health history simply decided to kill as many people as possible. How about showing me the surveillance videos of all activity outside Paddock's room before and after the shootings. And while you're at it, show me the videos recorded by the 80+ cameras when the Pentagon was hit on 9/11.

Personally, after 9/11, Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Boston bombing, and the Iraqi war, I don't believe any official news report. I do believe, however, that there are elements that want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, because after all folks, no invading force wants to do battle with an armed citizenry. 

Yes, we are feeling the terror Israel has felt. And perhaps Israel is now coming to the realization that the Samson option must be invoked. After all, Iran is closing in, Russia is aiding North Korea, and Hezbollah is preparing a war that Israel knows it cannot win. So what better way to end civilization than with Armageddon? What better to end America than by thinning out its armies and disarming its citizens? What better to inflict pain than with terror on a massive scale?

If 9/11 is any indication, the next false flag will be the mother of all false flags.  Who will be behind it? The usual suspects.

Thursday. We just learned that Live Shooter Drills were held a day before at the Mandalay. For the Goyim that still don't get it, that means that the ammo and the guns were hauled up the elevators the day before and the dead Paddock body was propped after the fact. That explains the 72 minute delay in swat team reaction. Also, it explains the shooter disguised as a security guard running away. Connect the dots. The planners had this one planned just like the Boston Bombing and 9/11, to see how stupid the American public is in believing the MSM horse manure that a lone wolf did it under the influence of anti-psychotic drugs. Satan is laughing at your imbecile gulliblethinking. Wake Up!! Until and unless the top tier perps are rounded up and crated this kind of terror will keep up.

Paul Adams


The White House now is trying to undo the damage caused by Trump's bellicose, belligerent, bombastic juvenile speech by saying the USA never declared war on North Korea.  Sorry, the damage is done. If war breaks out the blame will lie squarely on the shoulders of the irrepressible, reproachable Donald Trump.  It doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure out that the braggadocios billionaire simply can't control his tongue or his need for attention.

He could have launched his tirade about NFL players taking a knee a very long time ago. But, when ratings are at the lowest ever seen for a President, he decides to roll in the grime and use the SOB expletive to shock his audience. If there was a time when addicted sport-crazy fans could have impacted the NFL, it is now, and they could do it simply by stomping out of stadiums or protesting in front of NFL franchises offices. You can't suck and blow at the same time. Either you love your country more than sports, or sports more than your country. As for a billionaire POTUS  who knows nothing about serving in the military or being poor or restraining himself in the UN, how is he suddenly the voice of the people?

The Circus goes on.  I predict Trump will be asked to step down when war breaks out in N. Korea, because at that point he will be completely clueless and infantile.  The military will take over and he will be just another comma in American history.

Paul Adams


With 58% of Americans favoring military action against North Korea and Iran threatening to retaliate should the nuclear deal be scrapped, while Hezbollah and Syria taunt Israel - that has celebrated its first US base on its territory - and as McMaster urges for quick decisive action against DPRK, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude we are living in the end times before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The planet has crossed the Rubicon. The last Trump mentioned in Mathew 24:31 is about to sound. It's becoming increasingly clear that Satan is scrambling to make gains in this war of attrition by controlling world leaders and potentates. In the final battle God will win. Then all the liars, sorcerers and adulterers will have wished they had reformed their ways.  Now is the time to change course. Don't wait until it's too late.

As for the Saudis, the seed of Esau, that asks for the world to tolerate its practices, customs and traditions while it prohibits Jewish or Christian places of worship within its borders, read the book of Obadiah for a preview.  Don't blame me. I didn't write it. Take it up with God.

As pensions for public workers are cut - by as much as 90% - expect the US to enter a sever depression and a potential market crash. Pennsylvania has now joined bankrupt Illinois and Puerto Rico. And as China and Venezuela stop using the petrol-dollar, expect other countries to follow suit and for the dollar to crash.

Are you still not convinced we are living in the end times after Trump's speech to the UN? When Iran is supplying Hezbollah, and the exporter of war, the American Police Force of the world, builds its first base in Israel, while Russia flexes its muscle in war games and disregards Israel's request for a 60Km buffer zone along its border?

Paul Adams


In total, I would estimate that I have spent close to 200 hours researching 9/11 from every possible angle. When your house has been blown to smithereens and the police tell you the cause was fire, your first inclination is to examine the video tapes and call for an impartial investigation. If the facts don't add up, you demand answers and hunt down the perpetrators.

Anyone who has not taken the time to thoroughly research 9/11 at this late stage, in my books is either un-American, at best, or an enemy combatant, at worst.  And any President who touts the vacuous official narrative that Islamists with box-cutters, unable to fly a Cessna did 9/11 or that fires can cause buildings to be reduced to the consistency of talcum power is either a puppet, at best, or an enemy of the American people, at worst. Trump is most likely the former. 

