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October 30, 2017

Manafort surrenders to FBI

Trump asks why Hillary is not indicted   

3 Arrested in Trump-Russia Prob

Dems rally to protect Mueller from getting fired

FBI investigating Puerto Rico-Whitefish deal

Good chance Trump will not seek re-election

China warns Kim to stop Nuclear tests

Spain imposes direct rule on Catalonia

Puigdemont seeks asylum in Belgium

N. Korea conducts civilian drills

NATO blocks Turkey from its Air Defense

How Jewish Federations spend the money

US assures allies: 'full deterrence' against DPRK

IAEA: Iran fulfilling its part of the deal

IRGC captures key Syrian border crossing

IDF blows up Hamas tunnel to Israel

US skips Knesset anti-Semitic meeting

Iran Air Force drills start Tuesday

October 29, 2017


Reuters: Greater Jerusalem put on hold by US

YNW: Israel ramping up for war with Iran

AP: Mattis : DPRK nuclear attack more imminent

Express: US reveals how DPRK could obliterate California

Wrap: Roger Stone to sue Twitter

The Hill: Trump wants investigation into Clinton link to dossier

Times of Israel:  Israeli Iron Dome protects NY Dome

YNW: Hungarian Pres. Vows to Jail Soros

YNW: Pope: There is no heaven or hell

RT: Petro-Yuan in the making

JPost: Barzani resigns - armed protesters storm parliament

AP: Puerto Rico Gov to cancel $300M Whitefish contract

Sputnik: Puigdemont will remain president of Catalonia

The Telegraph: DPRK holds mass evacuation drills

October 28, 2017

The Sun: Violence erupts in Barcelona

AP: Catalonia to respond with peaceful resistance

JPost: Why Trump is a better fit than Obama

Times of Israel: Jewish role in Russian Revolution revisited

PressTV: Humanitarian situation in Yemen is shocking: UN official

PressTV: Iraq: Wahhabism root cause of terrorism

YNW: The Shadow Government revealed in plain view

Zero Hedge: Qatar admits it, with US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey funded the Syrian 'rebels'

The Hill: 2-man operation gets $300 M contract to restore power to Puerto Rico

FTP: Remember when Wikileaks proved Media collusion with Clinton campaign

YNW: Another Mandalay witness found dead

Reuters: Mattis: Nuclear DPRK unacceptable

October 27, 2017

Zero Hedge: DoD plans major EMP drill Nov 4-6 - When Antifa plans insurrections


Express: Mattis makes it clear to DPRK: War is imminent

YNW: Obama threatened Uranium-One informant with jail

Reuters: Catalonia Declares Independence

Zero Hedge: JFK documents reveal 'false flag' plans plus more

Express: Iran won't cut ties with DPRK

Yonhap: Mattis: We don't want war

KoreaTimes: US Congress to draft Bill prohibiting Trump from launching first strike on DPRK

Zero Hedge: Trump declares WikiLeaks perfectly Legal

RT: Spanish Senate approves Direct Rule over Catalonia

DEBKA: Iranian commandos replace top Syrian Brigade

Breitbart: UK newspaper received JFK assassination tip

JPost: UN Official: Turn Israel into a Pariah State

Zero Hedge: Edgar J. Hoover: Need to pin the assassination on Oswald

October 26, 2017

National Archives: JFK records released

AP: House passes $4T budget with more to come

Bloomberg: Rising rents forcing people on the street

Yahoo: Number of Billionaires up by 10%

CNS: Social Security spends $1Trillion for first time

JPost: Israel ready to use military force on Iran without outside help

Times of Israel: US House passes Bill to inflict sanctions on Iran

Express: Anonymous hacks Spanish gov

PressTV: US Military world footprint

The Hill: Trump declares opiod crisis a public health emergency

Daily Mail: Hillary Clinton facing full investigation

Breitbart: Twitter changes rules on a whim

RT: Twitter bans RT advertising

RT: Tillerson wants to bring Assad reign to an end

Reuters: Catalan leader rules out snap election

RT:  S. Arabia confers citizenship on Robot

October 25, 2017

WSJ: Pressure on Mueller to recuse himself

The Hill: FBI informant released from secrecy pledge will testify before Congress on Uranium-One

Zero Hedge: VP Pence casts deciding vote that allows banks and credit card companies to cheat customers with impunity

Zero Hedge: Senate Judiciary Chair calling for Special Prosecutor to investigate Uranium-One

WaPo: Record high temperatures blister S. California

Haaretz: Israel approves settlements in East Jerusalem

AP: Trump ok's expansion of surveillance state

The Hill: Trump: I went to an Ivy League college

Express: DPRK announces huge Nuclear Test

Yonhap: DPRK owes Sweden

Debka: Saudi Prince to fight fanaticism, promote diversity

SeattleEx: DNC and Clintons paid for Russian dossier

Breitbart: Frank Gaffney: Mueller is absolutely compromised

Zero Hedge: No option but declare new republic: Catalan leader

Breitbart: Trump Admin tightens H1-B guidelines

Sputnik: Ryan wants FBI docs on Trump-Russia

TASS: First ever 5,500 paratrooper drill launched in Russia

RT: USS Nimitz joins USS T. Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan in Korean Peninsula

Reuters: Kurds put Independence on hold

October 24, 2017

CNS: 46% in California don't speak English at home

Breitbart: 1.5 Million fewer Americans on food stamps

Reuters: US condemns Russia veto on new UN investigation of Syria chem weapon attack

BillStill: US becoming Banana Republic

Breitbart: Senate to curb NSA spying

Zero Hedge: 4 in 10 Canadians can't meet basic expenses

Zero Hedge: Artificially pumped market to pop

Debka: Saudis building a new city on Red Sea

Yonhap: US-S.Korea send message to DPRK: We are ready for war

Times of Israel: World must take care of Kurds' future: Netanyahu

Zero Hedge: House launches probe into Clinton Uranium deal

Breitbart: 56% want McConnel to resign

Zero Hedge: Madagascar Black Plague spreading

Sputnik: USS T. Roosevelt arrives in S. Korea

RT: Saudi Arabia to return to moderate Islam

October 23, 2017

AM: Pelosi slip-sliding away

Reuters: DPRK threat: 'critical, imminent'

Breitbart: Jordan endorses Hamas-Fatah alliance

The Hill: Trump won't visit DMZ

Times of Israel: Israel bans binary options

RT: McCain blast draft-dodging Trump

Zero Hedge: Mueller probes Podesta firm

Times of Israel: Ultra-Orthodox block Jerusalem entrance

October 22, 2017

AM: Maxine Waters will 'take out' Trump

Breitbart: Twitter allows anti-Semitism

Express: Jimmy Carter offers to mediate in N. Korea crisis

YNW: Corey Feldman arrested after threatening to name Hollywood pedophiles

Yonhap: USFK officially completes setup of THAAD

Newsweek: S. Korea's decapitation tactic for Kim Jong-Un

The Hill: McConnell gets no support from hopeful GOP Senators

Sputnik: Syria recaptures oil fields

Zero Hedge: Japan's Abe set to win

Times of Israel: US envoy censors Hamas leader for urging Israel's destruction

Debka: Red Alert across Israeli Golan

TASS: US obliterates Raqqa

RT: Italians go to polls for secession

October 21, 2017

NYT: Trump to release final JFK files

Fox: Trump to recall 1,000 US Air Force pilots

Showbiz411: Hollywood films crash

Haaretz: Hamas senior delegation arrives in Iran

Express: Xi: Another missile test means war

BBC: Catalonia rejects Spain's plan to delegitimize it

DailyMail: Israeli female soldier fights off Ultra-Orthodox with martial arts

RT: Tom Steyer launches campaign to impeach Trump

YNW: Sessions under attack for not indicting Clintons

Sputnik: Chinese scientists discover how to grow high yield rice in salt water

Express: Secessionists march by the thousands in Spain

TASS: Russia has no plans to enter nuclear ban treaty

YNW: US State Dept. admits terrorist groups carry out chemical weapons attacks in Syria

Times of Israel: Iran & Syria plan to combat Zionist-American schemes

Reuters: Israel will intensify strikes on Syria, even for spillover fire

Debka: IDF retaliates at Syrian spillover fire

Zero Hedge: The US industry map

AP: Trump keeps the circus going

Reuters: Spain to sack Catalan autonomy

October 20, 2017

Reuters: IRGC to Trump: 'Bring it On'

RT: US admits Al-Nusra using chem weapons in Syria

Sputnik: DPRK sends Olive Leaf to International community

TASS: Lavrov urges implementation of Chinese-Russian plan for Korean peninsula

JPost: Hamas arrives in Iran for talks

Times of Israel: Netanyahu impressing on world leaders to support Kurdish independence

The Hill: Rate of people without healthcare rising since 2014

Daily Mail: Mexican actress had sex with El Chapo

Express: Winter Olympics to precede WW3

JPost: Iran warns Israel not to fly over Syria

Newsweek: Ryan skewers Trump's rump

Express: Canadian burka ban rubs Muslims the wrong way

Express: Russia tells US to remove nuclear weapons from europe or face all out war with DPRK

Debka: Fierce fighting between Iraqi and Kurdish forces in Kirkur

FarsNews: Scores of ISIL commanders escape to Turkey

Zero Hedge: Bill Clinton met with Putin to arrange Uranium deal

YNW: Israeli and NATO weapons found in ISIS hideout

WSJ: US ran $666B deficit in 2017

Zero Hedge: Egregious cases of Asset Forfeiture

Sputnik: Germany to send 3 advanced subs to Israel

Haaretz: Netanyahu declares war on police

FarsNews: Large cache of Israeli weapons found in ISIL stronghold

KoreaTimes: 'Natural ' earthquake hits DPRK

FarsNews: Israel strikes Syrian army in Quneitra

RT: Harvey victim: You won't get hurricane relief if you boycott Israel

Reuters: DPRK: Possessing nuclear weapons a matter of Life and Death for nation

October 19, 2017

Bloomberg: Fewest jobless claims since 1973

Morning Star: DPRK threatens unimaginable strike on US if military drill continue with S. Korea

JPost: Netanyahu: If we're not in the Jordan Valley, Iran will be

The Hill: Jilted Gold Star family story besieges WH

Newsweek: Haley accuses Russia of waging war on US through election manipulation

Express: EU slaps DPRK with toughest sanctions possible

Reuters: Spain denies Catalonia autonomy

Yonhap: Army confident it can destroy DPRK in war

Times of Israel: Hamas chief will only consider wiping Israel off the map

Debka: IDF strikes back at Syrian position

Circa: Clinton-Russia Uranium pay for play

FarsNews: IRGC to continue fight against Zionism

PressTV: Iran seeks regional alliance against US & Israel

Reuters: From Damascus Iran vows to confront Israel

Zero Hedge: Papers filed to disbar James Comey

RT: Another 9/11 false flag in the making by US-funded ISIS

October 18, 2017

AP:  Family of fallen hero: TRUMP showed disrespect

Local10: Trump : Congresswoman made up remarks

RT: Facebook is part of US intel

PressTV: Iran will tear up nuclear deal if US tinkers with it

AP: Trump: Comey knew he had to exonerate Clinton

Debka: Raqqa falls to Syrian forces

FarsNews: US colludes with ISIL

Haaretz: US betrayed Kurds, allowing Iran to gain upper hand

Yonhap: US, S. Korea, Japan seek all diplomatic solutions

Korea Times: DPRK will not give up nuclear weapons

Times of Israel: Haley pushes to punish Iran for terrorist activities

Debka: IRGC place 5 posts in Kirkur

YNW: Unraveling the mysterious California fires

Daily Mail: Scientist prove consciousness continues after death

JPost: Russia agrees to keep Iran & Hezbollah forces away from Israeli border

Zero Hedge: Senate launches inquiry into Clinton Uranium pay-for-play

Sputnik: Soros is cause of instability

TASS: 3,000 police converge on Kiev protests

Zero Hedge: Jesus Campos resurfaces in Ellen DeGeneres show

October 17, 2017

Reuters: Catalonia refuses to renounce independence

FarsNews: Syria intercepts Israeli war planes

Mic: Army bans green card holders from enlisting

The Hill: Bribes, extortion and kickbacks involved in Uranium deal with Russia

Sputnik: Netanyahu will never allow Iran military bases in Syria

Judicial Watch: 2,800 Gov documents found in Weiner's laptop

NYT: Milan & Venice secession referendum on October 22

CNBC: Judge blocks Trump's travel bans

Breitbart: Trump's base bucks Bush era DHS pick

JPost: Israel will not negotiate with Hamas-based Gov

Korea Times: Trump to make two day visit to Seoul

Newsweek: Single Shooter narrative still being pushed

PressTV: Trump threatens McCain

Times of Israel: Arrest follow ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protests

YNW: Pope Francis: Jesus turned himself into Satan

The Hill: WH: Americans will be begging for 4 more years of Trump

AP: Raqqa 90% freed from ISIS

WSJ: Soros transfers $18Billion to his Open Society Foundation

RT: Puting ok's CryptoRubel

Zero Hedge: Mexico, Canada reject US NAFTA revisions

Breitbart: FBI releases incriminating racketeering evidence that could jail Clintons

October 16, 2017

FreeBeacon: NRA official forced to move due to death threats

Zero Hedge: Recession around the corner as Treasury yields flatten

Reuters: Madrid closer to imposing Article 155

Zero Hedge: US decapitation force deployed by submarine to N. Korea

RT: IDF strikes anti-aircraft battery

JPost: Syria warns of serious repercussions after Israeli Strike

Times of Israel: Netanayahu tells Syria IDF ready to strike as needed

YNW: Putin decimates ISIS

Newsweek: Congressional candidate claims she was kidnapped by ETs

FarsNews: Syrian forces discover Israeli-made weapons in terrorist arsenal

Express: Hundreds of earthquakes hit La Palma volcano

Reuters: Kirkur falls to Iraqi control

Haaretz: Trump conjures Anti-Semitic canard with Schumer Jibe

Debka: US threatens to shoot down any Iraqi jets targeting Kurds

AP: Turkey backs Iraq takeover of Kirkur

PressTV: Kirkur residents celebrate Iraqi takeover

RT: Peshmerga call Iraqi invasion a declaration of war

Yonhap: S.Korea chief of Staff considers new strategy to counter DPRK attack

Korea Times: McMaster: Strategy for N. Korea constantly changing

Bloomberg: Billio Barrack throws Weinstein a lifeline

October 15, 2017

Reuters: "Until first Bomb drops" there will be negotiations: Tillerson

RT: Twin bombs blast Somali capital

Sputnik: Kurds face-off with Iranian-backed Iraq

Sputnik: End of PetroDollar

Haaretz: Greek Orthodox church quietly selling Israeli assets at fire sale prices

HAF: 4 Vegas Shooting witnesses dead or missing

Newsweek: Hillary can't decide who is to blame for her loss

The Hill: Staying in Iran deal in best interest of US: Tillerson

Newsweek: Will Trump be impeached removed or resign

JPost: Netanyahu leads chorus of praise for Trump's stand on Iran deal

Debka: Iran-backed Iraqi ultimatum to Kurds to leave

Korea Times: US & S. Korea military assets will merge this week

PressTV: UK & Germany committed to JCPOA

Daily Mail: Two men escape from raging fires

Times of Israel: Kurtz, 31, set to win Austrian election

TASS: Russia tries to convince South and North Korea to enter into talks

Zero Hedge: Russia unveils CryptoRuble

Breitbart: Pelosi turns on Trump

October 14, 2017

VaticanRadio: Pope warns of demon infiltration

Breitbart: CalExit will be easier than CatalonExit

Haaretz: After reading Bible Netanyahu does not believe Israel will celebrate its 100th birthday

AP: California fires now 100 miles wide

Times of Israel: Trump uses Netanyahu's playbook

Bretibart: Weinsten expelled from Motion Picture Academy

Express: DPRK: US will be reduced to ashes

Zero Hedge: Ron Paul: FED bubble endangering world

Haaretz: Who will Russia back in the next war Israel or Hezbollah?

Zero Hedge: Retiring Congressman dumps on Trump

Reuters: Spain to control Catalonia if answer to independence is ambiguous

JPost: Turkey plans to box in Kurds in N. Syria

Times of Israel: Israeli opposition leaders don't want pull out of Iran deal

AP: Trump's EO on ACA hurting the people who elected him

Zero Hedge: FBI in damage control

Sputnik: Russia stockpiling Gold like never before

Express: Switzerland to hold Burka Ban referendum

TASS: US denying Russian experts access to UN meetings

Newsweek: Purveyor of porn offers $10M to impeach Trump

Yonhap: DPRK berates Australia for joining US alliance

KoreanTimes: S. Korea DM visits US nuclear sub

RT: Trump claims he visited the President of the US Virgin Islands

RT: Syria wants immediate and unconditional removal of Turkish troops

FarsNews: Syrian army tightens noose on ISIS

Breitbard: Americans cut their cable in record numbers

October 13, 2017

NBC: More BS  about the FED-stimulated Stock Market reaching new highs

YNW: Erdogan ready to go to war with Israel

Sputnik: US to end support of Saudi war on Yemen

Daily Mail: Trump's plausible assassination would be pinned  on ISIS-Israel

Breitbart: Trump keeps US in Iran Deal

The Hill: Religious Right reveres Trump

Sputnik: The US goes rogue

RT: Iran knows what to do with Trump

Haaretz: Netanyahu congratulates Trump on decision to decertify deal

Express: More than 25,000 forced to evacuate in California fires

RT: Iran pushes back on US sanctions

Express: Hillary to teach at Columbia U

Zero Hedge: Bear Market just around the corner (as FED pulls the plug)

JPost: Iran deal still not kosher

PressTV: Iran-Russia to hold naval drills in Caspian Sea

Express: NATO prepares for ALL-OUT war with N. Korea

Korea Times: US will not attack DPRK without S. Korean consent

FarsNews: Syrian Army cuts off key road connecting ISIS towns

Times of Israel: Labeling IRGC a terror group tantamount o declaration of war

Sputnik: Daesh getting arms and supplies from US

Times of Israel: Rouhani: Trump's decision leaves US isolated

Zero Hedge: Israel protects new ISIS camps near its border

YNW: Ann Coulter: Las Vegas Massacre an inside job

YNW: FBI creates crimes to justify its existence: Assange

October 12, 2017

LA Times: Trump tax plan in conception stage

Sacramento Bee: California Secessionists on the prowl

WA Examiner: New unemployment claims lowest in 43 years

InvestorsBusDaily: Trump's repeal of Clean Power Plan saves Americans $33B

YNW: Robert Downey Jr. weighs in Satanic sacrifice in LV

Zero Hedge: California going up in smoke

YNW: Syrian FM: US is destroying everything in Syria but ISIS

Haaretz: Hamas, Fatah unite

YNW: Largest Pedophile website operated by cops as bait

JPost: Trump will decertify Iran deal

Sputnik: Trump's Exec Order will repeal Obamacare

Zero Hedge: Weinstein hopes for second chance

Breitbart: Border Wall prototypes almost complete

RT: Erdogan accuses US of sacrificing alliance over inept ambassador

Reuters: Immense pressure brought on Trump to re-certify Iran nuclear deal

Breitbart: Trump coming unhinged

The Hill: Trump admin wants reinstatement of NSA spying on Americans, in contravention of 4th Amendment

Daily Mail: FBI probes Weinstein

Reuters: US, Israel leave UNESCO over anti-Israel stance

October 11, 2017

Daily Star: USS Theodore Roosevelt joins USS Ronald Reagan in Korean Peninsula

Bloomberg: S. Arabia wants no dissent

FarsNews: Iran asks US to think twice before going past point of no return

Haaretz: Trump hates everyone in White House

Zero Hedge: Bannon: Trump has 30% chance of finishing his term

Breitbart: Girls can now join Boy Scouts

Reuters: EU tries to uphold Iran nuclear deal

Zero Hedge: O'Keefe drops another bomb on news manipulation

YNW: Mandalay valet goes missing after he says Paddock came with little baggage

FK: New Reports about Mandalay pouring in

Newsweek: Trump will not be afforded full state visit in UK

Korea Times: Seoul and DC to hold strategic talks

Bloomberg: Trump calls Trudeau great friend

Zero Hedge: Sears Canada liquidation leaves 12,000 Canadians unemployed

AP: Hotel worker has new story about Mandalay shooter

The Hill: GOP pressing McConnell to resign over gridlock

PressTV: Iraq issues arrest warrants for organizers of Kurdish referendum

PressTV: IRGC Commander: US provides logistics support to Daesh

Times of Israel: US Jewish Democrats want Trump to keep the Iran deal, after they opposed it

Zero Hedge: Newt bashes Bannon over strategy to split GOP

Reuters: Rajoy of Spain seeks to invoke Article 155

RT: Syrian FM to Russia: US along with ISIS is killing Syrians

TASS: Russia ready to mediate between Iran and S. Arabia

Reuters: Trump challenges MSM licenses

October 10, 2017

Project Veritas: NYT busted 

Express: US warships challenge Chinese islands

BBC: DPRK hacks S. Korea-US war plans

YNW: Who is the FBI working for?

Express: Spanish Navy arrives in Barcelona

AP: Trump stoops to lash "Liddle Bob Corker"

JPost: Al-Jazeera infiltrated US pro-Israel groups

Debka: Catalan leader opts for negotiations instead of Declaration of Independence

FarsNews: Senior Iranian Commander: Trump Admin needs Shock

Daily Star: Trump to visit N. Korea Border in November

Zero Hedge: Trump claims he has a higher IQ than Tillerson

Zero Hedge: Spain ready to invoke Article 155- the 'nuclear option'

RT: DPRK needs 5 years before its missiles can reach US

LA Times: 150 missing in wake of Napa valley inferno

Newsweek: Trump could be impeached for obstructing Russian Probe

Yonhap: Promotion of new DPRK FM may lead to high level negotiations

Korea Times: DPRK celebrates anniversary without provocations

October 9, 2017

CBSLA: Columbus Statue covered

Zero Hedge: Spain makes veiled death threat

YNW: Soros knew Mandalay was going to be hit

Guardian: The Wall is all Politics

Express: Mattis: Stand ready for war

PressTV: Russia and China repeat restraint over N. Korea

Newsweek: S. Korea builds blackout bombs for DPRK

The Hill: Corker: Trump is setting up country for WW3

YNW: Erdogan accuses US & UK of funding ISIS

Times of Israel: UK supports Iran deal

Reuters: Turkish Lira Stocks Tumble

JPost: Trump becoming expandable

AP: Trump Scottish Lodge in the red

RT: Iran stern warning to US

October 8, 2017

Fox: Pence walks out of Colt's game

Sputnik: Outgoing Sen. Corker bashes Trump

TRO: Guns and murder Stats

Bloomberg: Wynn: Paddock's behavior would have raised red flags

Newsweek: Trump budget kicks people off Food Stamps

YNW: Audio analysis of LV shooting

The Hill: Pelosi, Schumer slam Trump's new immigration principles

JPost: The implications of historic Russian-Saudi alliance to Israel

Korea Times: Trump 'Madman' strategy affecting economy negatively

The Hill: Gun control dominates Sunday talk shows

PressTV: US does not allow Daesh to be uprooted

Express: Brazil faced with Southern states secession

Zero Hedge: Iran threatens US military will be at risk if nuclear deal rescinded

JPost: IDF strikes Hamas target in Gaza

Times of Israel: Thousands gather at Western Wall for Priestly Blessing

RT: Hundreds of thousands rally in Barcelona against Catalan independence

WaPo: GOP on track for increasing budget

NYT: ISIS surrenders en masse

October 7, 2017

TimesPicayune: New Orleans braces for Cat 2 storm

YNW: Who benefits from the Mandalay massacre?

Zero Hedge: Trump hints only war will work for N. Korea

YNW: DOJ orders US Attorney's office to release Seth Rich files

Sputnik: DPRK accuses US of fueling war on terror for World Dominion

RT: Taliban wants to unite with ISIS (?)

