October 17, 2017

Reuters: Catalonia refuses to renounce independence

FarsNews: Syria intercepts Israeli war planes

Mic: Army bans green card holders from enlisting

The Hill: Bribes, extortion and kickbacks involved in Uranium deal with Russia

Sputnik: Netanyahu will never allow Iran military bases in Syria

Judicial Watch: 2,800 Gov documents found in Weiner's laptop

NYT: Milan & Venice secession referendum on October 22

CNBC: Judge blocks Trump's travel bans

Breitbart: Trump's base bucks Bush era DHS pick

JPost: Israel will not negotiate with Hamas-based Gov

Korea Times: Trump to make two day visit to Seoul

Newsweek: Single Shooter narrative still being pushed

PressTV: Trump threatens McCain

Times of Israel: Arrest follow ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protests

YNW: Pope Francis: Jesus turned himself into Satan

The Hill: WH: Americans will be begging for 4 more years of Trump

AP: Raqqa 90% freed from ISIS

WSJ: Soros transfers $18Billion to his Open Society Foundation

RT: Puting ok's CryptoRubel

Zero Hedge: Mexico, Canada reject US NAFTA revisions

Breitbart: FBI releases incriminating racketeering evidence that could jail Clintons

October 16, 2017

FreeBeacon: NRA official forced to move due to death threats

Zero Hedge: Recession around the corner as Treasury yields flatten

Reuters: Madrid closer to imposing Article 155

Zero Hedge: US decapitation force deployed by submarine to N. Korea

RT: IDF strikes anti-aircraft battery

JPost: Syria warns of serious repercussions after Israeli Strike

Times of Israel: Netanayahu tells Syria IDF ready to strike as needed

YNW: Putin decimates ISIS

Newsweek: Congressional candidate claims she was kidnapped by ETs

FarsNews: Syrian forces discover Israeli-made weapons in terrorist arsenal

Express: Hundreds of earthquakes hit La Palma volcano

Reuters: Kirkur falls to Iraqi control

Haaretz: Trump conjures Anti-Semitic canard with Schumer Jibe

Debka: US threatens to shoot down any Iraqi jets targeting Kurds

AP: Turkey backs Iraq takeover of Kirkur

PressTV: Kirkur residents celebrate Iraqi takeover

RT: Peshmerga call Iraqi invasion a declaration of war

Yonhap: S.Korea chief of Staff considers new strategy to counter DPRK attack

Korea Times: McMaster: Strategy for N. Korea constantly changing

Bloomberg: Billio Barrack throws Weinstein a lifeline

October 15, 2017

Reuters: "Until first Bomb drops" there will be negotiations: Tillerson

RT: Twin bombs blast Somali capital

Sputnik: Kurds face-off with Iranian-backed Iraq

Sputnik: End of PetroDollar

Haaretz: Greek Orthodox church quietly selling Israeli assets at fire sale prices

HAF: 4 Vegas Shooting witnesses dead or missing

Newsweek: Hillary can't decide who is to blame for her loss

The Hill: Staying in Iran deal in best interest of US: Tillerson

Newsweek: Will Trump be impeached removed or resign

JPost: Netanyahu leads chorus of praise for Trump's stand on Iran deal

Debka: Iran-backed Iraqi ultimatum to Kurds to leave

Korea Times: US & S. Korea military assets will merge this week

PressTV: UK & Germany committed to JCPOA

Daily Mail: Two men escape from raging fires

Times of Israel: Kurtz, 31, set to win Austrian election

TASS: Russia tries to convince South and North Korea to enter into talks

Zero Hedge: Russia unveils CryptoRuble

Breitbart: Pelosi turns on Trump

October 14, 2017

VaticanRadio: Pope warns of demon infiltration

Breitbart: CalExit will be easier than CatalonExit

Haaretz: After reading Bible Netanyahu does not believe Israel will celebrate its 100th birthday

AP: California fires now 100 miles wide

Times of Israel: Trump uses Netanyahu's playbook

Bretibart: Weinsten expelled from Motion Picture Academy

Express: DPRK: US will be reduced to ashes

Zero Hedge: Ron Paul: FED bubble endangering world

Haaretz: Who will Russia back in the next war Israel or Hezbollah?

Zero Hedge: Retiring Congressman dumps on Trump

Reuters: Spain to control Catalonia if answer to independence is ambiguous

JPost: Turkey plans to box in Kurds in N. Syria

Times of Israel: Israeli opposition leaders don't want pull out of Iran deal

AP: Trump's EO on ACA hurting the people who elected him

Zero Hedge: FBI in damage control

Sputnik: Russia stockpiling Gold like never before

Express: Switzerland to hold Burka Ban referendum

TASS: US denying Russian experts access to UN meetings

Newsweek: Purveyor of porn offers $10M to impeach Trump

Yonhap: DPRK berates Australia for joining US alliance

KoreanTimes: S. Korea DM visits US nuclear sub

RT: Trump claims he visited the President of the US Virgin Islands

RT: Syria wants immediate and unconditional removal of Turkish troops

FarsNews: Syrian army tightens noose on ISIS

Breitbard: Americans cut their cable in record numbers

October 13, 2017

NBC: More BS  about the FED-stimulated Stock Market reaching new highs

YNW: Erdogan ready to go to war with Israel

Sputnik: US to end support of Saudi war on Yemen

Daily Mail: Trump's plausible assassination would be pinned  on ISIS-Israel

Breitbart: Trump keeps US in Iran Deal

The Hill: Religious Right reveres Trump

Sputnik: The US goes rogue

RT: Iran knows what to do with Trump

Haaretz: Netanyahu congratulates Trump on decision to decertify deal

Express: More than 25,000 forced to evacuate in California fires

RT: Iran pushes back on US sanctions

Express: Hillary to teach at Columbia U

Zero Hedge: Bear Market just around the corner (as FED pulls the plug)

JPost: Iran deal still not kosher

PressTV: Iran-Russia to hold naval drills in Caspian Sea

Express: NATO prepares for ALL-OUT war with N. Korea

Korea Times: US will not attack DPRK without S. Korean consent

FarsNews: Syrian Army cuts off key road connecting ISIS towns

Times of Israel: Labeling IRGC a terror group tantamount o declaration of war

Sputnik: Daesh getting arms and supplies from US

Times of Israel: Rouhani: Trump's decision leaves US isolated

Zero Hedge: Israel protects new ISIS camps near its border

YNW: Ann Coulter: Las Vegas Massacre an inside job

YNW: FBI creates crimes to justify its existence: Assange

October 12, 2017

LA Times: Trump tax plan in conception stage

Sacramento Bee: California Secessionists on the prowl

WA Examiner: New unemployment claims lowest in 43 years

InvestorsBusDaily: Trump's repeal of Clean Power Plan saves Americans $33B

YNW: Robert Downey Jr. weighs in Satanic sacrifice in LV

Zero Hedge: California going up in smoke

YNW: Syrian FM: US is destroying everything in Syria but ISIS

Haaretz: Hamas, Fatah unite

YNW: Largest Pedophile website operated by cops as bait

JPost: Trump will decertify Iran deal

Sputnik: Trump's Exec Order will repeal Obamacare

Zero Hedge: Weinstein hopes for second chance

Breitbart: Border Wall prototypes almost complete

RT: Erdogan accuses US of sacrificing alliance over inept ambassador

Reuters: Immense pressure brought on Trump to re-certify Iran nuclear deal

Breitbart: Trump coming unhinged

The Hill: Trump admin wants reinstatement of NSA spying on Americans, in contravention of 4th Amendment

Daily Mail: FBI probes Weinstein

Reuters: US, Israel leave UNESCO over anti-Israel stance

October 11, 2017

Daily Star: USS Theodore Roosevelt joins USS Ronald Reagan in Korean Peninsula

Bloomberg: S. Arabia wants no dissent

FarsNews: Iran asks US to think twice before going past point of no return

Haaretz: Trump hates everyone in White House

Zero Hedge: Bannon: Trump has 30% chance of finishing his term

Breitbart: Girls can now join Boy Scouts

Reuters: EU tries to uphold Iran nuclear deal

Zero Hedge: O'Keefe drops another bomb on news manipulation

YNW: Mandalay valet goes missing after he says Paddock came with little baggage

FK: New Reports about Mandalay pouring in

Newsweek: Trump will not be afforded full state visit in UK

Korea Times: Seoul and DC to hold strategic talks

Bloomberg: Trump calls Trudeau great friend

Zero Hedge: Sears Canada liquidation leaves 12,000 Canadians unemployed

AP: Hotel worker has new story about Mandalay shooter

The Hill: GOP pressing McConnell to resign over gridlock

PressTV: Iraq issues arrest warrants for organizers of Kurdish referendum

PressTV: IRGC Commander: US provides logistics support to Daesh

Times of Israel: US Jewish Democrats want Trump to keep the Iran deal, after they opposed it

Zero Hedge: Newt bashes Bannon over strategy to split GOP

Reuters: Rajoy of Spain seeks to invoke Article 155

RT: Syrian FM to Russia: US along with ISIS is killing Syrians

TASS: Russia ready to mediate between Iran and S. Arabia

Reuters: Trump challenges MSM licenses

October 10, 2017

Project Veritas: NYT busted 

Express: US warships challenge Chinese islands

BBC: DPRK hacks S. Korea-US war plans

YNW: Who is the FBI working for?

Express: Spanish Navy arrives in Barcelona

AP: Trump stoops to lash "Liddle Bob Corker"

JPost: Al-Jazeera infiltrated US pro-Israel groups

Debka: Catalan leader opts for negotiations instead of Declaration of Independence

FarsNews: Senior Iranian Commander: Trump Admin needs Shock

Daily Star: Trump to visit N. Korea Border in November

Zero Hedge: Trump claims he has a higher IQ than Tillerson

Zero Hedge: Spain ready to invoke Article 155- the 'nuclear option'

RT: DPRK needs 5 years before its missiles can reach US

LA Times: 150 missing in wake of Napa valley inferno

Newsweek: Trump could be impeached for obstructing Russian Probe

Yonhap: Promotion of new DPRK FM may lead to high level negotiations

Korea Times: DPRK celebrates anniversary without provocations

October 9, 2017

CBSLA: Columbus Statue covered

Zero Hedge: Spain makes veiled death threat

YNW: Soros knew Mandalay was going to be hit

Guardian: The Wall is all Politics

Express: Mattis: Stand ready for war

PressTV: Russia and China repeat restraint over N. Korea

Newsweek: S. Korea builds blackout bombs for DPRK

The Hill: Corker: Trump is setting up country for WW3

YNW: Erdogan accuses US & UK of funding ISIS

Times of Israel: UK supports Iran deal

Reuters: Turkish Lira Stocks Tumble

JPost: Trump becoming expandable

AP: Trump Scottish Lodge in the red

RT: Iran stern warning to US

October 8, 2017

Fox: Pence walks out of Colt's game

Sputnik: Outgoing Sen. Corker bashes Trump

TRO: Guns and murder Stats

Bloomberg: Wynn: Paddock's behavior would have raised red flags

Newsweek: Trump budget kicks people off Food Stamps

YNW: Audio analysis of LV shooting

The Hill: Pelosi, Schumer slam Trump's new immigration principles

JPost: The implications of historic Russian-Saudi alliance to Israel

Korea Times: Trump 'Madman' strategy affecting economy negatively

The Hill: Gun control dominates Sunday talk shows

PressTV: US does not allow Daesh to be uprooted

Express: Brazil faced with Southern states secession

Zero Hedge: Iran threatens US military will be at risk if nuclear deal rescinded

JPost: IDF strikes Hamas target in Gaza

Times of Israel: Thousands gather at Western Wall for Priestly Blessing

RT: Hundreds of thousands rally in Barcelona against Catalan independence

WaPo: GOP on track for increasing budget

NYT: ISIS surrenders en masse

October 7, 2017

TimesPicayune: New Orleans braces for Cat 2 storm

YNW: Who benefits from the Mandalay massacre?

Zero Hedge: Trump hints only war will work for N. Korea

YNW: DOJ orders US Attorney's office to release Seth Rich files

Sputnik: DPRK accuses US of fueling war on terror for World Dominion

RT: Taliban wants to unite with ISIS (?)

Daily Mail: Another London car attack

YNW: New California Law penalizes use of wrong gender pronoun

Sputnik: Iran strikes back at Trump

Debka: How Iran circumvented provisions in nuclear deal

Newsweek: DPRK claims US tried to assassinate Kim Jong-Un

Yonhap: S. Korea THAAD radar had 1000Km range

Express: Pro-Unity Spaniards take to streets in Madrid

PressTV: Israeli spy cell arrested in Lebanon

RT: DPRK calls for nationwide resistance to Trump

Bretibart: Trump wants right to have equal time on MSM

October 6, 2017

WU: Tropical Storm moving up Gulf

Sputnik: Female Warriors fight Daesh

PressTV: US approves $15B THAAD contract to S. Arabia

AP: Trump's 1-2 directives met with outrage

Times of Israel: AP-NORC poll gives Trump 24% approval rating

Zero Hedge: DPRK to test long range missile that reaches US West Coast

YNW: Antifa to strike on Nov 4th

Times of Israel: Jewish LV Mayor weighs in

BillStill: LA Shootings Facts

Zero Hedge: Pompeo to replace Tillerson floating about

CNS: Bump-Stock approved by ATF during Obama's tenure

Reuters: Spain apologizes, changes tone

Zero Hedge: Bombardier slammed with 300% Tariff

Yonhap: DPRK to remove US occupation from S. Korea

Debka: Saudi king warms up to Putin

Zero Hedge: US suspends joint drills with Saudis

RT: Brutal police repression unites Catalonians

RT: ISIS fires from US stronghold

FarsNews: Syrian army pushes on terrorist by Golan Heights

Breitbart: Trump: Calm before the storm

Express: 33,000 jobs lost in September

CNS: Participation rate at 63.1%

October 5, 2017

Express: LVPD: Paddock did not act alone

Zero Hedge: This is the calm before the Storm: Trump

YT: ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILLS a day before the shooting at Mandalay

RT: Russia and Saudis sign multi-Billion dollar deals

Sputnik: Russia reaches out to Venezuela

The Hill: Sessions immersed in transgender discrimination

Express: Spain threatens Catalonia with greater Evils if it doesn't abandon independence

YNW: Antifa receiving training in Syria

YT: Multiple guns firing simultaneously from Mandalay

YNW: Soros-Clintons funding Antifa

PressTV: Syria will never forget Iran's sacrifices

Haaretz: S. Arabia will buy S-400 systems from Russia

Newsweek: Bump Stock sales soar

Bloomberg: Catalan leaders divided on timing of split from Spain

AP: Spain's top court halts Catalan Parliament Secession meeting

TASS: Russian Submarines fire missiles at ISIS in Syria

Breitbart: Trump urges Senate to investigate Fake News Outlets

Reuters: ISIS driven out of last Iraqi stronghold

October 4, 2017

NBC: Tillerson called Trump 'moron'

TPX: The Bellagio also got hit

Breitbart: Newt goes AWOL. Wants Semi-Auto ban

The Hill: Trump rips NBC apart after 'moron' comments

AP: Paddocks girlfriend returns for questioning

Zero Hedge: IRS hires Equifax to safeguard taxpayer data

Zero Hedge: Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS

Newsmax: Trump wipes Puerto Rico debt clean

Reuters: Catalonia to declare independence on Monday

Reuters: Russia aiding N. Korea

Breitbart: Dimms back-off gun control

Newsweek: Tone-deaf Trump is all about number$ not people

YNW: Trey Gowdy questions Mandalay Lone Wolf theory

Times of Israel: Dimms want Trump to re-certify Iran deal

Breitbart: The Anti-American Donors on the Left

Yonhap: S. Korea urges N. Korea to seek peaceful solutions

Times of Israel: Trump told UN official Netanyahu bigger problem than Abbas

TASS: Moscow wants US forces  to coordinate with Syrian forces

Sputnik: Trump at loggerheads over Iran deal with Tillerson/Mattis

October 3, 2017

AP: Trump lands in Puerto Rico

YNW: Reports of multiple gunmen in Vegas shooting

WaExaminer: Trump slashed Federal Register by 32%

RT: Lavrov: US staging fatal provocations in Syria

RT: Mattis: Iran is compliant with nuclear deal; let's stay with it

Times of Israel: Israel's DM says Assad has won Civil War

Express: Greek pensioners face more cutbacks

PressTV: Netanyahu to build more settlements on West Bank

Reuters: Cuban diplomats ousted from US

Breitbart: Historic Anti-Abortion Bill goes before Senate

Zero Hedge: Catalonia to declare independence in days

NYT: Mattis contradicts Trump on Iran deal

YNW: Antifa plans to lure conservatives into kill zones

TASS: Putin lambasts war hysteria over N. Korea

PressTV: As Assad gains ground Israel wants more US intervention

Bloomberg: Trump says Puerto Rico has thrown budget out of whack

Debka: Hamas transfers Gazan Administration to Fatah

Yonhap: N. Korea workers leave China after tougher sanctions

FarsNews: Syrian army makes gains over terrorists

YNW: Australian guest saw multiple gunmen

Times of Israel: Hamas will not disarm

Breitbart: Trump wobbling on gun control

Sputnik: Google and Facebook start spreading fake news about Vegas shooter

Breitbart: Kimmel's egregious mendacity

RT: Israel surrounded by Iranian and Russian forces wants US backing

Reuters: Tens of thousands of Catalans take to the streets to protest police violence

October 2, 2017

Daily Mail: Massacre in Vegas, 58 dead - 515 injured

YNW: Coordinated attack. 2nd shooter seen on 4th floor

Zero Hedge: Iran deploys tanks to Iraq-Kurdistan border

JPost: Paddock's brother is interviewed

YNW: Sessions will not prosecute any big names

Times of Israel: Mossad Chief: Iran closer to Israeli border than ever before

The Hill: Dimms jump on tougher gun control band-wagon

AP: Bizarre attacks on Cuban US embassy

Rense: Was Paddock another Lee Harvey Oswald?

Independent: Woman warned people were going to die before attack

Rappoport: Conflicting reports on Paddock

PressTV: Rohingya suffering unimaginable

Reuters: Russia feeds DPRK internet connection

TASS: 900 hurt in Catalan referendum

RT: Russia and S. Arabia set up $billion energy fund

Newsweek: Paddock had 10 guns in his room

Fars News: Terrorists in retreat in SE Syria

October 1, 2017

Spain military police brutalizes referendum voters

The Sun: Carnage in Canada

Zero Hedge: 80% want Catalan independence

RT: Barcelona mayor wants end to police brutality

TheTelegraph: Rubber bullets fired at Catalan voters

Breitbart: Spain suppressing vote by force

YNW: Russia has evidence US - UK fund and arm ISIS

YNW: Facebook colluded to elect Hillary Clinton

Newsweek: Trump won't fail on N. Korea

JPost: Nasrallah tells Jews to leave Israel before next war

PressTV: Hezbollah Chief: Israel is pushing for war

Times of Israel: Zuckerberg on Yom Kippur asks for Forgiveness

Reuters: Trump tells Tillerson not to waste his time with Little Rocket Man

Express: China looking to replace DPRK leadership

Debka: Yemen Houthi's threaten to attack Israel

PressTV: Iran decries terror attacks in France and Canada

Sputnik: Erdogan: Turkey doesn't need EU membership

September 30, 2017

Fox: Trump slams Puerto Rico mayor

The Hill: San Juan Mayor: relief is not about Trump's 'petty comments'

Breitbart: Trump happy NFL players standing for anthem

Debka: ISIS opens office on Sinai

Yonhap: US diplomacy with DPRK hollow for lack of competent negotiators

Express: Catalonia celebrates victory before referendum

YNW: Assange: First Internet war has begun

RT: N. Korea will respond to US threats with nukes

Reuters: US using back channels to communicate with N. Korea

September 29, 2017

TheSun: S. Korea banks brace for EMP

YNW: Captured ISIS warrior confesses he works for USA

Express: No one satisfied with Angela Merkel

Times of Israel: Hardline Iranian military 'prays to God' Trump will cancel nuclear deal

Newsmax: Trump's Health Secretary resigns

YNW: Hefner was silenced

Daily Caller: Matt Drudge: No difference between Dems and Repubs

Seattle Times: Americans blame Facebook for fake news

RT: China wants DPRK firms in China closed

Breitbart: Defining the Wall

Korea Times: DPRK vows to shoot down US bombers

Haaretz: Wh opens probe on Ivanka and Jared private emails

Newsmax: Economy hits 3% growth target

Express: Japan bracing for Oct 10. DPRK provocation

The Hill: US empties Cuban embassy

YNW: Trump threatens to destroy NWO: Rothschild

JPost: US State Dept. Distances itself from its ambassador to Israel, again

Breitbart: Swiss Parliament  bans foreign funded Mosques

AP: US encourages no travel to Cuba

Zero Hedge: Syria and US trade blame for supporting ISIS

RT: N. Korea arrives in Moscow for top level talks

Reuters: Trump to travel to Asia in Nov.

September 28, 2017

Fox: Trump vs NFL Owners

Sputnik: Whisteleblower finds refuge in Russia

Express: DPRK warns 5 Million soldiers have enlisted

AP: Money running out in Puerto Rico

YNW: Putin first world leader to destroy chemical weapons

Times of Israel: Russian TV series pins Revolution on Trotsky

Zero Hedge: Trump waives Jones Act to rescue Puerto Rico

TASS: Russia hails Syria for helping Kurds

RT: DPRK accuses 'Lunatic' Trump

Reuters: Russia tells US to step back from nilitary observation flights

September 27, 2017

AP: Obamacare survives

Breitbart: Puerto Rico faces apocalyptic devastation

Express: Putin fires ICBM test

Times of Israel: Interpol accepts Palestine as full member

Haaretz: What women still can't do in Saudi Arabia

Newsmax: Rosenberg resigns as DEA chief

PressTV: 7,000 flee as Vanuatu volcano about to erupt

Newsweek: Only 37% think Trump can handle N. Korea

WSJ: Canada not safe haven for illegals

Breitbart: Trump: All I do is Work

Zero Hedge: Ron Paul warns War with N. Korea could start with false flag

Reuters: Mattis greeted with rocket fire and grenades in Kabul

September 26, 2017

Daily Mail: Bag explodes in tube

Reuters: Trump: Military option would be devastating

Reuters: Russia builds bridge across Euphrates to move troops

Zero Hedge: Hillary compares Trump to Putin

YNW: Hillary Clinton: Defending National Anthem is racist

JPost: Saudi King Allows Women to drive

Times of Israel: Rabbis use High Holiday to bash Trump

Reuters: The Yays have it in Kurdish referendum

Debka: Kurdish and Iraqi armies sign deal

Fox: DPRK threatens EMP strike

RT: Ruble now world's strongest currency

Haaretz: Israel supports Kurdish independence

AP: Puerto Rico desperately needs help

Newsmax: Hillary to Trump: Send help to Puerto Rico

Express: DPRK moves war planes to East Coast

YNW: US conducts airstrikes in Syria

AP: N. Korea lacks power to knock down US planes

Zero Hedge: N. Korea boosts defenses after declaration of war

RT: US-S.Korea drills provoke N. Korea

September 25, 2017

Reuters: DPRK considers Trump's remarks a declaration of war

Reuters: WH: We've not declared ward on DPRK

Sputnik: China first military base overseas has live-fire drill

Breitbart: Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months for sexting to a minor

FP: California prepping for Nuke attack

Sputnik: France to build economic bridges with Iran

FarsNews: Iraq takes measures following Kurdish referendum

Haaretz: German-Israeli relationship question by new German government

Yonhap: China and DPRK incommunicado

KoreaTimes: DPRK has right to shoot down US bombers

PressTV: Iraq starts military drills with Turkey along border

The Hill: Dimms urge Trump to focus on more important issues

JPost: Trump distracts from crucial issues with NFL tweets

Times of Israel: Tensions high after Kurdish vote

YNW: Russian photos prove US special forces backing ISIS

Zero Hedge: Angry NFL fans burn jerseys

AP: Puerto Ricans hunt for WiFi signals

TASS: Turkey, Iran and Russia working on deescalation zone in Syria

September 24, 2017

Haaretz: Trump says Iran working with N. Korea

YNW: Trump warns Hawaiians of DPRK nuke strike

Newsmax: Trump issues new travel restrictions

Reuters: Merkel wins far right

Haaretz: AfD vows to 'hunt' Merkel

EurasiaReview: Israel seeks UNSC seat

YNW: Celebrities flee LA after "Big One " earthquake warning

Politico: Kushner used private email to conduct WH business

PressTV: Trump on DPRK: "they won't be around much longer"

Daily Mail: NFL defies Trump

Debka: Syrian 9th army and Hezbollah forces enter Beit Jinn near Mt. Hermon

The Hill: Mnuchin: NFL players can do free speech on their own time

Sputnik: 62 Theologians accuse Pope of heresy

Yonhap: Both S. Korean parties blast N. Korean FM speech

KoreaTimes: DPRK releases doctored photos of destroyed US assets

FarsNews: Iran closes airspace to Iraq-Kurdistan region

FarsNews: Saudi-led coalition launches 70 strikes on Yemen in one day

Times of Israel: Iran shows Russian-made S-300 anti-ballistic defense system

PressTV: Iraq will not allow creation of ethnic Kurdish government

JPost: Sanders: US complicit in Jewish occupation of Palestine

Zero Hedge: Ted Cruz won't support Graham-Cassidy repeal Bill

AP: Thousands homeless after Mexico quake.