The perpetrators are well known and recognized by anyone who has dug deep enough. Karma can be a real pain, and the noose is tightening on the scum that did 9/11.  You can not hide behind your sacred books or wrap yourself in flags you have hijacked. Your fate is sealed. And by Almighty God, you will pay for your crimes a hundredfold.

Notice how Trump has brandished his new God-fearing brand for his Dominionist supporters - what's left of them. Marketing 101.

Will this be the week when all hell breaks loose? By now, we have grown accustomed to Trump's thuggery of threatening oblivion, promising the impossible, leveraging to the utmost, pushing his way to the front of the photo-op lineups, masquerading as a do-good-er people's President minus the jeans and sweat-shirt, and telling the Mexican President the Wall is merely political fodder. His flip-flopping on DACA, NATO, interventionism, and a litany of other issues, and his upholding the NDAA should prove conclusively that the man who dodged the draft and had to be sent to a Military Academy for discipline at the tenderage of thirteen is an incorrigible bully that's all bluster and no bite.

Assange predicts Trump's ousting should he block trade with China.  I predict a military coup will depose him. This is one out-of-control  freak of nature who couldn't start a war let alone end one. His cat and mouse game with North Korea is proof of his timidity in the face of existential threat, and explains amply why he has relegated the levers of war to his generals. He is as far removed from reality as he is from the Constitution - his approval of asset forfeiture and the killing of terrorists families should be a clue. 

America is faced with a dilemma: should we allow this Nero to extinguish our civilization or should we devolve into pre-1776 America and re-engineer the nation with a new Constitution that designates the People as that last appellate?

On Monday Trump was going to deport DACA youth. On Thursday he told them they have nothing to worry about - the same thing he had told them in April. How about Trump take a long vacation past 2024?

Any President who tells survivors of the worst hurricane in history: "have a good time" or tries to be funny by complimenting rescue teams with "no rest for the weary" needs to step down, resign, abdicate, get the hell out of town, Mr. President who needs to remind the crowds you are President of the United States of America. You were born on third base and you can't score a home run. That will be your legacy!

Paul Adams                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


We begin the week with the UN censuring American free speech.  Problem, reaction, solution. The problem is not free speech. The problem is the communist-fascist-zionist-nihilist elements that provoke hate and their media complex. The end game is the balcanization of America to roll out the new world order. With the House quietly passing a Bill that legalizes warrantless searches and permits our foreign policy to dovetail with Israel's foreign policy there is little left to the imagination. When the Republican party is funded by Soros and speaker Ryan persistently sabotages efforts to restore order in the nation while the Democrats turn a blind eye to Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and John Podesta, this should serve as notice that the organic Republic of  1789 has ceased to exist. We are in uncharted waters and Trump could very well be the last President.

The 100,000 threshold has been reached petitioning the White House to consider George Soros a terrorist. Will the WH act?

We end the week with North Korea testing another nuclear weapon. If we are to rely on Trump's promises this means his next move will be military, not diplomatic, as in 'fiery fury'.

Paul Adams


A President who stares into the eclipse desires to go blind. It's a metaphor for a President who has been co-opted. This is not the same man who was going to re-open 9/11 or stop the interventionism and nation-building. The only America First component of his promise that he is keeping is ensuring the arms manufacturers stay profitable and the American Jewish lobby that put him into power - compliments of Jared Kushner - stays happy.

Trump by legitimizing the defunct official 9/11 narrative in his Afghan speech is signaling to the world that he has been compromised and koshered. China knows this, as does Russia, Iran and North Korea. There is little else to do now than to continue on the path of destabilization and warmongering - the neocons' alma mater - as the Israeli tail continues to wag the American dog. If you want more proof, contrast the tepid applause after Trump's speech on Afghanistan to the twenty-nine standing ovations Netanyahu received from Congress. Even Ultra-Orthodox Jews are repulsed by the debauchery. If you don't think we are living in the last days, comfort yourself with sports and shopping, everything will be just A-OK.