Daily Mail: Another London car attack

YNW: New California Law penalizes use of wrong gender pronoun

Sputnik: Iran strikes back at Trump

Debka: How Iran circumvented provisions in nuclear deal

Newsweek: DPRK claims US tried to assassinate Kim Jong-Un

Yonhap: S. Korea THAAD radar had 1000Km range

Express: Pro-Unity Spaniards take to streets in Madrid

PressTV: Israeli spy cell arrested in Lebanon

RT: DPRK calls for nationwide resistance to Trump

Bretibart: Trump wants right to have equal time on MSM

October 6, 2017

WU: Tropical Storm moving up Gulf

Sputnik: Female Warriors fight Daesh

PressTV: US approves $15B THAAD contract to S. Arabia

AP: Trump's 1-2 directives met with outrage

Times of Israel: AP-NORC poll gives Trump 24% approval rating

Zero Hedge: DPRK to test long range missile that reaches US West Coast

YNW: Antifa to strike on Nov 4th

Times of Israel: Jewish LV Mayor weighs in

BillStill: LA Shootings Facts

Zero Hedge: Pompeo to replace Tillerson floating about

CNS: Bump-Stock approved by ATF during Obama's tenure

Reuters: Spain apologizes, changes tone

Zero Hedge: Bombardier slammed with 300% Tariff

Yonhap: DPRK to remove US occupation from S. Korea

Debka: Saudi king warms up to Putin

Zero Hedge: US suspends joint drills with Saudis

RT: Brutal police repression unites Catalonians

RT: ISIS fires from US stronghold

FarsNews: Syrian army pushes on terrorist by Golan Heights

Breitbart: Trump: Calm before the storm

Express: 33,000 jobs lost in September

CNS: Participation rate at 63.1%

October 5, 2017

Express: LVPD: Paddock did not act alone

Zero Hedge: This is the calm before the Storm: Trump

YT: ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILLS a day before the shooting at Mandalay

RT: Russia and Saudis sign multi-Billion dollar deals

Sputnik: Russia reaches out to Venezuela

The Hill: Sessions immersed in transgender discrimination

Express: Spain threatens Catalonia with greater Evils if it doesn't abandon independence

YNW: Antifa receiving training in Syria

YT: Multiple guns firing simultaneously from Mandalay

YNW: Soros-Clintons funding Antifa

PressTV: Syria will never forget Iran's sacrifices

Haaretz: S. Arabia will buy S-400 systems from Russia

Newsweek: Bump Stock sales soar

Bloomberg: Catalan leaders divided on timing of split from Spain

AP: Spain's top court halts Catalan Parliament Secession meeting

TASS: Russian Submarines fire missiles at ISIS in Syria

Breitbart: Trump urges Senate to investigate Fake News Outlets

Reuters: ISIS driven out of last Iraqi stronghold

October 4, 2017

NBC: Tillerson called Trump 'moron'

TPX: The Bellagio also got hit

Breitbart: Newt goes AWOL. Wants Semi-Auto ban

The Hill: Trump rips NBC apart after 'moron' comments

AP: Paddocks girlfriend returns for questioning

Zero Hedge: IRS hires Equifax to safeguard taxpayer data

Zero Hedge: Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS

Newsmax: Trump wipes Puerto Rico debt clean

Reuters: Catalonia to declare independence on Monday

Reuters: Russia aiding N. Korea

Breitbart: Dimms back-off gun control

Newsweek: Tone-deaf Trump is all about number$ not people

YNW: Trey Gowdy questions Mandalay Lone Wolf theory

Times of Israel: Dimms want Trump to re-certify Iran deal

Breitbart: The Anti-American Donors on the Left

Yonhap: S. Korea urges N. Korea to seek peaceful solutions

Times of Israel: Trump told UN official Netanyahu bigger problem than Abbas

TASS: Moscow wants US forces  to coordinate with Syrian forces

Sputnik: Trump at loggerheads over Iran deal with Tillerson/Mattis

October 3, 2017

AP: Trump lands in Puerto Rico

YNW: Reports of multiple gunmen in Vegas shooting

WaExaminer: Trump slashed Federal Register by 32%

RT: Lavrov: US staging fatal provocations in Syria

RT: Mattis: Iran is compliant with nuclear deal; let's stay with it

Times of Israel: Israel's DM says Assad has won Civil War

Express: Greek pensioners face more cutbacks

PressTV: Netanyahu to build more settlements on West Bank

Reuters: Cuban diplomats ousted from US

Breitbart: Historic Anti-Abortion Bill goes before Senate

Zero Hedge: Catalonia to declare independence in days

NYT: Mattis contradicts Trump on Iran deal

YNW: Antifa plans to lure conservatives into kill zones

TASS: Putin lambasts war hysteria over N. Korea

PressTV: As Assad gains ground Israel wants more US intervention

Bloomberg: Trump says Puerto Rico has thrown budget out of whack

Debka: Hamas transfers Gazan Administration to Fatah

Yonhap: N. Korea workers leave China after tougher sanctions

FarsNews: Syrian army makes gains over terrorists

YNW: Australian guest saw multiple gunmen

Times of Israel: Hamas will not disarm

Breitbart: Trump wobbling on gun control

Sputnik: Google and Facebook start spreading fake news about Vegas shooter

Breitbart: Kimmel's egregious mendacity

RT: Israel surrounded by Iranian and Russian forces wants US backing

Reuters: Tens of thousands of Catalans take to the streets to protest police violence

October 2, 2017

Daily Mail: Massacre in Vegas, 58 dead - 515 injured

YNW: Coordinated attack. 2nd shooter seen on 4th floor

Zero Hedge: Iran deploys tanks to Iraq-Kurdistan border

JPost: Paddock's brother is interviewed

YNW: Sessions will not prosecute any big names

Times of Israel: Mossad Chief: Iran closer to Israeli border than ever before

The Hill: Dimms jump on tougher gun control band-wagon

AP: Bizarre attacks on Cuban US embassy

Rense: Was Paddock another Lee Harvey Oswald?

Independent: Woman warned people were going to die before attack

Rappoport: Conflicting reports on Paddock

PressTV: Rohingya suffering unimaginable

Reuters: Russia feeds DPRK internet connection

TASS: 900 hurt in Catalan referendum

RT: Russia and S. Arabia set up $billion energy fund

Newsweek: Paddock had 10 guns in his room

Fars News: Terrorists in retreat in SE Syria

October 1, 2017

Spain military police brutalizes referendum voters

The Sun: Carnage in Canada

Zero Hedge: 80% want Catalan independence

RT: Barcelona mayor wants end to police brutality

TheTelegraph: Rubber bullets fired at Catalan voters

Breitbart: Spain suppressing vote by force

YNW: Russia has evidence US - UK fund and arm ISIS

YNW: Facebook colluded to elect Hillary Clinton

Newsweek: Trump won't fail on N. Korea

JPost: Nasrallah tells Jews to leave Israel before next war

PressTV: Hezbollah Chief: Israel is pushing for war

Times of Israel: Zuckerberg on Yom Kippur asks for Forgiveness

Reuters: Trump tells Tillerson not to waste his time with Little Rocket Man

Express: China looking to replace DPRK leadership

Debka: Yemen Houthi's threaten to attack Israel

PressTV: Iran decries terror attacks in France and Canada

Sputnik: Erdogan: Turkey doesn't need EU membership

September 30, 2017

Fox: Trump slams Puerto Rico mayor

The Hill: San Juan Mayor: relief is not about Trump's 'petty comments'

Breitbart: Trump happy NFL players standing for anthem

Debka: ISIS opens office on Sinai

Yonhap: US diplomacy with DPRK hollow for lack of competent negotiators

Express: Catalonia celebrates victory before referendum

YNW: Assange: First Internet war has begun

RT: N. Korea will respond to US threats with nukes

Reuters: US using back channels to communicate with N. Korea

September 29, 2017

TheSun: S. Korea banks brace for EMP

YNW: Captured ISIS warrior confesses he works for USA

Express: No one satisfied with Angela Merkel

Times of Israel: Hardline Iranian military 'prays to God' Trump will cancel nuclear deal

Newsmax: Trump's Health Secretary resigns

YNW: Hefner was silenced

Daily Caller: Matt Drudge: No difference between Dems and Repubs

Seattle Times: Americans blame Facebook for fake news

RT: China wants DPRK firms in China closed

Breitbart: Defining the Wall

Korea Times: DPRK vows to shoot down US bombers

Haaretz: Wh opens probe on Ivanka and Jared private emails

Newsmax: Economy hits 3% growth target

Express: Japan bracing for Oct 10. DPRK provocation

The Hill: US empties Cuban embassy

YNW: Trump threatens to destroy NWO: Rothschild

JPost: US State Dept. Distances itself from its ambassador to Israel, again

Breitbart: Swiss Parliament  bans foreign funded Mosques

AP: US encourages no travel to Cuba

Zero Hedge: Syria and US trade blame for supporting ISIS

RT: N. Korea arrives in Moscow for top level talks

Reuters: Trump to travel to Asia in Nov.

September 28, 2017

Fox: Trump vs NFL Owners

Sputnik: Whisteleblower finds refuge in Russia

Express: DPRK warns 5 Million soldiers have enlisted

AP: Money running out in Puerto Rico

YNW: Putin first world leader to destroy chemical weapons

Times of Israel: Russian TV series pins Revolution on Trotsky

Zero Hedge: Trump waives Jones Act to rescue Puerto Rico

TASS: Russia hails Syria for helping Kurds

RT: DPRK accuses 'Lunatic' Trump

Reuters: Russia tells US to step back from nilitary observation flights

September 27, 2017

AP: Obamacare survives

Breitbart: Puerto Rico faces apocalyptic devastation

Express: Putin fires ICBM test

Times of Israel: Interpol accepts Palestine as full member

Haaretz: What women still can't do in Saudi Arabia

Newsmax: Rosenberg resigns as DEA chief

PressTV: 7,000 flee as Vanuatu volcano about to erupt

Newsweek: Only 37% think Trump can handle N. Korea

WSJ: Canada not safe haven for illegals

Breitbart: Trump: All I do is Work

Zero Hedge: Ron Paul warns War with N. Korea could start with false flag

Reuters: Mattis greeted with rocket fire and grenades in Kabul

September 26, 2017

Daily Mail: Bag explodes in tube

Reuters: Trump: Military option would be devastating

Reuters: Russia builds bridge across Euphrates to move troops

Zero Hedge: Hillary compares Trump to Putin

YNW: Hillary Clinton: Defending National Anthem is racist

JPost: Saudi King Allows Women to drive

Times of Israel: Rabbis use High Holiday to bash Trump

Reuters: The Yays have it in Kurdish referendum

Debka: Kurdish and Iraqi armies sign deal

Fox: DPRK threatens EMP strike

RT: Ruble now world's strongest currency

Haaretz: Israel supports Kurdish independence

AP: Puerto Rico desperately needs help

Newsmax: Hillary to Trump: Send help to Puerto Rico

Express: DPRK moves war planes to East Coast

YNW: US conducts airstrikes in Syria

AP: N. Korea lacks power to knock down US planes

Zero Hedge: N. Korea boosts defenses after declaration of war

RT: US-S.Korea drills provoke N. Korea

September 25, 2017

Reuters: DPRK considers Trump's remarks a declaration of war

Reuters: WH: We've not declared ward on DPRK

Sputnik: China first military base overseas has live-fire drill

Breitbart: Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months for sexting to a minor

FP: California prepping for Nuke attack

Sputnik: France to build economic bridges with Iran

FarsNews: Iraq takes measures following Kurdish referendum

Haaretz: German-Israeli relationship question by new German government

Yonhap: China and DPRK incommunicado

KoreaTimes: DPRK has right to shoot down US bombers

PressTV: Iraq starts military drills with Turkey along border

The Hill: Dimms urge Trump to focus on more important issues

JPost: Trump distracts from crucial issues with NFL tweets

Times of Israel: Tensions high after Kurdish vote

YNW: Russian photos prove US special forces backing ISIS

Zero Hedge: Angry NFL fans burn jerseys

AP: Puerto Ricans hunt for WiFi signals

TASS: Turkey, Iran and Russia working on deescalation zone in Syria

September 24, 2017

Haaretz: Trump says Iran working with N. Korea

YNW: Trump warns Hawaiians of DPRK nuke strike

Newsmax: Trump issues new travel restrictions

Reuters: Merkel wins far right

Haaretz: AfD vows to 'hunt' Merkel

EurasiaReview: Israel seeks UNSC seat

YNW: Celebrities flee LA after "Big One " earthquake warning

Politico: Kushner used private email to conduct WH business

PressTV: Trump on DPRK: "they won't be around much longer"

Daily Mail: NFL defies Trump

Debka: Syrian 9th army and Hezbollah forces enter Beit Jinn near Mt. Hermon

The Hill: Mnuchin: NFL players can do free speech on their own time

Sputnik: 62 Theologians accuse Pope of heresy

Yonhap: Both S. Korean parties blast N. Korean FM speech

KoreaTimes: DPRK releases doctored photos of destroyed US assets

FarsNews: Iran closes airspace to Iraq-Kurdistan region

FarsNews: Saudi-led coalition launches 70 strikes on Yemen in one day

Times of Israel: Iran shows Russian-made S-300 anti-ballistic defense system

PressTV: Iraq will not allow creation of ethnic Kurdish government

JPost: Sanders: US complicit in Jewish occupation of Palestine

Zero Hedge: Ted Cruz won't support Graham-Cassidy repeal Bill

AP: Thousands homeless after Mexico quake.

Zero Hedge: Leaked Trump tax plan cuts taxes for uber-rich

TASS: Lavrov: US won't strike DPRK for fear of nuclear retaliation

Breitbart: Fire or Suspend Players. Trump turns up the heat

Rense: New Nation of Good Hope secedes from S. Africa

September 23, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump calls out NFL

Reuters: Iran tests new missile

PressTV: Lavrov: Trump and Kim in kindergarten fight

RT: US B-1B Lancer Bombers fly off N. Korea coast

RT: Trump dubs Kim "Little Rocket Man"

RT: DPRK FM :  Rockets to US 'Inevitable'

Yonhap: Anti-US rally held by N. Korean masses

Korean Times: DPRK FM vows merciless attack on US at any sign of decapitation

YNW: Bernie wants to cut ties with Israel

Newsmax: New Wall be see through: Trump

Yonhap: China limits oil to DPRK

Debka: Iran shoots rockets, too, with no US action

Newsmax: Hillary Clinton: Trump worse than I thought he'd be

AP: S. Korea detects earthquake in N. Korea's nuclear test site

Times of Israel: Israel says Iran missile test threat to US

JPost: Syrian Deputy PM to UN: Israel supports Syria's enemies

Zero Hedge: NFL Chief lashes out at Trump's SOB comment

Truthfeed: Trump challenges Sessions to lock Hillary up

Reuters: New quake hits S. Mexico

September 22, 2017

TruthFeed: Clapper admits Trump was wiretapped

Zero Hedge: Russia warns US it will retaliate if Syrian or Russian forces are struck by US proxies

JPost: UNSC opposes Kurdish independence

PressTV: Iran negotiations with US fruitless

Korea Times: US N. Korea chicken game 

Haaretz: Israel simulates war with Hezbollah

Zero Hedge: Florida county tickets residents for destroyed homes

PressTV: Trump has caved in to deep state Generals

FarsNews: Iran unveils new long range missile

Express: A nuclear test in pacific will end Kim, warns US

YNW: Mattis may use Kinetic weapons on DPRK

Reuters: Iran boost missile capabilities

RT: Lavrov urges for cool heads to prevail

JPost: Ex-CIA Officer: American Jews are driving American wars

AP: McCain deals death blow to Obamacare repeal

TASS: Lavrov wants to see US-Russia cooperation in Syria

WaPo: Kim threatens 'mentally deranged U.S. dotard'

Times of Israel: Trump: "madman" Kim Jong-un to be tested like never before

Zero Hedge: Israel strikes Syrian positions

September 21, 2017

Daily News: Puerto Rico without power for months

RT: US led coalition vows to avoid confrontations with Russia

FarsNews: DPRK compares Trump to a dog barking

Yonhap: US based drills fire missiles

Newsmax: Tillerson and Haley at odds over Iran nuclear deal

Sputnik: Trump to pile more sanctions on DPRK

YNW: China detains Bitcoin executives

Reuters: Nuclear deal cannot be renegotiated: Rouhani

Times of Israel: Rouhani calls Trump 'rogue newcomer'

Zero Hedge: Equifax directs 200K customers to phishing site

RT: Duerte would kill his own son

Reuters: Mexico reels after earthquake

September 20, 2017

Reuters: Maria lashes Puerto Rico

RT: Iran-Venezuela cast Trump as New Hitler

Sputnik: John Kelly's reaction to Trump's speech says it all

Express: DPRK ready fro preemptive strike

Yonhap: Moon Trump to hold talks this week

The Atlantic: France and America part ways

Korean Times: World isolating DPRK with expulsion of amabassadors

Daily Mail: The dramatic moment when John Kelly broke down

The Hill: 5 Things to know about the Obamacare repeal Bill

YNW: S. Arabia and UK sign military cooperation deal

Zero Hedge: Trump has decided on Iran Deal

Times of Israel: Iran's Rouhani ratchets up the rhetoric

FarsNews: IRGC top commander: time to correct US miscalculations

PressTV: Daesh attacks Iran convoy in eastern Syria

JPost: Israeli search and rescue teams sent to Mexico

Breitbart: Trump stoops to mock Hillary for criticizing his speech

September 19, 2017

AP: Trump takes on UN

KTUU: 7.1 Earthquake hits Mexico City; 100+ dead

CNN: Maria devastates Dominica

RT: Putin orders seaports to stop accepting the dollar

Times of Israel: Netanyahu praises Trump's bold UN speech

Debka: Israeli  missile takes down Hezbollah drone

RT: Syrian facing heaviest resistance from US forces

The Hill: Trump's base continues to erode

YNW: Onward Together funded Antifa

Daily Mail: Trump blasting Iran draws applause

CBS: Puerto Rico resorts to rationing before Maria hits

Reuters: Trump: UN will be forced to totally destroy N. Korea

Breitbart: Climate change advocates admit they were wrong

September 18, 2017

Reuters: Florida Keys - Irma's devastation

Zero Hedge: $700 Billion in unpaid nominal mortgages in wake of Harvey and Irma

AP: CAT 3 Hurricane Maria plowing through Caribbean

Hurricane News: Hurricane Jose to flood eastern seabord

Sputnik: Trump criticizes UN for mismanagement

RT: DPRK says the more sanctions the faster it will develop its nuclear program

TASS: Putin visits Zapad 2017 War Games

JPost: US and Israel celebrate first US base in Israel

JPost: Iranian commander threatens to reduce Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust

Times of Israel: Netanyahu to Trump: We must address terrible nuclear deal with Iran

PressTV: Rouhani: US will pay high price if it scraps nuclear deal

Newsmax: McMaster: US must move with urgency on DPRK

AP: US Navy fires two commanders in connection with recent accidents

Debka: Syria-Hezbollah to depend on Russian backup

Epoch Times: Poll shows 58% of Americans support military action against DPRK

Yonhap: DPRK slams UNSC for new sanctions

September 17, 2017

AP: St. Louis violence for second night

Reuters: US has exhausted options on DPRK: Haley

Newsmax: If diplomacy fails, Mattis will take care of it: Haley

YNW: Ex-President of Egypt Morsi sentenced to 25 years

Times of Israel: Ultra-Orthodox clash with IDF over draft

JPost: Kurds flying Israeli flags

RT: Trump calls Kim Rocket Man

September 16, 2017

Daily Mail: Threat alert raised to CRITICAL in London

Politico: Dems worried leadership getting to cozy with Trump

Daily Mail: Trump shakes his wife's hand

CNN: McMaster: no more road to kick the can on

Debka: Syrian-Hizbollah troops cross Euphrates eastward

The Hill: California Bill bolsters sanctuary state provisions

YNW: Mueller targeting Trump supporters on Facebook for possible Russian connections

Sputnik: US in line with Full Spectrum Global Dominance

Reuters: DPRK seeks equilibrium with US

RT: China encourages dialogue between US and DPRK

Breitbart: Kelly compromised Trump on Amnesty

September 15, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump outraged by tube bomb

Zero Hedge: Trump's tweets on tube bomb spark outrage

JPost: UK PM chides Trump over tweets

Korean Times: Moon: talks with DPRK impossible

CNBC: Stocks peaking

Sputnik: US Senators call for sanctions on Turkey over S-400 deal

RT: End of Petro-Dollar around the corner

JPost: Russia rejects Israeli request for buffer zone in Syria

Newsmax: Immigration Bill cannot include Chain Migration: Trump

September 14, 2017

Times of Israel: Russia refuses Israeli demand to keep Iran forces 60 Km away from border

Reuters: DPRK fires another missile over Japan

Daily Mail: Trump does another 180 on DACA

Breitbart: Trump vacillates on DACA

KoreaTimes: US and DPRK held secret meeting in Switzerland

The Hill: Right explodes in anger over Trump's immigration push

Newsmax: Trump: No Wall then nothing

YNW: CIA influenced over 2,000 Hollywood productions

Breitbart: Trump: the Wall is renovation of old fences

RT: Russian submarines strike ISIS targets in Syria

JPost: Trump to sign resolution condemning white supremacists

AP: Mattis : US not intimidated by DPRK

Zero Hedge: Trump's base goes apoplectic

Sputnik: Pentagon selling Russian weapons to Syrian Rebels

Sputnik: DPRK threatens Armageddon on Japan

RT: DPRK vows to reduce US to darkness and ashes

September 13, 2017

Politico: The Left is stranded

7NewsMiami: Power outages cause deaths at senior home

Newsmax: 25% of FL Keys homes gone

Debka: Iran bolsters forces in Syria

Breitbart: Satanist team up with Planned Parenthood

PressTV: Jimmy Carter: Trump has failed

CNBC: Face ID on Apple not looking good

The Hill: Senate votes down Paul's Bill

YNW: Mossad agent disguised as ISIS leader caught in Benghazi

Reuters: Russia war games unnerve the west

Zero Hedge: Pentagon covers its tracks as it sells weapons to Syrian rebels

Fox: Sanctions nothing compared to what's next: Trump

Sputnik: US-Japan practice urban warfare in preparation for attack

Sputnik: Moscow S-400 sale to Turkey frazzles US

RT: Bomb threats cause evacuations in Moscow

Arutz Sheva: Israeli firm picked to build US border wall

Breitbart: Congress does not want border wall : Ryan

September 12, 2017

RT: Syrian forces on collision course with US-backed forces

Reuters: UNSC tightens screws on DPRK

AP: Macron inspects unprecedented devastation in Guadalupe

PressTV: China big banks stop doing business with DPRK

Daily Mail: Millions return home after Irma, without power

Times of Israel: High court strikes down postponement of ultra-Orthodox draft

YRN: Trump may be drugged

JPost: Hezbollah leader boasts they defeated ISIS in Syria

September 11, 2017

NYT: All the food is gone in St. Marten

Daily Mail: Irma's aftermath

Yonhap: UNSC resolution to cut off oil  exports to  DPRK

Reuters: IRMA inundates Havana

RT: DPRK promises 'greatest pain and suffering' over new sanctions

KoreaTimes: Merkel to lead coalition against DPRK

Sputnik: Merkel, Putin denounce DPRK for not adhering to UN sanctions

Zero Hedge: Saudi Prince secret visit to Israel

AP: Trump touts official vacuous 9/11 narrative

YNW: Venezuela ditching US dollar

TASS: US presence in Syria violates international law: Lavrov

September 10, 2017

BBC: River surges in Miami

Newsmax: FL Governor: Biggest thing you can do now is pray

Breitbart: Hillary will never run for office again

Times of Israel: Pray for everyone as Irma pummels Florida

Debka: Russia-US pincer on ISIS

Your News Wire: US ramps up DPRK rhetoric in UN

Express: Kim Jong-un warns 'there is no way out' for US

Zero Hedge: Crane collapses in Miami

JPost: Reflections on 9/11

AP: Death Toll 90 in Mexico earthquake

RT: Irma sucks away miles of ocean

Sputnik: Putin: There will be no new Korean War

September 9, 2017

Breitbart: Irma aims for Tampa

Your News Wire: Israel launches airstrikes on Syria

AP: Irma updates

RT: Irma hurtles toward Florida (live feed)

Fox: Voter fraud in New Hampshire: story unfolds

PressTV: Philippines rejects Daesh offer

Newsmax: Trump offers Relief to French Caribbean

Express: N. Korea celebrates National day

AP: Nature has gone nuts

Express: Japan makes evacuation plans in view of DPRK threats

JPost: Jewish groups fighting over FEMA funding

Times of Israel: PA sues Greek Orthodox church over land sale

FarsNews: Syria captures ISIS stronghold

Zero Hedge: A third of Florida's population evacuated

September 8, 2017

Newsmax: Trump orders military to shoot down any DPRK missile aimed at US territories

Daily Mail: Miami turns to ghost town ahead of Irma

Zero Hedge: Greatest evacuation in history

Reuters: 270,000 Rohingya refugees  flee to Bangladesh

AP: Powerful quake rocks Chiapas, Mexico

Express: Hurricane Katie takes aim at Mexico

JPost: Netanyahu's admin in tatters

Debka: Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border post  now controlled by pro-Iranian forces

Arutz Sheva: Syria demands UN take action on Israel

The Hill: House passes Harvey Relief Aid

Newsmax: Trump: Hurricane Irma has Absolutely Historic Destructive Potential

Times of Israel: Rabbi: Jews may travel on Sabbat to escape Irma

Express: UK troops arrive in Caribbean as looters pillage

NBC Miami: Live

RT: DPRK: Nikki Haley 'political prostitute'

TASS: Terrorists in Syria should be obliterated: Lavrov

Breitbart: Kushner coordinated Dem support for DACA amnesty

September 7, 2017.

CBS: Miami Mayor: Evacuate for Nuclear Hurricane

Breitbart: Chuck and Nancy and I want to see something happen: Trump

KoreanTimes: Abe, Moon push for oil embargo on DPRK

Debka: N. Korea-linked chemical lab in Syria destroyed

Yonhap: Australia supports strong sanctions on DPRK

The Hill: Trump to DACA youth: You have nothing to worry about.

NewsPunch: Irma destroys 95% of homes in Barbuda

Zero hedge: Two nuclear power plants in Irma's path

Times of Israel: Israel's opposition to Syrian ceasefire manifests in attacks

Sputnik: US evacuates 20 Daesh commanders

TASS: Russia and China agree sanctions on N. Korea useless

RT: Israeli plane strikes Syrian position

September 6, 2017

DailyMail: Irma packs 185 mph winds. Most powerful storm on record.