Zero Hedge: Leaked Trump tax plan cuts taxes for uber-rich

TASS: Lavrov: US won't strike DPRK for fear of nuclear retaliation

Breitbart: Fire or Suspend Players. Trump turns up the heat

Rense: New Nation of Good Hope secedes from S. Africa

September 23, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump calls out NFL

Reuters: Iran tests new missile

PressTV: Lavrov: Trump and Kim in kindergarten fight

RT: US B-1B Lancer Bombers fly off N. Korea coast

RT: Trump dubs Kim "Little Rocket Man"

RT: DPRK FM :  Rockets to US 'Inevitable'

Yonhap: Anti-US rally held by N. Korean masses

Korean Times: DPRK FM vows merciless attack on US at any sign of decapitation

YNW: Bernie wants to cut ties with Israel

Newsmax: New Wall be see through: Trump

Yonhap: China limits oil to DPRK

Debka: Iran shoots rockets, too, with no US action

Newsmax: Hillary Clinton: Trump worse than I thought he'd be

AP: S. Korea detects earthquake in N. Korea's nuclear test site

Times of Israel: Israel says Iran missile test threat to US

JPost: Syrian Deputy PM to UN: Israel supports Syria's enemies

Zero Hedge: NFL Chief lashes out at Trump's SOB comment

Truthfeed: Trump challenges Sessions to lock Hillary up

Reuters: New quake hits S. Mexico

September 22, 2017

TruthFeed: Clapper admits Trump was wiretapped

Zero Hedge: Russia warns US it will retaliate if Syrian or Russian forces are struck by US proxies

JPost: UNSC opposes Kurdish independence

PressTV: Iran negotiations with US fruitless

Korea Times: US N. Korea chicken game 

Haaretz: Israel simulates war with Hezbollah

Zero Hedge: Florida county tickets residents for destroyed homes

PressTV: Trump has caved in to deep state Generals

FarsNews: Iran unveils new long range missile

Express: A nuclear test in pacific will end Kim, warns US

YNW: Mattis may use Kinetic weapons on DPRK

Reuters: Iran boost missile capabilities

RT: Lavrov urges for cool heads to prevail

JPost: Ex-CIA Officer: American Jews are driving American wars

AP: McCain deals death blow to Obamacare repeal

TASS: Lavrov wants to see US-Russia cooperation in Syria

WaPo: Kim threatens 'mentally deranged U.S. dotard'

Times of Israel: Trump: "madman" Kim Jong-un to be tested like never before

Zero Hedge: Israel strikes Syrian positions

September 21, 2017

Daily News: Puerto Rico without power for months

RT: US led coalition vows to avoid confrontations with Russia

FarsNews: DPRK compares Trump to a dog barking

Yonhap: US based drills fire missiles

Newsmax: Tillerson and Haley at odds over Iran nuclear deal

Sputnik: Trump to pile more sanctions on DPRK

YNW: China detains Bitcoin executives

Reuters: Nuclear deal cannot be renegotiated: Rouhani

Times of Israel: Rouhani calls Trump 'rogue newcomer'

Zero Hedge: Equifax directs 200K customers to phishing site

RT: Duerte would kill his own son

Reuters: Mexico reels after earthquake

September 20, 2017

Reuters: Maria lashes Puerto Rico

RT: Iran-Venezuela cast Trump as New Hitler

Sputnik: John Kelly's reaction to Trump's speech says it all

Express: DPRK ready fro preemptive strike

Yonhap: Moon Trump to hold talks this week

The Atlantic: France and America part ways

Korean Times: World isolating DPRK with expulsion of amabassadors

Daily Mail: The dramatic moment when John Kelly broke down

The Hill: 5 Things to know about the Obamacare repeal Bill

YNW: S. Arabia and UK sign military cooperation deal

Zero Hedge: Trump has decided on Iran Deal

Times of Israel: Iran's Rouhani ratchets up the rhetoric

FarsNews: IRGC top commander: time to correct US miscalculations

PressTV: Daesh attacks Iran convoy in eastern Syria

JPost: Israeli search and rescue teams sent to Mexico

Breitbart: Trump stoops to mock Hillary for criticizing his speech

September 19, 2017

AP: Trump takes on UN

KTUU: 7.1 Earthquake hits Mexico City; 100+ dead

CNN: Maria devastates Dominica

RT: Putin orders seaports to stop accepting the dollar

Times of Israel: Netanyahu praises Trump's bold UN speech

Debka: Israeli  missile takes down Hezbollah drone

RT: Syrian facing heaviest resistance from US forces

The Hill: Trump's base continues to erode

YNW: Onward Together funded Antifa

Daily Mail: Trump blasting Iran draws applause

CBS: Puerto Rico resorts to rationing before Maria hits

Reuters: Trump: UN will be forced to totally destroy N. Korea

Breitbart: Climate change advocates admit they were wrong

September 18, 2017

Reuters: Florida Keys - Irma's devastation

Zero Hedge: $700 Billion in unpaid nominal mortgages in wake of Harvey and Irma

AP: CAT 3 Hurricane Maria plowing through Caribbean

Hurricane News: Hurricane Jose to flood eastern seabord

Sputnik: Trump criticizes UN for mismanagement

RT: DPRK says the more sanctions the faster it will develop its nuclear program

TASS: Putin visits Zapad 2017 War Games

JPost: US and Israel celebrate first US base in Israel

JPost: Iranian commander threatens to reduce Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust

Times of Israel: Netanyahu to Trump: We must address terrible nuclear deal with Iran

PressTV: Rouhani: US will pay high price if it scraps nuclear deal

Newsmax: McMaster: US must move with urgency on DPRK

AP: US Navy fires two commanders in connection with recent accidents

Debka: Syria-Hezbollah to depend on Russian backup

Epoch Times: Poll shows 58% of Americans support military action against DPRK

Yonhap: DPRK slams UNSC for new sanctions

September 17, 2017

AP: St. Louis violence for second night

Reuters: US has exhausted options on DPRK: Haley

Newsmax: If diplomacy fails, Mattis will take care of it: Haley

YNW: Ex-President of Egypt Morsi sentenced to 25 years

Times of Israel: Ultra-Orthodox clash with IDF over draft

JPost: Kurds flying Israeli flags

RT: Trump calls Kim Rocket Man

September 16, 2017

Daily Mail: Threat alert raised to CRITICAL in London

Politico: Dems worried leadership getting to cozy with Trump

Daily Mail: Trump shakes his wife's hand

CNN: McMaster: no more road to kick the can on

Debka: Syrian-Hizbollah troops cross Euphrates eastward

The Hill: California Bill bolsters sanctuary state provisions

YNW: Mueller targeting Trump supporters on Facebook for possible Russian connections

Sputnik: US in line with Full Spectrum Global Dominance

Reuters: DPRK seeks equilibrium with US

RT: China encourages dialogue between US and DPRK

Breitbart: Kelly compromised Trump on Amnesty

September 15, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump outraged by tube bomb

Zero Hedge: Trump's tweets on tube bomb spark outrage

JPost: UK PM chides Trump over tweets

Korean Times: Moon: talks with DPRK impossible

CNBC: Stocks peaking

Sputnik: US Senators call for sanctions on Turkey over S-400 deal

RT: End of Petro-Dollar around the corner

JPost: Russia rejects Israeli request for buffer zone in Syria

Newsmax: Immigration Bill cannot include Chain Migration: Trump

September 14, 2017

Times of Israel: Russia refuses Israeli demand to keep Iran forces 60 Km away from border

Reuters: DPRK fires another missile over Japan

Daily Mail: Trump does another 180 on DACA

Breitbart: Trump vacillates on DACA

KoreaTimes: US and DPRK held secret meeting in Switzerland

The Hill: Right explodes in anger over Trump's immigration push

Newsmax: Trump: No Wall then nothing

YNW: CIA influenced over 2,000 Hollywood productions

Breitbart: Trump: the Wall is renovation of old fences

RT: Russian submarines strike ISIS targets in Syria

JPost: Trump to sign resolution condemning white supremacists

AP: Mattis : US not intimidated by DPRK

Zero Hedge: Trump's base goes apoplectic

Sputnik: Pentagon selling Russian weapons to Syrian Rebels

Sputnik: DPRK threatens Armageddon on Japan

RT: DPRK vows to reduce US to darkness and ashes

September 13, 2017

Politico: The Left is stranded

7NewsMiami: Power outages cause deaths at senior home

Newsmax: 25% of FL Keys homes gone

Debka: Iran bolsters forces in Syria

Breitbart: Satanist team up with Planned Parenthood

PressTV: Jimmy Carter: Trump has failed

CNBC: Face ID on Apple not looking good

The Hill: Senate votes down Paul's Bill

YNW: Mossad agent disguised as ISIS leader caught in Benghazi

Reuters: Russia war games unnerve the west

Zero Hedge: Pentagon covers its tracks as it sells weapons to Syrian rebels

Fox: Sanctions nothing compared to what's next: Trump

Sputnik: US-Japan practice urban warfare in preparation for attack

Sputnik: Moscow S-400 sale to Turkey frazzles US

RT: Bomb threats cause evacuations in Moscow

Arutz Sheva: Israeli firm picked to build US border wall

Breitbart: Congress does not want border wall : Ryan

September 12, 2017

RT: Syrian forces on collision course with US-backed forces

Reuters: UNSC tightens screws on DPRK

AP: Macron inspects unprecedented devastation in Guadalupe

PressTV: China big banks stop doing business with DPRK

Daily Mail: Millions return home after Irma, without power

Times of Israel: High court strikes down postponement of ultra-Orthodox draft

YRN: Trump may be drugged

JPost: Hezbollah leader boasts they defeated ISIS in Syria

September 11, 2017

NYT: All the food is gone in St. Marten

Daily Mail: Irma's aftermath

Yonhap: UNSC resolution to cut off oil  exports to  DPRK

Reuters: IRMA inundates Havana

RT: DPRK promises 'greatest pain and suffering' over new sanctions

KoreaTimes: Merkel to lead coalition against DPRK

Sputnik: Merkel, Putin denounce DPRK for not adhering to UN sanctions

Zero Hedge: Saudi Prince secret visit to Israel

AP: Trump touts official vacuous 9/11 narrative

YNW: Venezuela ditching US dollar

TASS: US presence in Syria violates international law: Lavrov

September 10, 2017

BBC: River surges in Miami

Newsmax: FL Governor: Biggest thing you can do now is pray

Breitbart: Hillary will never run for office again

Times of Israel: Pray for everyone as Irma pummels Florida

Debka: Russia-US pincer on ISIS

Your News Wire: US ramps up DPRK rhetoric in UN

Express: Kim Jong-un warns 'there is no way out' for US

Zero Hedge: Crane collapses in Miami

JPost: Reflections on 9/11

AP: Death Toll 90 in Mexico earthquake

RT: Irma sucks away miles of ocean

Sputnik: Putin: There will be no new Korean War

September 9, 2017

Breitbart: Irma aims for Tampa

Your News Wire: Israel launches airstrikes on Syria

AP: Irma updates

RT: Irma hurtles toward Florida (live feed)

Fox: Voter fraud in New Hampshire: story unfolds

PressTV: Philippines rejects Daesh offer

Newsmax: Trump offers Relief to French Caribbean

Express: N. Korea celebrates National day

AP: Nature has gone nuts

Express: Japan makes evacuation plans in view of DPRK threats

JPost: Jewish groups fighting over FEMA funding

Times of Israel: PA sues Greek Orthodox church over land sale

FarsNews: Syria captures ISIS stronghold

Zero Hedge: A third of Florida's population evacuated

September 8, 2017

Newsmax: Trump orders military to shoot down any DPRK missile aimed at US territories

Daily Mail: Miami turns to ghost town ahead of Irma

Zero Hedge: Greatest evacuation in history

Reuters: 270,000 Rohingya refugees  flee to Bangladesh

AP: Powerful quake rocks Chiapas, Mexico

Express: Hurricane Katie takes aim at Mexico

JPost: Netanyahu's admin in tatters

Debka: Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border post  now controlled by pro-Iranian forces

Arutz Sheva: Syria demands UN take action on Israel

The Hill: House passes Harvey Relief Aid

Newsmax: Trump: Hurricane Irma has Absolutely Historic Destructive Potential

Times of Israel: Rabbi: Jews may travel on Sabbat to escape Irma

Express: UK troops arrive in Caribbean as looters pillage

NBC Miami: Live

RT: DPRK: Nikki Haley 'political prostitute'

TASS: Terrorists in Syria should be obliterated: Lavrov

Breitbart: Kushner coordinated Dem support for DACA amnesty

September 7, 2017.

CBS: Miami Mayor: Evacuate for Nuclear Hurricane

Breitbart: Chuck and Nancy and I want to see something happen: Trump

KoreanTimes: Abe, Moon push for oil embargo on DPRK

Debka: N. Korea-linked chemical lab in Syria destroyed

Yonhap: Australia supports strong sanctions on DPRK

The Hill: Trump to DACA youth: You have nothing to worry about.

NewsPunch: Irma destroys 95% of homes in Barbuda

Zero hedge: Two nuclear power plants in Irma's path

Times of Israel: Israel's opposition to Syrian ceasefire manifests in attacks

Sputnik: US evacuates 20 Daesh commanders

TASS: Russia and China agree sanctions on N. Korea useless

RT: Israeli plane strikes Syrian position

September 6, 2017

DailyMail: Irma packs 185 mph winds. Most powerful storm on record.

Daily Mail: Trump tweets Irma largest ever

NewsPunch: Navy evacuates 5,000 ahead of Irma

Newsmax: DPRK threatens US power grid with EMP

Yonhap: More THAAD to be deployed in S. Korea

Rodong: School for orphans completed in DPRK

Rodong: DPRK Government Economic Delegation leaves for Russia

PressTV: Netanyahu hails advances in Israeli-Arab ties

Express: China shoots down DPRK missile

Breitbart: Zuckerberg will fight in courts and Congress for DACA

Sputnik: Military action not first option: Trump

JPost: Assad pushes ISIS out of east Syria

AP: Ryan-Trump to arrive at compromise

Zero Hedge: Trump sides with Dems to raise debt ceiling short term

Zero Hedge: China closes N. Korea border crossing

September 5, 2017

Daily Caller: Virgin Islands approves gun confiscation ahead of Irma

AP: Irma develops into CAT 5  packing 180 mph winds

Zero Hedge: Hurricane Jose to follow Irma

AP: Post-Harvey reconstruction takes precedence over Wall

AP: Trump phases out DACA

Yonhap: Seoul/DC to deploy US strategic assets

Reuters: Kim promises gift packages to US

Debka: IDF simulates war

The Hill: Hillary blames Sanders for her defeat

Express: Putin: World headed for Catastrophe

Times of Israel: Jewish groups oppose Trump's DACA decision

RT: US nurtured ISIS

September 4, 2017

Daily Mail: Come to end of the road with N. Korea

RT: Trump will be deposed if he blocks trade with China

Zero Hedge: China slams Trump's threat as unacceptable

AP: S. Korea simulates attack on DPRK

Reuters: China pledges new funding for BRICS

Times of Israel: Thousands to stage mock war with Hezbollah

September 3, 2017

WSJ: Kim tested nuclear bomb

Korea Times: N. Korea nuclear test successful

Newsmax: Trump on attacking DPRK: We'll see

RT: Putin and Xi to deal with N. Korea

Zero Hedge: Appeasement will not work

REuters: US closure of diplomatic sites 'blatantly hostile act'

NewsPunch: Tax dollars paying for Opium trade

AFP: Mattis: US will launch massive military response

Times of Israel: Trump should attack DPRK: ex-Israeli Intel chief

Yonhap: Moon seeks to completely isolate N. Korea

AP: Japan debates preemptive strike

September 2, 2017

Newsmax: Ryan, McConnell ready to fund aid for Harvey

AFP: Canada builds winterized shelters for migrants crossing border

USA TODAY: DACA immigrants petrified

Sputnik: Petition to designate Soros  a terrorist reaches 100K threshold on WH website

JPost: Auschwitz medic unfit to stand trial

Arutz Sheva: Cabinet to green light new Binyamin region community

Breitbart: Cali AG ready to fight DACA in court

Times of Israel: Chance for Trump to show empathy in his second visit

Express: Kim Jong Un: US plan to de-nuke DPRK 'a silly dream'

NewsPunch: Trump: Comey rigged Clinton investigation

Breitbart: US Chamber of Commerce against Trump's DACA plan

September 1, 2017

CNS: 94,785,500 unemployed

Marketwatch: 156,000 jobs added in August

Breitbart: Trump: FBI rigged investigation in Hillary's favor

RT: Defector says US-trained rebels sold arms to ISIS

RT: Putin on N. Korea: Conflict imminent

Zero Hedge: Looters siphon car gas tanks post-Harvey

August 31, 2017

FOX: Hillary charging big money for book tour event

TASS: Russia told to close 3 Consulates in US by Sept 2

Reuters: US bombers drill over Korea

NewsPunch: Lord Roth dumps US stocks

Yonhap: US sends B-1Bs and F-35s to Korea

Newsmax: US releases 500,000 barrels of oil in strategic reserves

Zero Hedge: Comey exonerated Hillary before the investigation began

Times of Israel: Bibi forced by court to reveal his daily convo's with Adelson

Zero Hedge: China operates Sewbot factories in US that make shirts for 33 cents

FreeBeacon: SPLC sends millions to offshore accounts

RT: China says it will never allow war on its doorstep

Breitbart: Trump to end DACA

August 30, 2017

SFGATE: Feinstein expresses hope for President

CNBC: GDP up 3%

Bebka: Russian-Syrian Airborne radar cover Israel

Newsmax: Flooding shuts largest US refinery

Zero Hedge: Matis contradicts Trump

BluntForceTruth: Antifa chanted destruction of US

TruePundit: FBI case on Awan and Hina Alvi investigation blocked

RT: Talking is not the answer for N. Korea: Trump

Express: Monsoon floods kill 1,200 in Asia

RT: Theresa May won't rule out military and cyberattacks on N. Korea

NewsPunch: US Coalition seizes Syrian oil supply

LATimes: 30,000 National Guards called in long term rescue

August 28, 2017

Daily Mail: Kim Jong Un fires missile over Japan

AP: Harvey keeps dumping on Texas

Debka: Israel losing its leverage over Syria

Breitbart: Eight resign from Trump's infrastructure advisory council

Lizette: UN censures US free speech

NewsPunch: YouTube banishes Ron Paul

Express: N. Korea ready to detonate nuclear device

News Punch: Two 19th century novels predict Trump's presidency

Zero Hedge: Drone footage of flooding

Times of Israel: Israeli DM warns will use great force in next war

JPost: If Iran expands in Syria Israel will bomb Assad's palace

RT: Trump militarizes police

August 27, 2017

Daily Mail: Harvey inundates Houston

Breitbart: Podesta group subpeonaed by Mueller

Breitbart: Arpaio hits McCain back

JPost: US Jewish groups condemn Trump for pardoning Arpaio

Times of Israel: Hezbollah weapons buildup must be addressed

Sputnik: China and US Steel war

August 26, 2017

AP: Trump lowest approval ratings reach historic proportions

AP: Historic storm pummels Texas

Times of Israel: AJC slams Trump

Sputnik: Saudi Arabia and Israel to intervene in Syria

JPost: Jews and Muslims team up to protect freedom of Religion

AP: NRA to media "We're Coming for You"

Zero Hedge: Congress quietly votes warrant-less searches Bill

Breitbart: Trump signs disaster declaration for Texas

August 25, 2017

RT: Saudi airstrikes continue to ravage Yemen

Sputnik: Too few US forces in European Command

JPost: Abbas: No solutions forthcoming from USA

PressTV: Russian nuclear capable bombers fly near DPRK

Newsmax: Far left extremists destroying America

The Hill: Yellen defends Frank-Dodd

Daily Mail: Hurricane Harvey, one for the record books

Times of Israel: Cohn weighs in on C-Ville

Yonghap: N. Korea fires three missiles

The Hill: Trump pardons Arpaio

AP: Trump imposes harsh sanctions on Venezuela

Zero Hedge: US diplomats suffered traumatic brain injuries

RT: DPRK threatens Britain

August 24, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump taps Lou Ferrigno to head council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

Reuters: Judge orders release of Anti-Trump user data

Newsmax: Kelly will screen all intel before it gets to Trump

News Punch: Whisleblower found dead

Times of Israel: Lebanese beauty queen stripped of title after visit to Israel

JPost: Kushner: Israel and US closer than ever

Sputnik: Domestic failures steer Trump into foreign policy blunders

RT: Germany will not side with US in N. Korea war

Breitbart: Globalists in WH killing Trump's ideas

RT: Iran must withdraw from Syria or Israel will defend itself

TheSun: Venice Mayor orders snipers to shoot anyone shouting Allahu-Akbar

Augut 23, 2017

RealClearPolitics: Tear Gas disperses crowds

RT: Egyptian FM cancels meeting with Kushner

AP: Bibi meets Putin over Syria

Express: S. Koreans want Trump to get rid of DPRK

NewsPunch: The truth about 9/11

The Hill: Seven take-aways from Trump's speech

Zero Hedge: Former CIA agent raising funds to buy Twitter and delete Trump's account

Sputnik: US continues demonization of Assad

Breitbart: Trump calls media enemy of the people: Scarborough

August 22, 2017

Breitbart: Media loves Trump speech

The Hill: Neocons thrilled over Trump's speech

Newsmax: Laura Ingraham slams Trump's speech

Business Insider: Far right deplores Trump's speech

Sputnik: White House on lockdown

Zero Hedge: China threatens retaliation

PressTV: Tensions rise as S. Korea-US joint military drills

TASS: Mossad chief to accompany Netanyahu in official Russia visit

RT: N. Korea not moving an inch on nuclear

August 20, 2017

Hollywood Reporter: Jerry Lewis passes away

Sputnik: Syria to be partitioned

PressTV: Iranian missile program continues unabated

Newsmax: 6 reasons Bannon was fired

JPost: Abbas: With WH in chaos what's the point of Peace Talks?

Newsmax: No Sweetness and Light for GOP

RT: DPRK warns: US-S.Korea drills could trigger nuclear war

August 19, 2017

CNBC: Boston Free Speech rally ends early

AP: A glimpse at a struggling President

Breitbart: Bannon now knows who the enemies of the American people are

The Hill: The Kelly factor

Korea Times: Moon believes Kim nearing red line

Your News Wire: Crowds for Hire were paid $25/hr to protest

Times of Israel: Hamas summer camp teaches youth to fight Israel

Zero Hedge: The Trump Presidency we fought for is over

RT: Europe should wake up to clash of civilizations

August 18, 2017

NYPost: Steve Bannon ousted

Daily Caller: Gingrich: Presidency at risk

Sputnik: 75,000 troops ready for joint US-S. Korea drills

Zero Hedge: Breitbart wages war on WH

Reuters: Venezuelan Constituent Assembly assumes power to legislate

Express: Trump will resign: Tony Schwartz

RT: US Cyber Security elevated to independent status

Zero Hedge: America could turn dangerously toxic

August 17, 2017

NYPost: Trump blasts removal of Confederate statues around the country

Newsmax: Clergyman wants removal of George Washington statue

Reuters: US forces to stay in Syria for decades

Zero Hedge: Walls closing in Wasserman Schultz

The Charlotte Observer: US-S.Korea military drills could ignite war

Newsmax: Rep. Cohen to introduce articles of impeachment

Zero Hedge: Pelosi demands 'reprehensible' statues be removed

The Hill: DNC out of cash

WaPost: Bannon unplugged

RT: Trump causes Amazon to lose $5B of its value

Your News Wire: I have killed people but not as many as Hillary Clinton: Duterte.

CNBC: Gary Cohn disgusted with Trump

Mirror: 13 dead, dozens injured after truck plows in Barcelona

August 16, 2017

Bloomberg: Trump ends business councils

CNBC: Branson weighs in on Universal Basic Income

Jerusalem Post: Trump misses moral clarity

The Hill: Not one Republican will come on air to defend Trump

Newsmax: DOJ wants names of users of anti-Trump web site

Bretibart: Threats force Hollywood to remove confederate memorials

Your News Wire: Ultra-Orthodox Jews reject Zionism and burn Israeli flag

Zero Hedge: Gary Cohn deeply disgusted by Trump

RT: Kim Jong Un made wise decision over Guam. Trump

August 15, 2017

WSJ: Doomsday cancelled

The Sun: Kim could be suffering from Roid-Rage

Your News Wire: Charlottesville was an inside job

PressTV: Rabbis involved in baby trafficking

Yonhap: Now is not the time to discuss detained US citizens

Newsmax: Matis would know within moments if DPRK missile was aimed at US

Reuters: Anti-Trump protests in wake of Charlottesville

Times of Israel: 3 CEOs resign from President's Manufacturing Council

Sputnik: Satellites spot DPRK missiles prepared for launch

Zero Hedge: Chain store stock carnage

Arutz Sheva: Iran ready to scrap nuclear deal

August 14, 2017

Breitbart: Trump condemns racism

Blunt Force: Iranian parliament chants death to America

Reuters: Iranian drone comes close to aircraft carrier

RT: Upon hearing DPRK planning missile strike around Guam, Pentagon says: 'It will be game on.'

Daily Mail: N. Korea boasts deepest underground train system

Zero Hedge: Ukraine likely source of N. Korea missile engines

JPost: Enrollment of Chinese students in Israeli universities skyrockets

RT: Russia warming up to Iran in joint energy programs

Times of Israel: Swiss hotel  forces Jews to shower before entering pool area

Your News Wire: Russia nuclear physicists back Putin's claim that DPRK is false flag for WW3

Korea Times: China to stop importing N. Korea seafood & resources

August 13, 2017

Sputnik: A look at Russia's missile shield

Express: N. Korea prepares Submarine Missile Launch

August 12, 2017

Fox: N. Korea is ready to launch

Reuters: Venezuela lashes back at US

Sputnik: China will side with N. Korea

Sputnik: Arms stocks surge

August 11, 2017

NYT: Trump: Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded

RT: China won't allow US pre-emptive strike

Daily Mail: DPRK could reduce US to ashes at any moment

Your News Wire: Putin: N. Korea has zero nukes and trillions in rare earth minerals

The Hill: Trump to send Kushner back to ME peace talks

Newsmax: 82% of Americans fearful of a nuclear war

Pacific Daily News: Guam governor prepares residents

Jerusalem Post: N. Korea threatens to punish Israel thousand fold

Reuters: Moscow snaps up oil assets in Venezuelan crisis

Zero Hedge: China will prevent a N. Korea regime change

August 10, 2017

RT: Roger Waters of Pink Floyd lashes out at musicians who won't boycott Israel

InfoWars: Israeli Intelligence leak: McMaster briefing Soros daily on WH takeover

Times of Israel: Israel's curious relationship with N. Korea

Your News Wire: Israel blackmails Congress

Zero Hedge: Mueller's search for dirt

Newsmax: Trump admin playing good cop bad cop

Zero Hedge: Pentagon unveils plan for preemptive strike

Express: South Koreans fear Trump more than Kim

August 9, 2017

Miami Herald: Canadian military beefs up border crossing

Newsmax: Sessions offers Hillary plea bargain

Daily Mail: Mattis wants to end DPRK regime. Trump is ready to send bombers tonight

JPost: Bitcoen just for Jews ready

August 8, 2017

Breitbart: McMaster in league with Soros.