That Trump's approval ratings are at a historic low, should not be a surprise. In an era of instant communications, word is out that the people have been, once again, fleeced and fandangled by the usual two-step , where the President's promises, and Congress obstructs. Trump blames Congress for obstructionism and Congress blames Trump for an overactive imagination. Soon, a new election will see a new Presidential candidate promise the people the Moon, the People will swallow the bait, hook-line-and-sinker, and we'll be back to where we are now. It's time for Direct Democracy. If you can't see it, there's nothing I can do to help you.Perhaps you didn't notice the Bill Congress signed legalizing warrantless searches. Does Congress really represent you? Would you not want to have the power to veto such Bills? Or are you just going to vote the culprits out of office in the next election after the damage is done? Do you want a list of enemies of the state? Look no further than those who sign Bills that denigrate the Constitution. And in the latest WWE face-off, the AJC body-slammed Trump for pardoning Sheriff Arpaio. See? That's the proof. Trump is not owned by Jews. Paul Adams


The Father of Democracy, Cleisthenes, was born in 570 B.C. and died in 507 B.C., at the age of 63 - a year younger than me. My Greek heritage keeps me rooted and hopeful that some day America may also enjoy the transparency and flexibility the Athenians enjoyed in regulating their affairs, the people's affairs - res publica, as the Romans would say.

The cancer they faced was the same one we face: corruption, nepotism, elitism, autocracy, and wars that favored the elite. Conduct your own research on early Athenian democracy and you will discover the fail safe measures introduced by Cleisthenes in the form of a series of reforms that produced for the first time in civilization a government that was of the people, by the people, and for the people. This was a remarkable achievement in a world of kings, pharaohs and tyrants, a world void of computers, satellites or cell phones. If only they had our technology! Then, what could Cleisthenes have accomplished?

What would you have accomplished  for America if you were him? Would you at the very least demand an inquiry into who ordered the mayor of Charlottesville to order a stand down of his police forces? Who is asking these questions? Is the President? Are the pundits? America has its head stuck so far up its wazoo it would think an invasion by a foreign power was a cultural exchange.

Bannon proclaiming the Presidency that was won is over and the new one will be moderated, tells me the bull in the china shop is Trump.

Paul Adams


The chained monkey and the organ grinder continue to entertain us. Trump is still President. The People are still powerless. Have a nice week.

Tuesday. The People are powerless and screwed. Trump's got to go. The WWE fixed matches are wearing thin. If 45,000 people can pack an arena to watch a choreographed fight and believe it's real, you can get 45,000 people to vote for a buffoon like Trump. It's the sizzle not the steak they are selling us.

Intelligent sources are seeing the writing on the wall: Executive Action is next for DJT; Trump is being death marched to his destruction. Then, Martial law will make sure any opposition to the NWO is muzzled or exterminated. If predictive programming means anything to you watch Man in the High Castle.

Just feed the sheeple stories of new market highs, and job creation and they won't stampede.  I hate to break it to you Zio-Globalists Synagogue of Satan. The Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians have caught on to your scam. Pack up while you still have a chance. And if Trump wants poll numbers to go up, instead of sparking a war with N. Korea, how about shaving his head to look like Eisenhower. It's childish statements like: 'N. Korea will be met with fire and fury... and, frankly, power, the likes of which they have never seen before' that relegate you to the trash-bin of history.

Trump's only option with North Korea is war, because if the great negotiator manages to bring peace to the region, he still has a popularity deficit he can't possible overcome with domestic treats. But, the Zio-Globalists neocons will push him into war to implode the system. Then, watch the Fed-propped DOW plummet to 15,000 or lower. Look at the Baltic Dry Index. It was at 11,600 this time in 2008. Where is it now?

The United State of Israel will annihilate N. Korea, as a warning to any other nondescript nation that dares threaten Israel or sell weapons to Israel's enemies.

Paul Adams


I'm still trying to figure out why Trump hired the Mooch in the first place, not why he just fired him. Word is that Kelly ordered the hit. That means Trump is not capable of picking the right people.  That means he needs to go, which means the very generals he trusts will be sending him packing in a coup at some point. McMaster, Kelly and Mattis are biding their time, Pence is holding Bible study sessions with cabinet members in the white House to appeal to the Christian Right, and North Korea is in our cross-hairs. Let's not forget that Trump delegated the authority to launch an attack on any country to his generals.  If the Syrian false flag was a beta-test, the Generals will likely stage a false flag, pin it on DPRK, and launch a surgical strike. Then, all bets are off.

It's only Monday.

Further evidence that Trump may be a few cards short of a full deck is his statement: Social media is the only way for me to get the truth out.

No, it isn't. You have a golden opportunity to run a WH TV channel. Anyone suggested that before? Go on every Sunday night for a fireside chat, like Roosevelt used to do, and tell us the TRUTH, like who bought you, who co-opted you, who blackmailed you, who is really running the United States and if the Pope is married.  Besides, 42% of your Twitter followers are fake.  Do your research. And a lot of people have deleted their Facebook accounts to stick it to Zuckerberg. So, forget Facebook. And start following some real people on Twitter. You are following 45 people on Twitter, and one of them is Vince McMahon, which explains why the WH has been run like the WWE.