Daily Mail: Trump tweets Irma largest ever

NewsPunch: Navy evacuates 5,000 ahead of Irma

Newsmax: DPRK threatens US power grid with EMP

Yonhap: More THAAD to be deployed in S. Korea

Rodong: School for orphans completed in DPRK

Rodong: DPRK Government Economic Delegation leaves for Russia

PressTV: Netanyahu hails advances in Israeli-Arab ties

Express: China shoots down DPRK missile

Breitbart: Zuckerberg will fight in courts and Congress for DACA

Sputnik: Military action not first option: Trump

JPost: Assad pushes ISIS out of east Syria

AP: Ryan-Trump to arrive at compromise

Zero Hedge: Trump sides with Dems to raise debt ceiling short term

Zero Hedge: China closes N. Korea border crossing

September 5, 2017

Daily Caller: Virgin Islands approves gun confiscation ahead of Irma

AP: Irma develops into CAT 5  packing 180 mph winds

Zero Hedge: Hurricane Jose to follow Irma

AP: Post-Harvey reconstruction takes precedence over Wall

AP: Trump phases out DACA

Yonhap: Seoul/DC to deploy US strategic assets

Reuters: Kim promises gift packages to US

Debka: IDF simulates war

The Hill: Hillary blames Sanders for her defeat

Express: Putin: World headed for Catastrophe

Times of Israel: Jewish groups oppose Trump's DACA decision

RT: US nurtured ISIS

September 4, 2017

Daily Mail: Come to end of the road with N. Korea

RT: Trump will be deposed if he blocks trade with China

Zero Hedge: China slams Trump's threat as unacceptable

AP: S. Korea simulates attack on DPRK

Reuters: China pledges new funding for BRICS

Times of Israel: Thousands to stage mock war with Hezbollah

September 3, 2017

WSJ: Kim tested nuclear bomb

Korea Times: N. Korea nuclear test successful

Newsmax: Trump on attacking DPRK: We'll see

RT: Putin and Xi to deal with N. Korea

Zero Hedge: Appeasement will not work

REuters: US closure of diplomatic sites 'blatantly hostile act'

NewsPunch: Tax dollars paying for Opium trade

AFP: Mattis: US will launch massive military response

Times of Israel: Trump should attack DPRK: ex-Israeli Intel chief

Yonhap: Moon seeks to completely isolate N. Korea

AP: Japan debates preemptive strike

September 2, 2017

Newsmax: Ryan, McConnell ready to fund aid for Harvey

AFP: Canada builds winterized shelters for migrants crossing border

USA TODAY: DACA immigrants petrified

Sputnik: Petition to designate Soros  a terrorist reaches 100K threshold on WH website

JPost: Auschwitz medic unfit to stand trial

Arutz Sheva: Cabinet to green light new Binyamin region community

Breitbart: Cali AG ready to fight DACA in court

Times of Israel: Chance for Trump to show empathy in his second visit

Express: Kim Jong Un: US plan to de-nuke DPRK 'a silly dream'

NewsPunch: Trump: Comey rigged Clinton investigation

Breitbart: US Chamber of Commerce against Trump's DACA plan

September 1, 2017

CNS: 94,785,500 unemployed

Marketwatch: 156,000 jobs added in August

Breitbart: Trump: FBI rigged investigation in Hillary's favor

RT: Defector says US-trained rebels sold arms to ISIS

RT: Putin on N. Korea: Conflict imminent

Zero Hedge: Looters siphon car gas tanks post-Harvey

August 31, 2017

FOX: Hillary charging big money for book tour event

TASS: Russia told to close 3 Consulates in US by Sept 2

Reuters: US bombers drill over Korea

NewsPunch: Lord Roth dumps US stocks

Yonhap: US sends B-1Bs and F-35s to Korea

Newsmax: US releases 500,000 barrels of oil in strategic reserves

Zero Hedge: Comey exonerated Hillary before the investigation began

Times of Israel: Bibi forced by court to reveal his daily convo's with Adelson

Zero Hedge: China operates Sewbot factories in US that make shirts for 33 cents

FreeBeacon: SPLC sends millions to offshore accounts

RT: China says it will never allow war on its doorstep

Breitbart: Trump to end DACA

August 30, 2017

SFGATE: Feinstein expresses hope for President

CNBC: GDP up 3%

Bebka: Russian-Syrian Airborne radar cover Israel

Newsmax: Flooding shuts largest US refinery

Zero Hedge: Matis contradicts Trump

BluntForceTruth: Antifa chanted destruction of US

TruePundit: FBI case on Awan and Hina Alvi investigation blocked

RT: Talking is not the answer for N. Korea: Trump

Express: Monsoon floods kill 1,200 in Asia

RT: Theresa May won't rule out military and cyberattacks on N. Korea

NewsPunch: US Coalition seizes Syrian oil supply

LATimes: 30,000 National Guards called in long term rescue

August 28, 2017

Daily Mail: Kim Jong Un fires missile over Japan

AP: Harvey keeps dumping on Texas

Debka: Israel losing its leverage over Syria

Breitbart: Eight resign from Trump's infrastructure advisory council

Lizette: UN censures US free speech

NewsPunch: YouTube banishes Ron Paul

Express: N. Korea ready to detonate nuclear device

News Punch: Two 19th century novels predict Trump's presidency

Zero Hedge: Drone footage of flooding

Times of Israel: Israeli DM warns will use great force in next war

JPost: If Iran expands in Syria Israel will bomb Assad's palace

RT: Trump militarizes police

August 27, 2017

Daily Mail: Harvey inundates Houston

Breitbart: Podesta group subpeonaed by Mueller

Breitbart: Arpaio hits McCain back

JPost: US Jewish groups condemn Trump for pardoning Arpaio

Times of Israel: Hezbollah weapons buildup must be addressed

Sputnik: China and US Steel war

August 26, 2017

AP: Trump lowest approval ratings reach historic proportions

AP: Historic storm pummels Texas

Times of Israel: AJC slams Trump

Sputnik: Saudi Arabia and Israel to intervene in Syria

JPost: Jews and Muslims team up to protect freedom of Religion

AP: NRA to media "We're Coming for You"

Zero Hedge: Congress quietly votes warrant-less searches Bill

Breitbart: Trump signs disaster declaration for Texas

August 25, 2017

RT: Saudi airstrikes continue to ravage Yemen

Sputnik: Too few US forces in European Command

JPost: Abbas: No solutions forthcoming from USA

PressTV: Russian nuclear capable bombers fly near DPRK

Newsmax: Far left extremists destroying America

The Hill: Yellen defends Frank-Dodd

Daily Mail: Hurricane Harvey, one for the record books

Times of Israel: Cohn weighs in on C-Ville

Yonghap: N. Korea fires three missiles

The Hill: Trump pardons Arpaio

AP: Trump imposes harsh sanctions on Venezuela

Zero Hedge: US diplomats suffered traumatic brain injuries

RT: DPRK threatens Britain

August 24, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump taps Lou Ferrigno to head council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

Reuters: Judge orders release of Anti-Trump user data

Newsmax: Kelly will screen all intel before it gets to Trump

News Punch: Whisleblower found dead

Times of Israel: Lebanese beauty queen stripped of title after visit to Israel

JPost: Kushner: Israel and US closer than ever

Sputnik: Domestic failures steer Trump into foreign policy blunders

RT: Germany will not side with US in N. Korea war

Breitbart: Globalists in WH killing Trump's ideas

RT: Iran must withdraw from Syria or Israel will defend itself

TheSun: Venice Mayor orders snipers to shoot anyone shouting Allahu-Akbar

Augut 23, 2017

RealClearPolitics: Tear Gas disperses crowds

RT: Egyptian FM cancels meeting with Kushner

AP: Bibi meets Putin over Syria

Express: S. Koreans want Trump to get rid of DPRK

NewsPunch: The truth about 9/11

The Hill: Seven take-aways from Trump's speech

Zero Hedge: Former CIA agent raising funds to buy Twitter and delete Trump's account

Sputnik: US continues demonization of Assad

Breitbart: Trump calls media enemy of the people: Scarborough

August 22, 2017

Breitbart: Media loves Trump speech

The Hill: Neocons thrilled over Trump's speech

Newsmax: Laura Ingraham slams Trump's speech

Business Insider: Far right deplores Trump's speech

Sputnik: White House on lockdown

Zero Hedge: China threatens retaliation

PressTV: Tensions rise as S. Korea-US joint military drills

TASS: Mossad chief to accompany Netanyahu in official Russia visit

RT: N. Korea not moving an inch on nuclear

August 20, 2017

Hollywood Reporter: Jerry Lewis passes away

Sputnik: Syria to be partitioned

PressTV: Iranian missile program continues unabated

Newsmax: 6 reasons Bannon was fired

JPost: Abbas: With WH in chaos what's the point of Peace Talks?

Newsmax: No Sweetness and Light for GOP

RT: DPRK warns: US-S.Korea drills could trigger nuclear war

August 19, 2017

CNBC: Boston Free Speech rally ends early

AP: A glimpse at a struggling President

Breitbart: Bannon now knows who the enemies of the American people are

The Hill: The Kelly factor

Korea Times: Moon believes Kim nearing red line

Your News Wire: Crowds for Hire were paid $25/hr to protest

Times of Israel: Hamas summer camp teaches youth to fight Israel

Zero Hedge: The Trump Presidency we fought for is over

RT: Europe should wake up to clash of civilizations

August 18, 2017

NYPost: Steve Bannon ousted

Daily Caller: Gingrich: Presidency at risk

Sputnik: 75,000 troops ready for joint US-S. Korea drills

Zero Hedge: Breitbart wages war on WH

Reuters: Venezuelan Constituent Assembly assumes power to legislate

Express: Trump will resign: Tony Schwartz

RT: US Cyber Security elevated to independent status

Zero Hedge: America could turn dangerously toxic

August 17, 2017

NYPost: Trump blasts removal of Confederate statues around the country

Newsmax: Clergyman wants removal of George Washington statue

Reuters: US forces to stay in Syria for decades

Zero Hedge: Walls closing in Wasserman Schultz

The Charlotte Observer: US-S.Korea military drills could ignite war

Newsmax: Rep. Cohen to introduce articles of impeachment

Zero Hedge: Pelosi demands 'reprehensible' statues be removed

The Hill: DNC out of cash

WaPost: Bannon unplugged

RT: Trump causes Amazon to lose $5B of its value

Your News Wire: I have killed people but not as many as Hillary Clinton: Duterte.

CNBC: Gary Cohn disgusted with Trump

Mirror: 13 dead, dozens injured after truck plows in Barcelona

August 16, 2017

Bloomberg: Trump ends business councils

CNBC: Branson weighs in on Universal Basic Income

Jerusalem Post: Trump misses moral clarity

The Hill: Not one Republican will come on air to defend Trump

Newsmax: DOJ wants names of users of anti-Trump web site

Bretibart: Threats force Hollywood to remove confederate memorials

Your News Wire: Ultra-Orthodox Jews reject Zionism and burn Israeli flag

Zero Hedge: Gary Cohn deeply disgusted by Trump

RT: Kim Jong Un made wise decision over Guam. Trump

August 15, 2017

WSJ: Doomsday cancelled

The Sun: Kim could be suffering from Roid-Rage

Your News Wire: Charlottesville was an inside job

PressTV: Rabbis involved in baby trafficking

Yonhap: Now is not the time to discuss detained US citizens

Newsmax: Matis would know within moments if DPRK missile was aimed at US

Reuters: Anti-Trump protests in wake of Charlottesville

Times of Israel: 3 CEOs resign from President's Manufacturing Council

Sputnik: Satellites spot DPRK missiles prepared for launch

Zero Hedge: Chain store stock carnage

Arutz Sheva: Iran ready to scrap nuclear deal

August 14, 2017

Breitbart: Trump condemns racism

Blunt Force: Iranian parliament chants death to America

Reuters: Iranian drone comes close to aircraft carrier

RT: Upon hearing DPRK planning missile strike around Guam, Pentagon says: 'It will be game on.'

Daily Mail: N. Korea boasts deepest underground train system

Zero Hedge: Ukraine likely source of N. Korea missile engines

JPost: Enrollment of Chinese students in Israeli universities skyrockets

RT: Russia warming up to Iran in joint energy programs

Times of Israel: Swiss hotel  forces Jews to shower before entering pool area

Your News Wire: Russia nuclear physicists back Putin's claim that DPRK is false flag for WW3

Korea Times: China to stop importing N. Korea seafood & resources

August 13, 2017

Sputnik: A look at Russia's missile shield

Express: N. Korea prepares Submarine Missile Launch

August 12, 2017

Fox: N. Korea is ready to launch

Reuters: Venezuela lashes back at US

Sputnik: China will side with N. Korea

Sputnik: Arms stocks surge

August 11, 2017

NYT: Trump: Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded

RT: China won't allow US pre-emptive strike

Daily Mail: DPRK could reduce US to ashes at any moment

Your News Wire: Putin: N. Korea has zero nukes and trillions in rare earth minerals

The Hill: Trump to send Kushner back to ME peace talks

Newsmax: 82% of Americans fearful of a nuclear war

Pacific Daily News: Guam governor prepares residents

Jerusalem Post: N. Korea threatens to punish Israel thousand fold

Reuters: Moscow snaps up oil assets in Venezuelan crisis

Zero Hedge: China will prevent a N. Korea regime change

August 10, 2017

RT: Roger Waters of Pink Floyd lashes out at musicians who won't boycott Israel

InfoWars: Israeli Intelligence leak: McMaster briefing Soros daily on WH takeover

Times of Israel: Israel's curious relationship with N. Korea

Your News Wire: Israel blackmails Congress

Zero Hedge: Mueller's search for dirt

Newsmax: Trump admin playing good cop bad cop

Zero Hedge: Pentagon unveils plan for preemptive strike

Express: South Koreans fear Trump more than Kim

August 9, 2017

Miami Herald: Canadian military beefs up border crossing

Newsmax: Sessions offers Hillary plea bargain

Daily Mail: Mattis wants to end DPRK regime. Trump is ready to send bombers tonight

JPost: Bitcoen just for Jews ready

August 8, 2017

Breitbart: McMaster in league with Soros.

Sputnik: Trump breathes fire and fury

August 7, 2017

Reuters: N. Korea ready to teach US a lesson

RT: Russia to uncouple from US dollar in retaliation to sanction

JPost: Trump slams Jewish Senator Blumenthal

Zero Hedge: Trump undoes Kelly's impact with Twitter storm

August 6, 2017

Reuters: Venezuela military coup crushed

Breitbart: NeverTrump movement still strong with GOP

Sputnik: Syria accuses coalition forces of flagrant violation of Int'l laws

Zero Hedge: Loretta Lynch used her Grammy's name as avatar in her emails

JPost: Russia and Iran cement ties

Newsmax: Flake disapproves chants to lock Hillary up

Express: French region to vote for reunification with England

The Hill: GOP debates deep cut to corporate tax rate

Times of Israel: Trump mistaken

RT: Lavrov and Tillerson chat-up sanctions

NYPost: Sessions, Trump make up

August 5, 2017

NYT: GOP ramping up to replace Trump in 2020

Breitbart: Ryan opposes immigration cut

Yonhap: US prepares for 'preventive war' with DPRK

Zero Hedge: Oliver Stone: America's vast 'Stupidity' in Sanctioning Russia

AP: Floating forest in NYC provides free food for the taking

Your News Wire: Facebook employees forced to live out of their own cars

The Hill: McConnell on HealthCare: Feel Better. Hillary could be President.

JPost: Trump defends pro-Israel DHS chief

RT: Heatwave Lucifer to kill 150,000 Europeans

August 4, 2017

Sacramento Bee: Union boss wants ICE out of State mediation offices

AZCentral: McCain to revive Gang of Eight immigration Reform

CNBC: Bond Bubble about to Burst: Greenspan

The Hill: China will be on DPRK's side in a war

Newsmax: McCain slams Trump over Afghanistan

Express: Trump to Kim: Don't sleep easy

Your News Wire: China warns DPRK about to detonate EMP over US

RT: Kremlin-Trump agree ties at lowest point

Times of Israel: Netanyahu probe involves bribery, fraud

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu challenged to rebuild destroyed settlements

Arutz Sheva: Netanyahu surges in polls

Sputnik: China threatens S. Korea

PressTV: Ceasefire called in Baltimore

Sputnik: Trump sends forces in Afghanistan for the 'minerals'

Jerusalem Post: Kushner disqualified himself from the Peace process: PLO

RT: Trump: look into Hillary's 33,000 lost emails

Breitbart: McMaster increasingly blows his top

AP: WH seething over leaks

CNN: GOP approval rate sinks to 10%

August 3, 2017

WaPo: Leaked conversations between Trump and world leaders

AP: Trump decries vacations, but takes one

Zero Hedge: We will never dance to Trump's tune: China

Sputnik: McCain wants Assad out

Reuters: China claims India building up troops

Jerusalem Post: Rabbi: Pride Parade in Jerusalem causing more damage than benefit

Your News Wire: Ron Paul: Neocons pushing Trump to WW3 with Iran

Newsmax: Trump thinking of sending McMaster to Afghanistan

Express: Trump is a threat to the whole world: Schultz

Zero Hedge: Potty-mouth Scaramucci tapes released

Your News Wire: Pedophiles run music business: Justin Beiber

RT: Trump blames Congress for deteriorating US-Russia relations

CBS: Denver protects illegals

August 2, 2017

The Hill: Trump Curbs Legal Immigration

Rasmussen: Trump approval down to 38%

Sputnik: Trump: Sanctions will bring China, N. Korea & Russia closer together

Jerusalem Post: Auschwitz bookkeeper fit for prison

Your News Wire: Lindsey Graham: Destroy N. Korea

Times of Israel: Tillerson does not agree with Trump on Iran deal

Zero Hedge: Dollar drops to lowest level since 1985

PressTV: Russia embassy hit in Syria by rebels

FarsNews: Syria Army strikes ISIS depot in Raqqa

CNBC: Dow clears 22,000

RT: China MoD to India: Leave our lands or face war

August 1, 2017

NY Mag: The Scoop behind the Mooch

RT: US to boost S. Korea presence

Zero Hedge: 1/4 Trilion in US Savings wiped away

Reuters: Iran blames US for breaking nuclear deal

Zero Hedge: Hally: We're done talking about N. Korea

AP: Trump campaign was too dysfunctional: Kushner

JPost: There may be no solution to ME peace: Kushner

Daily Mail: Lawsuit pinning Seth Rich Story on Trump

Your News Wire: Israel shuts down Al jazeera

Express: Greeks planning secret GreExit

The Hill: Senate GOP paying no mind to Trump's healthcare demands

Breitbart: Foreign Workers brought in to build American plants

July 31, 2017

NYT: The Mooch got the Boot after only 10 days

Daily Mail: No Chaos in WH: Trump

Breitbart: Summer Olympics go to LA in 2028

RT: Berlin asks for retaliation

Reuters: Russia wants US embassy in Moscow downsized

The Hill: Trump wants Congress to pay healthcare premiums

Express: Trump: US will take care of N. Korea

Newsmax: Trump cabinet holds Bible Study

CNBC: US slaps Venezuela with sanctions

Zero Hedge: S. Korea preparing for surgical strike on DPRK

July 30, 2017

Jerusalem Post: A White House Circus

Fox: US ready to use overwhelming Force

Business Insider: They [China] do nothing for us with North Korea, just talk: Trump

Newsmax: Trump & Scaramucci speak the same language: Gingrich

The Sun: US supersonic B-1B bombers practice for N. Korea strike

WSJ: China parades its latest missiles

RT: US tests THAAD missile over pacific

Sputnik: Russia reveals Drone bomber

TASS: Putin reviews Naval Parade

Zero Hedge: Gold Fever hits California

The Hill: Trump's plan to privatize Air Traffic Control falls off the sky

Express: Macron turns his back on his supporters

Yonhap: S. Korea upgrades Patriot Missiles

PressTV: UK Stripped 150 terrorists of citizenship

Wikileaks: Mueller delivered Uranium to Russians

AP: Republicans want to investigate Clinton

Reuters: Internationalization of holy sites is declaration of war

Breitbart: American people have spoken in favor of Obamacare: Pelosi

July 29, 2017

NYT: S. Korea starts building its own missiles

RT: S. Korea and US fire their own live missiles

Zero Hedge: Kim J/U: Entire US within our range

Yonhap: N. Korea discloses video of missile launch

Korea Times: China condemns DPRK missile launch

AP: Another US town bites the dust

Rodong: Iran invites DPRK senior official

Jerusalem Post: Top 50 most influential Jews

Reuters: Venezuela poised to re-write its Constitution

Breitbart: Dems want Pelosi to go

The Hill: Trump: Republicans looks like fools

PressTV: London Mayor compares Trump to a school boy

FarsNews: 7 US military bases established in E. Syria

Newsmax: Trump urges Senate change to 51 majority vote

TASS: Trump ready to sign Russia sanctions Bill

Sputnik: Tillerson: Sanctions on Russia will improve relations

RT: US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ships for second time

Breitbart: US embassy personnel pulled out of Venezuela

July 28, 2017

Yonhap: China objects again to THAAD deployment in S. Korea

Reuters: N. Korea fires another missile

WSJ: China bolsters border with N. Korea

Daily Mail: N. Korea missile lands in Japan's territorial waters

AP: Russia thins out US diplomats in response to sanctions

AP: Scaramucci scorches smoldering WH circus tent

Breitbart: John McCain put country over party: Hollywood

Zero Hedge: Sessions gets cold feet investigating Lynch, Clinton and Comey

Times of Israel: Protests against Israel mount in Jordan

Reuters: Moon wants more THAAD protection

Express: Venezuela on brink of civil war. US embassy emptied

Political Insider: ME adviser under McMaster resigns

PressTV: US slaps sanctions on Iran after its rocket test

Express: Pope tries to find converts in the Amazon

Newsmax: Trump: Let ACA implode then deal

Bloomberg: Why 27 Million are not insured

RT: Moscow considers all options to bring US back to its senses

FarsNews: Syrian army cornering ISIS in last stronghold

July 27, 2017

The Hill: The Mooch: Reince is a paranoid schizophrenic

WSJ: Priebus' days are numbered

Reuters: DPRK ICBM threat advancing faster than expected

AP: GOP still intent on passing Obamacare-light

Los Angeles Times: Wall must wait until  winter

Daily Mail: Boys Scouts apologizes for Trump's political attacks

RT: Putin may keep his air force in Syria for half a century

Express: House gives Trump $1.6 B for the Wall

Jerusalem Post: More mayhem on Temple Mount

Times of Israel: Jordan's King rips Netanyahu apart

Newmax: Sessions hurt by Trump, but will stay on

Your News Wire: Putin: Russia will respond to sanctions

Breitbart: Ellison wants revolution

Sputnik: DPRK wants US to kneel and apologize

TASS: Putin: China-Russia cooperation not aimed at any country

July 26, 2017

NYT: Trump to keep Transgenders out of military

Arutz Sheva: Senate rejects Obamacare repeal 55-45

Express: Trump rewards Paul Ryan

Yonhap: N. Korea expects US to kneel and apologize

Fox: Sessions' investigation of leaks still 'in the works'

RT: Germany against US sanctions on Russia

WaExaminer: Scaramucci taking leak on him seriously

WaPo: Leak that Sessions is to be replaced during recess surfaces

AP: Wasserman Shultz fires Awan

Newsmax: Ann Coulter unloads on Trump

Zero Hedge: Sweden leak exposes all

Express: DPRK plans to resume war with US tomorrow

The Hill: Trump keeps aim at Sessions

Times of Israel: Abbas orders mass protests

Zero Hedge: The Mooch eyes Obama holdovers

PressTV: US Senator calls Trump 'crazy'

PressTV: US-Russian relations in uncharted territory

Yonhap News: N. Korea warns of preemptive strike

Rodong: Roving Russian ambassador visits DPRK

Sputnik: Iraqi forces detonate munitions factory

Telegraph: Trump's visions of being added to Mt. Rushmore all in jest

July 25, 2017

McClatchy: Senate blowback puts Trump on notice

Zero Hedge: 419-3 vote passes sanctions on Iran, DPRK & Russia that POTUS can't veto

Zero Hedge: Brennan aims for a coup

Bretibart: The Scar axes Short

SacBee: CalExit back on board

RT: US fires warning shots Iranian ships

The Blaze: Imran Awan arrested at Dulles, trying to flee US

Sputnik: Tillerson on the verge

Business Insider: Tillerson takes time off

Your News Wire: Zuckerberg will not fear AI Overlords

Jerusalem Post: Russian military police monitors safe zones along Golan Heights

Bretibart: Trump shoots himself in the foot

TASS: Erdogan announces S-400 deal with Russia

Fars News: Syrian army captures US, French arms headed for rebels

Yonhap News: DPRK vows nuclear strike if US decapitates Kim

Zero Hedge: Trump unloads on Sessions

PressTV: UAE to release to doc of Qatar's role in 9/11

Daily Mail: Erdogan calls on Muslims to 'visit' and 'protect' Jerusalem

Arutz Sheva: Israeli FM to Erdogan: see to your own business

Newsmax: McCain's back says 'we're getting nothing done'

AP: Trump bombs at Scout Jamboree

July 24, 2017

Breitbart: Trump unloads again on Sessions

AXIOS: Trump considering Giuliani for AG

PressTV: Tillerson may be unhitching his horse

Breitbart: 8,471 cases of double voting

RT: Sweden, NATO hold drills in face of Russian threat

Sputnik: Iraq wants serious military and political Russian presence

Times of Israel: UNSC meets over Temple Mount crisis

Times of Israel: Israel cabinet decides to remove metal detectors from Temple Mount

Your News Wire: Israel into organ trafficking

Zero Hedge: FBI collects smashed DNC hard rives

Express: China-Russia war games make EU nervous

TASS: In two months Russia struck rebels in Syria 6,000 times

Sputnik: US calls Ukraine insurgency Russian Aggression

July, 23 2017

Axios: The Scar will stop the drip-drip

Breitbart: Muslims rename town 'Trump Village'

RT: Russia no longer top US threat

RT: Rockets fired on Israel

Your News Wire: Anti-Soros Poland smeared by EU

AP: Russia ambassador to US gig ends

Newsmax: Pence speaks 

Express: Kim: You will pay a Harsh Price

The Hill: Sessions to clamp down on weed

PressTV: Trump in a mud hole

Sputnik: Lavrov's level-headed solution for peace in Korean Peninsula

Zero Hedge: Schumer comes clean: it wasn't the Russians

FarsNews: ISIS sells captured women

July 22, 2017

New York Post: Trump Twitter Storm

The Hill: Trump blasts Mueller

Sputnik: The logic behind US-backed Kurds

Zero Hedge: Russia signs huge arms deal with Iraq

Newsmax: A Sitting President can be indicted

Jerusalem Post: Halamish attack took under 15 minutes

PressTV: Hawaii prepares for N. Korea attack

Express: Iran unveils 'Hunter' missile

Fars News: US deploys more armored vehicles in Syria

Yonhap News: S. Korea wants talks with and sanctions on DPRK

Rodong: Iran supports DPRK's power struggle

Zero Hedge: Pompeo demolishes WikiLeaks

Reuters: People of Turkish roots belong in Germany: German FM

Times of Israel: The Palestinians are deluding themselves 

Sputnik: S. Korea to pay the harshest price: DPRK

AP: Trump commissions new USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier

July 21, 2017

Zero Hedge: US to tell its citizens to leave N. Korea immediately

Daily Mail: Princess Charlotte bursts into tantrum

Express: Italian MP calls for Ital-exit

RT: Syria demands reparations for the destruction coalition forces caused

Newsmax: Gallup shows Trump at 36%

GatewayPundit: DNC $3 M in the hole

PressTV: Duterte: I will never go to lousy America

Your News Wire: Trump revokes arms sales to ISIS

Politico: Bannon out grazing to save his hide

Jerusalem Times: Protests across Arab World over Israel's security measures on Temple Mount