Sputnik: Trump breathes fire and fury

August 7, 2017

Reuters: N. Korea ready to teach US a lesson

RT: Russia to uncouple from US dollar in retaliation to sanction

JPost: Trump slams Jewish Senator Blumenthal

Zero Hedge: Trump undoes Kelly's impact with Twitter storm

August 6, 2017

Reuters: Venezuela military coup crushed

Breitbart: NeverTrump movement still strong with GOP

Sputnik: Syria accuses coalition forces of flagrant violation of Int'l laws

Zero Hedge: Loretta Lynch used her Grammy's name as avatar in her emails

JPost: Russia and Iran cement ties

Newsmax: Flake disapproves chants to lock Hillary up

Express: French region to vote for reunification with England

The Hill: GOP debates deep cut to corporate tax rate

Times of Israel: Trump mistaken

RT: Lavrov and Tillerson chat-up sanctions

NYPost: Sessions, Trump make up

August 5, 2017

NYT: GOP ramping up to replace Trump in 2020

Breitbart: Ryan opposes immigration cut

Yonhap: US prepares for 'preventive war' with DPRK

Zero Hedge: Oliver Stone: America's vast 'Stupidity' in Sanctioning Russia

AP: Floating forest in NYC provides free food for the taking

Your News Wire: Facebook employees forced to live out of their own cars

The Hill: McConnell on HealthCare: Feel Better. Hillary could be President.

JPost: Trump defends pro-Israel DHS chief

RT: Heatwave Lucifer to kill 150,000 Europeans

August 4, 2017

Sacramento Bee: Union boss wants ICE out of State mediation offices

AZCentral: McCain to revive Gang of Eight immigration Reform

CNBC: Bond Bubble about to Burst: Greenspan

The Hill: China will be on DPRK's side in a war

Newsmax: McCain slams Trump over Afghanistan

Express: Trump to Kim: Don't sleep easy

Your News Wire: China warns DPRK about to detonate EMP over US

RT: Kremlin-Trump agree ties at lowest point

Times of Israel: Netanyahu probe involves bribery, fraud

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu challenged to rebuild destroyed settlements

Arutz Sheva: Netanyahu surges in polls

Sputnik: China threatens S. Korea

PressTV: Ceasefire called in Baltimore

Sputnik: Trump sends forces in Afghanistan for the 'minerals'

Jerusalem Post: Kushner disqualified himself from the Peace process: PLO

RT: Trump: look into Hillary's 33,000 lost emails

Breitbart: McMaster increasingly blows his top

AP: WH seething over leaks

CNN: GOP approval rate sinks to 10%

August 3, 2017

WaPo: Leaked conversations between Trump and world leaders

AP: Trump decries vacations, but takes one

Zero Hedge: We will never dance to Trump's tune: China

Sputnik: McCain wants Assad out

Reuters: China claims India building up troops

Jerusalem Post: Rabbi: Pride Parade in Jerusalem causing more damage than benefit

Your News Wire: Ron Paul: Neocons pushing Trump to WW3 with Iran

Newsmax: Trump thinking of sending McMaster to Afghanistan

Express: Trump is a threat to the whole world: Schultz

Zero Hedge: Potty-mouth Scaramucci tapes released

Your News Wire: Pedophiles run music business: Justin Beiber

RT: Trump blames Congress for deteriorating US-Russia relations

CBS: Denver protects illegals

August 2, 2017

The Hill: Trump Curbs Legal Immigration

Rasmussen: Trump approval down to 38%

Sputnik: Trump: Sanctions will bring China, N. Korea & Russia closer together

Jerusalem Post: Auschwitz bookkeeper fit for prison

Your News Wire: Lindsey Graham: Destroy N. Korea

Times of Israel: Tillerson does not agree with Trump on Iran deal

Zero Hedge: Dollar drops to lowest level since 1985

PressTV: Russia embassy hit in Syria by rebels

FarsNews: Syria Army strikes ISIS depot in Raqqa

CNBC: Dow clears 22,000

RT: China MoD to India: Leave our lands or face war

August 1, 2017

NY Mag: The Scoop behind the Mooch

RT: US to boost S. Korea presence

Zero Hedge: 1/4 Trilion in US Savings wiped away

Reuters: Iran blames US for breaking nuclear deal

Zero Hedge: Hally: We're done talking about N. Korea

AP: Trump campaign was too dysfunctional: Kushner

JPost: There may be no solution to ME peace: Kushner

Daily Mail: Lawsuit pinning Seth Rich Story on Trump

Your News Wire: Israel shuts down Al jazeera

Express: Greeks planning secret GreExit

The Hill: Senate GOP paying no mind to Trump's healthcare demands

Breitbart: Foreign Workers brought in to build American plants

July 31, 2017

NYT: The Mooch got the Boot after only 10 days

Daily Mail: No Chaos in WH: Trump

Breitbart: Summer Olympics go to LA in 2028

RT: Berlin asks for retaliation

Reuters: Russia wants US embassy in Moscow downsized

The Hill: Trump wants Congress to pay healthcare premiums

Express: Trump: US will take care of N. Korea

Newsmax: Trump cabinet holds Bible Study

CNBC: US slaps Venezuela with sanctions

Zero Hedge: S. Korea preparing for surgical strike on DPRK

July 30, 2017

Jerusalem Post: A White House Circus

Fox: US ready to use overwhelming Force

Business Insider: They [China] do nothing for us with North Korea, just talk: Trump

Newsmax: Trump & Scaramucci speak the same language: Gingrich

The Sun: US supersonic B-1B bombers practice for N. Korea strike

WSJ: China parades its latest missiles

RT: US tests THAAD missile over pacific

Sputnik: Russia reveals Drone bomber

TASS: Putin reviews Naval Parade

Zero Hedge: Gold Fever hits California

The Hill: Trump's plan to privatize Air Traffic Control falls off the sky

Express: Macron turns his back on his supporters

Yonhap: S. Korea upgrades Patriot Missiles

PressTV: UK Stripped 150 terrorists of citizenship

Wikileaks: Mueller delivered Uranium to Russians

AP: Republicans want to investigate Clinton

Reuters: Internationalization of holy sites is declaration of war

Breitbart: American people have spoken in favor of Obamacare: Pelosi

July 29, 2017

NYT: S. Korea starts building its own missiles

RT: S. Korea and US fire their own live missiles

Zero Hedge: Kim J/U: Entire US within our range

Yonhap: N. Korea discloses video of missile launch

Korea Times: China condemns DPRK missile launch

AP: Another US town bites the dust

Rodong: Iran invites DPRK senior official

Jerusalem Post: Top 50 most influential Jews

Reuters: Venezuela poised to re-write its Constitution

Breitbart: Dems want Pelosi to go

The Hill: Trump: Republicans looks like fools

PressTV: London Mayor compares Trump to a school boy

FarsNews: 7 US military bases established in E. Syria

Newsmax: Trump urges Senate change to 51 majority vote

TASS: Trump ready to sign Russia sanctions Bill

Sputnik: Tillerson: Sanctions on Russia will improve relations

RT: US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ships for second time

Breitbart: US embassy personnel pulled out of Venezuela

July 28, 2017

Yonhap: China objects again to THAAD deployment in S. Korea

Reuters: N. Korea fires another missile

WSJ: China bolsters border with N. Korea

Daily Mail: N. Korea missile lands in Japan's territorial waters

AP: Russia thins out US diplomats in response to sanctions

AP: Scaramucci scorches smoldering WH circus tent

Breitbart: John McCain put country over party: Hollywood

Zero Hedge: Sessions gets cold feet investigating Lynch, Clinton and Comey

Times of Israel: Protests against Israel mount in Jordan

Reuters: Moon wants more THAAD protection

Express: Venezuela on brink of civil war. US embassy emptied

Political Insider: ME adviser under McMaster resigns

PressTV: US slaps sanctions on Iran after its rocket test

Express: Pope tries to find converts in the Amazon

Newsmax: Trump: Let ACA implode then deal

Bloomberg: Why 27 Million are not insured

RT: Moscow considers all options to bring US back to its senses

FarsNews: Syrian army cornering ISIS in last stronghold

July 27, 2017

The Hill: The Mooch: Reince is a paranoid schizophrenic

WSJ: Priebus' days are numbered

Reuters: DPRK ICBM threat advancing faster than expected

AP: GOP still intent on passing Obamacare-light

Los Angeles Times: Wall must wait until  winter

Daily Mail: Boys Scouts apologizes for Trump's political attacks

RT: Putin may keep his air force in Syria for half a century

Express: House gives Trump $1.6 B for the Wall

Jerusalem Post: More mayhem on Temple Mount

Times of Israel: Jordan's King rips Netanyahu apart

Newmax: Sessions hurt by Trump, but will stay on

Your News Wire: Putin: Russia will respond to sanctions

Breitbart: Ellison wants revolution

Sputnik: DPRK wants US to kneel and apologize

TASS: Putin: China-Russia cooperation not aimed at any country

July 26, 2017

NYT: Trump to keep Transgenders out of military

Arutz Sheva: Senate rejects Obamacare repeal 55-45

Express: Trump rewards Paul Ryan

Yonhap: N. Korea expects US to kneel and apologize

Fox: Sessions' investigation of leaks still 'in the works'

RT: Germany against US sanctions on Russia

WaExaminer: Scaramucci taking leak on him seriously

WaPo: Leak that Sessions is to be replaced during recess surfaces

AP: Wasserman Shultz fires Awan

Newsmax: Ann Coulter unloads on Trump

Zero Hedge: Sweden leak exposes all

Express: DPRK plans to resume war with US tomorrow

The Hill: Trump keeps aim at Sessions

Times of Israel: Abbas orders mass protests

Zero Hedge: The Mooch eyes Obama holdovers

PressTV: US Senator calls Trump 'crazy'

PressTV: US-Russian relations in uncharted territory

Yonhap News: N. Korea warns of preemptive strike

Rodong: Roving Russian ambassador visits DPRK

Sputnik: Iraqi forces detonate munitions factory

Telegraph: Trump's visions of being added to Mt. Rushmore all in jest

July 25, 2017

McClatchy: Senate blowback puts Trump on notice

Zero Hedge: 419-3 vote passes sanctions on Iran, DPRK & Russia that POTUS can't veto

Zero Hedge: Brennan aims for a coup

Bretibart: The Scar axes Short

SacBee: CalExit back on board

RT: US fires warning shots Iranian ships

The Blaze: Imran Awan arrested at Dulles, trying to flee US

Sputnik: Tillerson on the verge

Business Insider: Tillerson takes time off

Your News Wire: Zuckerberg will not fear AI Overlords

Jerusalem Post: Russian military police monitors safe zones along Golan Heights

Bretibart: Trump shoots himself in the foot

TASS: Erdogan announces S-400 deal with Russia

Fars News: Syrian army captures US, French arms headed for rebels

Yonhap News: DPRK vows nuclear strike if US decapitates Kim

Zero Hedge: Trump unloads on Sessions

PressTV: UAE to release to doc of Qatar's role in 9/11

Daily Mail: Erdogan calls on Muslims to 'visit' and 'protect' Jerusalem

Arutz Sheva: Israeli FM to Erdogan: see to your own business

Newsmax: McCain's back says 'we're getting nothing done'

AP: Trump bombs at Scout Jamboree

July 24, 2017

Breitbart: Trump unloads again on Sessions

AXIOS: Trump considering Giuliani for AG

PressTV: Tillerson may be unhitching his horse

Breitbart: 8,471 cases of double voting

RT: Sweden, NATO hold drills in face of Russian threat

Sputnik: Iraq wants serious military and political Russian presence

Times of Israel: UNSC meets over Temple Mount crisis

Times of Israel: Israel cabinet decides to remove metal detectors from Temple Mount

Your News Wire: Israel into organ trafficking

Zero Hedge: FBI collects smashed DNC hard rives

Express: China-Russia war games make EU nervous

TASS: In two months Russia struck rebels in Syria 6,000 times

Sputnik: US calls Ukraine insurgency Russian Aggression

July, 23 2017

Axios: The Scar will stop the drip-drip

Breitbart: Muslims rename town 'Trump Village'

RT: Russia no longer top US threat

RT: Rockets fired on Israel

Your News Wire: Anti-Soros Poland smeared by EU

AP: Russia ambassador to US gig ends

Newsmax: Pence speaks 

Express: Kim: You will pay a Harsh Price

The Hill: Sessions to clamp down on weed

PressTV: Trump in a mud hole

Sputnik: Lavrov's level-headed solution for peace in Korean Peninsula

Zero Hedge: Schumer comes clean: it wasn't the Russians

FarsNews: ISIS sells captured women

July 22, 2017

New York Post: Trump Twitter Storm

The Hill: Trump blasts Mueller

Sputnik: The logic behind US-backed Kurds

Zero Hedge: Russia signs huge arms deal with Iraq

Newsmax: A Sitting President can be indicted

Jerusalem Post: Halamish attack took under 15 minutes

PressTV: Hawaii prepares for N. Korea attack

Express: Iran unveils 'Hunter' missile

Fars News: US deploys more armored vehicles in Syria

Yonhap News: S. Korea wants talks with and sanctions on DPRK

Rodong: Iran supports DPRK's power struggle

Zero Hedge: Pompeo demolishes WikiLeaks

Reuters: People of Turkish roots belong in Germany: German FM

Times of Israel: The Palestinians are deluding themselves 

Sputnik: S. Korea to pay the harshest price: DPRK

AP: Trump commissions new USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier

July 21, 2017

Zero Hedge: US to tell its citizens to leave N. Korea immediately

Daily Mail: Princess Charlotte bursts into tantrum

Express: Italian MP calls for Ital-exit

RT: Syria demands reparations for the destruction coalition forces caused

Newsmax: Gallup shows Trump at 36%

GatewayPundit: DNC $3 M in the hole

PressTV: Duterte: I will never go to lousy America

Your News Wire: Trump revokes arms sales to ISIS

Politico: Bannon out grazing to save his hide

Jerusalem Times: Protests across Arab World over Israel's security measures on Temple Mount

Breitbart: Trump orders his dogs of war to rethink Afghanistan

RT: China enters Baltic Sea for joint drills with Russia

Daily Mail: Anthony Scaramucci is new WH Communications Director

NYT: Sean Spicer resigns from White House

Sputnik: Turkey leaks US bases in Syria

Times of Israel: Member of Knesset: Whole Arab world will rise against Israel

July 20, 2017

Bloomberg: Trump's business affairs under Mueller's microscope

AP: Sessions has no plans to resign

Breitbart: Trump back to pee-pee dossier

Fox: FBI releases 7,000 Weiner documents

Reuters: 1 in 8 Trump voters are having second thoughts

CBS: Some pensions cut by half

RT: US teams up with Russia on cybersecurity

Sputnik: Senate sanctions on Russia meets with US corporate backlash

Newsmax: Trump's first 6 months: 1,000 tweets and 42 bills

Daily Mail: Trump supporter punches 72 yr old in the face

Zero Hedge:  O.J. to be set free in October

Times of Israel: Security cabinet meets over Temple Mount tensions

Yonhap News: S. Korea and US watching DPRK for missile launches

Your News Wire: Killer cop had pledged allegiance to ISIS

July 19, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump: them f***ng Republicans

AP: Trump ends funding of anti-Assad rebels

Your News Wire: Large weapons cache found in NY  Islamic compound

AZCentral: John McCain has Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer

NYT: Trump regrets hiring Jeff Sessions

The Hill: ICE ready to hire 10,000 more agents

Express: Russia/China ready for war drills

San Fran Chronicle: Universal basic income gaining popularity

Newsmax: Trump falls short on fixing trade deficit

Daily Mail: Somalian cop discloses why he shot Australian woman

Breitbart: Dem Senators fight for Planned Parenthood funding

RT: Netanyahu admits to dozens of strikes on Hezbollah

Sputnik: Pentagon outraged at Turkey revealing sensitive US intel in Syria

USA Today: Rosie on a rampage with Trump again

Arutz Sheva: Linda Sarsour: the crybaby terrorist supporter

Reuters: Trump-Putin held second secret meeting at G20

PressTV: Blacklisting Iran's IRGC will cost US dearly

FarsNews: Thousands of Russian-backed fighters ready to protect Assad

Jerusalem Post: Rouhani says US sanctions violate Iran deal

Times of Israel: Netanyahu: Europe will shrivel and disappear

July 18, 2017

WaPo: US slaps more sanctions on Iran, leaves Nuclear deal intact

Bloomberg: Repeal Obamacare dead

Zero Hedge: Let Obamacare fail and Democrats will come to us: Trump

Breitbart: Paul Ryan's popularity sinks

Times of Israel: More clashes on temple Mount

AP: Trump restores Asset Seizures

RT: 500 pupils abused physically and sexually

Jerusalem Post: IDF claims Hezbollah violating truce

Your News Wire: Catholic Church capsizing

Express: Trump to nominate Jon Hunstman as ambassador to Russia

Reuters: Trump held secret meeting with Putin at G20

Sputnik: US strike would be end of America: DPRK

OilPrices: DPRK prices soar as China cuts exports

RT: Germany profits from Greece woes

July 17, 2017

Rasmussen: Trump at 43% approval

NYT: Top Jobs in Trump Admin empty

RT: Iran Revolutionary Guard threatens US

Express: Cop mowed down by car near White House

PressTV: US engaged in daylight robbery: Russian FM

Newsmax: Trump: 'That's Politics' in son's defense

Sputnik: China launches live fire drills to invade India

The Hill: US is laughingstock

Jerusalem Post: Trump onside with Israel on Iran

Fars News: Kurds fight Turkey-led rebels

AP: More street protest called for in Venezuela

Sputnik: Electric car for less than $1,000

Zero Hedge: Soros-sponsored immigration scam exposed in Italy

TASS: Russia Supreme Court rules to disband Jehovah's Witnesses

Breitbart: Ryan gets 17,000 more H-2B Visas from DHS

News Observer: Heresy to pray for Trump

July 16, 2017

Express:  China reveals muscular dog

The Hill: Rand Paul: Votes are not there to pass health bill

Sputnik: Russia rolls out new line of modern vehicles

Sputnik: Daesh rolls out latest military vehicles

Zero Hedge: Iran sentences US citizen to 10 yrs in jail

Jerusalem Post: Likely Israel will destroy Lebanon infrastructure in next war

Times of Israel: Netanyahu opposes Syria ceasefire

PressTV: Russian Embassy in Syria shelled

Newsmax: Trump trolls polls

PRessTV: Trump will visit UK when he is better received

AP: Don Jr. did nothing illegal: Trump's lawyer

July 15, 2017

The sun came up

July 14, 2017

Express: More bodies revealed in Don Jr.  secret meeting

Your News Wire: CIA Agent Deathbed Confession: 9/11 was controlled demolition

Zero Hedge: Mexico goes Mad Max over fuel

CNBC: Retail Sales drop again

Breitbart: Soros sues new Trump Voter Fraud Commission

RT: Turkey buying Russia S-400 anti-missile system

AP: Federal judge latest attack on Trump travel ban

Zero Hedge: Vatican lashes out at Catholic Trump supporters

Jerusalem Post: Dramatic Video of attack on Police officers

Times of Israel: Abbas condemns temple Mount attacks

Your News Wire: Canada legalizes bestiality

Daily Mail: Trump, Macron longing good-bye

Newsmax: Russian Counter-Intel agent was present in Don Jr. meeting

Your News Wire: Haitian Official who exposed Clinton Foundation fraud found dead

Sputnik: Will Israel scuttle Syrian peace process?

July 13, 2017

Reuters: Trump: Wall may not be 2,000 miles long

The Hill: Trump blames Obama for letting Russian lawyer into US

Sputnik: France no longer seeks to remove Assad from power

WSJ: The invisible Gov subsidy to Amazon

RT: Putin opens car door for lady in red

Fox News: Trump: Everybody would meet with a Russian lawyer

AP: McConnell reveals Obamacare light

Your News Wire: Spears and swords for Muslims now legal in TX

RT: Iraqi reconstruction could cost US taxpayers trillions

CBC: Jimmy Carter collapses from dehydration

Daily Mail: Trump, Macron hold each other's wives

Your News Wire: Erdogan faces arrest in Sweden

Your News Wire: UK Ambassador always known S. Arabia funded Al-Qaeda and ISIS

Jerusalem Post: Hezbollah threatens surprise attack

Express: S. Korea conducts massive live fire drills

Times of Israel: Gazans face daylong power outages

Newsmax: Paul Ryan: Don Jr. should testify before Congress

PressTV: Iran responds to Mattis calls for regime change

Fars news: Russia sends Terminator 2 to Syria

Reuters: US prepares new sanctions on China

PressTV: 75% in US say lobbyists wield too much influence

Polizette: While DHS supports DACA courts may not

July 12, 2017

AXIOS: Trump becoming more isolated

The Sun: DPRK threatens to turn US into ashes

AP: The Russian storm won't go away, only intensifies

Times of Israel: Trump leaves DC swamp for Paris

Reason: Sessions wants mandatory minimum jail sentences

Zero Hedge: Yellen: Debt Trajectory Unsustainable

Breitbart: Corporate Welfare extended to insurance companies

RT: US troops expected to remain in Iraq after ISIS defeat

Newsmax: Trump's FBI nominee does not think it's a Witch Hunt

Newsmax: Trump thinks White House is functioning perfectly

Sputnik: Panda twins enjoy birthday cake

The Hill: Rep Brad Sherman files to Impeach Trump

PressTV: Dems pushing Iran & Russia sanctions Bill

TASS: Kremlin compares US media drama to Soap Opera

Express: Russia fires missile over Pacific

AP: Trump privately rages over latest Don Jr.  scandal

Jerusalem Post: Former IDF chief: Netanyahu will certainly be indicted

Reuters: Ex Brazilian President Lula sentenced to 10 years in jail for corruption

Fars News: Russia to supply Syria with Coast Guard boats

Newsmax: DOT to see $600 Million in spending cuts

Zero Hedge: 20,000 Chinese spies in US ready to destroy it

July 11, 2017

McClatchy: McCain interrogated on Trump Dossier

NYT: Blocked Twitter users sue Trump

NYPost:  Don Jr. is reason why Nigerian email scammers keep trying

Politico: Senate will work through first two weeks of August

Newsmax: Trump complains only 48 of his 197 nominees have been confirmed

Your News Wire: Seth Rich hacked DNC, not Russia

Express: Ukraine's bid to join NATO will be end of peace: Russia

Sputnik: US deploys Patriot Missiles in Baltic

PressTV: China sends troops to S. Africa

RT: Don Jr. releases Russia lawyer emails

Zero Hedge: Russia forced to strike back at US

AP: Monkeys rebel in Florida

Korea Times: Russian oil exports to N. Korea surge

TASS: ISIS grunts, their leader is dead

Reuters: US-Qatar MOU signed to cease funding of terrorism

Fars News: Syrian forces destroy ISIS convoy

Your News Wire: Saudi Arabia holocausts  its own people

Times of Israel: Qatar vows to back Hamas in PA

Jerusalem Post: Palestinians don't want US Ambassador to Israel

July 10, 2017

Breitbart: Don Jr. Tweets his dad in Top Gun parody

AP: Don Jr. confirms he met with Russian lawyer

Newsmax: Trump turns screws on GOP to fix healthcare

RT: US holding massive drills off Ukraine coast

Sputnik: US deploys amphibious group to ME

TASS: Russia has no intel on lawyer who met with Don Jr.