It's all about the drama and the ratings, and let's not forget the Trump brand. Next thing you know, Trump will hire Kissinger, who will fire Kelly. We have 3.5 more years of this. He gets to plug his brand and play President in exchange for ceding all control to US foreign policy to his controllers. As long as he doesn't step out of line, they'll play him like a fiddle. If he makes a wrong move and tries to become 'Presidential' he ends up like Lincoln or JFK or McKinley.  We've seen that movie before.

This is why I keep saying over and over that we need a Constitutional overhaul from the bottom-up. The nation is still very young and flexible. The Constitution was not cast in stone. It evolved. 27 Amendments were added to it. It's time for People Power, Hive Mind Constitutional Direct Democracy that protects minorities while allowing the Public to run its own Affairs - 'Republic' (Res-Publica) means just that. We need to start discussing the issue in public forums and in our homes. If Representatives can't do our bidding, then the People must take control of the decision-making process through plebiscites.  We can still elect representatives, but the People have final veto. Read my short paper.

We made it to Wednesday. LA wasn't nuked. The United States of Israel are safe for one more day.

At a 38% approval rating, the man who believes asset forfeiture and killing terrorists' families and taking the oil from countries we liberate, and a little police brutality, all of the above is OK, signs the sanctions Bill, and calls it flawed because it will further unite Iran, China, Russia and N. Korea against us. Then, why did you sign it? Mr. checkers player gets told how to run the country and then worries about the constitutionality of the Bill. This is what you call: Gaslighting the American People. Slickster Trump is a bought and paid for puppet doing you-know-who's bidding. Quinipac poll, btw, only gives him a 33% approval rating. "I am signing this bill for the sake of national unity." Really? You could have fouled me! Why are you dissing the GOP if you signed the damn Bill?

This soap opera has got to stop. Trump has to figure out a reason to step down. He has GOT to move over and let another bought and paid for putz, who has signed the AIPAC pledge, take over and at least sound intelligent. And now he is thinking of sending McMaster to command troops in Afghanistan, because he knows the general hasn't really taken to him or Bannon. Trump is getting as paranoid as Kin Jong-Un. And why are we in Afghanistan in the first place, if not to protect the poppy fields - 700,000 of them, each the size of a football field?This bull in the china shop is the same bombastic, braggadocios, buffoon who took his own company under and had to be bailed out. It's the same kid whose parents had to send to a military academy to knock some discipline into him. It's the same aggressive, compulsive potty-mouthed billio who was born on third base and wants us to think he started from scratch. This guy has got to go. We are married to America not to a dysfunctional embarrassment. At least, I am. I can only speak for myself.

I've connected the dots. The puppet masters will let Trump continue to disgrace the office of the Presidency so that next time people look to elect someone, they will never again elect another independent-thinking maverick.

Paul Adams


It looks like Sessions and Tillerson are next to go. I wouldn't discount Priebus opting for early retirement. From Trump's latest assault on Sessions, as he bemoaned his AG's reticence in prosecuting Hillary Clinton, we could conclude Trump is not completely controlled or he is, but would rather go out heroically as a martyr (think JFK) than as a mouse.  I can't see how he'll put handcuffs on Hillary without first neutralizing her killing machine. Unless, the Russians decide they need to take matters into their own hands and surreptitiously neutralize the Clintons without a trace. It's only Monday. For a 200K ft perspective refer to Benjamin Fulford's analysis.

An ignition switch is vital for combustion. What could possibly ignite America into a civil war or, better still, a freefall into dystopia? The Republicans ousting the President by invoking 'failure to obey' in his administration would work. Catching the President in a series of inconsistent proclamations might do the trick. Trump going after Hillary Clinton would definitely trigger his expulsion.  The globalists don't really care how the chaos manifests itself, as long as their version of 'order' becomes the solution. Trump, wittingly or unwittingly, may be playing into their hand.  He resembles a pin-ball that bounces for the nearest next 10 points. His rally in Ohio reminds me of a jet about to stall looking for lift.

Case in point: He bashed, trashed, and exfoliated Hillary Clinton during the election, which was the right tack to take.  But upon getting elected he does a 180 and goes as far as to ask the American people to join him in thanking Hillary for her services, and follows with a promise to not investigate her.  That, alone, torqued his followers the wrong way. Sessions took his cue and backed off from Hillary. Now, Trump, as though he can't recall what he blurted six months ago, broadsides Sessions for not going after Hillary. Do you see the short circuit? These are the kind of inconsistencies that maybe a Braggadocios Billionaire can get away with on the set of Apprentice, but it doesn't wash either with the American People or the rank and file of the Senate. This is the ignition switch that could bring the country down. Give it a month.