Breitbart: Trump orders his dogs of war to rethink Afghanistan

RT: China enters Baltic Sea for joint drills with Russia

Daily Mail: Anthony Scaramucci is new WH Communications Director

NYT: Sean Spicer resigns from White House

Sputnik: Turkey leaks US bases in Syria

Times of Israel: Member of Knesset: Whole Arab world will rise against Israel

July 20, 2017

Bloomberg: Trump's business affairs under Mueller's microscope

AP: Sessions has no plans to resign

Breitbart: Trump back to pee-pee dossier

Fox: FBI releases 7,000 Weiner documents

Reuters: 1 in 8 Trump voters are having second thoughts

CBS: Some pensions cut by half

RT: US teams up with Russia on cybersecurity

Sputnik: Senate sanctions on Russia meets with US corporate backlash

Newsmax: Trump's first 6 months: 1,000 tweets and 42 bills

Daily Mail: Trump supporter punches 72 yr old in the face

Zero Hedge:  O.J. to be set free in October

Times of Israel: Security cabinet meets over Temple Mount tensions

Yonhap News: S. Korea and US watching DPRK for missile launches

Your News Wire: Killer cop had pledged allegiance to ISIS

July 19, 2017

Daily Mail: Trump: them f***ng Republicans

AP: Trump ends funding of anti-Assad rebels

Your News Wire: Large weapons cache found in NY  Islamic compound

AZCentral: John McCain has Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer

NYT: Trump regrets hiring Jeff Sessions

The Hill: ICE ready to hire 10,000 more agents

Express: Russia/China ready for war drills

San Fran Chronicle: Universal basic income gaining popularity

Newsmax: Trump falls short on fixing trade deficit

Daily Mail: Somalian cop discloses why he shot Australian woman

Breitbart: Dem Senators fight for Planned Parenthood funding

RT: Netanyahu admits to dozens of strikes on Hezbollah

Sputnik: Pentagon outraged at Turkey revealing sensitive US intel in Syria

USA Today: Rosie on a rampage with Trump again

Arutz Sheva: Linda Sarsour: the crybaby terrorist supporter

Reuters: Trump-Putin held second secret meeting at G20

PressTV: Blacklisting Iran's IRGC will cost US dearly

FarsNews: Thousands of Russian-backed fighters ready to protect Assad

Jerusalem Post: Rouhani says US sanctions violate Iran deal

Times of Israel: Netanyahu: Europe will shrivel and disappear

July 18, 2017

WaPo: US slaps more sanctions on Iran, leaves Nuclear deal intact

Bloomberg: Repeal Obamacare dead

Zero Hedge: Let Obamacare fail and Democrats will come to us: Trump

Breitbart: Paul Ryan's popularity sinks

Times of Israel: More clashes on temple Mount

AP: Trump restores Asset Seizures

RT: 500 pupils abused physically and sexually

Jerusalem Post: IDF claims Hezbollah violating truce

Your News Wire: Catholic Church capsizing

Express: Trump to nominate Jon Hunstman as ambassador to Russia

Reuters: Trump held secret meeting with Putin at G20

Sputnik: US strike would be end of America: DPRK

OilPrices: DPRK prices soar as China cuts exports

RT: Germany profits from Greece woes

July 17, 2017

Rasmussen: Trump at 43% approval

NYT: Top Jobs in Trump Admin empty

RT: Iran Revolutionary Guard threatens US

Express: Cop mowed down by car near White House

PressTV: US engaged in daylight robbery: Russian FM

Newsmax: Trump: 'That's Politics' in son's defense

Sputnik: China launches live fire drills to invade India

The Hill: US is laughingstock

Jerusalem Post: Trump onside with Israel on Iran

Fars News: Kurds fight Turkey-led rebels

AP: More street protest called for in Venezuela

Sputnik: Electric car for less than $1,000

Zero Hedge: Soros-sponsored immigration scam exposed in Italy

TASS: Russia Supreme Court rules to disband Jehovah's Witnesses

Breitbart: Ryan gets 17,000 more H-2B Visas from DHS

News Observer: Heresy to pray for Trump

July 16, 2017

Express:  China reveals muscular dog

The Hill: Rand Paul: Votes are not there to pass health bill

Sputnik: Russia rolls out new line of modern vehicles

Sputnik: Daesh rolls out latest military vehicles

Zero Hedge: Iran sentences US citizen to 10 yrs in jail

Jerusalem Post: Likely Israel will destroy Lebanon infrastructure in next war

Times of Israel: Netanyahu opposes Syria ceasefire

PressTV: Russian Embassy in Syria shelled

Newsmax: Trump trolls polls

PRessTV: Trump will visit UK when he is better received

AP: Don Jr. did nothing illegal: Trump's lawyer

July 15, 2017

The sun came up

July 14, 2017

Express: More bodies revealed in Don Jr.  secret meeting

Your News Wire: CIA Agent Deathbed Confession: 9/11 was controlled demolition

Zero Hedge: Mexico goes Mad Max over fuel

CNBC: Retail Sales drop again

Breitbart: Soros sues new Trump Voter Fraud Commission

RT: Turkey buying Russia S-400 anti-missile system

AP: Federal judge latest attack on Trump travel ban

Zero Hedge: Vatican lashes out at Catholic Trump supporters

Jerusalem Post: Dramatic Video of attack on Police officers

Times of Israel: Abbas condemns temple Mount attacks

Your News Wire: Canada legalizes bestiality

Daily Mail: Trump, Macron longing good-bye

Newsmax: Russian Counter-Intel agent was present in Don Jr. meeting

Your News Wire: Haitian Official who exposed Clinton Foundation fraud found dead

Sputnik: Will Israel scuttle Syrian peace process?

July 13, 2017

Reuters: Trump: Wall may not be 2,000 miles long

The Hill: Trump blames Obama for letting Russian lawyer into US

Sputnik: France no longer seeks to remove Assad from power

WSJ: The invisible Gov subsidy to Amazon

RT: Putin opens car door for lady in red

Fox News: Trump: Everybody would meet with a Russian lawyer

AP: McConnell reveals Obamacare light

Your News Wire: Spears and swords for Muslims now legal in TX

RT: Iraqi reconstruction could cost US taxpayers trillions

CBC: Jimmy Carter collapses from dehydration

Daily Mail: Trump, Macron hold each other's wives

Your News Wire: Erdogan faces arrest in Sweden

Your News Wire: UK Ambassador always known S. Arabia funded Al-Qaeda and ISIS

Jerusalem Post: Hezbollah threatens surprise attack

Express: S. Korea conducts massive live fire drills

Times of Israel: Gazans face daylong power outages

Newsmax: Paul Ryan: Don Jr. should testify before Congress

PressTV: Iran responds to Mattis calls for regime change

Fars news: Russia sends Terminator 2 to Syria

Reuters: US prepares new sanctions on China

PressTV: 75% in US say lobbyists wield too much influence

Polizette: While DHS supports DACA courts may not

July 12, 2017

AXIOS: Trump becoming more isolated

The Sun: DPRK threatens to turn US into ashes

AP: The Russian storm won't go away, only intensifies

Times of Israel: Trump leaves DC swamp for Paris

Reason: Sessions wants mandatory minimum jail sentences

Zero Hedge: Yellen: Debt Trajectory Unsustainable

Breitbart: Corporate Welfare extended to insurance companies

RT: US troops expected to remain in Iraq after ISIS defeat

Newsmax: Trump's FBI nominee does not think it's a Witch Hunt

Newsmax: Trump thinks White House is functioning perfectly

Sputnik: Panda twins enjoy birthday cake

The Hill: Rep Brad Sherman files to Impeach Trump

PressTV: Dems pushing Iran & Russia sanctions Bill

TASS: Kremlin compares US media drama to Soap Opera

Express: Russia fires missile over Pacific

AP: Trump privately rages over latest Don Jr.  scandal

Jerusalem Post: Former IDF chief: Netanyahu will certainly be indicted

Reuters: Ex Brazilian President Lula sentenced to 10 years in jail for corruption

Fars News: Russia to supply Syria with Coast Guard boats

Newsmax: DOT to see $600 Million in spending cuts

Zero Hedge: 20,000 Chinese spies in US ready to destroy it

July 11, 2017

McClatchy: McCain interrogated on Trump Dossier

NYT: Blocked Twitter users sue Trump

NYPost:  Don Jr. is reason why Nigerian email scammers keep trying

Politico: Senate will work through first two weeks of August

Newsmax: Trump complains only 48 of his 197 nominees have been confirmed

Your News Wire: Seth Rich hacked DNC, not Russia

Express: Ukraine's bid to join NATO will be end of peace: Russia

Sputnik: US deploys Patriot Missiles in Baltic

PressTV: China sends troops to S. Africa

RT: Don Jr. releases Russia lawyer emails

Zero Hedge: Russia forced to strike back at US

AP: Monkeys rebel in Florida

Korea Times: Russian oil exports to N. Korea surge

TASS: ISIS grunts, their leader is dead

Reuters: US-Qatar MOU signed to cease funding of terrorism

Fars News: Syrian forces destroy ISIS convoy

Your News Wire: Saudi Arabia holocausts  its own people

Times of Israel: Qatar vows to back Hamas in PA

Jerusalem Post: Palestinians don't want US Ambassador to Israel

July 10, 2017

Breitbart: Don Jr. Tweets his dad in Top Gun parody

AP: Don Jr. confirms he met with Russian lawyer

Newsmax: Trump turns screws on GOP to fix healthcare

RT: US holding massive drills off Ukraine coast

Sputnik: US deploys amphibious group to ME

TASS: Russia has no intel on lawyer who met with Don Jr.

Zero Hedge: DNC was hacked locally not by Russia

Your News Wire: Rebels fighting Assad on Israeli payroll

PressTV: Israel will not honor US-Russia ceasefire in Syria

Zero Hedge: Trump accuses Comey of illegally leaking classified intel to media

AP: Trump defends his decision to let Ivanka sit at G20

Jerusalem: Netanyahu criticizes Soros

Your New Wire: Syria and Iraq wiped out ISIS

Fars News: Russia dispatches missile-armed frigate near Syria

Times of Israel: Germany approves sale of Nuke subs to Israel

Jerusalem Post: PA signs energy deal with Israel

July 9, 2017

NYT: Pence quietly building war chest

Reuters: McCain says healthcare dead

RT: We won't ever trust Russia: Haley

TASS: Tourist exchanges between China and Russia up by one third

Zero Hedge: Iraqi PM declares Mosul liberated from ISIS

AP: Syria ceasefire begins today

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu warns ceasefire will create window for Iran reinforcements 

Times of Israel: Iranian underground missile factories built in Lebanon

Your News Wire: Clinton Foundation received $13.7 Million from New Zealand

The Hill: Priebus: Trump did not buy Putin's denial of election meddling

Express: Trump's act of kindness with Marine's hat goes viral

Newsmax: Graham: US-Russia cooperation on cybersecurity close to 'dumbest idea'

Fars News: Egypt points to evidence of Saudi support for ISIS

Korea Times: Moon ready to send humanitarian aid to DPRK

Reuters: Violence erupts in Libya

July 8, 2017

RT: Putin: room to restore relations with US

RT: Ivanka sits in for Trump in group photo

Zero Hedge: Trump: 'tremendous meeting with Putin'

AP: Trump and Asian partners to isolate DPRK

Your News Wire: Putin: New World Order is finished

Your News Wire: Lavrov: Syria ceasefire to come into effect on July 9

Daily Mail: Princess Ivanka sits in for her father in G20

The Hill: Nikki Haley: everyone knows Russia meddled in our election

Newsmax: Putin and Trump to fight cyberterrorism

PressTV: US and Israel in business of exporting wars

Fars News: Syrian forces jamming Drone signals

Reuters: ISIS vows to fight until death in Mosul

FOX: Trump: Nuclear threat will end one way or another

July 7, 2017

AP: Trump-Putin meeting last 2 hrs 16 minutes

Reuters: US bombers challenge China in S. China Sea

Breitbart: 220,000 new US Jobs

RT: Putin: phone calls not enough

Sputnik: Ceasefire reached after Putin-Trump meeting

TASS: Putin shares what he discussed with Trump

Express: Angela Merkel with hands in her face

Your News Wire: Saudi King misses G20

PressTV: UN adopts global nuclear ban treaty

Yonhap: N. Korea threatens to further provoke the US

Zero Hedge: Loretta Lynch may have colluded with Clinton campaign

Jerusalem Post: Jews made into non-Jews

July 6, 2017

FarsNews: US military airport ready in N. Syria

Express: Polish President's wife rejects Trump's handshake

Breitbart: EU rejects Turkey's accession

Korea News: Moon, Xi agree to denuclearize DPRK

Reuters: Trump risks isolation as he arrives for G-20

RT: Korea 'very, very bad' : Trump

Newsmax: Trump has some 'pretty severe things' in mind for N. Korea

Sputnik: Trump's nondescript scripted speech

TASS: Polls hurl Putin at 81%

Zero Hedge: 5.8 Montana earthquake erupts supervolcano fears

Jerusalem Post: Trump equates terrorism with fight against Nazis

AP: China-US honeymoon over

July 5, 2017

AJC: Low gas prices turns some people into neanderthals

RT: Duterte turns cannibal on ISIS

RT: Newest Russian airborne missiles strike ISIS in Syria

Sputnik: Vietnam joins US in drills

Your News Wire: Israel wants no ceasefire until Assad removed

Fars News: Syria downs Israeli drone

Sputnik: Nikki Haley acts like Diva on 4th

The Hill: Trump ready to smack N. Korea

Korea Times: Kim's ICBM test was gift to Trump on 4th

TASS: Russian made S-300 missile systems in Iran activated for combat

Zero Hedge: Turkey ready for showdown with Kurds in Syria

Zero Hedge: US ready for showdown with N. Korea

AP: Kim reiterates nuke program not negotiable

Your News Wire: Police raid Vatican orgy

Newsmax: 44 States resist voter fraud audit

PressTV: Qatar seeks stronger ties with Iran

Rodong: DPRK enunciates 3 principles for Reunification

July 4, 2017

Bloomberg: N. Korea ICBM launch successful

Daily Mail: Trump calls for Crisis UNSC meeting

Zero Hedge: US and S. Korea fire their own missiles

Sputnik: Obama advises Moon on S. Korea

The Hill: Trump tweets about DPRK missile launch

RT: Russia-China: N. Korea must cease nuclear activities

TASS: Putin presents Xi with Russia's highest award

Sputnik: US considers returning seized property to Russia

Express: 85,000 apply for 30 Bank jobs in Italy

PressTV: Bernie reacts to Trump video

Breitbrat: Troops get respite to celebrate the 4th

Times of Israel: UNESCO condemns Israel

July 3, 2017

NBC: Democrat Bill to depose Trump gaining momentum

Daily Mail: Distrust in USA rampant

TASS: Putin to award Xi with order of St. Andrew

Zero Hedge: Xi turns cold on Trump

Zero Hedge: Assad's fate in Russia's hands: Tillerson

Your News Wire: As ISIS collapses US will unveil new boogieman : Syria

Your News Wire: DHS declares Antifa a terrorist org

The Hill: After latest Trump salvo on Mika MSM is the winner

Express: Third Italian bank to go under

Newsmax: Congress, not Trump, under attack by GOP

July 2, 2017

Breitbart: Trump liberates Americans from the media

Zero Hedge: Carl Bernstein: this is a malignant Presidency

Daily Mail: Trump accused of endangering reporters

The Hill: Rand Paul: Health Bill going nowhere

Sputnik: Japan adds to US sanctions on China for funding N. Korea nuclear program

Jerusalem Post: IDF getting testy with Syria

RT: Propaganda set to blame Syria for using chemical weapons

Fars News: US increasing spying activity over Syria

Yonhap News: US warms up to Inter-Korean dialogue

Reuters: US warships near disputed Chinese islands

RT: China scrambles military vessels& jets to US warships

Zero Hedge: Greyhounds test positive for Cocaine

July 1, 2017

McClatchy: Pence, Trump staff feuds

The Hill: Threats against lawmakers peak

Zero Hedge: Trump dumps on media

RT: USS George W.H. Bush in Israel's waters

TASS: Russia, China hold joint military drills in Baltic Sea

Zero Hedge: Courts send Illinois into abyss

Jerusalem Post: More Projectiles from Syria hit Israel

Daily Mail: Trump blasts 20 states for refusing to provide voting data

Newsmax: Trump upgrades his lexicon for MSM

PressTV: Iran: missile strike in Syria only a small slap

Reuters: Germany latest nation to approve same-sex marriage

DC Whispers: Eric Holder's 3 am tweet portends of massive shakeup

June 30, 2017

Reuters: Trump is done with N. Korea

Breitbart: CNN: voters are stupid as Shit

RT: China bristles at US weaponizing Taiwan

Zero Hedge: Trump sending Federales to Chicago

Zero Hedge: Trump ready for trade wars

AP: Trump urges GOP to repeal Obamacare now, replace later

Your News Wire: Marco Rubio caught supporting radical Muslims

Jerusalem Post: Stray Spillover from Syria continues

PressTV: US pipeline to Mexico will run under Wall

Daily Mail: Dems plan takedown of Trump on mental grounds

June 29, 2017

Breitbart: Trump steps all over himself

Korea Times: Moon lands in Washington

RT: US prepping for major intervention in Syria?

Jerusalem Post:  Israel takes issue with Russia-US tensions

Sputnik: India preparing for conflict with China

Sputnik: US presence in Afghanistan to protect Opium and Uranium trade

TASS: Putin hails Germany's orbit towards Russia

AP: Iraq declares end of ISIS Caliphate

PressTV: Qatar rejects Saudi ultimatum

Fars News: Turkey sends more troops to fight Kurds in Syria, which are backed by the US

June 28, 2017

Veritas: CNN admits Russia is a 'big nothing-burger'

The Hill: Trump to discuss Kim with Moon

RT: Moscow warns US: don't mess with Syria

RT: US-Russia Deconfliction line didn't prevent downing of Syrian Su-22

Sputnik: Russia hammers point: US starts wars with false flags

Sputnik: Trump's unrestrained flirting craters his credibility

TASS: Lavrov is unto US like white on rice

Your News Wire: Rebels have motivation to use chemical weapons: ex-CIA

Reuters: US warning may have averted chemical attack

PressTV: US playing with fire: warns senior Iranian official

Fars News: Syrian army expanding buffer zone around Damascus

PressTV: Qatar is suing Saudi Arabia

Zero Hedge: Podesta hauled in for Closed Door questioning

Zero Hedge: House Financial Services Committee meets with FED to determine how Wall Street is raping Main Street

AP: Medicaid cuts in Texas leave special needs children without therapy

Jerusalem Post: 'The next war will be bloody'

Times of Israel: Iran targeted Star of David in missile tests

Newsmax: Trump predicts 'big surprise' for healthcare

Korea Times: Samsung to build factory in S. Carolina

Yonhap News: US planning travel ban to N. Korea

Rodong: DPRK rejects Trump's 'America First' doctrine

June 27, 2017

Veritas: Proof CNN Bullshits for ratings

Jerusalem Post: Obama CyberChief: US must stop Russian election hacking

Your News Wire: Crackdown on voter fraud sends Democrat to jail

Your News Wire: Legal team suing DNC for Election Fraud fear for their lives

WSJ: Google slapped with $2.7 B fine for skewing search results

The Hill: GOP faces do-or-die healthcare vote

RT: Ransomeware goes Global

Jerusalem Post: Mossad invests in Spy Craft companies

Sputnik: India hugs US, for now

Fars News: China claims Indian forces crossed border

Newsmax: Trump officially nominates Christopher Wray as FBI director

TASS: US prepares to strike Syria

Fars News: Turkey ready to deploy forces in Idlib

AP: Pentagon: Syria is actively preparing for chemical attack

Zero Hedge: Warren Buffet says US can afford single payer healthcare

June 26, 2017

The Sun: Japan on Nuke alert

Breitbart: BMW adds 1,000 jobs in S. Carolina

RT: USS Fitzgerald failed to respond to warnings

Fars News: Israel bombs for the second time Syrian positions

PressTV: Lavrov slams US for protecting terrorists from bombardment

Sputnik: Turkey must decide to side with Qatar or S. Arabia

The Hill: GOP Senate imposes 6 month waiting period when insurance policy lapses

Times of Israel: The Pluralistic Western Wall controversy piles up

Your News Wire: Big Pharma is paying off both parties

Your News Wire: Qatar has 10 days to give up its sovereignty

PressTV: Ayatollah Khamenei: Muslims are obligated to fight Israel

Express: Suicide bomber blows up his ISIS commander

AP: Trump and administration at odds over Putin meeting protocols next month

Zero Hedge: Trump blasts Obama's complicity in election

AP: Supreme Court sets fall date for No Travel Ban hearing

June 25, 2017

New York Post: Front group stalling Trump investigation

Breitbart: Trump turns tables on establishment

RT: Israel targets more Syrian positions for 2nd day

Jerusalem Post: Bibi warns Iran

Times of Israel: Western Wall edict blow to Israeli unity

Your News Wire: Mummified Alien found in Peru

The Hill: Democrats limp into 2018 election with limp Pelosi

Express: N. Korea may commemorate first invasion of S. Korea  with new war

Newsmax: Rural Hospitals face greatest threat with proposed Medicaid cuts

Fars News: Injured Terrorists taken to Israeli hospital

June 24, 2017

San Diego Tribune: Border Wall start date missed

Korea Times: N. Korea: Nuclear Program non-negotiable

The Hill: Pence meets Koch brothers

Breitbart: Lynch, Clinton, Soros dragged into Comey investigation

Zero Hedge: Dems are tired of the Russia narrative

AP:  5 GOP Senators oppose latest version of health care Bill

Jerusalem Post: After Abbas/Kushner debacle Trump ready to pull out of peace talks

RT: Israel strikes Syrian tanks

Sputnik: Israel strikes Syrian forces

Sputnik: US-led coalition expands geographical reach after Russian warning

Your News Wire: Clinton Foundation secretly accepted $1M from Qatar while HRC was in office

Fars News: Russia opens fire at US reconnaissance plane

Fars News: US deploying deadlier weapons in Syria

June 23, 2017

Express: Putin reveals laser weapons

AP: Iran holds anti-Israel rallies, burns flag

Yahoo: Iran chants anti-Saudi Arabia slogans

Breitbart: Trump camp pushes transgender agenda in schools

The Hill: Trump signs VA reform Bill

Epoch Times: Jobless rate rises

WA Examiner: Senate Judiciary Committee opens probe into Loretta Lynch

Times of Israel: Iranian MP calls Israel 'Mother of Terrorism

RT: Russia subs launch missiles on ISIS

Zero Hedge: McDonalds replaces tellers with kiosks

Sputnik: Pentagon wasted $Billions

TASS: Putin gives Turkish oil link go-ahead

Express: Japan sends its largest ship into S. China sea

Korea Times: N. Korea repeatedly slanders Moon

Yonhap News: N. Korea athletes arrive in S. Korea for competition

Haaretz: Hezbollah could be backed by thousands of pro-Assad Arabs

Fars News: Millions of Iranians protest against Israel

June 22, 2017

Breitbart: GOP Healthcare Bill definitely not repealing Obamacare

Your News Wire: Hodgkinson emailed with two Democrat Senators before his killing rampage

AP: GOP Bill will cut Medicaid

Express: IDF's air force boasts of its unimaginable power

The Hill: New Bill contains $50B to stabilize Obamacare markets

RT: Putin lays wreath in pouring rain

Sputnik: US Bill to increase sanctions on Russia and troops in Europe

TASS: Lavrov tells Tillerson sanctions are pointless

Zero Hedge: Israel deploys 18 fighter jets to prevent coup in Saudi Arabia

Fars News: Saudi Arabia, UAE plan to stage coup in Qatar

Jerusalem Post: Hezbollah operating as NGO in Lebanon

Times of Israel: N. Korea calls Trump a psychopath

AP: Trump has no tapes of Comey

June 21, 2017

Breitbart: No State visit by Trump: Queen

Your News Wire: Bestiality legalized in Canada

RT: Russian jet drives off NATO jet closing in Defense Minister's plane

Zero Hedge: State Dept. issues statement on US-Russia stilted relations

Sputnik: Saudis shopping for Russian weapons

TASS: Russian Diplomat cancels US meeting

AP: Kushner meets with Israeli PM

PressTV: Saudi King deposes his successor

Express: Syrian refugees pay for their food with eye scan

Newsmax: China invites Trump family to Beijing

Your News Wire: US Gov to monitor every consumer transaction

Newsmax: Laura Ingraham passes on Sean Spicer's job

Newsmax: Congressional Black Caucus passes on photo-op with Trump

Express: Greece scuttles UN diatribe on China

Yonhap News: S. Korea does not need US permission to talk to N. Korea

WND: Comey and FBI sued for obstruction of justice

June 20, 2017

Fox: Russian fighter jet buzzes US Recon plane

Express: Israel caught funding Syria rebels

RT: Australia halts air strikes over Syria

Newsweek: Israel paying salaries of anti-Syrian rebel forces

TASS: Russia blasts US for illegal presence in Syria

AP: US flew B-1B supersonic bombers over Korea peninsula in show of force

Jerusalem Post: Raw sewage seeps unto Gaza streets

Times of Israel: PA sees new settlements as wedge in peace drive

Haaretz: Nikki Haley tells UN: States supporting Hamas should face consequences

Daily Caller: Soros-Clinton linked to McCain

Express: Kim Jong-Un goes into hiding

PressTV: US trying to re-establish deconfliction line with Russia

The Hill: Trump's eulogy on dead student: 'a total disgrace'

June 19, 2017

RT: Russia military ceases all Sky Incident Interactions over Syria with US

RT: Iran warns ISIS of more missile strikes

WCPO: Otto Warmbier passes away

Jerusalem Post: Kushner to head peace talks ridiculed by PA

Times of Israel: London Jewish community condemns Mosque attack

Your News Wire: MI5 Hitman on deathbed confesses to killing princess Diana

Your News Wire: Putin gives one free hectare to every Russian citizen

Your News Wire: Iran fires missiles at Daesh

Daily Mail: Russia vows to strike back at US-led coalition targets

Haaretz: UN observes increased interaction between Israeli forces and Syria rebel groups