Zero Hedge: DNC was hacked locally not by Russia

Your News Wire: Rebels fighting Assad on Israeli payroll

PressTV: Israel will not honor US-Russia ceasefire in Syria

Zero Hedge: Trump accuses Comey of illegally leaking classified intel to media

AP: Trump defends his decision to let Ivanka sit at G20

Jerusalem: Netanyahu criticizes Soros

Your New Wire: Syria and Iraq wiped out ISIS

Fars News: Russia dispatches missile-armed frigate near Syria

Times of Israel: Germany approves sale of Nuke subs to Israel

Jerusalem Post: PA signs energy deal with Israel

July 9, 2017

NYT: Pence quietly building war chest

Reuters: McCain says healthcare dead

RT: We won't ever trust Russia: Haley

TASS: Tourist exchanges between China and Russia up by one third

Zero Hedge: Iraqi PM declares Mosul liberated from ISIS

AP: Syria ceasefire begins today

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu warns ceasefire will create window for Iran reinforcements 

Times of Israel: Iranian underground missile factories built in Lebanon

Your News Wire: Clinton Foundation received $13.7 Million from New Zealand

The Hill: Priebus: Trump did not buy Putin's denial of election meddling

Express: Trump's act of kindness with Marine's hat goes viral

Newsmax: Graham: US-Russia cooperation on cybersecurity close to 'dumbest idea'

Fars News: Egypt points to evidence of Saudi support for ISIS

Korea Times: Moon ready to send humanitarian aid to DPRK

Reuters: Violence erupts in Libya

July 8, 2017

RT: Putin: room to restore relations with US

RT: Ivanka sits in for Trump in group photo

Zero Hedge: Trump: 'tremendous meeting with Putin'

AP: Trump and Asian partners to isolate DPRK

Your News Wire: Putin: New World Order is finished

Your News Wire: Lavrov: Syria ceasefire to come into effect on July 9

Daily Mail: Princess Ivanka sits in for her father in G20

The Hill: Nikki Haley: everyone knows Russia meddled in our election

Newsmax: Putin and Trump to fight cyberterrorism

PressTV: US and Israel in business of exporting wars

Fars News: Syrian forces jamming Drone signals

Reuters: ISIS vows to fight until death in Mosul

FOX: Trump: Nuclear threat will end one way or another

July 7, 2017

AP: Trump-Putin meeting last 2 hrs 16 minutes

Reuters: US bombers challenge China in S. China Sea

Breitbart: 220,000 new US Jobs

RT: Putin: phone calls not enough

Sputnik: Ceasefire reached after Putin-Trump meeting

TASS: Putin shares what he discussed with Trump

Express: Angela Merkel with hands in her face

Your News Wire: Saudi King misses G20

PressTV: UN adopts global nuclear ban treaty

Yonhap: N. Korea threatens to further provoke the US

Zero Hedge: Loretta Lynch may have colluded with Clinton campaign

Jerusalem Post: Jews made into non-Jews

July 6, 2017

FarsNews: US military airport ready in N. Syria

Express: Polish President's wife rejects Trump's handshake

Breitbart: EU rejects Turkey's accession

Korea News: Moon, Xi agree to denuclearize DPRK

Reuters: Trump risks isolation as he arrives for G-20

RT: Korea 'very, very bad' : Trump

Newsmax: Trump has some 'pretty severe things' in mind for N. Korea

Sputnik: Trump's nondescript scripted speech

TASS: Polls hurl Putin at 81%

Zero Hedge: 5.8 Montana earthquake erupts supervolcano fears

Jerusalem Post: Trump equates terrorism with fight against Nazis

AP: China-US honeymoon over

July 5, 2017

AJC: Low gas prices turns some people into neanderthals

RT: Duterte turns cannibal on ISIS

RT: Newest Russian airborne missiles strike ISIS in Syria

Sputnik: Vietnam joins US in drills

Your News Wire: Israel wants no ceasefire until Assad removed

Fars News: Syria downs Israeli drone

Sputnik: Nikki Haley acts like Diva on 4th

The Hill: Trump ready to smack N. Korea

Korea Times: Kim's ICBM test was gift to Trump on 4th

TASS: Russian made S-300 missile systems in Iran activated for combat

Zero Hedge: Turkey ready for showdown with Kurds in Syria

Zero Hedge: US ready for showdown with N. Korea

AP: Kim reiterates nuke program not negotiable

Your News Wire: Police raid Vatican orgy

Newsmax: 44 States resist voter fraud audit

PressTV: Qatar seeks stronger ties with Iran

Rodong: DPRK enunciates 3 principles for Reunification

July 4, 2017

Bloomberg: N. Korea ICBM launch successful

Daily Mail: Trump calls for Crisis UNSC meeting

Zero Hedge: US and S. Korea fire their own missiles

Sputnik: Obama advises Moon on S. Korea

The Hill: Trump tweets about DPRK missile launch

RT: Russia-China: N. Korea must cease nuclear activities

TASS: Putin presents Xi with Russia's highest award

Sputnik: US considers returning seized property to Russia

Express: 85,000 apply for 30 Bank jobs in Italy

PressTV: Bernie reacts to Trump video

Breitbrat: Troops get respite to celebrate the 4th

Times of Israel: UNESCO condemns Israel

July 3, 2017

NBC: Democrat Bill to depose Trump gaining momentum

Daily Mail: Distrust in USA rampant

TASS: Putin to award Xi with order of St. Andrew

Zero Hedge: Xi turns cold on Trump

Zero Hedge: Assad's fate in Russia's hands: Tillerson

Your News Wire: As ISIS collapses US will unveil new boogieman : Syria

Your News Wire: DHS declares Antifa a terrorist org

The Hill: After latest Trump salvo on Mika MSM is the winner

Express: Third Italian bank to go under

Newsmax: Congress, not Trump, under attack by GOP

July 2, 2017

Breitbart: Trump liberates Americans from the media

Zero Hedge: Carl Bernstein: this is a malignant Presidency

Daily Mail: Trump accused of endangering reporters

The Hill: Rand Paul: Health Bill going nowhere

Sputnik: Japan adds to US sanctions on China for funding N. Korea nuclear program

Jerusalem Post: IDF getting testy with Syria

RT: Propaganda set to blame Syria for using chemical weapons

Fars News: US increasing spying activity over Syria

Yonhap News: US warms up to Inter-Korean dialogue

Reuters: US warships near disputed Chinese islands

RT: China scrambles military vessels& jets to US warships

Zero Hedge: Greyhounds test positive for Cocaine

July 1, 2017

McClatchy: Pence, Trump staff feuds

The Hill: Threats against lawmakers peak

Zero Hedge: Trump dumps on media

RT: USS George W.H. Bush in Israel's waters

TASS: Russia, China hold joint military drills in Baltic Sea

Zero Hedge: Courts send Illinois into abyss

Jerusalem Post: More Projectiles from Syria hit Israel

Daily Mail: Trump blasts 20 states for refusing to provide voting data

Newsmax: Trump upgrades his lexicon for MSM

PressTV: Iran: missile strike in Syria only a small slap

Reuters: Germany latest nation to approve same-sex marriage

DC Whispers: Eric Holder's 3 am tweet portends of massive shakeup

June 30, 2017

Reuters: Trump is done with N. Korea

Breitbart: CNN: voters are stupid as Shit

RT: China bristles at US weaponizing Taiwan

Zero Hedge: Trump sending Federales to Chicago

Zero Hedge: Trump ready for trade wars

AP: Trump urges GOP to repeal Obamacare now, replace later

Your News Wire: Marco Rubio caught supporting radical Muslims

Jerusalem Post: Stray Spillover from Syria continues

PressTV: US pipeline to Mexico will run under Wall

Daily Mail: Dems plan takedown of Trump on mental grounds

June 29, 2017

Breitbart: Trump steps all over himself

Korea Times: Moon lands in Washington

RT: US prepping for major intervention in Syria?

Jerusalem Post:  Israel takes issue with Russia-US tensions

Sputnik: India preparing for conflict with China

Sputnik: US presence in Afghanistan to protect Opium and Uranium trade

TASS: Putin hails Germany's orbit towards Russia

AP: Iraq declares end of ISIS Caliphate

PressTV: Qatar rejects Saudi ultimatum

Fars News: Turkey sends more troops to fight Kurds in Syria, which are backed by the US

June 28, 2017

Veritas: CNN admits Russia is a 'big nothing-burger'

The Hill: Trump to discuss Kim with Moon

RT: Moscow warns US: don't mess with Syria

RT: US-Russia Deconfliction line didn't prevent downing of Syrian Su-22

Sputnik: Russia hammers point: US starts wars with false flags

Sputnik: Trump's unrestrained flirting craters his credibility

TASS: Lavrov is unto US like white on rice

Your News Wire: Rebels have motivation to use chemical weapons: ex-CIA

Reuters: US warning may have averted chemical attack

PressTV: US playing with fire: warns senior Iranian official

Fars News: Syrian army expanding buffer zone around Damascus

PressTV: Qatar is suing Saudi Arabia

Zero Hedge: Podesta hauled in for Closed Door questioning

Zero Hedge: House Financial Services Committee meets with FED to determine how Wall Street is raping Main Street

AP: Medicaid cuts in Texas leave special needs children without therapy

Jerusalem Post: 'The next war will be bloody'

Times of Israel: Iran targeted Star of David in missile tests

Newsmax: Trump predicts 'big surprise' for healthcare

Korea Times: Samsung to build factory in S. Carolina

Yonhap News: US planning travel ban to N. Korea

Rodong: DPRK rejects Trump's 'America First' doctrine

June 27, 2017

Veritas: Proof CNN Bullshits for ratings

Jerusalem Post: Obama CyberChief: US must stop Russian election hacking

Your News Wire: Crackdown on voter fraud sends Democrat to jail

Your News Wire: Legal team suing DNC for Election Fraud fear for their lives

WSJ: Google slapped with $2.7 B fine for skewing search results

The Hill: GOP faces do-or-die healthcare vote

RT: Ransomeware goes Global

Jerusalem Post: Mossad invests in Spy Craft companies

Sputnik: India hugs US, for now

Fars News: China claims Indian forces crossed border

Newsmax: Trump officially nominates Christopher Wray as FBI director

TASS: US prepares to strike Syria

Fars News: Turkey ready to deploy forces in Idlib

AP: Pentagon: Syria is actively preparing for chemical attack

Zero Hedge: Warren Buffet says US can afford single payer healthcare

June 26, 2017

The Sun: Japan on Nuke alert

Breitbart: BMW adds 1,000 jobs in S. Carolina

RT: USS Fitzgerald failed to respond to warnings

Fars News: Israel bombs for the second time Syrian positions

PressTV: Lavrov slams US for protecting terrorists from bombardment

Sputnik: Turkey must decide to side with Qatar or S. Arabia

The Hill: GOP Senate imposes 6 month waiting period when insurance policy lapses

Times of Israel: The Pluralistic Western Wall controversy piles up

Your News Wire: Big Pharma is paying off both parties

Your News Wire: Qatar has 10 days to give up its sovereignty

PressTV: Ayatollah Khamenei: Muslims are obligated to fight Israel

Express: Suicide bomber blows up his ISIS commander

AP: Trump and administration at odds over Putin meeting protocols next month

Zero Hedge: Trump blasts Obama's complicity in election

AP: Supreme Court sets fall date for No Travel Ban hearing

June 25, 2017

New York Post: Front group stalling Trump investigation

Breitbart: Trump turns tables on establishment

RT: Israel targets more Syrian positions for 2nd day

Jerusalem Post: Bibi warns Iran

Times of Israel: Western Wall edict blow to Israeli unity

Your News Wire: Mummified Alien found in Peru

The Hill: Democrats limp into 2018 election with limp Pelosi

Express: N. Korea may commemorate first invasion of S. Korea  with new war

Newsmax: Rural Hospitals face greatest threat with proposed Medicaid cuts

Fars News: Injured Terrorists taken to Israeli hospital

June 24, 2017

San Diego Tribune: Border Wall start date missed

Korea Times: N. Korea: Nuclear Program non-negotiable

The Hill: Pence meets Koch brothers

Breitbart: Lynch, Clinton, Soros dragged into Comey investigation

Zero Hedge: Dems are tired of the Russia narrative

AP:  5 GOP Senators oppose latest version of health care Bill

Jerusalem Post: After Abbas/Kushner debacle Trump ready to pull out of peace talks

RT: Israel strikes Syrian tanks

Sputnik: Israel strikes Syrian forces

Sputnik: US-led coalition expands geographical reach after Russian warning

Your News Wire: Clinton Foundation secretly accepted $1M from Qatar while HRC was in office

Fars News: Russia opens fire at US reconnaissance plane

Fars News: US deploying deadlier weapons in Syria

June 23, 2017

Express: Putin reveals laser weapons

AP: Iran holds anti-Israel rallies, burns flag

Yahoo: Iran chants anti-Saudi Arabia slogans

Breitbart: Trump camp pushes transgender agenda in schools

The Hill: Trump signs VA reform Bill

Epoch Times: Jobless rate rises

WA Examiner: Senate Judiciary Committee opens probe into Loretta Lynch

Times of Israel: Iranian MP calls Israel 'Mother of Terrorism

RT: Russia subs launch missiles on ISIS

Zero Hedge: McDonalds replaces tellers with kiosks

Sputnik: Pentagon wasted $Billions

TASS: Putin gives Turkish oil link go-ahead

Express: Japan sends its largest ship into S. China sea

Korea Times: N. Korea repeatedly slanders Moon

Yonhap News: N. Korea athletes arrive in S. Korea for competition

Haaretz: Hezbollah could be backed by thousands of pro-Assad Arabs

Fars News: Millions of Iranians protest against Israel

June 22, 2017

Breitbart: GOP Healthcare Bill definitely not repealing Obamacare

Your News Wire: Hodgkinson emailed with two Democrat Senators before his killing rampage

AP: GOP Bill will cut Medicaid

Express: IDF's air force boasts of its unimaginable power

The Hill: New Bill contains $50B to stabilize Obamacare markets

RT: Putin lays wreath in pouring rain

Sputnik: US Bill to increase sanctions on Russia and troops in Europe

TASS: Lavrov tells Tillerson sanctions are pointless

Zero Hedge: Israel deploys 18 fighter jets to prevent coup in Saudi Arabia

Fars News: Saudi Arabia, UAE plan to stage coup in Qatar

Jerusalem Post: Hezbollah operating as NGO in Lebanon

Times of Israel: N. Korea calls Trump a psychopath

AP: Trump has no tapes of Comey

June 21, 2017

Breitbart: No State visit by Trump: Queen

Your News Wire: Bestiality legalized in Canada

RT: Russian jet drives off NATO jet closing in Defense Minister's plane

Zero Hedge: State Dept. issues statement on US-Russia stilted relations

Sputnik: Saudis shopping for Russian weapons

TASS: Russian Diplomat cancels US meeting

AP: Kushner meets with Israeli PM

PressTV: Saudi King deposes his successor

Express: Syrian refugees pay for their food with eye scan

Newsmax: China invites Trump family to Beijing

Your News Wire: US Gov to monitor every consumer transaction

Newsmax: Laura Ingraham passes on Sean Spicer's job

Newsmax: Congressional Black Caucus passes on photo-op with Trump

Express: Greece scuttles UN diatribe on China

Yonhap News: S. Korea does not need US permission to talk to N. Korea

WND: Comey and FBI sued for obstruction of justice

June 20, 2017

Fox: Russian fighter jet buzzes US Recon plane

Express: Israel caught funding Syria rebels

RT: Australia halts air strikes over Syria

Newsweek: Israel paying salaries of anti-Syrian rebel forces

TASS: Russia blasts US for illegal presence in Syria

AP: US flew B-1B supersonic bombers over Korea peninsula in show of force

Jerusalem Post: Raw sewage seeps unto Gaza streets

Times of Israel: PA sees new settlements as wedge in peace drive

Haaretz: Nikki Haley tells UN: States supporting Hamas should face consequences

Daily Caller: Soros-Clinton linked to McCain

Express: Kim Jong-Un goes into hiding

PressTV: US trying to re-establish deconfliction line with Russia

The Hill: Trump's eulogy on dead student: 'a total disgrace'

June 19, 2017

RT: Russia military ceases all Sky Incident Interactions over Syria with US

RT: Iran warns ISIS of more missile strikes

WCPO: Otto Warmbier passes away

Jerusalem Post: Kushner to head peace talks ridiculed by PA

Times of Israel: London Jewish community condemns Mosque attack

Your News Wire: MI5 Hitman on deathbed confesses to killing princess Diana

Your News Wire: Putin gives one free hectare to every Russian citizen

Your News Wire: Iran fires missiles at Daesh

Daily Mail: Russia vows to strike back at US-led coalition targets

Haaretz: UN observes increased interaction between Israeli forces and Syria rebel groups

PressTV: China and Russia to hold joint drills in Baltic Sea

PressTV: Turkey military hold joint military drills with Qatar

The Hill: Data on 198M voters compromised by GOP contractor

June 18, 2017

The Hill: All eyes on Loretta Lynch

Zero Hedge: US-led coalition shoots down Syria war plane

NBC: Trump is not under investigation according to his attorney

TASS: Russia discovers oil in Arctic shelf

Your News Wire: Russia Uranium deal netted Clintons $2.85 Million

PressTV: Syria and Iraqi forces link up for first time

Newsmax: Trump-Russia investigation best for country

Express: NATO starts war games

Your News Wire: Yellowstone's 60 earthquakes in 48 hrs

Zero Hedge: Iran launches missile targeting ISIS in Syria

Haaretz: Egypt draws closer to Hamas

June 17, 2017

Breitbart: 4th branch of government in lock step

RT: Cuba blasts back at new blockade

Sputnik: No food entering Qatar

Jerusalem Post: ISIS first attack on Israel

Daily Mail: Scorching heat wave approaching SW USA

Your News Wire: Comey had Hillary's backup email device the whole time of the charade investigation

Haaretz: Israel and S. Arabia negotiating economic ties

PressTV: Iran, China to hold naval drills in Straight of Hormuz

Korea Times: Rodman's gift to N. Korea: Trump's Art of the Deal

Zero Hedge: Trump's financials released

Express: Trump yells at TV

June 16, 2017

Fox: DOJ: Beware of anonymous reports

News672: Officer David Bailey throws first pitch

Breitbart: Pentagon to send 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan

RT: Putin claims US meddled in Russian elections

TASS: Russia worried US is shielding Nusra leaders

Korea Times: Kim worried about assassination

Fox: Otto Warmbier has extensive brain damage

Zero Hedge: Amazon buys Whole Foods in all cash deal

Express: Greece gets bailout

Jerusalem Post: Kushner under investigation for Russian ties

PressTV: Maduro tells Pence to stop meddling in Venezuela's affairs

AP: Trump confirms he is under investigation

June 15, 2017

The Hill: Putin offers Comey political asylum

RT: US sells Qatar $12bn worth of fighter jets

TASS: US rocket launchers in Syria may be trained on Syrian forces

Zero Hedge: Germany and Austria oppose new US sanctions on Russia

Times of Israel: Elite IDF troops train in Cyprus

Daily Mail: Trump brands Mueller's investigation 'a witch hunt'

Haaretz: US issues arrest warrants for Erdogan's bodyguards who pummeled US protesters

Korean Times: Moon will open discussions only if DPRK halts its nuclear program

June 14, 2017

Breitbart: Republicans shot by high-powered rifle. Scalise recovering

Newsmax: Scalise shooter dead after police shoot out

Daily Mail: London Inferno, one of worst

RT: US-led coalition admits using white phosphorus

Sputnik: Raqqa residents flee as Kurds prepare to liberate city

Zero Hedge: 200 Democrats sue Trump over emoluments clause

AP: Trump delegates troop deployments to Mattis

Jerusalem Post: Gaza Electricity crisis could spark war

Your News Wire: 3 attorneys in 2 weeks found dead in D. Wasserman S. Florida district

Vocativ: Trump's approval ratings reach new low

June 13, 2017

Polizette: Robert Mueller stacking the odds

Zero Hedge: Jeff Sessions blasts back

Newsmax: Trump considering firing Mueller

Breitbart: CNN cuts away when its agenda is dismissed

HeatStreet: Mayor of Rome calls for immigration freeze

Bloomberg: 39 States were hacked during election

Daily News: The backlash over theatrical Julius Caesar continues

RT: N. Korea releases student in comma from prison

RT: N. Korea threatens to strike New York City

Express: Putin deploys 'kill all' defense system

RT: US Senate agrees to new set of sanctions against Russia

Zero Hedge: Obamacare map shows counties without coverage

TASS: US ambassador to Qatar steps down

Zero Hedge: Qatar running out of Dollars

Your News Wire: Good friend of Kim Jong un, Dennis Rodman appointed as unofficial US ambassador

Your News Wire: Russia warns US not to strike pro-Syria forces again

Haaretz: Netanyahu: Ghaza electricity is PA internal matter

June 12, 2017

NYT: Trump loses Travel Ban on Second Appeal Court

AP: Maryland & DC Attorneys General sue Trump for violating the Constitution

Axios: Pence is GOP favorite

Breitbart: Priebus has until Independence Day to fix WH mess or be replaced

RT: How white helmets use children as crisis actors

Sputnik: The four scenarios of a Qatar crisis

Your News Wire: US coalition risks confrontation with Syria & Iran

Your News Wire: Iran ready to drop Truth Bomb about US ties to ISIS

Zero Hedge: Cryptocoins crash

Zero Hedge: Sessions to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Times of Israel: Israel to cut electricity to Gaza per PA request

Yonhap News: N. Korea urges S. Korea to implement summit agreement which will lead to peace

June 11, 2017

Fox: First Coal Mine opens in Trump Dynasty

RT: US special forces arrived in Philippines unannounced and uninvited

Zero Hedge: Uber imploding

AP: Republicans urge Trump to come clean on tapes

Your News Wire: FBI raid Abedin's abode

USAToday: 12 DNC staffers charged with voter fraud

Zero Hedge: Feinstein calls for Judicial hearings on whether Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Clinton

Your News Wire: Iran has proof US supports ISIS

AP: US celebrates LGBT rights in nation-wide marches

Times of Israel: Trump's visit to UK may be on hold

Daily Mail: Trump crashes wedding party instead

PressTV: Iran plans serious response to new sanction proposed by US Senate

Newsmax: Trump vents Comey 'very cowardly'

Haaretz: Netanyahu calls settlements Israeli enclaves

June 10, 2017

NBC: March Against Sharia rolls out in 20 cities

McClatchy: May may capitulate

RT: US special forces in Philippines to counter ISIS

Sputnik: De facto the civil war in Syria has stopped

TASS: US-led coalition colluding with ISIS

Jerusalem Post: Tel Aviv epicenter of LGBT parade

Your News Wire: US-led coalition may have used phosphorus bombs on pro-Syrian forces

Express: China cracks down on Christians

Haaretz: Qatar supports Hamas as a resistance group

Zero Hedge: Qatar retains John Ashcroft as defense attorney

June 9, 2017

IdealMedia: Pelosi calls Trump Bush after she tells him to get some sleep

Zero Hedge: Senate Intel Committee tells Trump to hand over tapes if they exist

Your News Wire: China processes US raised chickens for export to US

Bloomberg: UK election results may unravel Brexit plans

Breitbart: Winners and Losers of Comey hearing

RT: US-led coalition meddling with Syria's internal affairs

Sputnik: What Trump's enemies never got from Comey

Zero Hedge: Chinese companies ask employers to buy the falling stock

Jerusalem Post: Israeli settler activity triples

Your News Wire: Attacks on Iran were joint US-Saudi-Israeli operation

NYT: Financial Choice Act to erase some Frank-Dodd provisions passes in House

The Hill: Trump aims to simplify permitting process

Your News Wire: Sessions vows to clean up Elite Pedophile rings

PressTV: Iran arrests 48 Wahhabi terrorists

Breitbart: CNN fires latest Trump-hating host

June 8, 2017

Axios: Comey's testimony straightens the record

AP: Comey in his own words

RT: Saudi soccer team did not line up in a moment of silence for London's victims

Sputnik: US-led coalition does not want to fight Syria-Russia

TASS: Syrian ceasefire holding in all de-escalation zones

Express: S. Korea stalls THAAD deployment

Yonhap News: China urges DPRK to de-escalate tensions

Korean Times: Moon to chair first NSC meeting over DPRK's continuing missile launches

Breitbart: Lynch wanted Clinton investigation downplayed to a 'matter'

AP: Trump complains Democratic Obstructionists are stalling his agenda

Daily Mail: Trump's sons take up the hatchet on Comey

June 7, 2017

AP: Documents reveal Trump told Comey 'I expect loyalty'

Your News Wire: Hillary Clinton says eating kebabs will eliminate terrorism

The Hill: Comey's opening statement to Senate Intelligence Committee

Breitbart: ISIS attacks Iran for first time

Times of Israel: Hezbollah threatens to attack US forces

PressTV: Iran vows retaliation

TASS: Russia ready to team up with Iran to fight terror

RT: Russia does not recognize 'deconfliction zones' in Syria

Fox: Trump nominates Christopher Wray as FBI Director

Sputnik: S. Arabia censuring Qatar is like the pot calling the kettle black

Your News Wire: Saudi war planes strike Yemeni hospital

Zero Hedge: Turkey to send troops to Qatar

Reuters: N. Korea fires several missiles off its east coast

Breitbart: Complete list of 2017 Ramadan terror attacks

Jerusalem Post: Jordanian restaurants deny food service to Israelis

Zero Hedge: Qatar puts its military on highest state of alert

AP: Trump promises first class infrastructure in US

The Hill: Puerto Rico goes to polls for statehood

Sputnik: Two US aircraft carriers leave N Korea peninsula

Newsmax: 53% of Republicans think Trump Tweets too much

Your News Wire: Trump did not sign a new deal to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

June 6, 2017

Zero Hedge: S. Arabia gives Qatar 24 hr Ultimatum

Reuters: Russia scrambles jets to escort US bomber

Your News Wire: Oxford University labels Hillary Clinton a psychopath

Sputnik: US military strikes at pro-Syrian forces

NYT: Trump lawyers-up with a Doberman 

Newsmax: Trump wants to increase debt ceiling

NYT: Trump is getting tired of Sessions

SLTribune: Biden joining Republican summit headed by Romney

The Hill: Trump's infrastructure plan faces roadblocks

The Hill: Anthem pulls out of Ohio's Obamacare

RT: Yemeni mothers marrying off their 10 yo daughters for cash

AP: Army offers $90K re-enlist bonus

Your News Wire: Canada passes Bill that can take children from parents who are not in line with LBGTQI agenda

Yonhap News: N Korea pressures S Korea to honor agreements

June 5, 2017

Reuters: Several Arab nations cut ties with Qatar

RT: Beijing slams US over China Sea remarks

Sputnik: Iran still sees US as great Satan

Zero Hedge: Qatar paying Iran $1 B ransom cause of fallout in Gulf region

Express: N Korea practices mock attack

Zero Hedge: Germany pulls troops out of Turkey

Express: Japan rehearses evacuations for WW3

Newsmax: Trump moves to privatize Air Traffic Control

AP: Trump steamrolls over London mayor

Express: ISIS begins its retreat from Raqqa

Daily Mail: CNN caught creating fake news

Jerusalem Post: UN chief denounces 50 year Israeli occupation

Your News Wire: Putin: If deep state can kill JFK it can frame Russia for hacks

Times of Israel: Qatar crisis spreads

June 4, 2017

Breitbart: Trump blasts London mayor

RT: Defiant N Korea vows to build nuclear weapons

Sputnik: Putin reveals details of his meeting with Flynn

Sputnik: Syria slams US-led coalition for civilian deaths in Raqqa

AP: More than 1,500 injured in post-game stampede

PressTV: UK elections will proceed as planned

Zero Hedge: The death of manufacturing in America in one simple chart

The Hill: Dems want Hillary out of the spotlight

Times of Israel: Hamas slams PA official for recognizing Wailing Wall as Jewish

June 3, 2017

Breitbart: Trump signs Bill to protect Police officers

Zero Hedge: NYC signs Paris agreement

Daily Mail: Civilization clash in London

Express: ISIS bludgeons 30 civilians in Mosul

RT: N Korea looks forward to 'the day when the US mainland will turn into ashes'