To regain his ballast, Trump may calculate - or it may be calculated for him - that a war may be in order to create the necessary distraction - which would only sink his ship faster.  No sooner than the ink dries and we learn that he approves the mounting of a 1-ton warhead on S. Korea missiles. War is almost palpable. The question is will it happen before or after the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang next February? My sense: before.

Wednesday. Right on cue, DPRK vows to launch a preemptive nuke strike on the US, tomorrow, July 27, which will most likely take the form of a missile launch aimed at US installations in S. Korea. For Kim to launch a war he must have the confidence that Russia, China and Iran are on his corner. Here's how events will unfold, and keep in mind this is not just another political-geopolitical news site; this is a site that chronicles events leading up to the Second Coming of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ: 

1. DPRK launches preemptive strike on S. Korea, targeting US installations

2. The US responds in kind with a contained limited counter-attack (keep in mind the military industrial complex needs a protracted war)

3. DPRK bears down on S. Korea with an all out invasion consisting of artillery barrage and millions of troops

4. The US ups the ante on DPRK and also barges into Syria full-bore to take out Assad

5. Russia steps in the fray in Syria's defense

6. Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas see their opportunity and launch tactical strikes on Israel and US

7. China bides it's time. With a nondescript navy it waits for Russian and Iran to soften the US

8. Israel, seeing it's cornered and EU is not coming to its aid, uses the Sampson option and begins launching ICBMs on major European cities

9. The US is now counting on NATO to push into Russia, but Russia and China combine forces to repel the invasion (why do you think they've been holding joint military exercises?)

10. The US is crushed from within and without. China, Russia and DPRK use submarines to nuke seaboard cities along both oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.

11. China pushes south in Support of Russia and Iran to defend Syria and annihilate S. Arabia and Israel. With the US weakened, China plows through India, SE Asia and Australia

12. At the last moment, prior to Israel's complete annihilation, their Messiah appears on the Mount of Olives and destroys all invading armies. He binds Satan, causes a global earthquake, and the dead are resurrected. The long awaited Millennium has begun - a thousand years of peace.

My sense is that DPRK will launch the preemptive strike on July 28th, not the 27th. Here we clearly arrive at a critical juncture, wherein DPRK sets forth its final demand: that the US kneel and apologize to the Korean peoples for its aggression. It is the last peaceful gesture by N. Korea before the breakout of war. It is, to western eyes, a ridiculous demand sought by an ego-maniacal dictator in search for relevance, but also the counsel of the mother-ship, China, which knows that the situation is untenable and that the longer the wait the mightier the enemy becomes. Rationally, I hope I am wrong. Intuitively, I sense I am right.

Friday the 28th. North Korea fired another missile - possibly an ICBM - that landed in Japanese territorial waters. China has reinforced its border with N. Korea to avert a possible stampede into China. It's high noon. The world is locked and loaded.

On to the Mooch. His wife is filing for divorce. That's all I have to say, other than that he and Trump are cut out of the same cloth. Priebus has been replaced by John F. Kelly. The soap opera goes on unabated.

I am not the only own criticizing Trump. When the Jerusalem Post refers to the White House as a Circus, there is no wiggle room. Megalomaniac Trump is out of control in his own Wonderland.  A man who has no compunction using nuclear weapons, who believes the families of terrorists should also be killed, who incites police to assault detainees, who believes asset forfeiture is acceptable, and who  hires an obscene muscle-head like the Mooch to do his dirty work belongs in a padded room.

Paul Adams


When the exiting Ethics Committee chief says that the Trump Administration is turning the  U.S.  into the world's laughingstock, when Trump, in defense to his son's malfeasance, blurts 'That's Politics', when the Russian Foreign Minister accuses the U.S. of daylight robbery, when the House Speaker requests 17,000 more H-2B Visas from the DHS, that's when you realize Rome is burning while Nero is fiddling around.

When Israel objects to the Syrian Ceasefire and broadcasts that Trump is on board with Israel on Iran policies, when U.S. satellites discover that DPRK is enhancing its nuclear fuel depots, when China is assembling troops and weapons in preparation to invade India, when U.S.-backed Kurds are fighting Turkey-backed rebels, that's when you realize the world is a tinderbox. 

This week, Benjamin Fulford discusses the imminent war by a US-Chinese-Russian coalition against North Korea - which is linked to Israel. There are calls for Israel to return the Golan Heights, and aspersions that Khazarian Netanyahu is a major liability to Israel.

It's only Monday. Stay tuned.