PressTV: China and Russia to hold joint drills in Baltic Sea

PressTV: Turkey military hold joint military drills with Qatar

The Hill: Data on 198M voters compromised by GOP contractor

June 18, 2017

The Hill: All eyes on Loretta Lynch

Zero Hedge: US-led coalition shoots down Syria war plane

NBC: Trump is not under investigation according to his attorney

TASS: Russia discovers oil in Arctic shelf

Your News Wire: Russia Uranium deal netted Clintons $2.85 Million

PressTV: Syria and Iraqi forces link up for first time

Newsmax: Trump-Russia investigation best for country

Express: NATO starts war games

Your News Wire: Yellowstone's 60 earthquakes in 48 hrs

Zero Hedge: Iran launches missile targeting ISIS in Syria

Haaretz: Egypt draws closer to Hamas

June 17, 2017

Breitbart: 4th branch of government in lock step

RT: Cuba blasts back at new blockade

Sputnik: No food entering Qatar

Jerusalem Post: ISIS first attack on Israel

Daily Mail: Scorching heat wave approaching SW USA

Your News Wire: Comey had Hillary's backup email device the whole time of the charade investigation

Haaretz: Israel and S. Arabia negotiating economic ties

PressTV: Iran, China to hold naval drills in Straight of Hormuz

Korea Times: Rodman's gift to N. Korea: Trump's Art of the Deal

Zero Hedge: Trump's financials released

Express: Trump yells at TV

June 16, 2017

Fox: DOJ: Beware of anonymous reports

News672: Officer David Bailey throws first pitch

Breitbart: Pentagon to send 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan

RT: Putin claims US meddled in Russian elections

TASS: Russia worried US is shielding Nusra leaders

Korea Times: Kim worried about assassination

Fox: Otto Warmbier has extensive brain damage

Zero Hedge: Amazon buys Whole Foods in all cash deal

Express: Greece gets bailout

Jerusalem Post: Kushner under investigation for Russian ties

PressTV: Maduro tells Pence to stop meddling in Venezuela's affairs

AP: Trump confirms he is under investigation

June 15, 2017

The Hill: Putin offers Comey political asylum

RT: US sells Qatar $12bn worth of fighter jets

TASS: US rocket launchers in Syria may be trained on Syrian forces

Zero Hedge: Germany and Austria oppose new US sanctions on Russia

Times of Israel: Elite IDF troops train in Cyprus

Daily Mail: Trump brands Mueller's investigation 'a witch hunt'

Haaretz: US issues arrest warrants for Erdogan's bodyguards who pummeled US protesters

Korean Times: Moon will open discussions only if DPRK halts its nuclear program

June 14, 2017

Breitbart: Republicans shot by high-powered rifle. Scalise recovering

Newsmax: Scalise shooter dead after police shoot out

Daily Mail: London Inferno, one of worst

RT: US-led coalition admits using white phosphorus

Sputnik: Raqqa residents flee as Kurds prepare to liberate city

Zero Hedge: 200 Democrats sue Trump over emoluments clause

AP: Trump delegates troop deployments to Mattis

Jerusalem Post: Gaza Electricity crisis could spark war

Your News Wire: 3 attorneys in 2 weeks found dead in D. Wasserman S. Florida district

Vocativ: Trump's approval ratings reach new low

June 13, 2017

Polizette: Robert Mueller stacking the odds

Zero Hedge: Jeff Sessions blasts back

Newsmax: Trump considering firing Mueller

Breitbart: CNN cuts away when its agenda is dismissed

HeatStreet: Mayor of Rome calls for immigration freeze

Bloomberg: 39 States were hacked during election

Daily News: The backlash over theatrical Julius Caesar continues

RT: N. Korea releases student in comma from prison

RT: N. Korea threatens to strike New York City

Express: Putin deploys 'kill all' defense system

RT: US Senate agrees to new set of sanctions against Russia

Zero Hedge: Obamacare map shows counties without coverage

TASS: US ambassador to Qatar steps down

Zero Hedge: Qatar running out of Dollars

Your News Wire: Good friend of Kim Jong un, Dennis Rodman appointed as unofficial US ambassador

Your News Wire: Russia warns US not to strike pro-Syria forces again

Haaretz: Netanyahu: Ghaza electricity is PA internal matter

June 12, 2017

NYT: Trump loses Travel Ban on Second Appeal Court

AP: Maryland & DC Attorneys General sue Trump for violating the Constitution

Axios: Pence is GOP favorite

Breitbart: Priebus has until Independence Day to fix WH mess or be replaced

RT: How white helmets use children as crisis actors

Sputnik: The four scenarios of a Qatar crisis

Your News Wire: US coalition risks confrontation with Syria & Iran

Your News Wire: Iran ready to drop Truth Bomb about US ties to ISIS

Zero Hedge: Cryptocoins crash

Zero Hedge: Sessions to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Times of Israel: Israel to cut electricity to Gaza per PA request

Yonhap News: N. Korea urges S. Korea to implement summit agreement which will lead to peace

June 11, 2017

Fox: First Coal Mine opens in Trump Dynasty

RT: US special forces arrived in Philippines unannounced and uninvited

Zero Hedge: Uber imploding

AP: Republicans urge Trump to come clean on tapes

Your News Wire: FBI raid Abedin's abode

USAToday: 12 DNC staffers charged with voter fraud

Zero Hedge: Feinstein calls for Judicial hearings on whether Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Clinton

Your News Wire: Iran has proof US supports ISIS

AP: US celebrates LGBT rights in nation-wide marches

Times of Israel: Trump's visit to UK may be on hold

Daily Mail: Trump crashes wedding party instead

PressTV: Iran plans serious response to new sanction proposed by US Senate

Newsmax: Trump vents Comey 'very cowardly'

Haaretz: Netanyahu calls settlements Israeli enclaves

June 10, 2017

NBC: March Against Sharia rolls out in 20 cities

McClatchy: May may capitulate

RT: US special forces in Philippines to counter ISIS

Sputnik: De facto the civil war in Syria has stopped

TASS: US-led coalition colluding with ISIS

Jerusalem Post: Tel Aviv epicenter of LGBT parade

Your News Wire: US-led coalition may have used phosphorus bombs on pro-Syrian forces

Express: China cracks down on Christians

Haaretz: Qatar supports Hamas as a resistance group

Zero Hedge: Qatar retains John Ashcroft as defense attorney

June 9, 2017

IdealMedia: Pelosi calls Trump Bush after she tells him to get some sleep

Zero Hedge: Senate Intel Committee tells Trump to hand over tapes if they exist

Your News Wire: China processes US raised chickens for export to US

Bloomberg: UK election results may unravel Brexit plans

Breitbart: Winners and Losers of Comey hearing

RT: US-led coalition meddling with Syria's internal affairs

Sputnik: What Trump's enemies never got from Comey

Zero Hedge: Chinese companies ask employers to buy the falling stock

Jerusalem Post: Israeli settler activity triples

Your News Wire: Attacks on Iran were joint US-Saudi-Israeli operation

NYT: Financial Choice Act to erase some Frank-Dodd provisions passes in House

The Hill: Trump aims to simplify permitting process

Your News Wire: Sessions vows to clean up Elite Pedophile rings

PressTV: Iran arrests 48 Wahhabi terrorists

Breitbart: CNN fires latest Trump-hating host

June 8, 2017

Axios: Comey's testimony straightens the record

AP: Comey in his own words

RT: Saudi soccer team did not line up in a moment of silence for London's victims

Sputnik: US-led coalition does not want to fight Syria-Russia

TASS: Syrian ceasefire holding in all de-escalation zones

Express: S. Korea stalls THAAD deployment

Yonhap News: China urges DPRK to de-escalate tensions

Korean Times: Moon to chair first NSC meeting over DPRK's continuing missile launches

Breitbart: Lynch wanted Clinton investigation downplayed to a 'matter'

AP: Trump complains Democratic Obstructionists are stalling his agenda

Daily Mail: Trump's sons take up the hatchet on Comey

June 7, 2017

AP: Documents reveal Trump told Comey 'I expect loyalty'

Your News Wire: Hillary Clinton says eating kebabs will eliminate terrorism

The Hill: Comey's opening statement to Senate Intelligence Committee

Breitbart: ISIS attacks Iran for first time

Times of Israel: Hezbollah threatens to attack US forces

PressTV: Iran vows retaliation

TASS: Russia ready to team up with Iran to fight terror

RT: Russia does not recognize 'deconfliction zones' in Syria

Fox: Trump nominates Christopher Wray as FBI Director

Sputnik: S. Arabia censuring Qatar is like the pot calling the kettle black

Your News Wire: Saudi war planes strike Yemeni hospital

Zero Hedge: Turkey to send troops to Qatar

Reuters: N. Korea fires several missiles off its east coast

Breitbart: Complete list of 2017 Ramadan terror attacks

Jerusalem Post: Jordanian restaurants deny food service to Israelis

Zero Hedge: Qatar puts its military on highest state of alert

AP: Trump promises first class infrastructure in US

The Hill: Puerto Rico goes to polls for statehood

Sputnik: Two US aircraft carriers leave N Korea peninsula

Newsmax: 53% of Republicans think Trump Tweets too much

Your News Wire: Trump did not sign a new deal to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

June 6, 2017

Zero Hedge: S. Arabia gives Qatar 24 hr Ultimatum

Reuters: Russia scrambles jets to escort US bomber

Your News Wire: Oxford University labels Hillary Clinton a psychopath

Sputnik: US military strikes at pro-Syrian forces

NYT: Trump lawyers-up with a Doberman 

Newsmax: Trump wants to increase debt ceiling

NYT: Trump is getting tired of Sessions

SLTribune: Biden joining Republican summit headed by Romney

The Hill: Trump's infrastructure plan faces roadblocks

The Hill: Anthem pulls out of Ohio's Obamacare

RT: Yemeni mothers marrying off their 10 yo daughters for cash

AP: Army offers $90K re-enlist bonus

Your News Wire: Canada passes Bill that can take children from parents who are not in line with LBGTQI agenda

Yonhap News: N Korea pressures S Korea to honor agreements

June 5, 2017

Reuters: Several Arab nations cut ties with Qatar

RT: Beijing slams US over China Sea remarks

Sputnik: Iran still sees US as great Satan

Zero Hedge: Qatar paying Iran $1 B ransom cause of fallout in Gulf region

Express: N Korea practices mock attack

Zero Hedge: Germany pulls troops out of Turkey

Express: Japan rehearses evacuations for WW3

Newsmax: Trump moves to privatize Air Traffic Control

AP: Trump steamrolls over London mayor

Express: ISIS begins its retreat from Raqqa

Daily Mail: CNN caught creating fake news

Jerusalem Post: UN chief denounces 50 year Israeli occupation

Your News Wire: Putin: If deep state can kill JFK it can frame Russia for hacks

Times of Israel: Qatar crisis spreads

June 4, 2017

Breitbart: Trump blasts London mayor

RT: Defiant N Korea vows to build nuclear weapons

Sputnik: Putin reveals details of his meeting with Flynn

Sputnik: Syria slams US-led coalition for civilian deaths in Raqqa

AP: More than 1,500 injured in post-game stampede

PressTV: UK elections will proceed as planned

Zero Hedge: The death of manufacturing in America in one simple chart

The Hill: Dems want Hillary out of the spotlight

Times of Israel: Hamas slams PA official for recognizing Wailing Wall as Jewish

June 3, 2017

Breitbart: Trump signs Bill to protect Police officers

Zero Hedge: NYC signs Paris agreement

Daily Mail: Civilization clash in London

Express: ISIS bludgeons 30 civilians in Mosul

RT: N Korea looks forward to 'the day when the US mainland will turn into ashes'

Express: US-backed Syrian forces launch attack to retake Raqqa

Zero Hedge: Trump will not block Comey's testimony

Your News Wire: Putin obliterates Kelly 

Newsmax: Pittsburg bites Trump in the arse

Your News Wire: Putin praises Trump for trying to normalize relations

Express: Mattis grills China on S China sea

Fox: Mattis regards DPRK as clear and present danger

Jerusalem Post: Sanders calls for end of occupation

Yonhap News: DPRK points to US provocations

PressTV: Boeing and Lockheed to receive $78 B from Saudi deal

AP: Security video of Manila casino attack

June 2, 2017

Your News Wire: Israel will be convicted of War Crimes, according to former ICC prosecutor

CNSNews: Labor participation rate at 62.7%, down .02% in May

RT: Putin on US pullout from Paris agreement: Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Independent: Google facing $9 B Eu fine

Your News Wire: UK report concludes S. Arabia funds ISIS

Breitbart: Kathy Griffin milks the publicity for all its worth

Sputnik: Putin explains DPRK need for nuclear deterrents

TASS: Putin advises US conspiracy sycophants to take a chill-pill

Your News Wire: 99% of Russia's Ballistic Missiles on combat alert

Zero Hedge: Putin lays the blame for Hillary's loss squarely at her feet

Express: Greek police clear migrant camp in Olympic Stadium

Jerusalem Post: Linda Sarsour continuous to be the face of far-left feminism

AP: Putin describes Chemical Weapon attack as provocation against Assad

Express: DPRK could paralyze US with EMP

June 1, 2017

Your News Wire: Putin: Hillary and Obama part of the deep state that controls White House

Washington Examiner: US strike groups poised for action in Korean peninsula

The Hill: Tech firms urge Trump to honor Paris climate agreement

Daily Mail: Ivanka not happy that Trump is pulling out of Paris climate agreement

PressTV: Poll numbers climb as public wants Trump impeached for incompetence

Newsmax: Trump's infrastructure promises take a detour

CNBC: Payroll numbers up by 253,000 in May

CNBC: Stocks set new records

RT: US-Japan military drills ramp up

Sputnik: US-Kurdish forces hit Daesh

Jerusalem Post: White House postpones embassy move

Times of Israel: Netanyahu: delaying the decision drives the peace process further away

Zero Hedge: Comey to testify on June 8

TASS: Russia ready to sell S-400 air defense system to Turkey

Zero Hedge: Soros: EU in existential crisis and Trump an existential threat

May 31, 2017

Variety: CNN sacks Kathy Griffin

Polizette: Media silent on Venezuela socialist experiment gone wrong

Zero Hedge: Germany's political parties unite against Trump

RT: Russia frigate and submarine pummel ISIS stronghold at Palmyra

CNBC: 19% of Americans would renounce citizenship

Breitbart: DHS John Kelly asked to reconsider expansion of H-2B Visas

RT: Turkey blasts US for arming Kurds

Zero Hedge: Elon Musk threatens to exit Trump counsels if US abandons Paris accords

AP: Trump hands out his cell phone number to world leaders for direct contact

The Hill: Trump growing increasingly impatient with GOP

Your News Wire: Court finds Obama administration guilty of spying on American people

Express: Woman sentenced to death after raped at gun point

Haaretz: 90 killed from car bomb in Afghanistan's diplomatic capital

Sputnik: Iraq and Qatar among Arab nations not taking the bait of fighting proxy wars for US

Daily Mail: Russian hypersonic (4,600 mph) missile successful

PressTV: Trump's claims that Iran exports terror are pointless according to Russia

LA Times: Homeless up 23%

WSJ: Uber posting $708 million loss

Sputnik: N Korea's nuclear umbrella almost ready

RT: Seoul confirms joint drill with US B-1 bomber

Jerusalem Post: Trump's Hebrew translator not proud to work for him

Jerusalem Post: Israel participates in 22 country maritime military drill off Cyprus

Times of Israel: Trump will keep US embassy in Tel Aviv

Your News Wire: Debbie Wasserman Schultz shuts down Seth Rich case

May 30, 2017

Politico: Pence positioning himself

Sputnik: US wants to restart Ukrainian peace talks with Russia

Newsmax: Trump instructs McConnell to go nuclear

RT: Drug that reverses Autism found

Newsmax: Mike Dubke, Trump's communication director, to resign

Your News Wire: Putin: Germany will spark a European Holocaust

Yonhap News: S Korea and Canada to deneuclearize N Korea

Korea Times: THAAD launchers Moon knew nothing about

TASS: Russia concerned over US threat to Syrian forces

Zero Hedge: Plot to overthrow Trump very real

Express: Mysterious red light flashes from WH

Your News Wire: Comey repeatedly broke the law

Times of Israel: UN says no mechanism in place for PA-Israeli peace talks

PressTV: UN says Yemen collapsing as world watches

PressTV: Israel to cut services to 140,000 Palestinians

May 29, 2017

Express: Kin Jong-un promises to "send bigger gift package to Yankees"

Jerusalem Post: IDF tests missiles

Breitbart: Is Kushner worried?

Reuters: Mattis considers DPRK a clear and present danger

Your News Wire: Proof Seth rich contacted WikiLeaks

RT: Japan-US to take specific action on N Korea

WSJ: British Airways into third day of disruptions

RT: Macron: No major problem can be solved without Russia

Sputnik: While US arms ISIS it accuses Iran of terrorism

TASS: Hurricane hits Moscow

Zero Hedge: Three leakers in WH expected to be fired

The Hill: McConnell doesn't promise successful senate vote

Times of Israel: PA paid $1 B in welfare to terrorist families

PressTV: Cyprus close to reunification

Korea Times: N Korea actions erode peace talks

Express: Trump has total confidence in Kushner

May 28, 2017

WSJ: British Airways into second day of disruptions

Gateway Pundit: List of purported Leaks

RT: Germans feel Trump and is team blab too much

Zero Hedge: Europe must chart its own course: Merkel

AP: Trump aims for admin overhaul

Your News Wire: Russian bank plans to sue Buzzfeed out of existence over fake dossier

Newsmax: Mattis: Strategy for ISIS has changed from 'attrition tactics' to 'annihilation'

BrainHealthNews: Trump reveals secret to his 'brilliant' mind to Dr . Oz

Yonhap News: N Korea fires 9th missile early Monday morning

Your News Wire: Manchester bomber was British Intel asset

Yonhap News: Kim inspects new anti-aircraft weapon

Haaretz: Egypt strikes Libyan bases after attack on Christians

Express: Iraqi forces last push to rid Mosul of ISIS

PressTV: 20 civilians killed in US-led Mosul air strikes

Defense One: Russia will go nuclear if US or NATO enter Crimea

Express: Duterte will lift martial law when his country is safe

May 27, 2017

The Sun: British Airways cancels flights worldwide

Breitbart: Trump doesn't endorse Paris deal

Your News Wire: 3rd aircraft carrier positioned in Korea waters

RT: ISIS claims  responsibility for Coptic attack in Egypt

AP: Some quick fact checking

NYP: Arrest pedophile Young Democrat President

Daily Mail: Melania holds Trump's hand

Haaretz: How Palestinians view Trump

Newsmax: Trump views 9-day trip as a 'home-run'

TASS: Montenegro pushes for sanctions against US bullying

Your News Wire: Libya violence as factions clash for control

May 26, 2017

CIRCA: FBI illegally shared intel

Times of Israel: Day 1 of Ramadan: 26 Christians dead

Breitbart: The Germans are very bad on trade says Trump

Sputnik: NATO imposes weapons embargo on Turkey

Your News Wire: Congressman demands investigation into Seth Rich murder

Your News Wire: Proof DNC spun Russia yarn

Daily Mail: Melania does what she knows best: model

TASS: Moscow and Beijing call for denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

Express: Greece bailout could go either way

AP: Trump receives tepid reception in Europe

Washington Post: Senate Intelligence Committee requests Russia-related documents from Trump Campaign

The Hill: Tax reform just 'happy talk' according to Boehner

UK: Putin bans travel to UK

Yonhap News: N Korea will be solved: Trump

Zero Hedge: Toronto real estate bubble pops

Your News Wire: China demands US ships leave S China sea or face consequences

The Nation: Trump to Seniors: eat cake

May 25, 2017

Your News Wire: US gave ISIS $1 Billion worth of weapons in 2016

Reuters: The Trump and Macron shake

Daily Mail: Trump shoves to get in front

AP: Trump's travel ban goes to Supreme Court

Express: Trump won't ask how much new NATO HQ cost

Washington Post: Trump lays it thick in Brussels

Zero Hedge: Kushner under FBI investigation in Russia saga

Haaretz: NATO leaders' reaction to Trump's demands they pay up

Your News wire: Catholic church instructs Bishops no need to report pedophilia

Record Searchlight: Farmer faces million dollar fine for plowing his own field

Times of Israel: Iran builds third underground missile factory

Zero Hedge: Hannity advertisers drying up as he goes on vacation

LA Times: ICE takes down 200 criminal aliens

Zero Hedge: Twitter shuts off truth valves

Korea Times: Putin willing to mediate in N Korea

Yahoo: China orders US ship out of China Sea

Breitbart: Hello Flammable Ice

Zero Hedge: Bitcoin takes 13% dive

May 24, 2017

Your News Wire: Ron Paul warns Trump he may be assassinated

Haaretz: Trump's trip was one big Gaslighting Charade

WSJ: Armed troops patrol London landmarks

Your News Wire: Macron extends Martial Law in France

RollCall: Pence visits battleground states, in preparation for?

AP: Hannity's advertisers are starving him out of existence

Washington Examiner: Obamacare goes dark in Kansas and Missouri after Blue Cross pulls out

Reuters: Massive landslide closes Hwy 1 in California

Washington Post: Obama knew he was letting MS-13 in

Breitbart: Paul Ryan defends Comey, 'he is not a nut-job'

Sputnik: Iranian drones are fixtures over US aircraft carriers

Your News Wire: Archbishop didn't know that pedophilia was a crime

RT: Brazil in chaos

Politics Video: Anderson Cooper to Trump's defense

The Hill: McConnell cannot see how Obamacare can be repealed in the Senate

The Duran: Russia Defense Minister calls White Helmet rescue video after chemical attack 'staged'

Your News Wire: Duterte comes out guns blazing

PressTV: Al Jazeera blocked by Saudi Arabia and UAE

PressTV: Turkey and Iran open new chapter

May 23, 2017

BBC: 22 confirmed deaths at Manchester ISIS attack

Your News Wire: Rand Paul plans to scuttle arms deal to Saudi Arabia

AP: Trump still optimistic about Middle East peace

Jerusalem Post: Assessing Trump's impact

Your News Wire: Cherokees tell Elizabeth Warren she is not Indian

Your News Wire: Donna Brazile caught trying to end Seth Rich investigation

Daily Mail: Trump shoves his foot in his mouth again

Daily Mail: Trump asked intelligence officials to deny Russian collusion

The Hill: Robert Mueller cleared to head Russian interference probe

The Hill: Trump's budget released on a hope and a prayer

The Hill: McCain: Trump's budget, dead on arrival

Express: Mindanao, Philippines under Martial Law

Express: S Korea fires warning shots over the border 

PressTV: US forces killed in Yemen

PressTV: US drones kill two children in Yemen

CIRCA: Obama spied on Americans

Zero Hedge: Kim Dotcom wants safe passage to testify

Reuters: ISIS aims to pop POP culture

Zero Hedge: UK may deploy armed forces in streets

BoingBoing: Melania avoids Trump's hand a second time

May 22, 2017

Gateway Pundit: Dems didn't cover their tracks with Seth Rich

Your News Wire: Ivanka praises Saudis on Women's Rights

Daily Mail: Trump arrives in Israel amid high expectations

RT: Iranophobia good for arms sales

Sputnik: US arms sales to several countries now come with loans not grants

Zero Hedge: Trump's budget calls for Medicaid and Welfare Stamps cuts

Korea Times: UNSC toils over measures to reprimand N Korea after latest missile test

Jerusalem Post: Trump seeks peace in Middle East as he rebuffs Iran

Express: Melania is there for the ride

Express: Kim Jong-un vows to 'blow up' America

PressTV: France forges its own policy towards Iran

Haaretz: 'Parochial Israeli reception makes even Vulgar President Trump look statesmanlike'

Times of Israel: Trump says he never mentioned Israel in Russian briefing

May 20, 2017

Zero Hedge: China's media offers a synopsis of Trump's administration

Sputnik: Comey's dad comes out in his son's defense

AP: Chaffetz exits political stage

Sputnik: Lavrov refutes rumors that Trump discussed Comey firing

Your News Wire: Cher says Dems are 'Out of Touch'

Breitbart: 9/11 families urge Trump not to buckle

The Hill: Trump receives highest S. Arabian civilian honor

Bloomberg: Trump greeted with multi-billion dollar deals

Daily Mail: Trump received as Royalty by Saudis

NBC: Royal reception for Trump spliced with a montage of Trump's views of Saudis during campaign

RT: Hassan Rouhani wins Presidential election

Sputnik: Special Counsel into Trump-Russia links not so independent

Times of Israel: Saudis willing to help Palestinian-Israeli Peace deal

The Hill: Tillerson joins in sword dance

Haaretz: Israel reminds Trump of his double standards

AFP: Deadly clashes in Venezuela continue

Yonhap News: N Korea steels its resolve towards neutral deterrence

May 19, 2017

Sputnik: Texas Municipal Judge on leave without pay until she becomes a US citizen

Your News Wire: Lavrov describes US attacks on pro-Syrian forces 'unlawful'

Daily Mail: Sweden drops rape charges on Assange

Daily Mail: Weiner registers as sex offender and gets up to 27 months prison term

Breitbart: Russia condemns US recent attack on Syrian Sovereignty

NYT: Trump called Comey 'a nut job'

TASS: Russia sees no threat in N Korea Nuclear program

Your News Wire: Maxine Waters held $200,000 in Russian bank accounts

PressTV: Huge turnout in Iranian elections

HAARETZ: Hundreds of Palestinians clash with Israeli forces

Daily Informer: Petition to charge Hillary Clinton to be sent to Trump and Sessions

Zero Hedge: Russian embassy asks: Who Killed Seth Rich?