Express: US-backed Syrian forces launch attack to retake Raqqa

Zero Hedge: Trump will not block Comey's testimony

Your News Wire: Putin obliterates Kelly 

Newsmax: Pittsburg bites Trump in the arse

Your News Wire: Putin praises Trump for trying to normalize relations

Express: Mattis grills China on S China sea

Fox: Mattis regards DPRK as clear and present danger

Jerusalem Post: Sanders calls for end of occupation

Yonhap News: DPRK points to US provocations

PressTV: Boeing and Lockheed to receive $78 B from Saudi deal

AP: Security video of Manila casino attack

June 2, 2017

Your News Wire: Israel will be convicted of War Crimes, according to former ICC prosecutor

CNSNews: Labor participation rate at 62.7%, down .02% in May

RT: Putin on US pullout from Paris agreement: Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Independent: Google facing $9 B Eu fine

Your News Wire: UK report concludes S. Arabia funds ISIS

Breitbart: Kathy Griffin milks the publicity for all its worth

Sputnik: Putin explains DPRK need for nuclear deterrents

TASS: Putin advises US conspiracy sycophants to take a chill-pill

Your News Wire: 99% of Russia's Ballistic Missiles on combat alert

Zero Hedge: Putin lays the blame for Hillary's loss squarely at her feet

Express: Greek police clear migrant camp in Olympic Stadium

Jerusalem Post: Linda Sarsour continuous to be the face of far-left feminism

AP: Putin describes Chemical Weapon attack as provocation against Assad

Express: DPRK could paralyze US with EMP

June 1, 2017

Your News Wire: Putin: Hillary and Obama part of the deep state that controls White House

Washington Examiner: US strike groups poised for action in Korean peninsula

The Hill: Tech firms urge Trump to honor Paris climate agreement

Daily Mail: Ivanka not happy that Trump is pulling out of Paris climate agreement

PressTV: Poll numbers climb as public wants Trump impeached for incompetence

Newsmax: Trump's infrastructure promises take a detour

CNBC: Payroll numbers up by 253,000 in May

CNBC: Stocks set new records

RT: US-Japan military drills ramp up

Sputnik: US-Kurdish forces hit Daesh

Jerusalem Post: White House postpones embassy move

Times of Israel: Netanyahu: delaying the decision drives the peace process further away

Zero Hedge: Comey to testify on June 8

TASS: Russia ready to sell S-400 air defense system to Turkey

Zero Hedge: Soros: EU in existential crisis and Trump an existential threat

May 31, 2017

Variety: CNN sacks Kathy Griffin

Polizette: Media silent on Venezuela socialist experiment gone wrong

Zero Hedge: Germany's political parties unite against Trump

RT: Russia frigate and submarine pummel ISIS stronghold at Palmyra

CNBC: 19% of Americans would renounce citizenship

Breitbart: DHS John Kelly asked to reconsider expansion of H-2B Visas

RT: Turkey blasts US for arming Kurds

Zero Hedge: Elon Musk threatens to exit Trump counsels if US abandons Paris accords

AP: Trump hands out his cell phone number to world leaders for direct contact

The Hill: Trump growing increasingly impatient with GOP

Your News Wire: Court finds Obama administration guilty of spying on American people

Express: Woman sentenced to death after raped at gun point

Haaretz: 90 killed from car bomb in Afghanistan's diplomatic capital

Sputnik: Iraq and Qatar among Arab nations not taking the bait of fighting proxy wars for US

Daily Mail: Russian hypersonic (4,600 mph) missile successful

PressTV: Trump's claims that Iran exports terror are pointless according to Russia

LA Times: Homeless up 23%

WSJ: Uber posting $708 million loss

Sputnik: N Korea's nuclear umbrella almost ready

RT: Seoul confirms joint drill with US B-1 bomber

Jerusalem Post: Trump's Hebrew translator not proud to work for him

Jerusalem Post: Israel participates in 22 country maritime military drill off Cyprus

Times of Israel: Trump will keep US embassy in Tel Aviv

Your News Wire: Debbie Wasserman Schultz shuts down Seth Rich case

May 30, 2017

Politico: Pence positioning himself

Sputnik: US wants to restart Ukrainian peace talks with Russia

Newsmax: Trump instructs McConnell to go nuclear

RT: Drug that reverses Autism found

Newsmax: Mike Dubke, Trump's communication director, to resign

Your News Wire: Putin: Germany will spark a European Holocaust

Yonhap News: S Korea and Canada to deneuclearize N Korea

Korea Times: THAAD launchers Moon knew nothing about

TASS: Russia concerned over US threat to Syrian forces

Zero Hedge: Plot to overthrow Trump very real

Express: Mysterious red light flashes from WH

Your News Wire: Comey repeatedly broke the law

Times of Israel: UN says no mechanism in place for PA-Israeli peace talks

PressTV: UN says Yemen collapsing as world watches

PressTV: Israel to cut services to 140,000 Palestinians

May 29, 2017

Express: Kin Jong-un promises to "send bigger gift package to Yankees"

Jerusalem Post: IDF tests missiles

Breitbart: Is Kushner worried?

Reuters: Mattis considers DPRK a clear and present danger

Your News Wire: Proof Seth rich contacted WikiLeaks

RT: Japan-US to take specific action on N Korea

WSJ: British Airways into third day of disruptions

RT: Macron: No major problem can be solved without Russia

Sputnik: While US arms ISIS it accuses Iran of terrorism

TASS: Hurricane hits Moscow

Zero Hedge: Three leakers in WH expected to be fired

The Hill: McConnell doesn't promise successful senate vote

Times of Israel: PA paid $1 B in welfare to terrorist families

PressTV: Cyprus close to reunification

Korea Times: N Korea actions erode peace talks

Express: Trump has total confidence in Kushner

May 28, 2017

WSJ: British Airways into second day of disruptions

Gateway Pundit: List of purported Leaks

RT: Germans feel Trump and is team blab too much

Zero Hedge: Europe must chart its own course: Merkel

AP: Trump aims for admin overhaul

Your News Wire: Russian bank plans to sue Buzzfeed out of existence over fake dossier

Newsmax: Mattis: Strategy for ISIS has changed from 'attrition tactics' to 'annihilation'

BrainHealthNews: Trump reveals secret to his 'brilliant' mind to Dr . Oz

Yonhap News: N Korea fires 9th missile early Monday morning

Your News Wire: Manchester bomber was British Intel asset

Yonhap News: Kim inspects new anti-aircraft weapon

Haaretz: Egypt strikes Libyan bases after attack on Christians

Express: Iraqi forces last push to rid Mosul of ISIS

PressTV: 20 civilians killed in US-led Mosul air strikes

Defense One: Russia will go nuclear if US or NATO enter Crimea

Express: Duterte will lift martial law when his country is safe

May 27, 2017

The Sun: British Airways cancels flights worldwide

Breitbart: Trump doesn't endorse Paris deal

Your News Wire: 3rd aircraft carrier positioned in Korea waters

RT: ISIS claims  responsibility for Coptic attack in Egypt

AP: Some quick fact checking

NYP: Arrest pedophile Young Democrat President

Daily Mail: Melania holds Trump's hand

Haaretz: How Palestinians view Trump

Newsmax: Trump views 9-day trip as a 'home-run'

TASS: Montenegro pushes for sanctions against US bullying

Your News Wire: Libya violence as factions clash for control

May 26, 2017

CIRCA: FBI illegally shared intel

Times of Israel: Day 1 of Ramadan: 26 Christians dead

Breitbart: The Germans are very bad on trade says Trump

Sputnik: NATO imposes weapons embargo on Turkey

Your News Wire: Congressman demands investigation into Seth Rich murder

Your News Wire: Proof DNC spun Russia yarn

Daily Mail: Melania does what she knows best: model

TASS: Moscow and Beijing call for denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

Express: Greece bailout could go either way

AP: Trump receives tepid reception in Europe

Washington Post: Senate Intelligence Committee requests Russia-related documents from Trump Campaign

The Hill: Tax reform just 'happy talk' according to Boehner

UK: Putin bans travel to UK

Yonhap News: N Korea will be solved: Trump

Zero Hedge: Toronto real estate bubble pops

Your News Wire: China demands US ships leave S China sea or face consequences

The Nation: Trump to Seniors: eat cake

May 25, 2017

Your News Wire: US gave ISIS $1 Billion worth of weapons in 2016

Reuters: The Trump and Macron shake

Daily Mail: Trump shoves to get in front

AP: Trump's travel ban goes to Supreme Court

Express: Trump won't ask how much new NATO HQ cost

Washington Post: Trump lays it thick in Brussels

Zero Hedge: Kushner under FBI investigation in Russia saga

Haaretz: NATO leaders' reaction to Trump's demands they pay up

Your News wire: Catholic church instructs Bishops no need to report pedophilia

Record Searchlight: Farmer faces million dollar fine for plowing his own field

Times of Israel: Iran builds third underground missile factory

Zero Hedge: Hannity advertisers drying up as he goes on vacation

LA Times: ICE takes down 200 criminal aliens

Zero Hedge: Twitter shuts off truth valves

Korea Times: Putin willing to mediate in N Korea

Yahoo: China orders US ship out of China Sea

Breitbart: Hello Flammable Ice

Zero Hedge: Bitcoin takes 13% dive

May 24, 2017

Your News Wire: Ron Paul warns Trump he may be assassinated

Haaretz: Trump's trip was one big Gaslighting Charade

WSJ: Armed troops patrol London landmarks

Your News Wire: Macron extends Martial Law in France

RollCall: Pence visits battleground states, in preparation for?

AP: Hannity's advertisers are starving him out of existence

Washington Examiner: Obamacare goes dark in Kansas and Missouri after Blue Cross pulls out

Reuters: Massive landslide closes Hwy 1 in California

Washington Post: Obama knew he was letting MS-13 in

Breitbart: Paul Ryan defends Comey, 'he is not a nut-job'

Sputnik: Iranian drones are fixtures over US aircraft carriers

Your News Wire: Archbishop didn't know that pedophilia was a crime

RT: Brazil in chaos

Politics Video: Anderson Cooper to Trump's defense

The Hill: McConnell cannot see how Obamacare can be repealed in the Senate

The Duran: Russia Defense Minister calls White Helmet rescue video after chemical attack 'staged'

Your News Wire: Duterte comes out guns blazing

PressTV: Al Jazeera blocked by Saudi Arabia and UAE

PressTV: Turkey and Iran open new chapter

May 23, 2017

BBC: 22 confirmed deaths at Manchester ISIS attack

Your News Wire: Rand Paul plans to scuttle arms deal to Saudi Arabia

AP: Trump still optimistic about Middle East peace

Jerusalem Post: Assessing Trump's impact

Your News Wire: Cherokees tell Elizabeth Warren she is not Indian

Your News Wire: Donna Brazile caught trying to end Seth Rich investigation

Daily Mail: Trump shoves his foot in his mouth again

Daily Mail: Trump asked intelligence officials to deny Russian collusion

The Hill: Robert Mueller cleared to head Russian interference probe

The Hill: Trump's budget released on a hope and a prayer

The Hill: McCain: Trump's budget, dead on arrival

Express: Mindanao, Philippines under Martial Law

Express: S Korea fires warning shots over the border 

PressTV: US forces killed in Yemen

PressTV: US drones kill two children in Yemen

CIRCA: Obama spied on Americans

Zero Hedge: Kim Dotcom wants safe passage to testify

Reuters: ISIS aims to pop POP culture

Zero Hedge: UK may deploy armed forces in streets

BoingBoing: Melania avoids Trump's hand a second time

May 22, 2017

Gateway Pundit: Dems didn't cover their tracks with Seth Rich

Your News Wire: Ivanka praises Saudis on Women's Rights

Daily Mail: Trump arrives in Israel amid high expectations

RT: Iranophobia good for arms sales

Sputnik: US arms sales to several countries now come with loans not grants

Zero Hedge: Trump's budget calls for Medicaid and Welfare Stamps cuts

Korea Times: UNSC toils over measures to reprimand N Korea after latest missile test

Jerusalem Post: Trump seeks peace in Middle East as he rebuffs Iran

Express: Melania is there for the ride

Express: Kim Jong-un vows to 'blow up' America

PressTV: France forges its own policy towards Iran

Haaretz: 'Parochial Israeli reception makes even Vulgar President Trump look statesmanlike'

Times of Israel: Trump says he never mentioned Israel in Russian briefing

May 20, 2017

Zero Hedge: China's media offers a synopsis of Trump's administration

Sputnik: Comey's dad comes out in his son's defense

AP: Chaffetz exits political stage

Sputnik: Lavrov refutes rumors that Trump discussed Comey firing

Your News Wire: Cher says Dems are 'Out of Touch'

Breitbart: 9/11 families urge Trump not to buckle

The Hill: Trump receives highest S. Arabian civilian honor

Bloomberg: Trump greeted with multi-billion dollar deals

Daily Mail: Trump received as Royalty by Saudis

NBC: Royal reception for Trump spliced with a montage of Trump's views of Saudis during campaign

RT: Hassan Rouhani wins Presidential election

Sputnik: Special Counsel into Trump-Russia links not so independent

Times of Israel: Saudis willing to help Palestinian-Israeli Peace deal

The Hill: Tillerson joins in sword dance

Haaretz: Israel reminds Trump of his double standards

AFP: Deadly clashes in Venezuela continue

Yonhap News: N Korea steels its resolve towards neutral deterrence

May 19, 2017

Sputnik: Texas Municipal Judge on leave without pay until she becomes a US citizen

Your News Wire: Lavrov describes US attacks on pro-Syrian forces 'unlawful'

Daily Mail: Sweden drops rape charges on Assange

Daily Mail: Weiner registers as sex offender and gets up to 27 months prison term

Breitbart: Russia condemns US recent attack on Syrian Sovereignty

NYT: Trump called Comey 'a nut job'

TASS: Russia sees no threat in N Korea Nuclear program

Your News Wire: Maxine Waters held $200,000 in Russian bank accounts

PressTV: Huge turnout in Iranian elections

HAARETZ: Hundreds of Palestinians clash with Israeli forces

Daily Informer: Petition to charge Hillary Clinton to be sent to Trump and Sessions

Zero Hedge: Russian embassy asks: Who Killed Seth Rich?

Yonhap News: Second US craft carrier deployed to East Sea

Korea Times: Moon pledges to revise Constitution

Zero Hedge: UK plans to regulate internet

RT: China will start war if Philippines drills for oil

May 18, 2017

RT: Trump: this is the greatest witch hunt of a politician in US history

Express: US jets strike 20 Syrian tanks

PressTV: McCain calls for ousting of Turkish ambassador after Erdogan's bodyguards assaulted protesters

Sputnik: US strikes Syria

Buzzfeed: Trump sharing Israeli intelligence is Israel's worst fears confirmed

Your News Wire: Farage threatens armed revolution if Brexit  impeded

The Hill: Erdogan watches his bodyguards storm protesters in DC

AFP: Greek Parliament passes new austerity measures

The Hill: Rosenstein says the Russian investigation will broaden from counterintelligence to criminal

Sputnik: Mar-a-Lago full of cyber holes

Zero Hedge: While everyone is focused on Comey and Russia, the banks are broadsiding America

Breitbart: Trump: No, No .... next question

The Star: UN-backed Govt in Libya is praised by US envoy

Your News Wire: Kucinich warns Deep State wants to destroy Trump

Your News Wire: Savant Cyber Kid stuns experts

SofRep: Mattis comments on US troops killed in Somalia

Daily Mail: China harvests flammable ice

Breitbart: Pence launches Great America PAC

Zero Hedge: Civil unrest foreseen as Massive Redemption run plagues Chinese insurer

Jerusalem Post: Trump's popularity plummets with Israeli Jews

Zero Hedge: White students banned from University student lounge

RT: Zurich insurer uses robots to asses claims

Newsmax: Russian Spy boasted of sabotaging Hillary's chances in the election

CNBC: Trump: Special Counsel hurts our country

May 17, 2017

Yonhap News: N Korea releases an extensive update on Global WannaCry effect

The Hill: Republicans breathe Impeachment

MSNBC: Trump is considering Joe Lieberman for FBI director

Fox News: Former FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate Russia-Trump election probe

Bloomberg: US Embassy move to Jerusalem on hold

RT: Israeli Minister calls for Assad's assassination

Gateway Pundit: Sheriff Clark joining Trump administration

Daily Mail: Trump: 'No politician in history has been treated worse'

Daily Mail: British Bookies bet Trump won't finish first term

Breitbart: McCain calls it another Watergate

RT: Moon raises possibility of war with N Korea

TAAS: Syria & Israel to participate in International Army Games

Express: Greece in chaos

Pravda: Ukraine blocks Russian Social Media

Zero Hedge: Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment

AP: US will keep implementing Iran Nuke deal under new sanctions

Jerusalem Post: Trump put at risk life of Israeli spy

Times of Israel: Western Wall part of Israel: Nikki Haley

Your News Wire: Putin has proof Trump didn't leak secrets

May 16, 2017

Zero Hedge: Seth Rich shared thousands of emails on DNC with WikiLeaks

Breitbart: Trump asked Comey to drop Flynn investigation, according to Comey

Your News Wire: Podesta wanted to make an example of Seth Rich

HAARETZ: Trump leaked Israeli intel to Russians

Sputnik: N Korea to continue with Nuclear and Ballistic tests

Your News Wire: Russian-backed Syrian troops advance towards US and UK troops

Express: IMF and Eurozone fail to agree on Greek funding

Express: Trump praises Turkey

Newsmax: Tillerson says Trump did not discuss sources & methods

Fox: Con-Con gains momentum

May 15, 2017

WSJ: Ransomware attack continues

Your News Wire: Putin urges fight against Globalism

Reuters: US infrastructure hit by hack

Express: No new nations should have nukes according to Putin

Sputnik: Turkey plans air base in Syria

Zero Hedge: New version of ransomware begins to spread

Breitbart: Many Americans feel like strangers in their own country

Express: Junker wants EU army

CBS: Huma files for divorce

Daily Mail: Hamburg steals properties and charges owners the renovations to accommodate 400 new migrants each day

AP: US accuses Syria of more atrocities

The Duran: Mattis believes diplomacy will resolve US-Russian difficulties

Zero Hedge What happens when 1,746 Americans are asked to point to N Korea on a map

May 14, 2017

Breitbart: Maxine Waters going after Trump

AP: Clapper opines US is under attack by Trump

Express: N Korea vaunts 'Pyongyang doesn't blink an eyelash at enemies'

FOX: 'N Korea has been a flagrant menace for far too long' according to WH

Mirror: Click farms in China will favor products with 'Likes'

Sputnik: US sends heavy military equipment to Kurds which Turkey considers an enemy of its state

Arutz Sheva: Netanyahu observes: Embassy move would shatter Palestinian fantasy.

Your News Wire: Trump dumps on Comey

Newsmax: Trump wants tougher UN sanctions on N Korea after latest missile launch

Times of Israel: First woman judge to Sharia Court appointed by Israel

TASS: N Korea missile climbed to 2,000km

Your News Wire: Neocons demonize Assad for Massacring his own people

Times of Israel: Israel not happy with Jordan's rhetoric over stabbing incident

Your News Wire: Sessions goes all out on drugs

Channel News Asia: 200,000 affected by ransomware

Your News Wire: Illuminati control music industry with symbols

Yonhap News: UN Security Council will discuss latest N Korea missile launch

May 13, 2017

Korea Times: Xi and Moon agree N Korea must be nuclear-free

RT: New N Korea ballistic missile splashes 700km into Sea of Japan

Yonhap News: Moon condemns latest N Korea launch

Military: US plans to shoot down ballistic missiles

NYT: Trump's double edged communications sword

Breitbart: Trump plays God card in commencement speech

RT: Norway unions vote to boycott Israel over Palestine

Sputnik: US arms Kurds to Turkey's dismay

Sputnik: Iran supplies oil to DPRK

Yonhap News: N Korea urges UN to reconsider sanctions on DPKR

Express: N Korea to punish ruthlessly its US detainees

Your News Wire: IMF instructs Germany to roll out  a 10% tax on Eurozone savings accounts

Newsmax: Comey declines to appear before Senate

Zero Hedge: Massive Ransomware fallout after 24 hrs

TASS: Russia reveals its RS-28 Sarmat

Zero Hedge: China ATMs fall prey to ransomware

Pravda: China names its new aircraft carrier 'weenie' (in Russian)

Breitbart: More Somalis deported from US

Jerusalem Post: Israeli police attacked by Jordanian

HAARETZ: Jordan lashes out at Israel over Jordanian killing

Ashland Times-Gazette: Russia and China coordinating defense against US first strike

May 12, 2017

Sputnik: Korean dynamic explosive

Your News Wire: Russian hacker offered US citizenship by FBI to falsify hack

Washington Post: Sessions clamps down on drug trafficking

Breitbart: Trump considering cancelling Press Briefings

RT: UK hospitals cyberattacked for ransom

Sputnik: Condy Rice admits Iraq war was about regime change only

Zero Hedge: Trump does not want tapes to come out

Zero Hedge: Massive German rail hackware

BBC: 99 countries hit by cyber attacks

Yahoo: Russia under cyber attack

Jerusalem Post: Abbas wants to sign Peace Treaty with Israel

Your News Wire: Superdelegate convicted on 18 counts of fraud and conspiracy

Fox: N Korea sends letter to US Congress to protest over sanctions

WSJ: Retail sector going bust

May 11, 2017

Express: N Korea warns hundreds of millions in US will die in nuclear war

NBC: Trump was going to fire Comey either way

Circa: Hillary pressured Bangladesh PM to induce donation to Clinton Foundation

Your News Wire: Hillary's days are numbered

The Hill: Is Acting Head of FBI next to roll?

AFP: Acting FBI Head will continue Russia investigation

Newsmax: FBI Acting Head under DOJ investigation

Zero Hedge: Spicer may be on the chopping block

Zero Hedge: Synopsis of McCabe hearings

AP: Mormon Church to develop its own Scouting Program

CBS: Jefferson Davis statue dismantled in New Orleans

Sputnik: Trump signs EO to bolster CyberSecurity

Bloomberg: Aetna ejects from Obamacare

Express: Austria set to collapse

Polizette: Possible FBI picks

The Atlantic: Giuliani not a pick for FBI

Express: CIA launches task force to resolve N Korea crisis

IsraelPalestine News: Nikki Haley fronts for Israel

May 10, 2107

Washington Post: Dems will retaliate with slowdowns

RT: Turkey may sever US alliance

Your News Wire: Sheriff Clarke re-affirms he would arrest Hillary on the spot if he was FBI director

Zero Hedge: Comey had called Trump 'crazy' days earlier

Pravda: Turkey may target US special forces

Zero Hedge: Anonymous issues final WW3 warning

AFP: Trump wants Russia to rein in Iran and Assad

Arutz Sheva: UK and US troops move along Syrian south border

Vox: New S Korea President wants improved relations with N Korea

Daily Star: China test new missiles near N Korea

Express: New Austerity Measures on Greece could collapse EU

HAARETZ: Netanyahu calls CNN, NYT  Fake News

Sputnik: Putin assures that Russia had nothing to do with Comey's dismissal

TASS: Lavrov blames Obama for dismal Russia-US relations after meeting with Trump

Times of Israel: Hamas new leader still aims for destruction of Israe

Yonhap News: N Korea releases satellite pictures of THAAD

May 9, 2017

ITV: Comey fired by Trump

The Hill: GOP Intel Chairman troubled by Trump firing

Heavy: WikiLeaks offers to hire Comey

RT: Russia celebrates Victory Day with pomp, circumstance and muscle flexing

Neonnettle: Child Porn King arrested

Newsmax: Newt explains why Trump had to fire Comey

Zero Hedge: Tunnel collapse in WA nuclear facility prompts evacuation

Express: China holds live fire drills along N Korea border

Your News Wire: Marine Le Pen: The election was rigged

Sputnik: Highlights of Victory Day parade

PressTV: N Korea vows revenge for failed attempts at Kim's life

PressTV: UK, Jordan and US deploy troops along Syria southern border

PressTV: US and Turkey to collaborate in freeing Raqqah

Bloomberg: Venezuelan protesters tried in military courts

WaExaminer: Al Gore's hoax carbon tax

Breitbart: How Sally Yates lost her argument

TASS: Putin takes part in 'Immortal Regiment March'

Intellihub: Trump administration to continue chemtrails

Korea Times: Moon set to win S Korea election by landslide

Breitbart: Kushner and Trudeau will save NAFTA

TASS: Trump says Russian collusion total hoax

Jerusalem Online: IDF raid weapons lathe

May 8, 2017

Express: N Korea ready for last sacred war, and adds this is not 'empty talk'

Breitbart: HMS alert: N Korea to launch EMP attack on US ... (would make a great false flag)

Sun: Paris on Lockdown

TASS: Macron wins with 65.82% of votes

AP: Obama warned Trump about Flynn

Sacramento Bee: CA trying to repeal law that bars communists from government jobs

Your News Wire: Trump claims Sally Yates leaked Classified intel

RT: Protesters and Police clash after election

Times of Israel: Erdogan calls on Muslims to protest on Temple Mount

Jerusalem Online: Assad is removing rebels from Syria

Zero Hedge: Millennials are lured to Baltimore as it descend into anarchy

Your News Wire: Le Pen vows to fight NWO

Sputnik: Mattis questions Russia sponsored safe zones in Syria

Boston Globe: Obama receives Profiles in Courage award

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu trashes Palestinian paper

RT: S Arabia will be razed if it attacks, promises Iran DM

PressTV: US will continue to challenge China's claims in S China sea

Express: Greece faces new austerity measures and rethinks EU

YonhapNews: N Korea calls for detente between N and S

PressTV: Irish beach reappears after 30 years almost overnight

Times of Israel: Netanyahu gives two hour notice and shuts down top-rated Channel 1 News, after 49 years on air