Tuesday. A rhetorical question: would Donald Trump step down from the Presidency if suddenly the Trump brand lost its currency and was perceived as a liability? In Toronto, at least, a Trump sign is being taken down from a building which licensed the Trump brand. Is this the start of a trend? It may be that Trump's relinquishing the Presidency could accelerate the devaluation of the brand. Don't anyone tell him. Either way, the man behind the brand is not the same man that was campaigning. Broken promises, juvenile Tweets, incessant belly-aching about how mean the Media is to him - without taking the initiative to control the narrative - not to mention the First Lady's refusal to hold his hand during a state visit, are all signs of a weak, ineffective, inept, troubled, and, if not controlled, certainly undisciplined and immature individual. The Brand is a reflection of the man, not the other way around. And it's becoming increasingly more toxic.

Wednesday. Trump tweets: "The fake News is becoming more and more dishonest! Even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders is made to look sinister!" He neglected to add "Sad!" ... to which I responded: "aaawwww....did little Donny have his feelings hurt again? Poor baby!"

I ask you to underline the word 'look' because Trump is all about positioning, branding, how things look and not how things really are, which is the topic of discussion in this most excellent Bloomberg article.

As Trump's World Turns, he now regrets having Jeff Sessions on his team. More whining. If he doesn't want Sessions on board here are two words he could employ - and this may seem like a refresher course - 'you're fired!'

Thursday. Ann Coulter tweeted: Who's going to tell Trump? It wasn't Sessions' recusal that led to Special Counsel; It was Trump's own boasting to Lester Holt 2 mos later.

This is from the woman who predicted on Bill Maher's show that Trump was going to win. Also, today I learn that 12% of the people who voted for Trump are now having second thoughts. I am not alone.  But, who to replace him with? Pence would be even more controlled by the deep state.

That chat with Putin paid off. Trump ends the funding of Rebels trying to topple Assad. Good job, Putin!

Friday. Trump is looking into pardoning himself and his family. That's like a bank robber who plans a robbery and finds out someone else robbed the bank before him, and now seeks to pardon himself. Spicer was shoved out of the White House in what could be termed a 'constructive dismissal' after Anthony Scaramucci scored the WH Communications Director post, which Sean had coveted. It's turning into a Sopranos episode.

With Trump's ratings sliding to 36% what better sure-fire way to revive his popularity than pose with made-in-America products!  Actually, the only sure-fire way to jack polls back up is a war, and if the State Department's upcoming travel ban to N. Korea is any clue, we are headed for war. It worked for Bush #43. Only this time, it will result in a world war over time, the conflagration to end all wars, and perhaps even fulfill Albert Pike's prediction. It's no coincidence that Arabs are up in arms suddenly over the new security measures placed on Temple Mount. The rats are cornered and war is their only escape.

The historic NYT interview should dispel any notions that Trump is an intellectual. Numerous times he erred in his portrayal of historical events, even recent events like his firing of James Comey, which he describes as Comey retiring.  But, again, this is all part of the Braggadocios Billionaire Bullshit Syndrome, from which he can't extricate himself, if he even tried. It is what it is.

But, you've got to wonder who threatened Trump or how much they offered him to appoint Scaramuchi as Communications director after what he had to say about Trump in 2015:

“I’ll tell you who he’s gonna be president of, and you can tell Donald I said this, 'the Queens County bullies’ association'. I don’t like the way he talks about women. I don’t like the way he talks about Megyn Kelly… You’re an inherited money dude from Queens County, bring it, Donald.”

It is what it is. Do you feel like your chain is being yanked? If the media is not making a big deal about it, you know something is very wrong, as in 'Wall Street is in control' wrong.

Here's the scoop on Scaramucci. The highlights speak for themselves: supported Obama in 2008; funded Hillary in 2016; all schmooze; doesn't believe in Walls.

He's the perfect guy for Trump. No soul, all business, a lot of 'flexibility', easy on the eyes, the kind ofguy you'd hire to muscle your opposition into silence. Think 'Scarface' without the scar.

By next Sunday we could be at war with N. Korea. I say this with 90% confidence. The truth is not meant for popular consumption, because if the masses ever discovered that another country was in control of our nation there would be hell to pay.  How long can you keep the lid on the truth? As long as you control the narrative through the media. As soon as you start losing control you are in deep trouble* - *let's keep it clean. Oliver Stone, bless his heart, has the temerity to tell the truth. Cynthia McKinney is another par excellence truth-teller who would rather die for telling the truth than live for covering it. When the truth edges to the surface, ever closer to becoming part of the mainstream narrative, the forces that want the truth contained begin scrambling like cornered rats. And war is usually the best distraction to keep the masses under control.

This kind of sleight of hand may have worked in the past when only newspapers and television news dominated the news cycle. But, now that we have alternative news and social media to disseminate the word faster than you can say 'draw', the time for playing the masses like fiddle is over, which is the reason why many of the prophecies in the Old Testament concerning Israel will be fulfilled.