Yonhap News: Second US craft carrier deployed to East Sea

Korea Times: Moon pledges to revise Constitution

Zero Hedge: UK plans to regulate internet

RT: China will start war if Philippines drills for oil

May 18, 2017

RT: Trump: this is the greatest witch hunt of a politician in US history

Express: US jets strike 20 Syrian tanks

PressTV: McCain calls for ousting of Turkish ambassador after Erdogan's bodyguards assaulted protesters

Sputnik: US strikes Syria

Buzzfeed: Trump sharing Israeli intelligence is Israel's worst fears confirmed

Your News Wire: Farage threatens armed revolution if Brexit  impeded

The Hill: Erdogan watches his bodyguards storm protesters in DC

AFP: Greek Parliament passes new austerity measures

The Hill: Rosenstein says the Russian investigation will broaden from counterintelligence to criminal

Sputnik: Mar-a-Lago full of cyber holes

Zero Hedge: While everyone is focused on Comey and Russia, the banks are broadsiding America

Breitbart: Trump: No, No .... next question

The Star: UN-backed Govt in Libya is praised by US envoy

Your News Wire: Kucinich warns Deep State wants to destroy Trump

Your News Wire: Savant Cyber Kid stuns experts

SofRep: Mattis comments on US troops killed in Somalia

Daily Mail: China harvests flammable ice

Breitbart: Pence launches Great America PAC

Zero Hedge: Civil unrest foreseen as Massive Redemption run plagues Chinese insurer

Jerusalem Post: Trump's popularity plummets with Israeli Jews

Zero Hedge: White students banned from University student lounge

RT: Zurich insurer uses robots to asses claims

Newsmax: Russian Spy boasted of sabotaging Hillary's chances in the election

CNBC: Trump: Special Counsel hurts our country

May 17, 2017

Yonhap News: N Korea releases an extensive update on Global WannaCry effect

The Hill: Republicans breathe Impeachment

MSNBC: Trump is considering Joe Lieberman for FBI director

Fox News: Former FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate Russia-Trump election probe

Bloomberg: US Embassy move to Jerusalem on hold

RT: Israeli Minister calls for Assad's assassination

Gateway Pundit: Sheriff Clark joining Trump administration

Daily Mail: Trump: 'No politician in history has been treated worse'

Daily Mail: British Bookies bet Trump won't finish first term

Breitbart: McCain calls it another Watergate

RT: Moon raises possibility of war with N Korea

TAAS: Syria & Israel to participate in International Army Games

Express: Greece in chaos

Pravda: Ukraine blocks Russian Social Media

Zero Hedge: Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment

AP: US will keep implementing Iran Nuke deal under new sanctions

Jerusalem Post: Trump put at risk life of Israeli spy

Times of Israel: Western Wall part of Israel: Nikki Haley

Your News Wire: Putin has proof Trump didn't leak secrets

May 16, 2017

Zero Hedge: Seth Rich shared thousands of emails on DNC with WikiLeaks

Breitbart: Trump asked Comey to drop Flynn investigation, according to Comey

Your News Wire: Podesta wanted to make an example of Seth Rich

HAARETZ: Trump leaked Israeli intel to Russians

Sputnik: N Korea to continue with Nuclear and Ballistic tests

Your News Wire: Russian-backed Syrian troops advance towards US and UK troops

Express: IMF and Eurozone fail to agree on Greek funding

Express: Trump praises Turkey

Newsmax: Tillerson says Trump did not discuss sources & methods

Fox: Con-Con gains momentum

May 15, 2017

WSJ: Ransomware attack continues

Your News Wire: Putin urges fight against Globalism

Reuters: US infrastructure hit by hack

Express: No new nations should have nukes according to Putin

Sputnik: Turkey plans air base in Syria

Zero Hedge: New version of ransomware begins to spread

Breitbart: Many Americans feel like strangers in their own country

Express: Junker wants EU army

CBS: Huma files for divorce

Daily Mail: Hamburg steals properties and charges owners the renovations to accommodate 400 new migrants each day

AP: US accuses Syria of more atrocities

The Duran: Mattis believes diplomacy will resolve US-Russian difficulties

Zero Hedge What happens when 1,746 Americans are asked to point to N Korea on a map

May 14, 2017

Breitbart: Maxine Waters going after Trump

AP: Clapper opines US is under attack by Trump

Express: N Korea vaunts 'Pyongyang doesn't blink an eyelash at enemies'

FOX: 'N Korea has been a flagrant menace for far too long' according to WH

Mirror: Click farms in China will favor products with 'Likes'

Sputnik: US sends heavy military equipment to Kurds which Turkey considers an enemy of its state

Arutz Sheva: Netanyahu observes: Embassy move would shatter Palestinian fantasy.

Your News Wire: Trump dumps on Comey

Newsmax: Trump wants tougher UN sanctions on N Korea after latest missile launch

Times of Israel: First woman judge to Sharia Court appointed by Israel

TASS: N Korea missile climbed to 2,000km

Your News Wire: Neocons demonize Assad for Massacring his own people

Times of Israel: Israel not happy with Jordan's rhetoric over stabbing incident

Your News Wire: Sessions goes all out on drugs

Channel News Asia: 200,000 affected by ransomware

Your News Wire: Illuminati control music industry with symbols

Yonhap News: UN Security Council will discuss latest N Korea missile launch

May 13, 2017

Korea Times: Xi and Moon agree N Korea must be nuclear-free

RT: New N Korea ballistic missile splashes 700km into Sea of Japan

Yonhap News: Moon condemns latest N Korea launch

Military: US plans to shoot down ballistic missiles

NYT: Trump's double edged communications sword

Breitbart: Trump plays God card in commencement speech

RT: Norway unions vote to boycott Israel over Palestine

Sputnik: US arms Kurds to Turkey's dismay

Sputnik: Iran supplies oil to DPRK

Yonhap News: N Korea urges UN to reconsider sanctions on DPKR

Express: N Korea to punish ruthlessly its US detainees

Your News Wire: IMF instructs Germany to roll out  a 10% tax on Eurozone savings accounts

Newsmax: Comey declines to appear before Senate

Zero Hedge: Massive Ransomware fallout after 24 hrs

TASS: Russia reveals its RS-28 Sarmat

Zero Hedge: China ATMs fall prey to ransomware

Pravda: China names its new aircraft carrier 'weenie' (in Russian)

Breitbart: More Somalis deported from US

Jerusalem Post: Israeli police attacked by Jordanian

HAARETZ: Jordan lashes out at Israel over Jordanian killing

Ashland Times-Gazette: Russia and China coordinating defense against US first strike

May 12, 2017

Sputnik: Korean dynamic explosive

Your News Wire: Russian hacker offered US citizenship by FBI to falsify hack

Washington Post: Sessions clamps down on drug trafficking

Breitbart: Trump considering cancelling Press Briefings

RT: UK hospitals cyberattacked for ransom

Sputnik: Condy Rice admits Iraq war was about regime change only

Zero Hedge: Trump does not want tapes to come out

Zero Hedge: Massive German rail hackware

BBC: 99 countries hit by cyber attacks

Yahoo: Russia under cyber attack

Jerusalem Post: Abbas wants to sign Peace Treaty with Israel

Your News Wire: Superdelegate convicted on 18 counts of fraud and conspiracy

Fox: N Korea sends letter to US Congress to protest over sanctions

WSJ: Retail sector going bust

May 11, 2017

Express: N Korea warns hundreds of millions in US will die in nuclear war

NBC: Trump was going to fire Comey either way

Circa: Hillary pressured Bangladesh PM to induce donation to Clinton Foundation

Your News Wire: Hillary's days are numbered

The Hill: Is Acting Head of FBI next to roll?

AFP: Acting FBI Head will continue Russia investigation

Newsmax: FBI Acting Head under DOJ investigation

Zero Hedge: Spicer may be on the chopping block

Zero Hedge: Synopsis of McCabe hearings

AP: Mormon Church to develop its own Scouting Program

CBS: Jefferson Davis statue dismantled in New Orleans

Sputnik: Trump signs EO to bolster CyberSecurity

Bloomberg: Aetna ejects from Obamacare

Express: Austria set to collapse

Polizette: Possible FBI picks

The Atlantic: Giuliani not a pick for FBI

Express: CIA launches task force to resolve N Korea crisis

IsraelPalestine News: Nikki Haley fronts for Israel

May 10, 2107

Washington Post: Dems will retaliate with slowdowns

RT: Turkey may sever US alliance

Your News Wire: Sheriff Clarke re-affirms he would arrest Hillary on the spot if he was FBI director

Zero Hedge: Comey had called Trump 'crazy' days earlier

Pravda: Turkey may target US special forces

Zero Hedge: Anonymous issues final WW3 warning

AFP: Trump wants Russia to rein in Iran and Assad

Arutz Sheva: UK and US troops move along Syrian south border

Vox: New S Korea President wants improved relations with N Korea

Daily Star: China test new missiles near N Korea

Express: New Austerity Measures on Greece could collapse EU

HAARETZ: Netanyahu calls CNN, NYT  Fake News

Sputnik: Putin assures that Russia had nothing to do with Comey's dismissal

TASS: Lavrov blames Obama for dismal Russia-US relations after meeting with Trump

Times of Israel: Hamas new leader still aims for destruction of Israe

Yonhap News: N Korea releases satellite pictures of THAAD

May 9, 2017

ITV: Comey fired by Trump

The Hill: GOP Intel Chairman troubled by Trump firing

Heavy: WikiLeaks offers to hire Comey

RT: Russia celebrates Victory Day with pomp, circumstance and muscle flexing

Neonnettle: Child Porn King arrested

Newsmax: Newt explains why Trump had to fire Comey

Zero Hedge: Tunnel collapse in WA nuclear facility prompts evacuation

Express: China holds live fire drills along N Korea border

Your News Wire: Marine Le Pen: The election was rigged

Sputnik: Highlights of Victory Day parade

PressTV: N Korea vows revenge for failed attempts at Kim's life

PressTV: UK, Jordan and US deploy troops along Syria southern border

PressTV: US and Turkey to collaborate in freeing Raqqah

Bloomberg: Venezuelan protesters tried in military courts

WaExaminer: Al Gore's hoax carbon tax

Breitbart: How Sally Yates lost her argument

TASS: Putin takes part in 'Immortal Regiment March'

Intellihub: Trump administration to continue chemtrails

Korea Times: Moon set to win S Korea election by landslide

Breitbart: Kushner and Trudeau will save NAFTA

TASS: Trump says Russian collusion total hoax

Jerusalem Online: IDF raid weapons lathe

May 8, 2017

Express: N Korea ready for last sacred war, and adds this is not 'empty talk'

Breitbart: HMS alert: N Korea to launch EMP attack on US ... (would make a great false flag)

Sun: Paris on Lockdown

TASS: Macron wins with 65.82% of votes

AP: Obama warned Trump about Flynn

Sacramento Bee: CA trying to repeal law that bars communists from government jobs

Your News Wire: Trump claims Sally Yates leaked Classified intel

RT: Protesters and Police clash after election

Times of Israel: Erdogan calls on Muslims to protest on Temple Mount

Jerusalem Online: Assad is removing rebels from Syria

Zero Hedge: Millennials are lured to Baltimore as it descend into anarchy

Your News Wire: Le Pen vows to fight NWO

Sputnik: Mattis questions Russia sponsored safe zones in Syria

Boston Globe: Obama receives Profiles in Courage award

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu trashes Palestinian paper

RT: S Arabia will be razed if it attacks, promises Iran DM

PressTV: US will continue to challenge China's claims in S China sea

Express: Greece faces new austerity measures and rethinks EU

YonhapNews: N Korea calls for detente between N and S

PressTV: Irish beach reappears after 30 years almost overnight

Times of Israel: Netanyahu gives two hour notice and shuts down top-rated Channel 1 News, after 49 years on air

WaExaminer: Clapper and Yates to be grilled over Trump's election

May 7, 2017

Express: N Korea threatens to reduce White House to ashes

Zero Hedge: French election has lowest turnout since 1974

Reuters: Macron wins French election

RT: N Korea detains another US citizen

AP: Trump aims for $1 Trillion cut in Medicaid - to give States more flexibility

Newsmax: Trump promises GOP will not let Americans down on AHCA

Newsmax: Sen Susan Collins promises Senate will start from scratch on AHCA

PressTV: Iran warns S Arabia against stupid moves

PressTV: US kicks-off 20 nation military exercises in Jordan

AFF: Loretta Lynch headed for jail

May 6, 2017

Reuters: France tries to shield Macron from incriminating email leaks

RT: Russia and US discuss Syria safe zones

Pravda: US has effectively declared war on N Korea and perhaps even Russia

Your News Wire: Hamid Karzai Truth Bomb: US created ISIS

The Hill: Trump's healthcare faces long uphill battle

Times of Israel: Jewish Billionaires trying to shape Trump's foreign policy

Your News Wire: Putin has the support of the World in destroying NWO

NY Times: Puerto Rico economy on tailspin

Zero Hedge: Some of Silicon Valley work force living in cars

Newsmax: Sen. Cotton: 'We're writing our own Bill'

Polizette: Soros' surrogate encourages French to vote for the globalist Macron

Your News Wire: Auditor calls for arrest of Macron

WaExaminer: Texas is 10th State to call for Constitutional Convention aimed at reducing Federal powers

Your News Wire: MSM welcome Orwellian censorship

AFP: Women's march keeps pressure on Venezuelan Maduro

PressTV: Cholera puts Yemeni hospital to breaking point

AP: Mixed reaction from church leaders on Trump's new EO

May 5, 2017

Yonhap News: N Korea will ferret out Conspirators to assassinate Kim

Korea Times: N Korea tells China 'don't test us' as the Kabuki theater continues

Your News Wire: Over 50,000 mental health practitioners sign petition to remove Trump from office under 25th Amendment

Sputnik: Syrian children greet Russian soldiers with flowers

Breitbart: Loretta Lynch would have protected Hillary Clinton according to new document

RT: Russian MPs see US sanctions on N Korea as declaration of war

Newsmax: Trump applauds Austrian universal health care, points out Sanders

The Hill: GOP Senators promise to make changes to Obamacare

Your News Wire: US-led coalition jets off-limits in Syria Safe Zones

Intellihub: The true cost of Mar-a-Lago jaunts

PressTV: De-Escalation zones in Syria come to effect

RT: Court orders State Dept. to release Clinton emails on Benghazi

Times of Israel: Israel considering switching off electricity to Gaza

Daily Mail: Congress plans to cancel Obama's $200,000/yr pension

Jerusalem Post: US bank shuts down account of Anti-Israeli group

Reuters: Macron ahead of Le Pen by 24 points

Reuters: Macron's emails leaked

Pravda: Hillary organizing new group to take down Trump

Gateway Pundit: 4Chan releases proof of Macron's Tax Evasion

Fox: Pentagon looks into Iran-N Korea connection

MarketWatch: iHeartRadio on the verge of hitting bottom

Guardian: Venice bans kebab shops

AP: Puerto Rico to close 184 public schools

May 4, 2017

Your News Wire: China threatens war if N Korea conducts another nuclear test

YonhapNews: N Korea planning to strike S Korea

Korea Times: US Congress considers tougher sanctions on N Korea

AP: Healthcare Bill passes House

AP: Trump repeals Johnson Amendment

Express: Putin prepares military parade

TASS: Russia to guarantee Syria no fly zone

Pravda: Italy receives Soros

PressTV: 82% of French voters view Trump unfavorably

Your News Wire: Italian court declares cell phones can cause cancer

Korea Times: China will consider oil embargo on N Korea

Intellihub: Biometric entry-exit around the corner

Pravda: Russophobia alive and well in USA

CNBC: US Crude Oil prices plummet

May 3, 2017

Korea Times: China urges its citizens to leave N Korea

Zero Hedge: Antifa in US arming for civil war

WaPost: Abedin forwarded Classified Clinton emails to Weiner's unsecured laptop

Daily Mail: Emergency meeting called of Queen's Household at Buckingham Palace

Sputnik: For Trump the inauguration picture is a personal affront

Zero Hedge: N Korea now threatens China with grave consequences for its betrayal

TASS: Russia-Turkey relations normalized

RT: Assange calls HRC 'butcher of Libya'

Sputnik: Turkey warns it may accidentally target US troops

Zero Hedge: China issues last warning to N Korea

Pravda: Trump and Putin spoke for 30 mins about Syria

Express: Le Pen edging ahead in home stretch

Intellihub: Russia has nuke-activated Tsunami as US counter-strike measure

NY Times: Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy

Your News Wire: Le Pen vows to destroy Rothschild cartel

Jerusalem Post: Abbas arrives at WH

AP: Trump re-defines policy announcement protocols

May 2, 2017

The Sun: N Korea subs ready to strike

Korea Times: Trump's comments backfire Big League with Koreans and Japanese

Sputnik: China orders its citizens out of N Korea

RT: Putin and Trump talk

Breitbart: Kushner tied to Soros and Goldman Sachs

Express: Kim says 'US gangsters' are pushing for war

RT: China demands immediate halt to THAAD

Daily Magazine: Putin wants impartial investigation into Syria chemical weapon attacks

Channel News Asia: US exploring options at UN to pressure N Korea

Pravda: Chinese city prepares for nuclear war

Your News Wire: Kim predicts 2017 is year NWO is defeated

Breitbart: State Dept. warns of terror attacks in Europe

Your News Wire: Kim says ready to nuke US

Jerusalem Post: UNESCO rejects Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem

Channel News Asia: Turkey decides to not join EU

Your News Wire: Clinton email case to see Grand Jury

Zero Hedge: Baltimore asks Fed's help with murder rate

The Hill: Trump: 'US needs a good shutdown'

May 1, 2017

Express: N Korea's failed missile was heading for Russia

Reuters: State Dept. issues travel advisory for all Europe

Sputnik: Trump on N Korea: We have to be prepared to do what we have to do

Korea Times: N Korea claims US flew B-1B strategic  bombers over Korea Peninsula

Zero Hedge: Trump loses it

Express: N Korea announced ready for nuclear test 'any time any place'

Korea Times: China calls for translators along its Korean border

Korea Times: McMaster wants to negotiate THAAD $1 B fee

AP: Trump mystifies with Andrew Jackson comments

Bloomberg: Trump would be honored to meet Kim Jong-un

Your News Wire: FBI insider discloses why Jason Chaffetz is quitting politics

Fox: Spending Bill, a mixed bag falls short of Trump's targets

CBS: Baltimore murder rate out of control

Fox: Parents of student imprisoned by N Korea plea for his release

PressTV: Al Qaeda fights alongside S Arabia and US troops

Mirror: May day violence in Paris protesting Le Pen

ExpressL Macron plummets in polls

April 30, 2017

The Sun: General complains of running out of bombs

Reuters: Trump blasts media

Reuters: Trump reaches out to Asian countries on N Korea

PressTV: Trump praises Kim Jong-Un as 'pretty smart cookie'

Fox: McMaster says US must prepare for War

Yonhap: N Korea threatens to sink US submarine

Your News Wire: Pope warns WW3 imminent & could destroy most of humanity

Your News Wire: Over 3,000 high ranking Satanic Pedophiles arrested ... (I doubt this very much)

RT: EU sides with Iran on nuclear deal

CBS: Trump's Face the Nation full transcript

WaExaminer: McCain can't guarantee Trump will listen to advisers

Zero Hedge: Deal reached by Congress to keep Government open

NBC: Russia movements in Arctic closely watched

The Duran: US forces placed between Turkish and Kurdish forces act as world's police

PressTV: Egypt condemns Muslim Brotherhood leader to death

The Tower: No Apartheid by Israel according to Red Cross

Newsmax: On 100th day Trump signs EO to study trade deals

April 29, 2017

Jerusalem Post: N Korea threatens Israel with 'merciless thousand-fold punishment'

Intellihub: ISIS apologized to Israel for targeting IDF soldiers

The Telegraph: War Imminent according to Kim

YonhapNews: USS Carl Vinson started drills with S Korea navy

WSJ: China and Russia accuse US of ratcheting up tensions

Breitbrat: Trump weighs in on his first 100 days

Reuters: 'I thought it would be easier': Trump

RT: Russia backs China's proposal to de-escalate tensions

Sputnik: Russian-made S-400 to help Turkey achieve greater independence in NATO .... (WHAT?)

Pravda: Putin and Abe resolve island dispute

Times of Israel: Le Pen picks Israel critic for PM, if elected

AFP: Erdogan bans TV dating shows and Wikipedia

April 28, 2017

Your News Wire: N Korea has yet another missile failure on their Saturday, April 29

YonhapNews: N Korea fires another missile

Breitbart: Trump: 'I am Nationalist and a Globalist'

Breitbart: Paul Ryan delays repeal of Obamacare again

Yonhap: ASEAN's top diplomats expressed grave concerns over N Korea

YT: Tillerson : The US cannot idly stand by

Global Research: Most Americans support the military industrial complex

RT: Tillerson threatens N Korea with more sanctions

Reuters: Trump complains Saudis not paying fair share of defense cost

Sputnik: Trump wants S Korea to pay $1 B for THAAD protection

AFP: Seoul brushes aside Trump's THAAD invoice

The Guardian: Golf Course turned to missile launch site in S Korea

Zero Hedge: Puerto Rico edges towards Title III bankruptcy

Channel News Asia: Tillerson turns the screws on China

Washington Examiner: Trump signs bill to increase offshore oil drilling

Your News Wire: Soros attempts coup in Macedonia

AP: Trump tells NRA 'you have a true friend'

Zero Hedge: US troops deployed along Syria Turkish border

Your News Wire: Berkley protesters linked to child rape advocacy group

Sputnik: China threatens Hong Kong with annexation

Conservative Tribune: Trump gives Carte Blanche to Mattis

Jerusalem Post: Russia slams Israel for striking Syria

TASS: Montenegro joins NATO

TASS: Turkey to purchase S-400 air defense system from Russia

Sputnik: US moves strategic assets to S Korea

Reuters: N. Korea test fires another missile

Your News Wire: Abedin and Clinton investigated by Feds

Bloomberg: First quarter GDP at  0.7%

RT: NSA stops some of its surveillance on Americans

RT: Riots in Rio as austerity measures take a bite

Euronews: Brazil frozen in nation-wide strike

AP: Congress averts government shutdown with stopgap

APRIL 27, 2017

WaPost: N Korea puts DC in crosshairs

AP: Israel strikes Syria near Damascus

Reuters: MAJOR, MAJOR conflict with N Korea possible, says Trump

Jerusalem Post: IDF fires at drone crossing into Isreal air space

Times of Israel: Israel destroys Hezbollah weapons depot near Damascus

Reuters: China tests live weapons in response to THAAD

Sputnik: US Admiral does not discount military action on N Korea

Breitbart: Fox Network investigation widens

RT: Assad says Trump  is puppet of deep state

Jerusalem Post: Kremlin slams Israel for attack on Syria

Daily Mail: Melania wears $4,100 military outfit

TheDuran: US will attack N Korea only in self-defense

NY Jewish Week: Trump proclaims May Annual Jewish American Heritage month

Polizette: Trump rolls back federal land grab

The Duran: China-Russia relationship best it could ever be

Zero Hedge: Canada's communications go down

Los Angeles Times: California inches closer to single payer healthcare system

Bloomberg: Putin warns N Korea situation has rapidly deteriorated

Gateway Pundit: House Committee refers Hillary Clinton email server matter to Justice Dept

Your News Wire: Duerte kicks Rothschilds in the teeth

RT: Pentagon authorized to manage troop deployment in Iraq and Syria

Sputnik: S Arabia sponsored a 'Muslim NATO'

Zero Hedge: Dems hold Gov hostage

Daily Mail: China flaunts its nuclear submarine for first time

Your News Wire: Pedo Supermarket exposed

PressTV: Assad outlines case against US and Israel

Washington Examiner: Trump gives himself an A

TASS: Russia accuses White Helmets of aiding and abetting terrorists

Las Vegas Review: Fire set at Trump International

PressTV: Russian intelligence ship sinks after collision

The Sun: United Airlines causes bunny death

APRIL 26, 2017

WashingtonFreeBeacon: Senators told N Korea threat is escalating

Daily Mail: N Korean children vow retaliation

WTOP: DC responders prepare for complex terror attack

Zero Hedge: Trump's tax plan unveiled

Zero Hedge: Credit defaults at 4 yr high

Sputnik: USS Vinson within strike range of N Korea

Daily Mail: N Korea prepares for attack

RT: THAAD to be operational in coming days

Stars & Stripes: Navy vessel fires warning flare at Iranian ship

RT: Russia and S Arabia FM have opposing views on Iran & Syria

DPA: China launches its first home-made aircraft carrier

Breitbart: Ivanka: Syrian Refugees has to be part of the discussion

RT: US tests ICBM

Zero Hedge: Canada's Housing Bubble explodes

RT: S Korea ramps up military drills

Your News Wire: Obama faked data to promote climate change

Intellihub: ICBM transported, assembled and fired to test response time

TASS: Russia responds to new NATO doctrine

APRIL 25, 2017

American Mirror: Border Crossings down by 90% since Trump became POTUS

CNA: NASDAQ breaks 6,000

Pravda: US troops arrive in Ukraine

Your News Wire: Trump calls for evacuation of 230,000 Americans from S Korea'

Newsmax: Court blocks Trump on sanctuary cities

La Times: US Air Force to test missile off California coast

Yonhap News: N Korea celebrates  with live fire drills

WaPost: Japan tells citizenry it has 10 mins to prepare for oncoming missiles

Intellihub: COG exercises in DC on Wednesday as Senate meets in White House to discuss N Korea

Breaking911: Company recalls 21 tons of chicken

WaExaminer: Wall is not a budget item

The Hill: Dems want Obamacare subsidies in exchange for $15B to military

RT: US sub docked in S Korea

Your News Wire: Ron Paul tells Trump to treat Assange like a hero

Jerusalem Post: N Korea could impact Israel security

Breitbart: Ivanka in Berlin champions women's rights

April 24, 2017

Your News Wire: Former Israeli Defense Minister admits Israel's tacit alliance with ISIS

Breitbart: Scientists urge Trump not to listen to Ivanka's global warming spiel

Intellihub: Operation Gotham Shield sparks worries of a false flag

Your News Wire: Putin ready to prove US behind Syria CW false flag

TASS: Russia's answer to US military aggression

Polizette: Antifa groups given a pass

Gateway Pundit: Hannity on leftist cross-hairs

Zero Hedge: Trump slams 20% tariff of Canadian lumber

YonhapNews: Miscommunication about US fleet heading to N Korea comes at a price

Sputnik: Xi Jinping calls for restraint

Pravda: N Korea ready to test .5 Megaton Nuclear device

Military: Mattis arrives in Afghanistan to asses deployment of more US troops

Jerusalem Post: Trump calls for new UN sanctions on DPRK

AP: Dems prepared to shut down government

PressTV: Russia ready to deploy troops in Syria

Your News Wire: Robert F. Kennedy exposes Vaccine racket

Zero Hedge: Not a single vote for Le Pen in 56 French villages

Times of Israel: IDF chief vows to destroy Israel's enemies

Sputnik: US imposes sanctions on Syria for manufacturing chemical weapons

Reuters: Front-runner Macron sends EU markets higher

April 23, 2017

Yonhap: Third US citizen arrested in N Korea

Breitbart: Exit Polls propel Le Pen into next round of voting

Reuters: N Korea ready to strike US Aircraft Carrier

RT: N Korea ready to sink US carrier with one strike

The Hill: Sessions: We'll pay for the wall one way or another

Your News Wire: N Korea threatens to tow Australia out to sea and sink it

Breitbart: Russians hacked the Democrats' plans to cheat in the Election

Jerusalem Post: At Holocaust Memorial 'The Strong Survive, the Weak are Erased' :  Netanyahu

PressTV: China seeks denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

PressTV: Egypt's Sisi visits S Arabia to strengthen ties

RT: Trump's approval rating low after first 100 days

April 22, 2017

Zero Hedge: Aftermath of multiple city power outages

The Sun: N Korea warns: Great War Coming

RT: N Korea threatens Australia with nuke strike

Your News Wire: The 187 groups George Soros funds to take down America

RT: Day before election, violence erupts in Paris

Jerusalem Post: Russia complains it was not included in US CW probe

Sputnik: Ivanka penetrates China market

Daily Mail: American Airlines flight attendant hits mother of twins on the head with stroller

The Hill: Trump to hold rally on night of White House Correspondents Dinner

Washington Examiner: Trump asks Surgeon General to resign

Your News Wire: Trump throws campaign aid in jail for Pedo ring connection

Sputnik: Cameras show Daesh using human shields

WSJ: Brick and Mortar stores shuttering up

Time: Ryan won't repeal Obamacare to make Trump look good

TASS: Russia inquires why White Helmets were not harmed by Sarin attack

April 21, 2017

Reuters: Mattis says Syria has dispersed aircraft and still retains chemical weapons

SFGate: Power outage paralyzes San Fransisco

CBS: New York Subway power outage

Sputnik: Trump convenes special meeting with all 100 Senators in White House

Breitbart: Agencies prepare for government shutdown

RT: Two Japanese destroyers join USS Carl Vinson

AP: Is the Swamp draining or filling?