WaExaminer: Clapper and Yates to be grilled over Trump's election

May 7, 2017

Express: N Korea threatens to reduce White House to ashes

Zero Hedge: French election has lowest turnout since 1974

Reuters: Macron wins French election

RT: N Korea detains another US citizen

AP: Trump aims for $1 Trillion cut in Medicaid - to give States more flexibility

Newsmax: Trump promises GOP will not let Americans down on AHCA

Newsmax: Sen Susan Collins promises Senate will start from scratch on AHCA

PressTV: Iran warns S Arabia against stupid moves

PressTV: US kicks-off 20 nation military exercises in Jordan

AFF: Loretta Lynch headed for jail

May 6, 2017

Reuters: France tries to shield Macron from incriminating email leaks

RT: Russia and US discuss Syria safe zones

Pravda: US has effectively declared war on N Korea and perhaps even Russia

Your News Wire: Hamid Karzai Truth Bomb: US created ISIS

The Hill: Trump's healthcare faces long uphill battle

Times of Israel: Jewish Billionaires trying to shape Trump's foreign policy

Your News Wire: Putin has the support of the World in destroying NWO

NY Times: Puerto Rico economy on tailspin

Zero Hedge: Some of Silicon Valley work force living in cars

Newsmax: Sen. Cotton: 'We're writing our own Bill'

Polizette: Soros' surrogate encourages French to vote for the globalist Macron

Your News Wire: Auditor calls for arrest of Macron

WaExaminer: Texas is 10th State to call for Constitutional Convention aimed at reducing Federal powers

Your News Wire: MSM welcome Orwellian censorship

AFP: Women's march keeps pressure on Venezuelan Maduro

PressTV: Cholera puts Yemeni hospital to breaking point

AP: Mixed reaction from church leaders on Trump's new EO

May 5, 2017

Yonhap News: N Korea will ferret out Conspirators to assassinate Kim

Korea Times: N Korea tells China 'don't test us' as the Kabuki theater continues

Your News Wire: Over 50,000 mental health practitioners sign petition to remove Trump from office under 25th Amendment

Sputnik: Syrian children greet Russian soldiers with flowers

Breitbart: Loretta Lynch would have protected Hillary Clinton according to new document

RT: Russian MPs see US sanctions on N Korea as declaration of war

Newsmax: Trump applauds Austrian universal health care, points out Sanders

The Hill: GOP Senators promise to make changes to Obamacare

Your News Wire: US-led coalition jets off-limits in Syria Safe Zones

Intellihub: The true cost of Mar-a-Lago jaunts

PressTV: De-Escalation zones in Syria come to effect

RT: Court orders State Dept. to release Clinton emails on Benghazi

Times of Israel: Israel considering switching off electricity to Gaza

Daily Mail: Congress plans to cancel Obama's $200,000/yr pension

Jerusalem Post: US bank shuts down account of Anti-Israeli group

Reuters: Macron ahead of Le Pen by 24 points

Reuters: Macron's emails leaked

Pravda: Hillary organizing new group to take down Trump

Gateway Pundit: 4Chan releases proof of Macron's Tax Evasion

Fox: Pentagon looks into Iran-N Korea connection

MarketWatch: iHeartRadio on the verge of hitting bottom

Guardian: Venice bans kebab shops

AP: Puerto Rico to close 184 public schools

May 4, 2017

Your News Wire: China threatens war if N Korea conducts another nuclear test

YonhapNews: N Korea planning to strike S Korea

Korea Times: US Congress considers tougher sanctions on N Korea

AP: Healthcare Bill passes House

AP: Trump repeals Johnson Amendment

Express: Putin prepares military parade

TASS: Russia to guarantee Syria no fly zone

Pravda: Italy receives Soros

PressTV: 82% of French voters view Trump unfavorably

Your News Wire: Italian court declares cell phones can cause cancer

Korea Times: China will consider oil embargo on N Korea

Intellihub: Biometric entry-exit around the corner

Pravda: Russophobia alive and well in USA

CNBC: US Crude Oil prices plummet

May 3, 2017

Korea Times: China urges its citizens to leave N Korea

Zero Hedge: Antifa in US arming for civil war

WaPost: Abedin forwarded Classified Clinton emails to Weiner's unsecured laptop

Daily Mail: Emergency meeting called of Queen's Household at Buckingham Palace

Sputnik: For Trump the inauguration picture is a personal affront

Zero Hedge: N Korea now threatens China with grave consequences for its betrayal

TASS: Russia-Turkey relations normalized

RT: Assange calls HRC 'butcher of Libya'

Sputnik: Turkey warns it may accidentally target US troops

Zero Hedge: China issues last warning to N Korea

Pravda: Trump and Putin spoke for 30 mins about Syria

Express: Le Pen edging ahead in home stretch

Intellihub: Russia has nuke-activated Tsunami as US counter-strike measure

NY Times: Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy

Your News Wire: Le Pen vows to destroy Rothschild cartel

Jerusalem Post: Abbas arrives at WH

AP: Trump re-defines policy announcement protocols

May 2, 2017

The Sun: N Korea subs ready to strike

Korea Times: Trump's comments backfire Big League with Koreans and Japanese

Sputnik: China orders its citizens out of N Korea

RT: Putin and Trump talk

Breitbart: Kushner tied to Soros and Goldman Sachs

Express: Kim says 'US gangsters' are pushing for war

RT: China demands immediate halt to THAAD

Daily Magazine: Putin wants impartial investigation into Syria chemical weapon attacks

Channel News Asia: US exploring options at UN to pressure N Korea

Pravda: Chinese city prepares for nuclear war

Your News Wire: Kim predicts 2017 is year NWO is defeated

Breitbart: State Dept. warns of terror attacks in Europe

Your News Wire: Kim says ready to nuke US

Jerusalem Post: UNESCO rejects Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem

Channel News Asia: Turkey decides to not join EU

Your News Wire: Clinton email case to see Grand Jury

Zero Hedge: Baltimore asks Fed's help with murder rate

The Hill: Trump: 'US needs a good shutdown'

May 1, 2017

Express: N Korea's failed missile was heading for Russia

Reuters: State Dept. issues travel advisory for all Europe

Sputnik: Trump on N Korea: We have to be prepared to do what we have to do

Korea Times: N Korea claims US flew B-1B strategic  bombers over Korea Peninsula

Zero Hedge: Trump loses it

Express: N Korea announced ready for nuclear test 'any time any place'

Korea Times: China calls for translators along its Korean border

Korea Times: McMaster wants to negotiate THAAD $1 B fee

AP: Trump mystifies with Andrew Jackson comments

Bloomberg: Trump would be honored to meet Kim Jong-un

Your News Wire: FBI insider discloses why Jason Chaffetz is quitting politics

Fox: Spending Bill, a mixed bag falls short of Trump's targets

CBS: Baltimore murder rate out of control

Fox: Parents of student imprisoned by N Korea plea for his release

PressTV: Al Qaeda fights alongside S Arabia and US troops

Mirror: May day violence in Paris protesting Le Pen

ExpressL Macron plummets in polls

April 30, 2017

The Sun: General complains of running out of bombs

Reuters: Trump blasts media

Reuters: Trump reaches out to Asian countries on N Korea

PressTV: Trump praises Kim Jong-Un as 'pretty smart cookie'

Fox: McMaster says US must prepare for War

Yonhap: N Korea threatens to sink US submarine

Your News Wire: Pope warns WW3 imminent & could destroy most of humanity

Your News Wire: Over 3,000 high ranking Satanic Pedophiles arrested ... (I doubt this very much)

RT: EU sides with Iran on nuclear deal

CBS: Trump's Face the Nation full transcript

WaExaminer: McCain can't guarantee Trump will listen to advisers

Zero Hedge: Deal reached by Congress to keep Government open

NBC: Russia movements in Arctic closely watched

The Duran: US forces placed between Turkish and Kurdish forces act as world's police

PressTV: Egypt condemns Muslim Brotherhood leader to death

The Tower: No Apartheid by Israel according to Red Cross

Newsmax: On 100th day Trump signs EO to study trade deals

April 29, 2017

Jerusalem Post: N Korea threatens Israel with 'merciless thousand-fold punishment'

Intellihub: ISIS apologized to Israel for targeting IDF soldiers

The Telegraph: War Imminent according to Kim

YonhapNews: USS Carl Vinson started drills with S Korea navy

WSJ: China and Russia accuse US of ratcheting up tensions

Breitbrat: Trump weighs in on his first 100 days

Reuters: 'I thought it would be easier': Trump

RT: Russia backs China's proposal to de-escalate tensions

Sputnik: Russian-made S-400 to help Turkey achieve greater independence in NATO .... (WHAT?)

Pravda: Putin and Abe resolve island dispute

Times of Israel: Le Pen picks Israel critic for PM, if elected

AFP: Erdogan bans TV dating shows and Wikipedia

April 28, 2017

Your News Wire: N Korea has yet another missile failure on their Saturday, April 29

YonhapNews: N Korea fires another missile

Breitbart: Trump: 'I am Nationalist and a Globalist'

Breitbart: Paul Ryan delays repeal of Obamacare again

Yonhap: ASEAN's top diplomats expressed grave concerns over N Korea

YT: Tillerson : The US cannot idly stand by

Global Research: Most Americans support the military industrial complex

RT: Tillerson threatens N Korea with more sanctions

Reuters: Trump complains Saudis not paying fair share of defense cost

Sputnik: Trump wants S Korea to pay $1 B for THAAD protection

AFP: Seoul brushes aside Trump's THAAD invoice

The Guardian: Golf Course turned to missile launch site in S Korea

Zero Hedge: Puerto Rico edges towards Title III bankruptcy

Channel News Asia: Tillerson turns the screws on China

Washington Examiner: Trump signs bill to increase offshore oil drilling

Your News Wire: Soros attempts coup in Macedonia

AP: Trump tells NRA 'you have a true friend'

Zero Hedge: US troops deployed along Syria Turkish border

Your News Wire: Berkley protesters linked to child rape advocacy group

Sputnik: China threatens Hong Kong with annexation

Conservative Tribune: Trump gives Carte Blanche to Mattis

Jerusalem Post: Russia slams Israel for striking Syria

TASS: Montenegro joins NATO

TASS: Turkey to purchase S-400 air defense system from Russia

Sputnik: US moves strategic assets to S Korea

Reuters: N. Korea test fires another missile

Your News Wire: Abedin and Clinton investigated by Feds

Bloomberg: First quarter GDP at  0.7%

RT: NSA stops some of its surveillance on Americans

RT: Riots in Rio as austerity measures take a bite

Euronews: Brazil frozen in nation-wide strike

AP: Congress averts government shutdown with stopgap

APRIL 27, 2017

WaPost: N Korea puts DC in crosshairs

AP: Israel strikes Syria near Damascus

Reuters: MAJOR, MAJOR conflict with N Korea possible, says Trump

Jerusalem Post: IDF fires at drone crossing into Isreal air space

Times of Israel: Israel destroys Hezbollah weapons depot near Damascus

Reuters: China tests live weapons in response to THAAD

Sputnik: US Admiral does not discount military action on N Korea

Breitbart: Fox Network investigation widens

RT: Assad says Trump  is puppet of deep state

Jerusalem Post: Kremlin slams Israel for attack on Syria

Daily Mail: Melania wears $4,100 military outfit

TheDuran: US will attack N Korea only in self-defense

NY Jewish Week: Trump proclaims May Annual Jewish American Heritage month

Polizette: Trump rolls back federal land grab

The Duran: China-Russia relationship best it could ever be

Zero Hedge: Canada's communications go down

Los Angeles Times: California inches closer to single payer healthcare system

Bloomberg: Putin warns N Korea situation has rapidly deteriorated

Gateway Pundit: House Committee refers Hillary Clinton email server matter to Justice Dept

Your News Wire: Duerte kicks Rothschilds in the teeth

RT: Pentagon authorized to manage troop deployment in Iraq and Syria

Sputnik: S Arabia sponsored a 'Muslim NATO'

Zero Hedge: Dems hold Gov hostage

Daily Mail: China flaunts its nuclear submarine for first time

Your News Wire: Pedo Supermarket exposed

PressTV: Assad outlines case against US and Israel

Washington Examiner: Trump gives himself an A

TASS: Russia accuses White Helmets of aiding and abetting terrorists

Las Vegas Review: Fire set at Trump International

PressTV: Russian intelligence ship sinks after collision

The Sun: United Airlines causes bunny death

APRIL 26, 2017

WashingtonFreeBeacon: Senators told N Korea threat is escalating

Daily Mail: N Korean children vow retaliation

WTOP: DC responders prepare for complex terror attack

Zero Hedge: Trump's tax plan unveiled

Zero Hedge: Credit defaults at 4 yr high

Sputnik: USS Vinson within strike range of N Korea

Daily Mail: N Korea prepares for attack

RT: THAAD to be operational in coming days

Stars & Stripes: Navy vessel fires warning flare at Iranian ship

RT: Russia and S Arabia FM have opposing views on Iran & Syria

DPA: China launches its first home-made aircraft carrier

Breitbart: Ivanka: Syrian Refugees has to be part of the discussion

RT: US tests ICBM

Zero Hedge: Canada's Housing Bubble explodes

RT: S Korea ramps up military drills

Your News Wire: Obama faked data to promote climate change

Intellihub: ICBM transported, assembled and fired to test response time

TASS: Russia responds to new NATO doctrine

APRIL 25, 2017

American Mirror: Border Crossings down by 90% since Trump became POTUS

CNA: NASDAQ breaks 6,000

Pravda: US troops arrive in Ukraine

Your News Wire: Trump calls for evacuation of 230,000 Americans from S Korea'

Newsmax: Court blocks Trump on sanctuary cities

La Times: US Air Force to test missile off California coast

Yonhap News: N Korea celebrates  with live fire drills

WaPost: Japan tells citizenry it has 10 mins to prepare for oncoming missiles

Intellihub: COG exercises in DC on Wednesday as Senate meets in White House to discuss N Korea

Breaking911: Company recalls 21 tons of chicken

WaExaminer: Wall is not a budget item

The Hill: Dems want Obamacare subsidies in exchange for $15B to military

RT: US sub docked in S Korea

Your News Wire: Ron Paul tells Trump to treat Assange like a hero

Jerusalem Post: N Korea could impact Israel security

Breitbart: Ivanka in Berlin champions women's rights

April 24, 2017

Your News Wire: Former Israeli Defense Minister admits Israel's tacit alliance with ISIS

Breitbart: Scientists urge Trump not to listen to Ivanka's global warming spiel

Intellihub: Operation Gotham Shield sparks worries of a false flag

Your News Wire: Putin ready to prove US behind Syria CW false flag

TASS: Russia's answer to US military aggression

Polizette: Antifa groups given a pass

Gateway Pundit: Hannity on leftist cross-hairs

Zero Hedge: Trump slams 20% tariff of Canadian lumber

YonhapNews: Miscommunication about US fleet heading to N Korea comes at a price

Sputnik: Xi Jinping calls for restraint

Pravda: N Korea ready to test .5 Megaton Nuclear device

Military: Mattis arrives in Afghanistan to asses deployment of more US troops

Jerusalem Post: Trump calls for new UN sanctions on DPRK

AP: Dems prepared to shut down government

PressTV: Russia ready to deploy troops in Syria

Your News Wire: Robert F. Kennedy exposes Vaccine racket

Zero Hedge: Not a single vote for Le Pen in 56 French villages

Times of Israel: IDF chief vows to destroy Israel's enemies

Sputnik: US imposes sanctions on Syria for manufacturing chemical weapons

Reuters: Front-runner Macron sends EU markets higher

April 23, 2017

Yonhap: Third US citizen arrested in N Korea

Breitbart: Exit Polls propel Le Pen into next round of voting

Reuters: N Korea ready to strike US Aircraft Carrier

RT: N Korea ready to sink US carrier with one strike

The Hill: Sessions: We'll pay for the wall one way or another

Your News Wire: N Korea threatens to tow Australia out to sea and sink it

Breitbart: Russians hacked the Democrats' plans to cheat in the Election

Jerusalem Post: At Holocaust Memorial 'The Strong Survive, the Weak are Erased' :  Netanyahu

PressTV: China seeks denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

PressTV: Egypt's Sisi visits S Arabia to strengthen ties

RT: Trump's approval rating low after first 100 days

April 22, 2017

Zero Hedge: Aftermath of multiple city power outages

The Sun: N Korea warns: Great War Coming

RT: N Korea threatens Australia with nuke strike

Your News Wire: The 187 groups George Soros funds to take down America

RT: Day before election, violence erupts in Paris

Jerusalem Post: Russia complains it was not included in US CW probe

Sputnik: Ivanka penetrates China market

Daily Mail: American Airlines flight attendant hits mother of twins on the head with stroller

The Hill: Trump to hold rally on night of White House Correspondents Dinner

Washington Examiner: Trump asks Surgeon General to resign

Your News Wire: Trump throws campaign aid in jail for Pedo ring connection

Sputnik: Cameras show Daesh using human shields

WSJ: Brick and Mortar stores shuttering up

Time: Ryan won't repeal Obamacare to make Trump look good

TASS: Russia inquires why White Helmets were not harmed by Sarin attack

April 21, 2017

Reuters: Mattis says Syria has dispersed aircraft and still retains chemical weapons

SFGate: Power outage paralyzes San Fransisco

CBS: New York Subway power outage

Sputnik: Trump convenes special meeting with all 100 Senators in White House

Breitbart: Agencies prepare for government shutdown

RT: Two Japanese destroyers join USS Carl Vinson

AP: Is the Swamp draining or filling?

AP: Trump after criminals not Dreamers

The Hill: Exxon not granted waiver to drill in Russia

Jerusalem Post: US seeks to convict Jewish teen that threatened JCC centers

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu pleased with Trump's reversals on foreign policy

Los Angeles Times: Hillary receives Trailblazer award from LGBT community

Your News Wire: Assad ready to expel Turkish forces from Syria by force

Times of Israel: Hezbollah tour guide shows Israel's defenses to tourists

Death & Taxes: 'Dumb' Australia refugee swap with US goes forward

Last Great Stand: Feds to simulate Nuclear Detonations over Manhattan

Sputnik: Ex-CIA says Idlib CW attack was false flag

Sputnik: Israel launches attack on Syrian army

Gateway Pundit: Berkeley Mayor supports leftist resistance

PressTV: UK closes bank accounts of Iranian nationals

Pravda: Russia and China in sync

April 20, 2017

TheSun: N Korea threatens to reduce US to ashes

Reuters: N Korea threatens 'super-mighty preemptive strike'

TheSun: Russia reinforces its N Korea border with troops

Yonhap News: Nuke sniffer dispatched to Korea

Yonhap News: S Korea dismisses Trump remarks that S Korea was part of China

RT: Manhunt to find Vault7 leaker underway

RT: Russia's Supreme Court bans Jehovah's Witnesses

Jerusalem Post: Focus is off Israel for first time

The Guardian: Sessions wants to arrest WikiLeaks Assange

Your News Wire: NYPD boss sentenced to 28 yrs for pedophile activity

Newsmax: Trump: US will have no role in has enough roles

PressTV: China will assist in Iran's nuclear reactor

Times of Israel: Haley asks UN to shift focus from Israel to Iran

Polizette: US troops in Syria ready to carve it up

PressTV: US Army confirms Daesh launched CW attack on Mosul

Zero Hedge: China puts its bombers on high alert

Breaking911: Bad Actor trying to incite clash of civilizations ISIS touts CW attacks in Mosul

RT: WH defends misinformation about USS Carl Vinson's travels

AFP: Pence in Indonesia tours Mosque in outreach to Muslims

CNBC: US-China Hollywood go sour

Reuters: Trump praises China's efforts to discipline N Korea

April 19, 2017

Military: Trump signs EO that expands health options for Veterans

Breitbart: N Korea promises more missile tests and threatens all out war if US interferes

NYMag: O'Reilly is ousted

WJ: Tucker Carlson to replace O'Reilly

San Diego Union: Congress considers taxing troops who apply for GI benefits

Bloomberg: Trump weighs military options for N Korea

Breitbrat: Democrats fall short in Georgia

RT: Iran shows off long range missiles

The Tower: Iran is leading exporter of terrorism, says Tillerson

Zero Hedge: MIT professor further disproves Syria CW attack

The Tower: DoD invests in Israeli medical startup

Fox: Russian bombers fly by Alaska for 2nd night in a row

CNBC: USS Carrier Carl Vinson was not headed towards N Korea

AP: Chaffetz won't run for re-election

Sputnik: Trump's threat all bluster or brinkmanship?

Jerusalem Post: IDF intercepted Syrian missile

Times of Israel: Sheldon Adelson gave $5 Million towards Trump Inauguration in exchange for front seat

Your News Wire: Top Army General arrested in pedophile ring

Intellihub: 5,000 US soldiers in California for war games

Polizette: 1,000 US troops already in Syria

The Duran: Comey used Fake Dossier to obtain FISA against Trump

Guardian: Ivanka secures trademarks in China for her fashion lines on the day Trump met with Xi

Your News Wire: Objective Truth according to college students is Racist

Your News Wire: Seth Rich was DNC whistleblower according to Guccifer 2.0

Conservative Review: Trump lets Iran off the hook

Pravda: ISIL uses mustard gas on Australian and US soldiers

PressTV: Mattis in S. Arabia dumps on Iran

The Tower: Iran parade includes Death to Israel banners

April 18, 2017

GoErie: Facebook killer dead

Nikei: Pence says to N Korea: the sword stands ready

NTK: Maxine Waters claims she did not call for Trump's impeachment

Your News Wire: UN envoy: N Korea ready for nuclear showdown

TheSun: Russia claims it can disable entire US navy with  electronic bomb

Sputnik: Trump asks National Security Council to review Iran deal

Sputnik: The three carriers are were?

France 24: Police bust plan to bomb presidential election

Sputnik: Pence signals to N Korea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Fox: Russian bombers seen near Alaska

True Pundit: Hawaii lawmakers push to prepare nuclear fallout shoulders

RT: US Marines deployed to Australia

Washington Examiner: DHS chief asks Congress to either fix it or shut up

TheDuran: No antidotes or drugs were requested after Idlib chemical attack

Guardian: US considers shooting down N Korea missiles

Sputnik: Russia delivers 5 tons of aid to Syria in 48 hrs

Independent: Machine can render thoughts into words

ConservativeReview: Canada blocks US milk exports

Breaking911: Russian Parachute Bombs rain on ISIS

Bloomberg: Facebook employees allowed to protest Trump

Sputnik: Russian MPs complain CNN is interfering in elections

NewsAsia: British PM May calls for June 8 election

April 17, 2017

BBC: N Korea promises a missile launch per week


RedstoneAlabama: Early activation of THAAD

RealClearWorld: 'We don't take orders' says N Korea

The Hill: Thermonuclear War could erupt at any time

Zero Hedge: US deploys two more aircraft carriers to Korea Peninsula

Breitbart: JW requests investigation into top House Intel Democrats

RT: Russia warns US against Syria-type attacks on N Korea

RT: S Arabia shelves infrastructure due to low oil prices

PressTV: Russia warns US to not act unilaterally against N Korea

Daily Signal: Congressman says corruption in D.C. is worse than you can imagine

RT: Cal-exit sputters and evaporates

AP: Manhunt for Facebook killer expanded

AP: Trump to N Korea "Gotta Behave"

Times of Israel: Turkish referendum was not on playing field

April 16, 2017

AP: China and US working on N Korea problem after failed missile test

Sputnik: N Korea vows preemptive strike at slightest US provocation

HawaiiNews: Island prepares for N Korea attack

Chosunilbo: Pence warns N Korea of Trump's 'Resolve'

Guardian: 68 Children among dead in bus attack

The Guardian: Trump expects China to neutralize N Korea

PressTV: US - Philippine exercises continue

Sputnik: Putin-Trump tied at the hip according to Maxine Waters

Los Angeles Times: 21 Arrested at Berkley Trump protests

American Mirror: Police stood down at Berkley

Breitbart: Anti-Trump Koch Brothers LIBRE initiative helping immigrants (legal and illegal)

ReportCA: Referendum may give Erdogan sweeping new powers

Washington Examiner: Trump says we have no choice but rebuild military

Sputnik: Trump no longer calls China 'Currency Manipulator'

Los Angeles Times: California faces inner split

Daily Mail: United Airlines dumps couple on their way to get married

Jerusalem Post: Gaza's only electric generator out of commission

Your News Wire: Melania Trump puts Pedo Rings on Notice

RT: F-35's arrive in Europe for first time

RT: Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter

April 15, 2017

Zero Hedge: Wrong headline almost starts war

Daily Mail: Kim Jung-Un vows to strike at US

Daily Mail: Full display of N Korea's military advancements

WSJ: N Korea displays ICBM

WaPo: N Korea did not test nuke at celebrations

Your News Wire: Russia moves forces to N Korea border

Daily Caller: Sequence of events in event of N Korea nuclear strike

Times of Israel: Iran says it needs no permission to build missiles

Breitbart: Syria car bomb kills at least 43

AP: MOAB death toll rises to 94

SkyNews: N. Korea missile test fails

Polizetter: Deportations to Mexico down 18%

Times of Israel: Tens of thousands Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

The Duran: Christians in Aleppo Syria celebrate Easter

Daily Mail: Trump insists on Gold-Plated Horse Carriage

The Guardian: World's oldest person dies at 117

Judicial Watch: JW sues to reveal Deep State

Fox: Trump signs Buy American Hire American EO

The Hill: Maxine Waters leads Trump impeachment movement and #taxmarch

Breitbart: Trump signs Congressional Review Act

Washington Free Beacon: FBI probing radical Islam in all 50 States

NTK: Maxine Waters claims she never called for Trump's impeachment

April 14, 2017

Japan News: Japan ready for evacuations

Zero Hedge: US tests new steerable nuclear bomb

RT: MIT Professor proves CW attack evidence is faulty

Reuters: N Korea displays for first time missiles deployable from submarines

Zero Hedge: N Korea will test missiles when 'it sees fit'

RT: China FM: N Korea war could erupt any minute

RT: N Korea plans to strike US bases and S Korea palace

Sputnik: Assange fights back

Jerusalem Post: Senior Trump official denies Trump will strike first

Your News Wire: MOAB destroyed tunnels financed by CIA in 1980s

Daily Mail: Kim Jung-Un vows to 'pulverize the headquarters of evil'