You see, the truth is Israel controls America. Kushner is emblematic of that control. He is a chip off the old block. Like his father, he will take down family if he has to, because the ends justify the means. This is what a predatory, supremacist, 'us-and-them' philosophy calls for. It relies on every form of deception and subterfuge to reach its ends.  When the world finally wakes up to this truth, Israel will be toast, but not before Israel exercises its Samson Option. Take it to the bank. Soon, very soon, we will be seeing a lot of this.

Paul Adams

EDITORIAL - Week of July 10, 2017

The cat is out of the bag. The Rebels fighting against Assad are on the Israeli Payroll. You can finesse it any way you like, but that is the ugly truth. The tail that wags the American dog is Israel.

And what is Trump and Congress doing about it? They are beefing up US deployments in the Middle East. Fluke? No. This is calculated, premeditated, strategic and part of the Greater Israel Project. The media won't touch it, the Trump admin won't allude to it, and Congress - that has pledged allegiance to Israel - will make sure it's buried and out of public discourse.

This is how our foreign policy keeps getting hijacked while the masses are distracted with parochial party politics.  The puppeteers at the very top who stand to gain the most go by the name of Rothschild and Murdoch, among others. Now that you know, go back to sleep.

The grooming of Ivanka for a future presidential run is getting to be old and tired. It was no accident that she keeps popping up on the world stage. This is a dynasty trying to acclimatize us to the Trump brand, which by now is anything but burnished, but rather bruised. A delta-woman like her without political gravitas, the paragon of nepotism, the princess who is more concerned about her stylish looks than national and international issues, and has the acumen of a Lolita is never going to make it to first base in politics, especially since she is a Trump. 

One Trump is all we can stomach.  What President would suggest synchronizing a task force with Russia to manage cybersecurity? That idea vaunted by Trump as another paradigm shift in geopolitics takes the cake. I don't disparage at all Lindsey Graham - a one time nemesis - for calling it 'almost the most stupid idea' he has ever heard. Trump seems to be backing off, after half the nation ridiculed it. He keeps lurching forward with the most impossible goals in his typical Billionaire braggadocios style, like he did with the Wall or the way he manhandled dignitaries in a photo shoot, only to realize later that his naive, precocious ideas are not grounded in reality but in the need to have his ego stroked.

Wednesday. We learn Trump is raging over accusations hurled at Don Jr.  in typical we-can-do-no-wrong style we have grown so accustomed to. The issue at hand is not whether there were incriminating revelations to bury Hillary Clinton. That is peripheral. Central is the fact that Don Jr. gloated over the possibility of such revelations being passed on to him for purposes of undermining Hillary Clinton. This is where we must question Trump Sr.'s acumen. For one, if Clinton's pay for play, the 33,000 deleted emails (wiped with BleachBit), her sale of ambassadorships at $1M-$2M a pop, the political contributions from Saudi Arabia and China, her outrageous speaking fees, Hillary's patronizing the Credit Card industry (as retold by Elizabeth Warren in an interview), and her evolution into a Chinese agent was not enough to bury her - not forgetting the sale of Uranium to Russia which earned the CGI $2.5 Million - nothing else could bury her, and Trump should have never entered politics. 

Second, for Trump to gloat that his son is above reproach and to call him 'high-quality' is symptomatic of the unbridled hubris that is permeating this Presidency. Your son, Mr. Buffo, was looking forward to obtaining intelligence that would destroy Hillary Clinton. Period. End of story.  Case closed. That makes him myopic and you a cartoon character.

And as for that Evangelical show of support on Monday at the Oval Office, it registers as only more pandering.  Playing the God card by someone who knows neither God nor Devil is like Hillary playing the woman card after receiving a donation from Saudi Arabia.

But, the mono-dimensional Trump hits it out of the ballpark when he confesses that he wished he has asked Putin one question: did Putin actually support him? 

How could Putin have answered such a charged question? If he had answered in the affirmative, what would Trump expect to follow from the media? If Putin had denied supporting Trump, who would have taken this answer at face value without any evidence to support it? This brings to question Trump's mind. Are we witnessing lapses in his deductive reasoning? Is this a precursor of further erosion in his analytical thinking?  I will go on a limb and predict that Trump will voluntarily step down from the Presidency, citing a number of complex reasons, but not his declining mental acuity.

Thursday: Signs of sociopathy emerge. Trump now doubles down by claiming anyone would have done the same thing in his son's shoes. The inability to ascribe blame to oneself is troubling, to say the least. The problem is, Trump doesn't realize that most people would have called the FBI first if a foreign entity offered them intel that could influence an election.