AP: Trump after criminals not Dreamers

The Hill: Exxon not granted waiver to drill in Russia

Jerusalem Post: US seeks to convict Jewish teen that threatened JCC centers

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu pleased with Trump's reversals on foreign policy

Los Angeles Times: Hillary receives Trailblazer award from LGBT community

Your News Wire: Assad ready to expel Turkish forces from Syria by force

Times of Israel: Hezbollah tour guide shows Israel's defenses to tourists

Death & Taxes: 'Dumb' Australia refugee swap with US goes forward

Last Great Stand: Feds to simulate Nuclear Detonations over Manhattan

Sputnik: Ex-CIA says Idlib CW attack was false flag

Sputnik: Israel launches attack on Syrian army

Gateway Pundit: Berkeley Mayor supports leftist resistance

PressTV: UK closes bank accounts of Iranian nationals

Pravda: Russia and China in sync

April 20, 2017

TheSun: N Korea threatens to reduce US to ashes

Reuters: N Korea threatens 'super-mighty preemptive strike'

TheSun: Russia reinforces its N Korea border with troops

Yonhap News: Nuke sniffer dispatched to Korea

Yonhap News: S Korea dismisses Trump remarks that S Korea was part of China

RT: Manhunt to find Vault7 leaker underway

RT: Russia's Supreme Court bans Jehovah's Witnesses

Jerusalem Post: Focus is off Israel for first time

The Guardian: Sessions wants to arrest WikiLeaks Assange

Your News Wire: NYPD boss sentenced to 28 yrs for pedophile activity

Newsmax: Trump: US will have no role in has enough roles

PressTV: China will assist in Iran's nuclear reactor

Times of Israel: Haley asks UN to shift focus from Israel to Iran

Polizette: US troops in Syria ready to carve it up

PressTV: US Army confirms Daesh launched CW attack on Mosul

Zero Hedge: China puts its bombers on high alert

Breaking911: Bad Actor trying to incite clash of civilizations ISIS touts CW attacks in Mosul

RT: WH defends misinformation about USS Carl Vinson's travels

AFP: Pence in Indonesia tours Mosque in outreach to Muslims

CNBC: US-China Hollywood go sour

Reuters: Trump praises China's efforts to discipline N Korea

April 19, 2017

Military: Trump signs EO that expands health options for Veterans

Breitbart: N Korea promises more missile tests and threatens all out war if US interferes

NYMag: O'Reilly is ousted

WJ: Tucker Carlson to replace O'Reilly

San Diego Union: Congress considers taxing troops who apply for GI benefits

Bloomberg: Trump weighs military options for N Korea

Breitbrat: Democrats fall short in Georgia

RT: Iran shows off long range missiles

The Tower: Iran is leading exporter of terrorism, says Tillerson

Zero Hedge: MIT professor further disproves Syria CW attack

The Tower: DoD invests in Israeli medical startup

Fox: Russian bombers fly by Alaska for 2nd night in a row

CNBC: USS Carrier Carl Vinson was not headed towards N Korea

AP: Chaffetz won't run for re-election

Sputnik: Trump's threat all bluster or brinkmanship?

Jerusalem Post: IDF intercepted Syrian missile

Times of Israel: Sheldon Adelson gave $5 Million towards Trump Inauguration in exchange for front seat

Your News Wire: Top Army General arrested in pedophile ring

Intellihub: 5,000 US soldiers in California for war games

Polizette: 1,000 US troops already in Syria

The Duran: Comey used Fake Dossier to obtain FISA against Trump

Guardian: Ivanka secures trademarks in China for her fashion lines on the day Trump met with Xi

Your News Wire: Objective Truth according to college students is Racist

Your News Wire: Seth Rich was DNC whistleblower according to Guccifer 2.0

Conservative Review: Trump lets Iran off the hook

Pravda: ISIL uses mustard gas on Australian and US soldiers

PressTV: Mattis in S. Arabia dumps on Iran

The Tower: Iran parade includes Death to Israel banners

April 18, 2017

GoErie: Facebook killer dead

Nikei: Pence says to N Korea: the sword stands ready

NTK: Maxine Waters claims she did not call for Trump's impeachment

Your News Wire: UN envoy: N Korea ready for nuclear showdown

TheSun: Russia claims it can disable entire US navy with  electronic bomb

Sputnik: Trump asks National Security Council to review Iran deal

Sputnik: The three carriers are were?

France 24: Police bust plan to bomb presidential election

Sputnik: Pence signals to N Korea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Fox: Russian bombers seen near Alaska

True Pundit: Hawaii lawmakers push to prepare nuclear fallout shoulders

RT: US Marines deployed to Australia

Washington Examiner: DHS chief asks Congress to either fix it or shut up

TheDuran: No antidotes or drugs were requested after Idlib chemical attack

Guardian: US considers shooting down N Korea missiles

Sputnik: Russia delivers 5 tons of aid to Syria in 48 hrs

Independent: Machine can render thoughts into words

ConservativeReview: Canada blocks US milk exports

Breaking911: Russian Parachute Bombs rain on ISIS

Bloomberg: Facebook employees allowed to protest Trump

Sputnik: Russian MPs complain CNN is interfering in elections

NewsAsia: British PM May calls for June 8 election

April 17, 2017

BBC: N Korea promises a missile launch per week


RedstoneAlabama: Early activation of THAAD

RealClearWorld: 'We don't take orders' says N Korea

The Hill: Thermonuclear War could erupt at any time

Zero Hedge: US deploys two more aircraft carriers to Korea Peninsula

Breitbart: JW requests investigation into top House Intel Democrats

RT: Russia warns US against Syria-type attacks on N Korea

RT: S Arabia shelves infrastructure due to low oil prices

PressTV: Russia warns US to not act unilaterally against N Korea

Daily Signal: Congressman says corruption in D.C. is worse than you can imagine

RT: Cal-exit sputters and evaporates

AP: Manhunt for Facebook killer expanded

AP: Trump to N Korea "Gotta Behave"

Times of Israel: Turkish referendum was not on playing field

April 16, 2017

AP: China and US working on N Korea problem after failed missile test

Sputnik: N Korea vows preemptive strike at slightest US provocation

HawaiiNews: Island prepares for N Korea attack

Chosunilbo: Pence warns N Korea of Trump's 'Resolve'

Guardian: 68 Children among dead in bus attack

The Guardian: Trump expects China to neutralize N Korea

PressTV: US - Philippine exercises continue

Sputnik: Putin-Trump tied at the hip according to Maxine Waters

Los Angeles Times: 21 Arrested at Berkley Trump protests

American Mirror: Police stood down at Berkley

Breitbart: Anti-Trump Koch Brothers LIBRE initiative helping immigrants (legal and illegal)

ReportCA: Referendum may give Erdogan sweeping new powers

Washington Examiner: Trump says we have no choice but rebuild military

Sputnik: Trump no longer calls China 'Currency Manipulator'

Los Angeles Times: California faces inner split

Daily Mail: United Airlines dumps couple on their way to get married

Jerusalem Post: Gaza's only electric generator out of commission

Your News Wire: Melania Trump puts Pedo Rings on Notice

RT: F-35's arrive in Europe for first time

RT: Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter

April 15, 2017

Zero Hedge: Wrong headline almost starts war

Daily Mail: Kim Jung-Un vows to strike at US

Daily Mail: Full display of N Korea's military advancements

WSJ: N Korea displays ICBM

WaPo: N Korea did not test nuke at celebrations

Your News Wire: Russia moves forces to N Korea border

Daily Caller: Sequence of events in event of N Korea nuclear strike

Times of Israel: Iran says it needs no permission to build missiles

Breitbart: Syria car bomb kills at least 43

AP: MOAB death toll rises to 94

SkyNews: N. Korea missile test fails

Polizetter: Deportations to Mexico down 18%

Times of Israel: Tens of thousands Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

The Duran: Christians in Aleppo Syria celebrate Easter

Daily Mail: Trump insists on Gold-Plated Horse Carriage

The Guardian: World's oldest person dies at 117

Judicial Watch: JW sues to reveal Deep State

Fox: Trump signs Buy American Hire American EO

The Hill: Maxine Waters leads Trump impeachment movement and #taxmarch

Breitbart: Trump signs Congressional Review Act

Washington Free Beacon: FBI probing radical Islam in all 50 States

NTK: Maxine Waters claims she never called for Trump's impeachment

April 14, 2017

Japan News: Japan ready for evacuations

Zero Hedge: US tests new steerable nuclear bomb

RT: MIT Professor proves CW attack evidence is faulty

Reuters: N Korea displays for first time missiles deployable from submarines

Zero Hedge: N Korea will test missiles when 'it sees fit'

RT: China FM: N Korea war could erupt any minute

RT: N Korea plans to strike US bases and S Korea palace

Sputnik: Assange fights back

Jerusalem Post: Senior Trump official denies Trump will strike first

Your News Wire: MOAB destroyed tunnels financed by CIA in 1980s

Daily Mail: Kim Jung-Un vows to 'pulverize the headquarters of evil'

The Hill: WH massaging tax reform

Polizette: Trump to democrats: Cooperate on healthcare or else

The Guardian: Syria proceeds with population swaps

April 13, 2017

Daily Mail: US drops mother of all bombs on ISIS

Your News Wire: Trump Administration urges Hungary not to close Soros University

PressTV: Assad will only allow 'impartial' probe on chemical weapon attack

Washington Examiner: US gives General Dynamics contract to build 80 ft tall surveillance towers along S. Border

Breitbart: Merkel admits some refugees are terrorists

The Duran: Assad says US working hand and glove with ISIS

Zero Hedge: CIA's Pompeo says WikiLeaks maybe hostile non-state intelligence agency

Zero Hedge: Putin to Tillerson: "Don't Strike Syria Again"

Gateway Pundit: ICE to deport 4,000 Somalis

Polizette: Kansas conviction is tip of voter fraud iceberg

The Hill: McConnell on Trump's reversals: he is learning the job

Intellihub: Two N Korea satellites capable of delivering EMP strikes on US

ChannelNewsAsia: N Korea tells Foreign reporters to prepare for Big Event

Your News Wire: Israel pounds Syria overnight

Agence France Press: Assad labels CW attack as false flag

Breitbart: Trump signs EO to cut funding from Planned Parenthood

RT: China warns US: do not strike N Korea

Zero Hedge: MOAB sends DOW to two month low

Reuters: Japan: N Korea may have Sarin tipped missiles

RT: US forces mistakenly kill 11 Syrian military personnel

Sputnik: Lavrov reveals details of US-Russia talks on Syria

Jerusalem Post: Hezbollah abandons positions in Golan Heights

ScienceMag: Machine distills water from desert air

April 12, 2017

Zero Hedge: N. Korea prepping for Nuclear Test

AP: Ahmadinejad poised to run for President

The Star: Kim Jong-Un orders evacuation

Zero Hedge: Trump orders nuclear sniffer

Daily Mail: Andrea Mitchell schooled by Russia's foreign minister

Sputnik: Ivanka influenced attack on Syria

RT: Putin and Tillerson meet

Zero Hedge: China gives N. Korea final notice

Breaking911: ISIS evaluates 'sewers' as potential weapon

The Sun: Navy Seals practice assassinating Kim Jung-Un

NY Post: China tells N Korea not to mess with US

C-Span: US tells Russia in UN to stop covering for Assad

Breitbart: Egyptian Christians cancel Easter celebrations

Your News Wire: Mossad and S. Arabia behind CW false flag according to ex-CIA

Times of Israel: Daily Mail loses defamation suit with Melania Trump

Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch threatens 11 States with Federal Lawsuits over Voter Registration Lists

Polizette: Le Pen vows to dismantle migrant camps

The Hill: GOP infighting imperilling Trump's agenda

Sputnik: Russia turns off Turkey's tourism

Your News Wire: First Clinton Pay-for-Play acolyte headed for jail

Jerusalem Post: Spicer admits he dropped the ball

WBRC: Alabama Senate allows church to start own police force

PressTV: China denies deployment of 150,000 troops along N. Korea border

April 11, 2017

Mirror: Putin says Trump will bomb Damascus and blame it on Syria

WaPo: Proof surfaces FBI spied on Trump

RT: NATO is relevant for Trump

RT: Russian MoD claims Syria has no CW

RT: MIT professor disagrees with WH findings of chemical attack

Bretibart: Trump: Putin-Assad relationship 'bad for mankind'

NY Post: Trump said "We are not going into Syria"

YT: Sean Spicer speaks truth: US in Syria to destabilize it

Jerusalem Post: Eric Trump says Ivanka influenced her dad to bomb Syria

Breitbart: Betsy DeVos said illegal students can keep getting in-state tuition

PressTV: Syria, Russia and Iran issue a statement

Intellihub: Massive import banned placed on N. Korea by China. Ships turn to port

Washington Examiner: N. Korea threatens to make US 'fully accountable' for its actions

Daily Caller: WH persists that Assad used CW on his own people

Your News Wire: Lord Rothschild urges the West to invade Syria

WSJ: Tillerson: Assad's regime coming to an end

Times of Israel: Russia must choose between US and Iran axis says Tillerson

Breitbart: Sessions: Catch and Release era is over

RT: Putin: Trump used False Flag to set up Assad

Sputnik: Mattis asserts he viewed of evidence of CW attack and is not after 'regime change'

Zero Hedge: China sets its own Red Line for N. Korea

Zero Hedge: G7 Fails to corner Russia with sanctions

RT: Trump approves Montenegro inclusion into NATO

April 10, 2017

Zero Hedge: China moves 150,000 troops to N. Korea border

Zero Hedge: White House new red line for Syria. Barrel Bombs

INFOWars: Sub-hunting plane over S. California

Times of Israel: TRUMP and MAY will try to convince Russia to end supporting Syria

Breaking911: State department alert: US citizens to leave Gaza strip

Breitbart: Slim chance Funding for Wall will be budget item

Radio Free Europe: Putin cancels meeting with Tillerson

Your News Wire: UK Ambassador drops truth bomb about Syria

The Hill: Gorsuch sworn in as Justice 

The Guardian: Tillerson says US would rescue civilians anywhere in the world

Sputnik: White Hats release fake videos

Sputnik: WikiLeaks documents reveal US has tried to remove Assad for some time

Breitbart: Mick Mulvaney signals massive Federal cuts

Zero Hedge: Assad blamed for phosphorus attacks

Polizette: WH pushes back on Russian 'disinformation'

Jerusalem Post: Israel closes its border with Egypt

Washington Examiner: McConnell worries Trump may affect 2018 elections

Gateway Pundit: WikiLeaks reveals 2012 emails that show Israel wants Assad out of power

PressTV: Iran FM urges fact-finding mission on CW attacks

Polizette: US veterans warn against scaling up war in Syria

April 9, 2017

AP: Israel calls its tourists on Sinai to return home immediately

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu supports US attacks on Syria

RT: US strike force headed to Korean peninsula

Sputnik: Tillerson claims China ready to take action on N. Korea

AP: 43 dead in Egypt after ISIS attack

PressTV: US crossed multiple red lines

Times of Israel: Iran, Russia and Assad backers threaten retaliation next time

RT: Trump considers sanctions on Russia and Iran

Zero Hedge: Russian and Iran warn US military force will be used next time red line is crossed

Breitbart: Tillerson blames Russia for not cleaning up CW in Syria

April 8, 2017

RT: Ron Paul: They are terrified that peace would return to the Middle East

South China Morning Post: US and China at odds over N. Korea

Your News Wire: Syria fires at US aircraft

Sputnik: China-US agree to high level military de-escalation protocols

SMPC: Hits and Misses of Xi-Trump meeting

The Hill: Trump praises military

Zero Hedge: Left takes to streets "Hands off Syria"

Sputnik: Trump tells Congress "More Action May Come"

Washington Examiner: Expansionist Mark Levin praises Trump

RT: US Senate calls for Hybrid Tribunal on Syria

RT: Russian FM and US Sec of State discuss Syria attacks

Jerusalem Post: Israel should be happy

Daily Mail: Russia is one step from war

AP: War planes bomb town hit by chemical attack

The Guardian: US warns Assad of using CW again

Express: Ivanka may had a role in Missile reprisal

Breitbart: Aftermath of China-US summit meeting

Washington Examiner: Twitter withdraws lawsuit against Trump

White House: Statement on Syria attacks

Gateway Pundit: Susan Rice in January announced Assad voluntarily gave up chemical weapons

Zero Hedge: US sends Aircraft Carrier to N. Korea

Intellihub: McCain encourages Trump to keep up the Syrian attacks

Times of Israel: Iran and Russia vow to fight Assad's enemies

Gateway Pundit: Seth Rich was DNC Leaker according to Guccifer 2.0

Breitbart: Betsy Devos requires additional security

April 7, 2017

Your News Wire: Russia PM: US should brace itself for full military conflict with Russia

Independent: Russia accuses US of having planned attack on Syria

AP: Medledev predicts Russia-US relations will keep deteriorating

Sputnik: Putin accuses US of act of aggression

Telegraph: Top Trump supporters censor Trump

Weekly Standard: NSC agreed to launch attack

Breitbart: Gorsuch confirmed for SCOTUS

RT: US air strikes kill civilians including children

Zero Hedge: Russia warship steams towards US fleet

AP: Haley says US ready to scale up in Syria

Sputnik: US cruise missile attack was pre-planned

The Duran: Russia slams US in UN emergency meeting

The Guardian: Tillerson scheduled to visit Moscow

Breaking911: Assad calls attacks 'arrogant aggression'

Washington Examiner: Priebus may be next to go in WH shuffle

Daily Mail: Third suspect arrested in Sweden horror attack

April 6, 2017

Zero Hedge: Trump launches 60 tomahwak missiles on Syria Government installations

Bloomberg: Republicans go Nuclear to nominate Gorsuch

AP: Russia's support of Assad is not unconditional

PressTV: Tillerson tells Russia to rethink its support of Syria

AP: Devin Nunes steps down from House Intel Committee

RT: Putin scolds Netanyahu on groundless conclusions to Syria chemical attack

Sputnik: Tillerson is convinced Assad is responsible for attacks

Washington Examiner: Pentagon sizing military options for Syria

Polizette: Xi Jinping heads to Florida to meet with Trump

Your News Wire: Effects of WiFi exposed by high school girls

Conservative Review: Ivanka holding secret meetings with liberal special interest groups

Jerusalem Post: Trump plans strike on Syria

Conservative Tribune: After N. Korea fires another missile Tillerson says: "We have no further comment"

News.Com.Au: N. Korea promises 'most ruthless response'

RT: EU grants Ukraine visa-free travel

April 5, 2017

Business Insider: Bannon removed from National Security Council

The Hill: Trump says Susan Rice may have committed crime and will be the biggest story of our time

Washington Examiner: GOP mulls 'nuclear' option on Senate confirmation rules

RT: Trump blames Assad for gas attacks

RT: Haley: The truth is that Russia, Iran and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad have no interest in peace,” 

Zero Hedge: With Obamacare repeal and Tax cut reform dead on arrival, Trump may pivot to war with Syria

PressTV: Syrian FM says terrorists store chemical weapons in neighborhood

Sputnik: Israeli DM accuses Assad for chemical attacks

Daily Mail: Trump says his attitude towards Assad has changed without any fact-finding

Sputnik: Putin reminds everyone chemical weapons were removed from Syria with US help in 2014

Your News Wire: Russia wants to open a fact-finding mission on gas attacks

Times of Israel: Israel blames Assad for chemical attacks

The Duran: Russia vetoes action against Syria

Sputnik: Slaughter of civilians in Yemen ignored by NATO/US

Jerusalem Post: Palestinians won't negotiate peace without a settlement freeze

April 4, 2017

Good: Tax laws cause record number of Americans to renounce their citizenship

WSJ: Trade gap shrinks

WT: Illegal Immigration down 67% since Trump's inauguration

The Hill: Trumpka accuses Trump of bait-and-switch

The Hill: Susan Rice denies charges

Daily Caller: Trump discusses Trillion Dollar infrastructure

AP: Most young people believe Government should pay for healthcare 

TASS: N. Korea fires another missile towards Japan

Yahoo: US says clock has run out for N. Korea

Gateway Pundit: Susan Rice is married to ABC News Exec. Producer, who won't air story of Susan allegations

Conservative Review: Egypt and US are on same page

Polizette: US stops funding abortions abroad

Judicial Watch: IRS documents obtained by Judicial Watch show extreme prejudice

RT: Syrian gas attack kills dozens

YNW: Lebanese PM says Israel wants war

Russia Insider: Russia pounds Turkey-backed group in Syria

April 3, 2017

Your News Wire: Another Obama insider admits Trump was spied on since 2015

The Sun: ISIS releases hit list of US and UK targets

Breitbart: Susan Rice unmasked Trump's transition team

Polizette: 5 Democrats who could regret obstructing Gorsuch confirmation

FFA: Trump asks rhetorical question about Hillary

Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch holds hearings on Weiner emails

RT: 10 killed in St. Petersburg subway

Zero Hedge: Democrats ready to block Gorsuch as GOP ready to go 'Nuclear'

AP: Cyborgs implanted with microchips

Sputnik: Syria considers remaining Turkish troops as occupiers

Jerusalem Post: UN to release document which equates Israeli occupation to US slavery

April 2, 2017

Breitbart: LA TIMES bashes Trump

Breitbart: Jeb Bush trashes Trump

Zero Hedge: China and Russia set to bypass Dollar

Polizette: GOP set to go Nuclear as McCaskill set to obstruct Gorsuch confirmation

Zero Hedge: China intent on installing its labor force in Canada

Intellihub: Genigrich: Russia's interference relates to Democrats

Sputnik: Japan recognizes Bitcoin

NY Post: NY homeless housed in posh hotels

AP: Haley: Russia meddled in election

AP: Egypt's el-Sisi visits Trump

Breaking911: Trump: Find Leakers

Jerusalem Post: US-Israel talks on settlements end

Your News Wire: Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy after 73 child sex abuse suits

April 1, 2017

Your News Wire: Podesta seeks immunity to testify against Hillary Clinton

Gateway Pundit: Podesta received money from Russia during campaign

Daily Caller: Perez says Trump wasn't elected

Breitbart: Trump attacks sleepy-eyed Chuck Todd

Zero Hedge: Bill Maher tells Hillary to stay in the woods

Sputnik: Tillerson not seeing eye to eye with Erdogan

Times of Israel: Jordan says settlements by Israel undermine peace

March 31, 2017

RT: Wikileaks reveals foreign Marble agents

The Hill: Putin rep claims US-Russia relations worse than cold war era

Breitbart: Dept. of Education told to de-couple from Islam curriculum

Sputnik: US House Intel Com. rejects immunity request from Flynn

Daily Caller: Republicans want Trump to fire IRS chief

Times of Israel: US warns Israel on settlements

The Duran: A list of the 17 agencies

Intellihub: Illegal immigration attacked in LA city hall

Gateway Pundit: Sheriffs may face jail time in TX for harboring illegals

C-Span: Hillary lectures on facts

Conservative Review (Opinion): Trump capitulates on border wall to Schumer

March 30, 2017

Breitbart: Katie Ally leaving

Breaking911: WH presents new intel to HIC

Breaking911: Trump signs off on Somalia military ramp-up

Your News Wire: Le Pen vows to destroy New World Order

Breitbart: EU Pres will break up USA

Polizette: Trump lashes out at Freedom Caucus for Healthcare Failure

The Hill: Egyptian-born Dina Powell called as Trump's Ms-Fix-It

Sputnik: White House insiders tipped Nunes on Trump

CBS: Bay Area cities call for Trump's impeachment

RT: Assad's expulsion no more US policy

Jerusalem Post: Italian police stop ISIS bomb threat in Venice

Zero Hedge: Bank equity trading revenues significantly lower

Times of Israel: 2,000 new homes approved in West Bank

Your News Wire: Putin blasts Geoengineering

March 29, 2017

The Hill: "N. Korea may wipe 90% of Americans" rhetoric in motion for a possible false flag