The Hill: WH massaging tax reform

Polizette: Trump to democrats: Cooperate on healthcare or else

The Guardian: Syria proceeds with population swaps

April 13, 2017

Daily Mail: US drops mother of all bombs on ISIS

Your News Wire: Trump Administration urges Hungary not to close Soros University

PressTV: Assad will only allow 'impartial' probe on chemical weapon attack

Washington Examiner: US gives General Dynamics contract to build 80 ft tall surveillance towers along S. Border

Breitbart: Merkel admits some refugees are terrorists

The Duran: Assad says US working hand and glove with ISIS

Zero Hedge: CIA's Pompeo says WikiLeaks maybe hostile non-state intelligence agency

Zero Hedge: Putin to Tillerson: "Don't Strike Syria Again"

Gateway Pundit: ICE to deport 4,000 Somalis

Polizette: Kansas conviction is tip of voter fraud iceberg

The Hill: McConnell on Trump's reversals: he is learning the job

Intellihub: Two N Korea satellites capable of delivering EMP strikes on US

ChannelNewsAsia: N Korea tells Foreign reporters to prepare for Big Event

Your News Wire: Israel pounds Syria overnight

Agence France Press: Assad labels CW attack as false flag

Breitbart: Trump signs EO to cut funding from Planned Parenthood

RT: China warns US: do not strike N Korea

Zero Hedge: MOAB sends DOW to two month low

Reuters: Japan: N Korea may have Sarin tipped missiles

RT: US forces mistakenly kill 11 Syrian military personnel

Sputnik: Lavrov reveals details of US-Russia talks on Syria

Jerusalem Post: Hezbollah abandons positions in Golan Heights

ScienceMag: Machine distills water from desert air

April 12, 2017

Zero Hedge: N. Korea prepping for Nuclear Test

AP: Ahmadinejad poised to run for President

The Star: Kim Jong-Un orders evacuation

Zero Hedge: Trump orders nuclear sniffer

Daily Mail: Andrea Mitchell schooled by Russia's foreign minister

Sputnik: Ivanka influenced attack on Syria

RT: Putin and Tillerson meet

Zero Hedge: China gives N. Korea final notice

Breaking911: ISIS evaluates 'sewers' as potential weapon

The Sun: Navy Seals practice assassinating Kim Jung-Un

NY Post: China tells N Korea not to mess with US

C-Span: US tells Russia in UN to stop covering for Assad

Breitbart: Egyptian Christians cancel Easter celebrations

Your News Wire: Mossad and S. Arabia behind CW false flag according to ex-CIA

Times of Israel: Daily Mail loses defamation suit with Melania Trump

Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch threatens 11 States with Federal Lawsuits over Voter Registration Lists

Polizette: Le Pen vows to dismantle migrant camps

The Hill: GOP infighting imperilling Trump's agenda

Sputnik: Russia turns off Turkey's tourism

Your News Wire: First Clinton Pay-for-Play acolyte headed for jail

Jerusalem Post: Spicer admits he dropped the ball

WBRC: Alabama Senate allows church to start own police force

PressTV: China denies deployment of 150,000 troops along N. Korea border

April 11, 2017

Mirror: Putin says Trump will bomb Damascus and blame it on Syria

WaPo: Proof surfaces FBI spied on Trump

RT: NATO is relevant for Trump

RT: Russian MoD claims Syria has no CW

RT: MIT professor disagrees with WH findings of chemical attack

Bretibart: Trump: Putin-Assad relationship 'bad for mankind'

NY Post: Trump said "We are not going into Syria"

YT: Sean Spicer speaks truth: US in Syria to destabilize it

Jerusalem Post: Eric Trump says Ivanka influenced her dad to bomb Syria

Breitbart: Betsy DeVos said illegal students can keep getting in-state tuition

PressTV: Syria, Russia and Iran issue a statement

Intellihub: Massive import banned placed on N. Korea by China. Ships turn to port

Washington Examiner: N. Korea threatens to make US 'fully accountable' for its actions

Daily Caller: WH persists that Assad used CW on his own people

Your News Wire: Lord Rothschild urges the West to invade Syria

WSJ: Tillerson: Assad's regime coming to an end

Times of Israel: Russia must choose between US and Iran axis says Tillerson

Breitbart: Sessions: Catch and Release era is over

RT: Putin: Trump used False Flag to set up Assad

Sputnik: Mattis asserts he viewed of evidence of CW attack and is not after 'regime change'

Zero Hedge: China sets its own Red Line for N. Korea

Zero Hedge: G7 Fails to corner Russia with sanctions

RT: Trump approves Montenegro inclusion into NATO

April 10, 2017

Zero Hedge: China moves 150,000 troops to N. Korea border

Zero Hedge: White House new red line for Syria. Barrel Bombs

INFOWars: Sub-hunting plane over S. California

Times of Israel: TRUMP and MAY will try to convince Russia to end supporting Syria

Breaking911: State department alert: US citizens to leave Gaza strip

Breitbart: Slim chance Funding for Wall will be budget item

Radio Free Europe: Putin cancels meeting with Tillerson

Your News Wire: UK Ambassador drops truth bomb about Syria

The Hill: Gorsuch sworn in as Justice 

The Guardian: Tillerson says US would rescue civilians anywhere in the world

Sputnik: White Hats release fake videos

Sputnik: WikiLeaks documents reveal US has tried to remove Assad for some time

Breitbart: Mick Mulvaney signals massive Federal cuts

Zero Hedge: Assad blamed for phosphorus attacks

Polizette: WH pushes back on Russian 'disinformation'

Jerusalem Post: Israel closes its border with Egypt

Washington Examiner: McConnell worries Trump may affect 2018 elections

Gateway Pundit: WikiLeaks reveals 2012 emails that show Israel wants Assad out of power

PressTV: Iran FM urges fact-finding mission on CW attacks

Polizette: US veterans warn against scaling up war in Syria

April 9, 2017

AP: Israel calls its tourists on Sinai to return home immediately

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu supports US attacks on Syria

RT: US strike force headed to Korean peninsula

Sputnik: Tillerson claims China ready to take action on N. Korea

AP: 43 dead in Egypt after ISIS attack

PressTV: US crossed multiple red lines

Times of Israel: Iran, Russia and Assad backers threaten retaliation next time

RT: Trump considers sanctions on Russia and Iran

Zero Hedge: Russian and Iran warn US military force will be used next time red line is crossed

Breitbart: Tillerson blames Russia for not cleaning up CW in Syria

April 8, 2017

RT: Ron Paul: They are terrified that peace would return to the Middle East

South China Morning Post: US and China at odds over N. Korea

Your News Wire: Syria fires at US aircraft

Sputnik: China-US agree to high level military de-escalation protocols

SMPC: Hits and Misses of Xi-Trump meeting

The Hill: Trump praises military

Zero Hedge: Left takes to streets "Hands off Syria"

Sputnik: Trump tells Congress "More Action May Come"

Washington Examiner: Expansionist Mark Levin praises Trump

RT: US Senate calls for Hybrid Tribunal on Syria

RT: Russian FM and US Sec of State discuss Syria attacks

Jerusalem Post: Israel should be happy

Daily Mail: Russia is one step from war

AP: War planes bomb town hit by chemical attack

The Guardian: US warns Assad of using CW again

Express: Ivanka may had a role in Missile reprisal

Breitbart: Aftermath of China-US summit meeting

Washington Examiner: Twitter withdraws lawsuit against Trump

White House: Statement on Syria attacks

Gateway Pundit: Susan Rice in January announced Assad voluntarily gave up chemical weapons

Zero Hedge: US sends Aircraft Carrier to N. Korea

Intellihub: McCain encourages Trump to keep up the Syrian attacks

Times of Israel: Iran and Russia vow to fight Assad's enemies

Gateway Pundit: Seth Rich was DNC Leaker according to Guccifer 2.0

Breitbart: Betsy Devos requires additional security

April 7, 2017

Your News Wire: Russia PM: US should brace itself for full military conflict with Russia

Independent: Russia accuses US of having planned attack on Syria

AP: Medledev predicts Russia-US relations will keep deteriorating

Sputnik: Putin accuses US of act of aggression

Telegraph: Top Trump supporters censor Trump

Weekly Standard: NSC agreed to launch attack

Breitbart: Gorsuch confirmed for SCOTUS

RT: US air strikes kill civilians including children

Zero Hedge: Russia warship steams towards US fleet

AP: Haley says US ready to scale up in Syria

Sputnik: US cruise missile attack was pre-planned

The Duran: Russia slams US in UN emergency meeting

The Guardian: Tillerson scheduled to visit Moscow

Breaking911: Assad calls attacks 'arrogant aggression'

Washington Examiner: Priebus may be next to go in WH shuffle

Daily Mail: Third suspect arrested in Sweden horror attack

April 6, 2017

Zero Hedge: Trump launches 60 tomahwak missiles on Syria Government installations

Bloomberg: Republicans go Nuclear to nominate Gorsuch

AP: Russia's support of Assad is not unconditional

PressTV: Tillerson tells Russia to rethink its support of Syria

AP: Devin Nunes steps down from House Intel Committee

RT: Putin scolds Netanyahu on groundless conclusions to Syria chemical attack

Sputnik: Tillerson is convinced Assad is responsible for attacks

Washington Examiner: Pentagon sizing military options for Syria

Polizette: Xi Jinping heads to Florida to meet with Trump

Your News Wire: Effects of WiFi exposed by high school girls

Conservative Review: Ivanka holding secret meetings with liberal special interest groups

Jerusalem Post: Trump plans strike on Syria

Conservative Tribune: After N. Korea fires another missile Tillerson says: "We have no further comment"

News.Com.Au: N. Korea promises 'most ruthless response'

RT: EU grants Ukraine visa-free travel

April 5, 2017

Business Insider: Bannon removed from National Security Council

The Hill: Trump says Susan Rice may have committed crime and will be the biggest story of our time

Washington Examiner: GOP mulls 'nuclear' option on Senate confirmation rules

RT: Trump blames Assad for gas attacks

RT: Haley: The truth is that Russia, Iran and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad have no interest in peace,” 

Zero Hedge: With Obamacare repeal and Tax cut reform dead on arrival, Trump may pivot to war with Syria

PressTV: Syrian FM says terrorists store chemical weapons in neighborhood

Sputnik: Israeli DM accuses Assad for chemical attacks

Daily Mail: Trump says his attitude towards Assad has changed without any fact-finding

Sputnik: Putin reminds everyone chemical weapons were removed from Syria with US help in 2014

Your News Wire: Russia wants to open a fact-finding mission on gas attacks

Times of Israel: Israel blames Assad for chemical attacks

The Duran: Russia vetoes action against Syria

Sputnik: Slaughter of civilians in Yemen ignored by NATO/US

Jerusalem Post: Palestinians won't negotiate peace without a settlement freeze

April 4, 2017

Good: Tax laws cause record number of Americans to renounce their citizenship

WSJ: Trade gap shrinks

WT: Illegal Immigration down 67% since Trump's inauguration

The Hill: Trumpka accuses Trump of bait-and-switch

The Hill: Susan Rice denies charges

Daily Caller: Trump discusses Trillion Dollar infrastructure

AP: Most young people believe Government should pay for healthcare 

TASS: N. Korea fires another missile towards Japan

Yahoo: US says clock has run out for N. Korea

Gateway Pundit: Susan Rice is married to ABC News Exec. Producer, who won't air story of Susan allegations

Conservative Review: Egypt and US are on same page

Polizette: US stops funding abortions abroad

Judicial Watch: IRS documents obtained by Judicial Watch show extreme prejudice

RT: Syrian gas attack kills dozens

YNW: Lebanese PM says Israel wants war

Russia Insider: Russia pounds Turkey-backed group in Syria

April 3, 2017

Your News Wire: Another Obama insider admits Trump was spied on since 2015

The Sun: ISIS releases hit list of US and UK targets

Breitbart: Susan Rice unmasked Trump's transition team

Polizette: 5 Democrats who could regret obstructing Gorsuch confirmation

FFA: Trump asks rhetorical question about Hillary

Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch holds hearings on Weiner emails

RT: 10 killed in St. Petersburg subway

Zero Hedge: Democrats ready to block Gorsuch as GOP ready to go 'Nuclear'

AP: Cyborgs implanted with microchips

Sputnik: Syria considers remaining Turkish troops as occupiers

Jerusalem Post: UN to release document which equates Israeli occupation to US slavery

April 2, 2017

Breitbart: LA TIMES bashes Trump

Breitbart: Jeb Bush trashes Trump

Zero Hedge: China and Russia set to bypass Dollar

Polizette: GOP set to go Nuclear as McCaskill set to obstruct Gorsuch confirmation

Zero Hedge: China intent on installing its labor force in Canada

Intellihub: Genigrich: Russia's interference relates to Democrats

Sputnik: Japan recognizes Bitcoin

NY Post: NY homeless housed in posh hotels

AP: Haley: Russia meddled in election

AP: Egypt's el-Sisi visits Trump

Breaking911: Trump: Find Leakers

Jerusalem Post: US-Israel talks on settlements end

Your News Wire: Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy after 73 child sex abuse suits

April 1, 2017

Your News Wire: Podesta seeks immunity to testify against Hillary Clinton

Gateway Pundit: Podesta received money from Russia during campaign

Daily Caller: Perez says Trump wasn't elected

Breitbart: Trump attacks sleepy-eyed Chuck Todd

Zero Hedge: Bill Maher tells Hillary to stay in the woods

Sputnik: Tillerson not seeing eye to eye with Erdogan

Times of Israel: Jordan says settlements by Israel undermine peace

March 31, 2017

RT: Wikileaks reveals foreign Marble agents

The Hill: Putin rep claims US-Russia relations worse than cold war era

Breitbart: Dept. of Education told to de-couple from Islam curriculum

Sputnik: US House Intel Com. rejects immunity request from Flynn

Daily Caller: Republicans want Trump to fire IRS chief

Times of Israel: US warns Israel on settlements

The Duran: A list of the 17 agencies

Intellihub: Illegal immigration attacked in LA city hall

Gateway Pundit: Sheriffs may face jail time in TX for harboring illegals

C-Span: Hillary lectures on facts

Conservative Review (Opinion): Trump capitulates on border wall to Schumer

March 30, 2017

Breitbart: Katie Ally leaving

Breaking911: WH presents new intel to HIC

Breaking911: Trump signs off on Somalia military ramp-up

Your News Wire: Le Pen vows to destroy New World Order

Breitbart: EU Pres will break up USA

Polizette: Trump lashes out at Freedom Caucus for Healthcare Failure

The Hill: Egyptian-born Dina Powell called as Trump's Ms-Fix-It

Sputnik: White House insiders tipped Nunes on Trump

CBS: Bay Area cities call for Trump's impeachment

RT: Assad's expulsion no more US policy

Jerusalem Post: Italian police stop ISIS bomb threat in Venice

Zero Hedge: Bank equity trading revenues significantly lower

Times of Israel: 2,000 new homes approved in West Bank

Your News Wire: Putin blasts Geoengineering

March 29, 2017

The Hill: "N. Korea may wipe 90% of Americans" rhetoric in motion for a possible false flag

Breitbart: California outlaws undercover reporting by conservative media

Newsmax: Obama staffer arrested for treason

SkyNews: UK hands Brexit Article 50 to EU

Guardian: Merkel rejects one condition by UK

Zero Hedge: Dim-wit Obama lackey slips the truth on Trump spying

AP: 2 former Christie aids get jail time

Ny Post: A time when Huma was planning Hillary's funeral

Daily Caller: Judge Napolitano talks about surveillance on Fox

Your News Wire: Hackers change Islamic call to prayer into porn sounds

Intellihub: Luxury bunkers go through the roof

FFA: TSA's ridiculous pat downs causes mom to lash out

Your News Wire: Chaffetz: "we are going to audit the Fed"

RT: Shots fired in Capitol incident

Washington Examiner: Orin Hatch would let Romney take his spot

Times of Israel: Arab nations warn Israel to not drop 2-state solution

March 28, 2017

Market Watch: Consumer confidence leaps to 16 year high

Daily Mail: Ivanka's new $22,500 chandelier

Right Scoop: Entire DNC staff is fired

FFA: Whitehouse on Lockdown

The Guardian: World's largest dinosaur footprint discovered in Australia

The Hill: Border wall funding put on hold

NY Post: De Blasio fires back at Trump

Gateway Pundit: Immigrant child rapist posts bail and disappears

The Sun: Another White House bomb threat

Detroit News: Ford to invest $1.2 Billion in three Michigan plants

Breitbart: Trump calls investigation into Clinton-Russia deals

RT: Trump ends climate change hoax and war on coal

Zero Hedge: Trump points to Podesta-Russia link

Times of Israel: Huge anti IDF draft protest by Rabbis

The Duran: 5 Stories the MSM won't report on

March 27, 2017

Breitbart: Deep State in full offensive against Trump

Your News Wire: Podesta facing jail time for Russian fiasco

RT: US sends 200 more troops to Mosul

Zero Hedge: NBC hires ex-Obama stooge to provide unbiased commentary

Sputnik: Trump creates innovation office under Kushner

Jerusalem Post: Ties between Jews and Israel at breaking point

The Duran: CONFIRMED: Syria vows to launch Scuds if Israel attacks again

Polizette: Halal store guilty of fraud got a pass

NY Post: Breitbart News denied Capitol Hill press credentials

Gateway Pundit: Jeff Sessions puts sanctuary cities on notice

March 26, 2017

RT: Volcano erupts

Daily Caller: Ukrainian ammo depot explodes

InfoWars: Trump supporters targeted after violence

AP: GOP struggles to govern

Eurasia Review: Russia creates alternative to SWIFT

Breitbart: Schumer promises border wall won't get the votes

Breitbart: Preibus says Trump doesn't want Ryan to resign

Zero Hedge: Trump encourages Twitter followers to listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro (slam Paul Ryan)

Sputnik: Mar-A-Lago Act forces Trump to disclose visitors meeting with him privately

Times of Israel: Hamas leader assassination was planned

March 25, 2017

Bretibart: Pope tells EU nationalism equates to egotism

Zero Hedge: McCain admits New World Order under strain

RT: Hamas promises reprisals for Assassination

INFOWars: Former NSA Chief: Trump was spied on

INFOWars: Alex Jones reads prepared apology for Pizzagate reporting

Your News Wire: Gowdy blames Obama for Flynn leak

WND: Feinstein eats crow

Jerusalem Post: Russia and US promise Israel to get Iran out of Syria

Israel Times: Trump's Jewish son-in-law raises questions of bias

The Duran: ISIS comes to Russia

Daily Caller: Trump staff volunteer to testify in contrast to Hillary's staff

Zero Hedge: Bellagio robbery creates panic

March 24, 2017

Gateway Pundit: POTUS pulls healthcare bill

RT: US ships harassed by Iranian ships in Straight of Hormuz

Your News Wire: Pope holds Quran recital and calls Trump non-Christian

Gateway Pundit: Leader of Women's March stripped of US citizenship and deported

Zero Hedge: Nunes huddles with Comey in closed session

Sputnik: CIA targets citizens' digital devices

Breitbart: If AHCA folds, so could Speaker Ryan

AP: White House concedes healthcare bill defeat

Jerusalem Post: 19 yr. old Bomb Suspect used bitcoin & google voice

DPA: Egypt's Hosny Mubarak is set free

March 23, 2017

Your News Wire: Soros caught paying protesters $15,000 per month

Reuters: Healthcare on the balance

Breitbart: Jubilant ISIS enthusiasts celebrate Westminster attack

RT: WikiLeaks releases dark matter on hacked Apple products

Zero Hedge: CIA whistle bower reveals 2008 election fraud and surveillance state

AP: Schumer vows to filibuster Gorsuch confirmation

Jerusalem Post: Dual Citizen Israeli behind most JCC bomb threats

Daily Mail: The human story in the Westminster attack

March 22, 2017

Your News Wire: Netanyahu schools Putin: Israel will continue its air strikes in Syria

C-Span: Rep. Nunez delivers proof of Surveillance on Trump

WND: Sarah Palin urges Trump to dump Comey

RT: Westminster on lockdown

The Hill: GOP faction to kill Obamacare replacement

Washington Examiner: DNC wants to delay Gorsuch confirmation

Breitbart: Franken hammers Gorsuch

The Duran: Waters tweets Trump to get ready for impeachment

Zero Hedge: David Brock recovering from heart attack

Reuters: Mexico warns companies to not build wall

Mercury News: California state officials warn companies to not build wall

DPA: Germany urges Erdogan to respect rule of law

March 21, 2017

Your News Wire: Putin bans Israel from bombing Syria

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu tells Putin Israel will continue its bombing of Syria

Sputnik: US fleet positions itself in straight of Hormuz

WND: Secret Service had removed motion sensors from WH fence

Israel News: Netanyahu says settlements non-negotiable

March 20, 2017

C-Span: Jamey Comey testifies before House Select Intelligence Committee

The Hill: WH concludes no collusion between Russia and Trump Campaign

NYT: David Rockefeller dies at 91

Your News Wire: Syria shoots down Israeli plane

Jerusalem Post: Israel intercepts 200Kg Syrian warhead

Washington Examiner: Trump says 'Kim Jong-Un is behaving very very badly'

Jerusalem Post: China enters Mid-East talks

Huffington Post: Smears Trump with a broadside

March 19, 2017

RT: Israel defense minister vows to destroy Syrian air force

WND: Merkel agrees to take in 250,000 Syrians per year

The Duran: Putin summons Israeli ambassador to Moscow 

Daily Star: N. Korea threatens to go Nuclear if single shot is fired

Red State Watcher: Hillary and Huma go shopping

The Hill: Rand Paul predicts healthcare bill will fail

YourNewsWire: Former Mayor confesses to pedophilia

Washington Examiner: WH nails NBC over 2005 tax leak

Intellihub: 600 proposals for border Wall expected

DPA: Syrian regime regains control over Damascus

March 18, 2017

Your News Wire: George Soros urges Americans to fight 'evil Trump'

Daily Caller: Author breaks down how resistance to Trump is manufactured

Breitbart: Donna Brazil admits to advancing questions to  Hillary Clinton

AP: Details of Trump wall emerge

Truthfeed: Left will disrupt Town Halls by Right

Washington Examiner: States clamp down on sanctuary cities

AP: Trump's biggest detractor is GOP

Zero Hedge: Trump scraps Climate Change funding at G20

RT: Putin demands explanation for Israel strike on Syria

Times of Israel: 2nd time Netanyahu and Trump envoy fail to agree on settlements

Smoke Room: Melania wears beige shoes with Red ensemble

March 17, 2017

(AP): Trump welcomes Merkel

(Sputnik): Michael Morell, former acting CIA director says no Russia interference in election

(YourNewswire): Wasserman-Schultz provided classified information to Muslim with terrorist links

(MiamiHerald): Venezuela nationalizes bakeries

(DailyNews): Laptop containing Hillary Clinton email investigation stolen from Secret Service

(Polizette): Brutalized Trump supporters at San Jose file law suit

(KoreaHerald): Tillerson has lost patience with N. Korea

(RT): Erdogan threatens to storm Europe with 15,000 refugees a month

(JerusalemPost): Syrian missile aimed at Israel shot down

(YourNewsWire): Israeli jets shot down by Syria

(HollywoodReporter): TV shows fail to connect with audience

March 16, 2017

(TheWrap): Budget cuts target NPR, PBS and NE of the Arts

(RT): McDonald's blasts Trump on Twitter

(CBS): UK approves 3-parent babies

(RT): China threatens Japan

(RT): Queen gives Royal Assent for Brexit

(YourNewsWire): Syria invites Iran to create naval base

(YourNewsWire): Israeli air Force strikes multiple Gaza targets

(JerusalemPost): Trump Budget cuts don't affect aide to Israel

(ZeroHedge): Greek terror cell attacks German Finance Minister

(WND): IRS gives preferential treatment to Satanic cult

(Lifezette): McMullin up to his old tricks again

March 15, 2017

(Breitbart): Obamacare 2.0 rewards Clinton voters

(RT): Saudi prince says Trump is 'true friend of Muslims'

(YourNewsWire): N. Korea prepares for war with US

(TruthCensored): Tillerson pushed to investigate Soros

(WND): Secret Service investigating Snoop Dog

(TheHill): James Comey to testify on Russian interference

(AP): Trump blasts income tax leak

(Breitbart): McCain claims Rand Paul is Russian spy

(AP): Hawaii Federal judge challenges Trump's travel ban

(TimesofIsrael): Wilders beaten in Dutch election

March 14, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Congress launches full George Soros investigation

(YourNewsWire): Trump plays long game with Clintons

(AP): GOP desperate to support health bill

(C-Span): Dr. Tom Price on CBO estimates

(Townhall): 5 Ways WH plans to sell O-Care 2.0

(Breaking911): Canada Girl Guides cancel trip to US over Travel Ban

(ZeroHedge): Gun sales down post-Obama

(Breaking911): Texas Border Agents seize $12 M in Meth

(ZeroHedge): Clintons may be propping up Pence

(WashingtonExaminer): Pence dismisses WikiLeaks claims he is undermining Trump

(FoxNews): State Dept. warns students against travel to Mexico

(DailyCaller): N. Korea threatens US with first strike

(WashingtonExaminer): Trump meets with top Saudi Prince

March 13, 2017

(Breitbart): Judicial Watch pursuing IRS targeting of Conservatives

(WashingtonExaminer): Trump's State Dept refuses to look for Hillary's lost emails

(TheDuran): Russian ambassador met with Clinton staff during election

(INFOWars): Trump listens to Obamacare parties

(YourNewswire): Soros and Dems trying to lower voting age to 16

(DailyCaller): Dems scuttling Gorsuch nomination

(RT): US deploys drones in S. Korea

(ZeroHedge): Seal Team 6 arriving to take out Kim Jong-Un

(YourNewsWire): Thousands to gather in DC for Pedophile indictments

March 12, 2017

(AP): ACLU organizes anti-Trump protest training

(GatewayPundit): The day Clinton fired 93 attorneys

(JudicialWatch): Will hold March 13 hearing to request DOJ pursue Clinton Emails

(AP): Chinese Communist Party hardens rhetoric against Islam

(Breitbart): Gay Pride Parade replaced by Anti-Trump Parade in W. Hollywood

(Washington Examiner): Russians met with Clintons 'lots' of times

(WND): Soft Jihad takes roots in Canada

(NYPost): Russian envoy met with both camps during election

(TheGuardian): Netherlands will pay the price of barring Turkish envoy

(DPA): Over 40% of IS-controlled Mosul retaken by Iraq

(YourNewsWire): 8 Signs Hillary could be arrested soon

March 11, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Anthony Weiner's new evidence about to see Hillary Clinton locked up for life