But, let's get serious. Trump, in addressing the Wall, said: "As horrible as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don't see them. They hit you on the head with 60 pounds of stuff? It's over."

I will end this week with a stunning deathbed confession by a CIA agent who admitted to blowing up WTC7 on 9/11. The implications are staggering, considering that eventually the real perpetrators can be tried and executed or, better still, if a truth and reconciliation commission can be set in motion to help us heal.  It's my guess, and that of many others, that Israel will be heavily implicated. But, that should not come as any surprise if it has been funding Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Paul Adams

EDITORIAL - Week of July 3, 2017

If you think this column is all about Trump, your are gravely mistaken. The logo is a spin on Matthew 24:31. The purpose of this site is to monitor world events as they converge to fulfill biblical prophecy.  Trump, wittingly or unwittingly, is a catalyst, but a puppet, nonetheless.

'When they say peace then comes sudden destruction' is a well known by Christians for its eschatological significance. Presumably, we are entering a phase where world leaders will try to maintain a fragile peace knowing full well that the alternative would hurl us into a world war to end all wars. Behind the scenes, the zombified, Luciferian power elite, who deal primarily in profit and loss statements and consider human beings as neither good nor bad but as entries in a balance sheet, would rather cull the herd to preserve resources, and most importantly, to avert an uprising. They have no time left and to them might makes right. The populace is more aware and incensed than ever. The need for a world war has never been greater.

Zooming down to five hundred feet, the arcane two-party system in the United States, a pretense for choice, grovels in acrimony and brinkmanship to find favor with the remaining etherized masses. Craven promises during campaigns are swallowed like bait. Trump has been given a pass by the elite as long as he plays by their rules. Most likely, they showed him a clip of JFK at the grassy knoll.  Israel first is the dictum. Fall short and you're history. Trump's 180 on Syria is proof he has been compromised. There was a time when he was lashing Obama almost daily for our intervention in Syria. Israel is about to call on 'it's' armed forces to do the heavy lifting in Syria. This is precisely why Netanyahu declared that the presence of the USS George W. H. Bush is a symbol of Freedom - Israel's Freedom.  If you believe it's there for ISIS, sit back and watch the spectacle. Look for the fulfillment of another prophecy when Damascus will turn into a pile of rubble.

Who is a friend of the US these days? It depends if they are pro- or against Syria. Al Qaeda has proven to be a friend of the US, and is rewarded with arms and funding. Twisted?

Trump will be honored if he goes down as a martyr. He will be loathed if he obeys his controllers. Trump does not have the markings of a martyr, let alone the markings of a President. Arguably, he is the least Presidential entity to occupy the Oval Office. He is primarily a survivor who wants to live to fight another day and will most likely obey his masters as long as he can keep his life and empire intact. His last bastion and most ardent supporters are the Christians. That's why he uses the God-card as frequently as Hillary used the woman-card.

Today, the Donald tweeted: "Spoke yesterday with the King of Saudi Arabia about peace in the Middle-East. Interesting things are happening!" ... this after "Morning Joe" breaks all records following Trump's malicious tweet.

Indeed, we hear that Syrian forces are launching new operations to free regions controlled by US-backed terrorists, and on the 4th of July Trump calls for a Crisis UNSC meeting to address N. Korea's missile tests, as he also urges China in unprecedented statesman-like prose to 'end the nonsense', and as Senators urge him to frame a coherent policy for Afghanistan. The theatrics of persuading the masses that Trump is in charge would be laughable if they weren't so macabre. 'Coherent' with respect to the 700,000 poppy  fields each the size of a football field or with respect to the Taliban or yet with respect to the funding of Al Qaeda or, perhaps, with setting a launchpad for the invasion of Iran - as per the master-plan to take-down 7 countries in 5 years?

Israel, the tail that wags the American dog, announced it wants no ceasefire until Assad is removed from office. It doesn't take a mathematician to conclude that at some point the world will train its cross-hairs on Israel.

Following the cordial talks between Putin and Trump we can only imagine how disappointed the McCain-led neocons must feel. The last thing these Luciferians want is thawed relations between the superpowers. Israel must be catatonic after the Syrian ceasefire announcement.

The G20 is not the forum for Ivanka to pose in a group photo. She is an unelected opportunistic political lech. Merkel supports it, which only stains the spectacle all the more.This stunt reeks of nepotism.  Extremely bad optics, in typical crass Trump style, whose only superlative options are 'tremendous' and 'very, very' - the former he used to describe his meeting with Putin. The disjointed circus of jugglers and acrobats in the Trump administration were overshadowed by Nikki Haley's assertion at the UN that"everybody knows Russia meddled in our elections".  The buffoonery is beyond the pale.

Paul Adams

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