(Breitbart): Intruder jumps WH fence and is apprehended

(NYPost): Defiant lawyer Preet Bharara fired

(DailyCaller): Chinese Hollywood deals not closing

(RT): Assad says US troops are there illegally

(JerusalemPost): US troops warn Turkish and Syrian rebel forces

(Intellihub): Obama's half brother produces Kenyan birth certificate

(TheHill): Obamacare mired down in politics

(Times of Israel): Trump invites Mahmoud Abbas to WH

March 10, 2017

(FoxNews): AG Sessions asks remaining 46 Obama-appointed attorneys to resign ... full story

(FPM): Sec. of Def. selects controversial under-sec Anne Patterson ... full story

(CNBC): More than 48 Million Twitter accounts are bots ... full story

(WashingtonExaminer) Pelosi: I could have retired if Clinton won ... full story

(AP): Obama stayed in DC to head Shadow Government ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Trump's will break up Wall Street ... full story

(Reuters): Construction jobs see largest gain in 10 years ... full story

(Daily Caller): Elections to remain federalized ... full story

(INFOWars): China warns of first nuclear strike ... full story

(Sputnik): Iran test another mid-range missile ... full story

(Breitbart): 7 Reasons Obamacare 2.0 will harm Trump ... full story ... opinion

(DailyCaller): American bar Association gives Gorsuch highest SCOTUS rating ... full story

(WND): Pope thinking of ordaining married man given shortage of priests ... full story

(TASS): Russian diplomat's cause of death not be disclosed ... full story

March 9, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Former FBI Director: Hillary needs to be shot by firing squad for treason ... full story

(AP): EPA chief states carbon dioxide not responsible for global warming ... full story

(TheHill): Rand Paul produces Obamacare alternative ... full story

(Twitter): Obama's brother Malik reveals Barrack's birth certificate ... tweet

(PresTrumpNews): WikiLeaks Julian Assange gives interview ... video

(INFOWars):  Racist Ramos suggest whites will become minority ... full story

(Breitbart): Flippy the burger-flipper  is here ... full story

(RT): US troops officially in Syria to fight ISIS ... full story

(DailyCaller): Ryan's telling response ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Yield Curve inverts as debt ceiling looms ... full story

(WND): Senate approves ambassador to Israel ... full story

(NYPost): Uber Driver/Lawyer puts cop in his place ... video

(Polizette): Trump faced with N. Korea-Japan saber rattling ... full story

March 8, 2017

(Daily Mail): Linda Sarsour arrested ... full story

(Polizette): Trump job growth in first month 15x that of Bush average month ... full story

(Breitbart): Mexican cartels grew weed deep inside of Texas ... full story

(Reuters): Mexico denies sugar export permits ... full story

(Yahoo): Japan argues for first strike options on N. Korea ...full story

(AP): Women strike to show their economic clout ... full story

(INFOWars): Obamacare meant to turn middle-class into low income renters ... full story

(DailyCaller): WikiLeaks admits 99% of its CIA emails not released, yet ... full story

(The Hill): Senate requests FBI to hand over requests for wiretapping Trump's campaign ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Russia is seeding US shores with dormant nuclear missiles ... full story

(RT) Iran warns US of irreversible consequences after latest maneuvers ... full story

(Sputnik): Israel uses sea drones successfully ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Arab League warns move of US Embassy threatens world peace ... full story

March 7, 2017

(WND): Trump orders report on Honor Killings within US ... full story

(WikiLeaks): VAULT 7.CIA Hacking Tools Revealed ... full story

(Yahoo): N. Korea fires missiles into Japanese waters in preparation for attack on US bases ... full story

(Intellihub): Secret Service investigates threat to assassinate Trump and Pence on Twitter ... full story

(Breitbart):  GOP bash Ryan's plan as Obamacare-light ... full story

(TheDuran): Russian and US top brass meet in Turkey to strategize about ISIS ...full story

(YourNewsWire): Soros tried to overthrow Putin, new memo reveals ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): More than 100 Jews centers have received bomb threats ... full story

(Sputnik: WikiLeaks warns about CIA hacking cars for remotely controlled assassinations ... full story

(DailyMail): Trump upstages Hillary in WH tour ... full story

(DailyCaller): Podesta was paid by Russian bank to end sanctions on Russia ... full story

March 6, 2017

The American Health Care Act ... Site

(Judicial Watch): Judicial Watch sues Treasury, DOJ and CIA ... full story

(INFOWars):  Obama stole from middle class mortgages to fund Obamacare ... full story

(Gateway Pundit): WikiLeaks released list of wiretaps conducted by Obama ... full story

(Daily Caller): FBI investigates 300 refugees for terrorism full story

(Breitbart): Trump signs new travel ban order ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Israeli bulldozers and tanks roll into Palestinian lands ... full story

(TheDuran): Donbass is breaking away form Ukraine ... full story

(Asia Times): N. Korea fires more missiles ... full story

(Sputnik): US ships forced to change course by Iranian vessels ... full story

(RT): 8,000 troops sent to Norwegian-Russian border ... full story

March 5, 2017

(INFOWars): Important Message to President Trump ... full story

(RT): Trump blames DNC for not allowing FBI to investigate ... full story

(Sputnik): Former Director of NI Clapper denies Trump was wire-tapped ... full story

(Zero Hedge): FBI asked DOJ to reject Trump claims of wire-tapping ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Russia kills 19 CIA-funded terrorist commanders in Syria ... full story

March 4, 2017

(YourNewsWire):  President Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize ... full story

(Breitbart): Obama hacked Trump during campaign ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Obama denies he wiretapped Trump ... full story

(RT): Iran tests Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft system ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Pope Francis pushes one-child policy on West ... full story

(TheDuran): Looks like Soros covered his tracks once again ... full story

March 3, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Investigation into Obama stealing GOP funds to support leftist groups ... full story

(INFOWars): Many Dems, including Obama met with Russian diplomats ... full story

(WND-Opinion): 64 Ways Obama is sabotaging Trump ... full story

(Sputnik): China doubles down on its territorial claims ... full story

(The Hill): Trump requests immediate investigation on Schumer's meeting with Russians ... full story

(Breitbart): Rand Paul banned from seeing Paul Ryan's healthcare draft ... full story

(AP): GOP in disarray with Obamacare ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Mass grave of sacrificed babies found ... full story

(Sputnik): Le Pen refuses court summons ... full story

March 2, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Former Hillary-Obama fund raiser Hollywood A-list actress now backs Trump ... full story

(The Telegraph): Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Russia election interference probe ... full story

(WND): Valerie Jarrett moves in with Obama's ... full story

(MSN): Ben Carson confirmed as Sec of HUD... full story

(True Pundit): John McCain keeps spilling his guts to a prankster ... full story

(Washington Examiner): CNN's Jake Tapper miffed that Pence won't sit for interview ... full story

(Truthfeed): Meet the Democrats who stood and applauded Trump ... full story

(RT): Marine Le Pen loses EU immunity ... full story

(Zero Hedge): David Brock used taxpayer money from illicit Israeli intervention to fund Clinton ... full story

March 1, 2017

(Danger&Play): Source of leaks identified. It's not the FBI ... full story

(Daily Mail): 5 minute standing ovation for President Trump ... full story

(The Hill): Unanimous Left and Right on Trump's epic Speech ... full story

(WND): Maxine Waters calls Trump's Cabinet 'scumbags' ... full story

(Polizette): 70% of audience approved Trump's Joint Congressional speech ... full story

(Breitbart): Dow tops 21,000 after Trump's speech ... full story

(Daily Caller): Communists did not applaud Trump on several issues ... full story

(Breitbart): EU to vote on revoking Marine Le Pen's Parliamentary immunity and landing her in jail ... full story

(YourNewsWire): CNN officially a failing company ... full story

(Sputnik): China outmaneuvers US in S. China Sea ... full story

(YourNewsWire): China and Russia veto sanctions on Syria ... full story

February 28, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Dems prepare to upstage Trump's congressional speech with illegals and celebrities ... full story

(The Hill): FBI paid spy to dump dirt on Trump ... full story

(Breitbart): California may go it alone with single payer insurance ... full story

(TheVerge): Massive Amazon server outage affecting East coast ... full story

(RT): Obama's people in WH caused leaks ... full story

(Daily Caller): Trump wants to cut EPA workforce by 3,000 ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Over 1,500 child-trafficking arrests have been made in the last month. MSM silent ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Subway's chicken meals contain only 50% chicken ... full story

(YourNewsWire): US-made missiles found in ISIS stockpile ... full story

(WND): Muslim chaplain over 14,000 US Christian army troops ... full story

(C-SPAN): Presidential address to Joint Session of Congress 8 pm EST ... video

February 27, 2017

(Daily Caller): Anti-Trump sentiments in town halls is manufactured by the left ... full story

(YourNewsWire): DNC announces Hillary will run in 2020 ... full story

(Sputnik): No evidence of Trump - Russia complicity ... full story

(AP): Trump looking at $54B Pentagon budget increase ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Bomb threats on Jewish people continue in US ... full story

(INFOWars): Le Pen continues to surge in polls ... full story

(Variety): Biggest Oscars blunder in history ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): IDF strikes 5 Hamas targets after rocket attack ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Saudi Arabia suddenly offers to strike at ISIS ... full story

(Sputnik): N.Korea - China relations freeze up ... full story

February 26, 2017

(The Hill): Trump tweets the race was rigged for Perez ... full story

(NeonNettle): Trump decreases national debt by $12B. MSM silent ... full story

(Zero Hedge): The Obamacare conundrum leaves State Governors backtracking ... full story

(AP): New glasses could help legally blind ... full story

(The Guardian): Investigation into Russia-Trump Fake News going forward ... full story

(Your News Wire): Pope punishes pedo priests with lifetime of prayer ... full story

(RT): Iran stages massive navy drill ... full story

(WSJ): ISIS using sophisticated drones to pummel enemies ... full story

February 25, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Starbucks stock takes a dive after announcing it will hire refugees ... full story

(Breitbart): DNC new Chair Tom Perez names Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair ...  full story

(INFOWars): China's PLA prepping for war with USA ... full story

(Daily Caller): Democrats plan all out war on Trump ... full story

(YourNewswire): With new AZ law peaceful protesters are guilty by association and subject to asset forfeiture ... full story

(The Hill): GOP town halls out of control ... full story

(Sputnik): Hillary is proud of her campaign ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump unveils steps to building wall ... full story

(YourNewsWire): McCain on the hook ... full story

(Times of Israel): Palestinian leader calls for Iran to attack Israel ... full story

February 24, 2017

(NY POST): Witches organize to cast a mass spell on TRUMP ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Trump orders investigation into Elite Pedophile Rings ... full story

(DailyMail): Top N. Korea denied US Visa ... full story

(Prntly): WH bans CNN, NY Times & Politico from press briefings ... full story

(Hollywood Reporter): Artist disses Academy Awards ... full story

(Truthfeed): NBC intended to take down Trump with Billy Bush tape ... full story

(Breitbart): Trump thrills CPAC ... full story

(Sputnik): Trump to FBI: Find the Leakers Now ... full story

(Intellihub): Podesta hired by Washington Post ... full story

(RT): Iraq strikes ISIS in Syria ... full story

(C-Span): Trump's remarks at CPAC ... video

(The Times of Israel): ISIS attacks Christians at Sinai ... full story

February 23, 2017

(YourNewsWire): US debt slashed by 12 Billion in first month of Trump's presidency ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Project Veritas unloads on MSM ... full story

(The Hill): Bannon tears apart MSM ... full story

(INFOWars): McCain takes unusual trip to Syria ... full story

(YourNewswire): Podesta says Pizzagate is Fake News ... full story

(Natural News): Google begins purge Pro-Trump news sites ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): IDF intercepts Hamas drone ... full story

(AP): US backed Iraqi forces take over Mosul airport ... full story

(Sputnik): Soros behind Trump coup ... full story

(Times of Israel): India enters into a $2.5B missile deal with Israel ... full story

February 22, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Project Veritas ready to unload a ton of videos that will sink Fake News MSM ... full story

(True Pundit): WikiLeaks exposes John McCain having received contributions from Russia ... full story

(Grabien): Brzezinski admits the job of MSM is to control what people think ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Israel's Iron Dome gets an upgrade ... full story

(NY Post): ISIS now has weapons to shoot down low flying planes ... full story

February 21, 2017

(enVolve): U.S. District Attorney to pursue treason charges against Obama ... full  story

(FoxNews): Trump effect biggest in first 30 days since 1909 ... full story

(USA Today): California floods on rise ... full story

(Daily Caller): DHS to proceed with construction of Wall and not repeal DACA ... full story

(The Hill): DHS signals that mass roundups and deportations are not in the works ... full story

(Breitbart): DHS agents now free to do their job ... full story

(RT): China raises concerns over US patrols in S. China Sea ... full story

(Breitbart): Swedish press attacked in NO GO zone in Sweden ... full story

(TheDuran): A fifth Russian diplomat dies in 4 months ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Iran calls on its proxies in Palestine to attack Israel ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Le Pen: Paris on brink of civil war ... full story

(Sputnik): China unwilling to back down without a fight ... full story

February 20, 2017

(Breitbart): DHS authorizes hire of 10,000 ICE agents ... full story

(Fox News): H.R. McMaster named as National Security Adviser ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump slams media lie that Sweden's immigration policy is working ... full story

(InfoWars): NASS wants Trump to repeal Obama's federalization of elections ... full story

(Washington Examiner): Lewandowski criticizes Trump ... full story

(RT): Russian ambassador to UN dies a day before his birthday in US ... full story

(Your News Wire): Former UK Prime Minister engaged in Satanic Child Sex Orgies ... full story

(AP): Mattis predicts US troops will be in Iraq for a while ... full story

(Sputnik): Soros still a free man. For how long? ... full story

February 19, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Newest DNC plan to remove Trump is to invoke 25th Amendment ... full story

(AP): Senior Trump NSC adviser fired for criticizing Trump ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Cleveland Prosecutor says 70 Pedophile cases were never investigated or prosecuted ... full story

(The Hill): Majority of Americans are optimistic about economy ... full story

(Sputnik): FBI confirms there was no collusion with Russia and Trump ... full story

(AP): Congressional Black Caucus will meet with Trump ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Saudis and Israel unite against Iran ... full story

February 18, 2017

(AP): Pence says Russia will be held accountable, US will stand with Russia ... full story

(Daily Caller): Bolton trying to come in as NSA director ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Don Lemon of CNN triggered ... full story

(INFOWars): Trump says MSM is enemy of the People .. full story

(Breitbart): President bypasses MSM to take his message to people ... full story

(RT): F-15's scrambled to intercept plane over President's Florida residence ... full story

(Sputnik): Four NATO nations prefer Russia to protect them ... full story

(WND): Facebook CEO makes case for Globalism ... full story

(Breitbart): Iran starts military drills in defiance of agreements ... full story

(Sputnik): Safe Zones in Syria to be funded by Arab States according to Trump ... full story

February 17, 2017

(Breitbart): Pope says Islamic Terrorism does not exist ... full story

(Sputnik): Tillerson on a firing rampage ... full story

(TheGuardian): Pope takes stance against Trump ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Court forces FBI to release Saudi Arabian involvement in 9-11 ... full story

(C-Span): President Trump speaks at Boeing 787-10 unveiling ... video

(Breitbart): WH denies more fake news about roundup of illegals using the national guard ... full story

(Washington Examiner): Press self-imploded ... full story

(RT): Syria complains to UN of Turkey's repeated acts of aggression ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Netanyahu feels Israel will be more secure after meeting with Trump ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Israel and US defense ministers meet to discuss Iran ... full story

(Sputnik): Syrian army approaches historic/strategic Palmyra ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Tillerson fires most of 7th floor on State Department ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Drug lord Escobar worked for CIA selling drugs ... full story

February 16, 2017

(Rasmussen): Trump's approval now at 55% ... full story

(AP): Trump admin says it will revise travel ban ... full story

(Breitbart): Trump calls out the Press ... full story

(INFOWars): Muslim sympathizers behind Trump leaks ... full story

(RT): Putin says NATO is trying to drag Russia into war ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Michael Moore calls Trump a Russian ... full story

(Sputnik): Petition to ban Soros from USA reaches 10,000 ... full story

(JerusalemPost): Trumps nominee for Israel ambassador is heckled in Senate ... full story

February 15, 2017

(Yahoo): Bibi smiles as Trump says Iran will never get the bomb ... full story

(Breitbart): Evan McMullin says Trump is a 'domestic enemy' ... full story

(WSJ): Spys withholding intel from Trump ... full story

(Sputnik): Spy community bringing out Big Guns against Trump ... full story

(Judiciary Committee): Senate overturns Obama-era gun law ... full story

(Daily Mail): Melania goes to meet the Netanyahu's ... full story

(AP): Two-state solution off the table for now ... full story

(Breitbart): NSA tapping Trump's calls ... full story

(DailyCaller): Labor Sec. nominee withdraws ... full story

(WND): Hacking has DNC fingerprints on it ... full story

(YourNewswire): UK will allow Trump to speak in Parliament ... full story

(TheDuran): Russia says to US it will not return Crimea ... full story

February 14, 2017

(Breitbart): Trump asks Gen. Flynn to resign ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Kenya West's memory wiped clean ... full story

(INFOWars): Russia fears US establishment will assassinate Trump ... full story

(MagaFeed): Head of Secret Service resigns ... full story

(Fox61): Senate confirms Linda McMahon ... full story

(The Hill): GOP Senator wants investigation on Trump-Russia link ... full story

(TheDuran): US hints Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine ... full story

(Sputnik): US troops arrive in Romanian Black Sea port ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Mortars fall on Golan Heights ... full story

February 13, 2017

(AP): Trump considers role of Flynn given his position on Russia ... full story

(AP): Senate confirms Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary... full story

(Sputnik): David Shulkin confirmed as Sec. of Dept. of Veterans Affairs ... full story

(RT): China concerned of US approving Japan's territorial claims ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump meets Trudeau ... full story 

(PANAMPost): Venezuela kicks CNN out for Fake News ... full story

(American Mirror): Confused Waters thinks Trump is responsible for Ukraine crisis ... full story

(Sacramento Bee): Oroville dam expected to fail. 188,000 evacuated ... full story

(Sputnik): US Strike Group pounds Daesh from Mediterranean ... full story

(Sputnik): Syria will seek apologies from countries that destroyed it ... full story

February 12, 2017

(Zero Hedge): 72 people identified as terrorists since 2001 come from banned countries ... full story

(TruthUncensored): Obama will organize 30,000 anti-Trump force ... full story

(AP): Venezuela Asylum requests to US peak ... full story

(Sputnik): Latin America may side with China or Russia ... full story

(YourNewsWire): North Korea fires first ballistic missile to test Trump ... full story

(Daily Mail): Hungary's bounty hunters crackdown on illegals ... full story

(Sputnik): CIA used psychics to spy on Iran ... full story

February 11, 2017

(Truthfeed): Trump releases list of Terrorist attacks ... full story

(Spokesman): ICE conducts raids in 6 states ... full story

(Lifezette): Duke University now offers courses in 'anti-Trump training' ... full story

(The Hill): McCain-Trump feud takes new turn ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Mexicans vow to jam deportation courts ... full story

(Truthfeed): Lou Dobbs: Gorsuch should withdraw his name ... full story

(Your News Wire): US Army prepares for civil unrest ... full story

(Judicial Watch): President of Judicial Watch comments on 9th Circuit Court Ruling ... full story

(Breitbart): #ProtestPP. Nation wide protests to close Planned Parenthood ... full story

(Truthfeed): 750+ Sex Criminals arrested since Trump became President ... full story

(C-Span): DNC Chair candidates discuss future of DNC ... full story

(Sacramento Bee): Muslim group turns down Federal Grant to fight Muslim extremism ... full story

(Intellihub): Russia plans for autumn military exercises 83 times larger than 2013 worry Baltic states ... full story

(DPA): 300 hurt in Baghdad anti government protests ... full story

(Yahoo): Trump to Iran "better be careful" ... full story

(Truthfeed): Merkel offering cash to refugees to leave Germany ... full story

February 10, 2017

(The Hill): WH is considering a new immigration Executive Order in the interest of time ... full story

(Daily Star): Iran warns Trump of 'dark days ahead' ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Europe preparing for cash-less society ... full story

(RT): Thousands in Iran chant Death to America ... full story

(Your News Wire): Assad praises Trump for his immigration policies ... full story

(WND): WH Cyber Security officer fired ... full story

(Your News Wire): Petition on target to arrest George Soros ... full story

(The Duran): Trump agrees to honor One China policy after speaking with Xi ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Israeli Prime minister like to be indicted ... full story

(Daily Caller): BLM blocks DeVos entry to public school ... full story

(AP): Human and Health Sec. takes office ... full story

(AP): Abe talks with Trump ... full story

February 9, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Trump signs orders to crush crime and drug cartels ... full story

(Breitbart): Twitter earnings tank, stock crashes ... full story

(The Hill): Court of Appeals denies Trump travel ban ... full story

(INFOWars): Refugee Program full of fraud ... full story

(The Guardian): Jeff Sessions confirmed ... full story

(Breitbart): Pope says making Mexico pay for wall is not Christian ... full story

(RT): Poll shows Trump administration more thruthful than MSM ... full story

(Daily Caller): NY Times warns Trump about Muslim Brotherhood ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Iron Dome intercepts barrage of missiles fired at Israel from Sinai ... full story

(AP): Syrian war continues despite cease-fire ... full story

(AP): China agrees to stop harvesting organs from prisoners ... full story

(The Duran): Russia may use again Iranian air bases for its air force ... full story

February 8, 2017

(C-Span): Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General ... full story

(Sputnik): Iran conducts another missile test ... full story

(Bloomberg): Republican old guard push for Carbon Tax ... full story

(Breitbart): Women boycott Nordstrom ... full story

(Daily Caller): Muslim charity worries Jeff Sessions will cut off its funding ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Putin must choose between China and the West ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): New Dead Sea scroll cave found ... full story

(Debka): Russia gives Syrian army high precision weapons ... full story

(Debka): Trump talks to Erdogan ... full story

(The Guardian): Pope urges to build bridges not 'walls' ... full story

(DPA): PM May gets parliament approval to start Brexit negotiations ... full story

(Sputnik): US may designate the Iranian Guard as a terrorist organization ... full story

February 7, 2017

(Zero Hedge): US confidence now highest on record ... full story

(Breitbart): Mike Pence casts historic tie braking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos ... full story

(Sputnik): MSM globalists attack Trump on magazine cover ... full story

(Breitbart): Mike Pence casts historic tie braking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Twitter to clamp down on trolls ... full story

(Sputnik): MSM globalists attack Trump on top-tier magazine covers ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Left starts Fight Clubs to bash the Right ... full story

(Zero Hedge): US troop and arms build up continues along Russian border ... full story

(Bloomberg): Iran gets more bellicose ... full story

(Your News Wire): British PM supports Iran nuclear deal ... full story

(Your News Wire): Russia prepares for War with NATO ... full story

(The Constitution): The Paris Agreement on Climate Change relied on Fake Data ... full story

February 6, 2017

(WND): Full list of Republicans backed by globalist Soros ... full story

(Fox News): Soros fingerprints on lawsuits against Trump ... full story

(InfoWars): California Senator says half his family is illegal ... full story

(Daily Caller): Feinstein sides with Trump on Iran ... full story

(AP): Trump wants to let in people who want to love our country ... full story

(RT): 'Do you think our country is so innocent' Trump responds to O'Reilly's statement that Putin is a killer ... full story

(Your News Wire): 30% of DC insiders part of Pedophile Ring ... full story

(DPA): States warn that reinstating travel ban will unleash chaos ... full story

(The Hill): Schumer to GOP 'Work with us to block Betsy DeVos' ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump blocked from speaking to UK Parliament ... full story

(TruthFeed): Sec of Defense James Matis tells N. Korea he won't tolerate their games ... full story

(Breitbart): One case of FGM per hour is reported in UK ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Amid UN warnings, Israel ready to pass historic resettlement Bill ... full story

(Daily Caller): Israel Air Force pummels Hamas ... full story

(The Guardian): China's Communist party says war with US would be a disaster ... full story

(Business Standard): Yemen Houthi Rebels strike Saudi Capital ... full story

(WND): Temple worthy Red Heiffer found ... full story

February 5, 2017

(Your News Wire): 'Void the Election' case reaches the Supreme Court ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Black Rifle Coffee Company announces to hire 10,000 veterans ... full story

(Breitbart): 'Refuse Fascism' thugs at Berkeley were financed by Soros ... full story

(InfoWars): Trump defends Putin ... full story

(ABC): Pence to Iran: don't test the resolve of new President; everything is on the table ... full story

(The Hill): McConnell breaks with Trump on Putin ... full story

(Breitbart): Pelosi wants FBI to investigate what Russia has on Trump ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Appeals court denies Trump travel band ... full story

(Breitbart): Facebook 'independent' Fake News censor  funded by the left ... full story

(Debka): Yemen prepares for US-Iran war ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Iran says new sanctions violate Nuclear Deal ... full story

(Daily Mail): Angola shuts down all Mosques ... full story

February 4, 2017

(Your News Wire): FBI ready to arrest 30 Politicians and 40 other pedophile ring leaders ... full story

February 3, 2017

(Zero Hedge): The Face of Evil. The Climate Change hoax is meant to destroy Capitalism, admits UN official. This zeitgeist that is being perpetrated on the world is nothing more than a luciferian attempt at bringing the world under a one world order... full story



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