Breitbart: California outlaws undercover reporting by conservative media

Newsmax: Obama staffer arrested for treason

SkyNews: UK hands Brexit Article 50 to EU

Guardian: Merkel rejects one condition by UK

Zero Hedge: Dim-wit Obama lackey slips the truth on Trump spying

AP: 2 former Christie aids get jail time

Ny Post: A time when Huma was planning Hillary's funeral

Daily Caller: Judge Napolitano talks about surveillance on Fox

Your News Wire: Hackers change Islamic call to prayer into porn sounds

Intellihub: Luxury bunkers go through the roof

FFA: TSA's ridiculous pat downs causes mom to lash out

Your News Wire: Chaffetz: "we are going to audit the Fed"

RT: Shots fired in Capitol incident

Washington Examiner: Orin Hatch would let Romney take his spot

Times of Israel: Arab nations warn Israel to not drop 2-state solution

March 28, 2017

Market Watch: Consumer confidence leaps to 16 year high

Daily Mail: Ivanka's new $22,500 chandelier

Right Scoop: Entire DNC staff is fired

FFA: Whitehouse on Lockdown

The Guardian: World's largest dinosaur footprint discovered in Australia

The Hill: Border wall funding put on hold

NY Post: De Blasio fires back at Trump

Gateway Pundit: Immigrant child rapist posts bail and disappears

The Sun: Another White House bomb threat

Detroit News: Ford to invest $1.2 Billion in three Michigan plants

Breitbart: Trump calls investigation into Clinton-Russia deals

RT: Trump ends climate change hoax and war on coal

Zero Hedge: Trump points to Podesta-Russia link

Times of Israel: Huge anti IDF draft protest by Rabbis

The Duran: 5 Stories the MSM won't report on

March 27, 2017

Breitbart: Deep State in full offensive against Trump

Your News Wire: Podesta facing jail time for Russian fiasco

RT: US sends 200 more troops to Mosul

Zero Hedge: NBC hires ex-Obama stooge to provide unbiased commentary

Sputnik: Trump creates innovation office under Kushner

Jerusalem Post: Ties between Jews and Israel at breaking point

The Duran: CONFIRMED: Syria vows to launch Scuds if Israel attacks again

Polizette: Halal store guilty of fraud got a pass

NY Post: Breitbart News denied Capitol Hill press credentials

Gateway Pundit: Jeff Sessions puts sanctuary cities on notice

March 26, 2017

RT: Volcano erupts

Daily Caller: Ukrainian ammo depot explodes

InfoWars: Trump supporters targeted after violence

AP: GOP struggles to govern

Eurasia Review: Russia creates alternative to SWIFT

Breitbart: Schumer promises border wall won't get the votes

Breitbart: Preibus says Trump doesn't want Ryan to resign

Zero Hedge: Trump encourages Twitter followers to listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro (slam Paul Ryan)

Sputnik: Mar-A-Lago Act forces Trump to disclose visitors meeting with him privately

Times of Israel: Hamas leader assassination was planned

March 25, 2017

Bretibart: Pope tells EU nationalism equates to egotism

Zero Hedge: McCain admits New World Order under strain

RT: Hamas promises reprisals for Assassination

INFOWars: Former NSA Chief: Trump was spied on

INFOWars: Alex Jones reads prepared apology for Pizzagate reporting

Your News Wire: Gowdy blames Obama for Flynn leak

WND: Feinstein eats crow

Jerusalem Post: Russia and US promise Israel to get Iran out of Syria

Israel Times: Trump's Jewish son-in-law raises questions of bias

The Duran: ISIS comes to Russia

Daily Caller: Trump staff volunteer to testify in contrast to Hillary's staff

Zero Hedge: Bellagio robbery creates panic

March 24, 2017

Gateway Pundit: POTUS pulls healthcare bill

RT: US ships harassed by Iranian ships in Straight of Hormuz

Your News Wire: Pope holds Quran recital and calls Trump non-Christian

Gateway Pundit: Leader of Women's March stripped of US citizenship and deported

Zero Hedge: Nunes huddles with Comey in closed session

Sputnik: CIA targets citizens' digital devices

Breitbart: If AHCA folds, so could Speaker Ryan

AP: White House concedes healthcare bill defeat

Jerusalem Post: 19 yr. old Bomb Suspect used bitcoin & google voice

DPA: Egypt's Hosny Mubarak is set free

March 23, 2017

Your News Wire: Soros caught paying protesters $15,000 per month

Reuters: Healthcare on the balance

Breitbart: Jubilant ISIS enthusiasts celebrate Westminster attack

RT: WikiLeaks releases dark matter on hacked Apple products

Zero Hedge: CIA whistle bower reveals 2008 election fraud and surveillance state

AP: Schumer vows to filibuster Gorsuch confirmation

Jerusalem Post: Dual Citizen Israeli behind most JCC bomb threats

Daily Mail: The human story in the Westminster attack

March 22, 2017

Your News Wire: Netanyahu schools Putin: Israel will continue its air strikes in Syria

C-Span: Rep. Nunez delivers proof of Surveillance on Trump

WND: Sarah Palin urges Trump to dump Comey

RT: Westminster on lockdown

The Hill: GOP faction to kill Obamacare replacement

Washington Examiner: DNC wants to delay Gorsuch confirmation

Breitbart: Franken hammers Gorsuch

The Duran: Waters tweets Trump to get ready for impeachment

Zero Hedge: David Brock recovering from heart attack

Reuters: Mexico warns companies to not build wall

Mercury News: California state officials warn companies to not build wall

DPA: Germany urges Erdogan to respect rule of law

March 21, 2017

Your News Wire: Putin bans Israel from bombing Syria

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu tells Putin Israel will continue its bombing of Syria

Sputnik: US fleet positions itself in straight of Hormuz

WND: Secret Service had removed motion sensors from WH fence

Israel News: Netanyahu says settlements non-negotiable

March 20, 2017

C-Span: Jamey Comey testifies before House Select Intelligence Committee

The Hill: WH concludes no collusion between Russia and Trump Campaign

NYT: David Rockefeller dies at 91

Your News Wire: Syria shoots down Israeli plane

Jerusalem Post: Israel intercepts 200Kg Syrian warhead

Washington Examiner: Trump says 'Kim Jong-Un is behaving very very badly'

Jerusalem Post: China enters Mid-East talks

Huffington Post: Smears Trump with a broadside

March 19, 2017

RT: Israel defense minister vows to destroy Syrian air force

WND: Merkel agrees to take in 250,000 Syrians per year

The Duran: Putin summons Israeli ambassador to Moscow 

Daily Star: N. Korea threatens to go Nuclear if single shot is fired

Red State Watcher: Hillary and Huma go shopping

The Hill: Rand Paul predicts healthcare bill will fail

YourNewsWire: Former Mayor confesses to pedophilia

Washington Examiner: WH nails NBC over 2005 tax leak

Intellihub: 600 proposals for border Wall expected

DPA: Syrian regime regains control over Damascus

March 18, 2017

Your News Wire: George Soros urges Americans to fight 'evil Trump'

Daily Caller: Author breaks down how resistance to Trump is manufactured

Breitbart: Donna Brazil admits to advancing questions to  Hillary Clinton

AP: Details of Trump wall emerge

Truthfeed: Left will disrupt Town Halls by Right

Washington Examiner: States clamp down on sanctuary cities

AP: Trump's biggest detractor is GOP

Zero Hedge: Trump scraps Climate Change funding at G20

RT: Putin demands explanation for Israel strike on Syria

Times of Israel: 2nd time Netanyahu and Trump envoy fail to agree on settlements

Smoke Room: Melania wears beige shoes with Red ensemble

March 17, 2017

(AP): Trump welcomes Merkel

(Sputnik): Michael Morell, former acting CIA director says no Russia interference in election

(YourNewswire): Wasserman-Schultz provided classified information to Muslim with terrorist links

(MiamiHerald): Venezuela nationalizes bakeries

(DailyNews): Laptop containing Hillary Clinton email investigation stolen from Secret Service

(Polizette): Brutalized Trump supporters at San Jose file law suit

(KoreaHerald): Tillerson has lost patience with N. Korea

(RT): Erdogan threatens to storm Europe with 15,000 refugees a month

(JerusalemPost): Syrian missile aimed at Israel shot down

(YourNewsWire): Israeli jets shot down by Syria

(HollywoodReporter): TV shows fail to connect with audience

March 16, 2017

(TheWrap): Budget cuts target NPR, PBS and NE of the Arts

(RT): McDonald's blasts Trump on Twitter

(CBS): UK approves 3-parent babies

(RT): China threatens Japan

(RT): Queen gives Royal Assent for Brexit

(YourNewsWire): Syria invites Iran to create naval base

(YourNewsWire): Israeli air Force strikes multiple Gaza targets

(JerusalemPost): Trump Budget cuts don't affect aide to Israel

(ZeroHedge): Greek terror cell attacks German Finance Minister

(WND): IRS gives preferential treatment to Satanic cult

(Lifezette): McMullin up to his old tricks again

March 15, 2017

(Breitbart): Obamacare 2.0 rewards Clinton voters

(RT): Saudi prince says Trump is 'true friend of Muslims'

(YourNewsWire): N. Korea prepares for war with US

(TruthCensored): Tillerson pushed to investigate Soros

(WND): Secret Service investigating Snoop Dog

(TheHill): James Comey to testify on Russian interference

(AP): Trump blasts income tax leak

(Breitbart): McCain claims Rand Paul is Russian spy

(AP): Hawaii Federal judge challenges Trump's travel ban

(TimesofIsrael): Wilders beaten in Dutch election

March 14, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Congress launches full George Soros investigation

(YourNewsWire): Trump plays long game with Clintons

(AP): GOP desperate to support health bill

(C-Span): Dr. Tom Price on CBO estimates

(Townhall): 5 Ways WH plans to sell O-Care 2.0

(Breaking911): Canada Girl Guides cancel trip to US over Travel Ban

(ZeroHedge): Gun sales down post-Obama

(Breaking911): Texas Border Agents seize $12 M in Meth

(ZeroHedge): Clintons may be propping up Pence

(WashingtonExaminer): Pence dismisses WikiLeaks claims he is undermining Trump

(FoxNews): State Dept. warns students against travel to Mexico

(DailyCaller): N. Korea threatens US with first strike

(WashingtonExaminer): Trump meets with top Saudi Prince

March 13, 2017

(Breitbart): Judicial Watch pursuing IRS targeting of Conservatives

(WashingtonExaminer): Trump's State Dept refuses to look for Hillary's lost emails

(TheDuran): Russian ambassador met with Clinton staff during election

(INFOWars): Trump listens to Obamacare parties

(YourNewswire): Soros and Dems trying to lower voting age to 16

(DailyCaller): Dems scuttling Gorsuch nomination

(RT): US deploys drones in S. Korea

(ZeroHedge): Seal Team 6 arriving to take out Kim Jong-Un

(YourNewsWire): Thousands to gather in DC for Pedophile indictments

March 12, 2017

(AP): ACLU organizes anti-Trump protest training

(GatewayPundit): The day Clinton fired 93 attorneys

(JudicialWatch): Will hold March 13 hearing to request DOJ pursue Clinton Emails

(AP): Chinese Communist Party hardens rhetoric against Islam

(Breitbart): Gay Pride Parade replaced by Anti-Trump Parade in W. Hollywood

(Washington Examiner): Russians met with Clintons 'lots' of times

(WND): Soft Jihad takes roots in Canada

(NYPost): Russian envoy met with both camps during election

(TheGuardian): Netherlands will pay the price of barring Turkish envoy

(DPA): Over 40% of IS-controlled Mosul retaken by Iraq

(YourNewsWire): 8 Signs Hillary could be arrested soon

March 11, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Anthony Weiner's new evidence about to see Hillary Clinton locked up for life

(Breitbart): Intruder jumps WH fence and is apprehended

(NYPost): Defiant lawyer Preet Bharara fired

(DailyCaller): Chinese Hollywood deals not closing

(RT): Assad says US troops are there illegally

(JerusalemPost): US troops warn Turkish and Syrian rebel forces

(Intellihub): Obama's half brother produces Kenyan birth certificate

(TheHill): Obamacare mired down in politics

(Times of Israel): Trump invites Mahmoud Abbas to WH

March 10, 2017

(FoxNews): AG Sessions asks remaining 46 Obama-appointed attorneys to resign ... full story

(FPM): Sec. of Def. selects controversial under-sec Anne Patterson ... full story

(CNBC): More than 48 Million Twitter accounts are bots ... full story

(WashingtonExaminer) Pelosi: I could have retired if Clinton won ... full story

(AP): Obama stayed in DC to head Shadow Government ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Trump's will break up Wall Street ... full story

(Reuters): Construction jobs see largest gain in 10 years ... full story

(Daily Caller): Elections to remain federalized ... full story

(INFOWars): China warns of first nuclear strike ... full story

(Sputnik): Iran test another mid-range missile ... full story

(Breitbart): 7 Reasons Obamacare 2.0 will harm Trump ... full story ... opinion

(DailyCaller): American bar Association gives Gorsuch highest SCOTUS rating ... full story

(WND): Pope thinking of ordaining married man given shortage of priests ... full story

(TASS): Russian diplomat's cause of death not be disclosed ... full story

March 9, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Former FBI Director: Hillary needs to be shot by firing squad for treason ... full story

(AP): EPA chief states carbon dioxide not responsible for global warming ... full story

(TheHill): Rand Paul produces Obamacare alternative ... full story

(Twitter): Obama's brother Malik reveals Barrack's birth certificate ... tweet

(PresTrumpNews): WikiLeaks Julian Assange gives interview ... video

(INFOWars):  Racist Ramos suggest whites will become minority ... full story

(Breitbart): Flippy the burger-flipper  is here ... full story

(RT): US troops officially in Syria to fight ISIS ... full story

(DailyCaller): Ryan's telling response ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Yield Curve inverts as debt ceiling looms ... full story

(WND): Senate approves ambassador to Israel ... full story

(NYPost): Uber Driver/Lawyer puts cop in his place ... video

(Polizette): Trump faced with N. Korea-Japan saber rattling ... full story

March 8, 2017

(Daily Mail): Linda Sarsour arrested ... full story

(Polizette): Trump job growth in first month 15x that of Bush average month ... full story

(Breitbart): Mexican cartels grew weed deep inside of Texas ... full story

(Reuters): Mexico denies sugar export permits ... full story

(Yahoo): Japan argues for first strike options on N. Korea ...full story

(AP): Women strike to show their economic clout ... full story

(INFOWars): Obamacare meant to turn middle-class into low income renters ... full story

(DailyCaller): WikiLeaks admits 99% of its CIA emails not released, yet ... full story

(The Hill): Senate requests FBI to hand over requests for wiretapping Trump's campaign ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Russia is seeding US shores with dormant nuclear missiles ... full story

(RT) Iran warns US of irreversible consequences after latest maneuvers ... full story

(Sputnik): Israel uses sea drones successfully ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Arab League warns move of US Embassy threatens world peace ... full story

March 7, 2017

(WND): Trump orders report on Honor Killings within US ... full story

(WikiLeaks): VAULT 7.CIA Hacking Tools Revealed ... full story

(Yahoo): N. Korea fires missiles into Japanese waters in preparation for attack on US bases ... full story

(Intellihub): Secret Service investigates threat to assassinate Trump and Pence on Twitter ... full story

(Breitbart):  GOP bash Ryan's plan as Obamacare-light ... full story

(TheDuran): Russian and US top brass meet in Turkey to strategize about ISIS ...full story

(YourNewsWire): Soros tried to overthrow Putin, new memo reveals ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): More than 100 Jews centers have received bomb threats ... full story

(Sputnik: WikiLeaks warns about CIA hacking cars for remotely controlled assassinations ... full story

(DailyMail): Trump upstages Hillary in WH tour ... full story

(DailyCaller): Podesta was paid by Russian bank to end sanctions on Russia ... full story

March 6, 2017

The American Health Care Act ... Site

(Judicial Watch): Judicial Watch sues Treasury, DOJ and CIA ... full story

(INFOWars):  Obama stole from middle class mortgages to fund Obamacare ... full story

(Gateway Pundit): WikiLeaks released list of wiretaps conducted by Obama ... full story

(Daily Caller): FBI investigates 300 refugees for terrorism full story

(Breitbart): Trump signs new travel ban order ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Israeli bulldozers and tanks roll into Palestinian lands ... full story

(TheDuran): Donbass is breaking away form Ukraine ... full story

(Asia Times): N. Korea fires more missiles ... full story

(Sputnik): US ships forced to change course by Iranian vessels ... full story

(RT): 8,000 troops sent to Norwegian-Russian border ... full story

March 5, 2017

(INFOWars): Important Message to President Trump ... full story

(RT): Trump blames DNC for not allowing FBI to investigate ... full story

(Sputnik): Former Director of NI Clapper denies Trump was wire-tapped ... full story

(Zero Hedge): FBI asked DOJ to reject Trump claims of wire-tapping ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Russia kills 19 CIA-funded terrorist commanders in Syria ... full story

March 4, 2017

(YourNewsWire):  President Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize ... full story

(Breitbart): Obama hacked Trump during campaign ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Obama denies he wiretapped Trump ... full story

(RT): Iran tests Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft system ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Pope Francis pushes one-child policy on West ... full story

(TheDuran): Looks like Soros covered his tracks once again ... full story

March 3, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Investigation into Obama stealing GOP funds to support leftist groups ... full story

(INFOWars): Many Dems, including Obama met with Russian diplomats ... full story

(WND-Opinion): 64 Ways Obama is sabotaging Trump ... full story

(Sputnik): China doubles down on its territorial claims ... full story

(The Hill): Trump requests immediate investigation on Schumer's meeting with Russians ... full story

(Breitbart): Rand Paul banned from seeing Paul Ryan's healthcare draft ... full story

(AP): GOP in disarray with Obamacare ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Mass grave of sacrificed babies found ... full story

(Sputnik): Le Pen refuses court summons ... full story

March 2, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Former Hillary-Obama fund raiser Hollywood A-list actress now backs Trump ... full story

(The Telegraph): Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Russia election interference probe ... full story

(WND): Valerie Jarrett moves in with Obama's ... full story

(MSN): Ben Carson confirmed as Sec of HUD... full story

(True Pundit): John McCain keeps spilling his guts to a prankster ... full story

(Washington Examiner): CNN's Jake Tapper miffed that Pence won't sit for interview ... full story

(Truthfeed): Meet the Democrats who stood and applauded Trump ... full story

(RT): Marine Le Pen loses EU immunity ... full story

(Zero Hedge): David Brock used taxpayer money from illicit Israeli intervention to fund Clinton ... full story

March 1, 2017

(Danger&Play): Source of leaks identified. It's not the FBI ... full story

(Daily Mail): 5 minute standing ovation for President Trump ... full story

(The Hill): Unanimous Left and Right on Trump's epic Speech ... full story

(WND): Maxine Waters calls Trump's Cabinet 'scumbags' ... full story

(Polizette): 70% of audience approved Trump's Joint Congressional speech ... full story

(Breitbart): Dow tops 21,000 after Trump's speech ... full story

(Daily Caller): Communists did not applaud Trump on several issues ... full story

(Breitbart): EU to vote on revoking Marine Le Pen's Parliamentary immunity and landing her in jail ... full story

(YourNewsWire): CNN officially a failing company ... full story

(Sputnik): China outmaneuvers US in S. China Sea ... full story

(YourNewsWire): China and Russia veto sanctions on Syria ... full story

February 28, 2017

(YourNewsWire): Dems prepare to upstage Trump's congressional speech with illegals and celebrities ... full story

(The Hill): FBI paid spy to dump dirt on Trump ... full story

(Breitbart): California may go it alone with single payer insurance ... full story

(TheVerge): Massive Amazon server outage affecting East coast ... full story

(RT): Obama's people in WH caused leaks ... full story

(Daily Caller): Trump wants to cut EPA workforce by 3,000 ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Over 1,500 child-trafficking arrests have been made in the last month. MSM silent ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Subway's chicken meals contain only 50% chicken ... full story

(YourNewsWire): US-made missiles found in ISIS stockpile ... full story

(WND): Muslim chaplain over 14,000 US Christian army troops ... full story

(C-SPAN): Presidential address to Joint Session of Congress 8 pm EST ... video

February 27, 2017

(Daily Caller): Anti-Trump sentiments in town halls is manufactured by the left ... full story

(YourNewsWire): DNC announces Hillary will run in 2020 ... full story

(Sputnik): No evidence of Trump - Russia complicity ... full story

(AP): Trump looking at $54B Pentagon budget increase ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Bomb threats on Jewish people continue in US ... full story

(INFOWars): Le Pen continues to surge in polls ... full story

(Variety): Biggest Oscars blunder in history ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): IDF strikes 5 Hamas targets after rocket attack ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Saudi Arabia suddenly offers to strike at ISIS ... full story

(Sputnik): N.Korea - China relations freeze up ... full story

February 26, 2017

(The Hill): Trump tweets the race was rigged for Perez ... full story

(NeonNettle): Trump decreases national debt by $12B. MSM silent ... full story

(Zero Hedge): The Obamacare conundrum leaves State Governors backtracking ... full story

(AP): New glasses could help legally blind ... full story

(The Guardian): Investigation into Russia-Trump Fake News going forward ... full story

(Your News Wire): Pope punishes pedo priests with lifetime of prayer ... full story

(RT): Iran stages massive navy drill ... full story

(WSJ): ISIS using sophisticated drones to pummel enemies ... full story

February 25, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Starbucks stock takes a dive after announcing it will hire refugees ... full story

(Breitbart): DNC new Chair Tom Perez names Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair ...  full story

(INFOWars): China's PLA prepping for war with USA ... full story

(Daily Caller): Democrats plan all out war on Trump ... full story

(YourNewswire): With new AZ law peaceful protesters are guilty by association and subject to asset forfeiture ... full story

(The Hill): GOP town halls out of control ... full story

(Sputnik): Hillary is proud of her campaign ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump unveils steps to building wall ... full story

(YourNewsWire): McCain on the hook ... full story

(Times of Israel): Palestinian leader calls for Iran to attack Israel ... full story

February 24, 2017

(NY POST): Witches organize to cast a mass spell on TRUMP ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Trump orders investigation into Elite Pedophile Rings ... full story

(DailyMail): Top N. Korea denied US Visa ... full story

(Prntly): WH bans CNN, NY Times & Politico from press briefings ... full story

(Hollywood Reporter): Artist disses Academy Awards ... full story

(Truthfeed): NBC intended to take down Trump with Billy Bush tape ... full story

(Breitbart): Trump thrills CPAC ... full story

(Sputnik): Trump to FBI: Find the Leakers Now ... full story

(Intellihub): Podesta hired by Washington Post ... full story

(RT): Iraq strikes ISIS in Syria ... full story

(C-Span): Trump's remarks at CPAC ... video

(The Times of Israel): ISIS attacks Christians at Sinai ... full story

February 23, 2017

(YourNewsWire): US debt slashed by 12 Billion in first month of Trump's presidency ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Project Veritas unloads on MSM ... full story

(The Hill): Bannon tears apart MSM ... full story

(INFOWars): McCain takes unusual trip to Syria ... full story

(YourNewswire): Podesta says Pizzagate is Fake News ... full story

(Natural News): Google begins purge Pro-Trump news sites ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): IDF intercepts Hamas drone ... full story

(AP): US backed Iraqi forces take over Mosul airport ... full story

(Sputnik): Soros behind Trump coup ... full story

(Times of Israel): India enters into a $2.5B missile deal with Israel ... full story

February 22, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Project Veritas ready to unload a ton of videos that will sink Fake News MSM ... full story

(True Pundit): WikiLeaks exposes John McCain having received contributions from Russia ... full story

(Grabien): Brzezinski admits the job of MSM is to control what people think ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Israel's Iron Dome gets an upgrade ... full story

(NY Post): ISIS now has weapons to shoot down low flying planes ... full story

February 21, 2017

(enVolve): U.S. District Attorney to pursue treason charges against Obama ... full  story

(FoxNews): Trump effect biggest in first 30 days since 1909 ... full story

(USA Today): California floods on rise ... full story

(Daily Caller): DHS to proceed with construction of Wall and not repeal DACA ... full story

(The Hill): DHS signals that mass roundups and deportations are not in the works ... full story

(Breitbart): DHS agents now free to do their job ... full story

(RT): China raises concerns over US patrols in S. China Sea ... full story

(Breitbart): Swedish press attacked in NO GO zone in Sweden ... full story

(TheDuran): A fifth Russian diplomat dies in 4 months ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Iran calls on its proxies in Palestine to attack Israel ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Le Pen: Paris on brink of civil war ... full story

(Sputnik): China unwilling to back down without a fight ... full story

February 20, 2017

(Breitbart): DHS authorizes hire of 10,000 ICE agents ... full story

(Fox News): H.R. McMaster named as National Security Adviser ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump slams media lie that Sweden's immigration policy is working ... full story

(InfoWars): NASS wants Trump to repeal Obama's federalization of elections ... full story

(Washington Examiner): Lewandowski criticizes Trump ... full story

(RT): Russian ambassador to UN dies a day before his birthday in US ... full story

(Your News Wire): Former UK Prime Minister engaged in Satanic Child Sex Orgies ... full story

(AP): Mattis predicts US troops will be in Iraq for a while ... full story

(Sputnik): Soros still a free man. For how long? ... full story

February 19, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Newest DNC plan to remove Trump is to invoke 25th Amendment ... full story

(AP): Senior Trump NSC adviser fired for criticizing Trump ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Cleveland Prosecutor says 70 Pedophile cases were never investigated or prosecuted ... full story

(The Hill): Majority of Americans are optimistic about economy ... full story

(Sputnik): FBI confirms there was no collusion with Russia and Trump ... full story

(AP): Congressional Black Caucus will meet with Trump ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Saudis and Israel unite against Iran ... full story

February 18, 2017

(AP): Pence says Russia will be held accountable, US will stand with Russia ... full story

(Daily Caller): Bolton trying to come in as NSA director ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Don Lemon of CNN triggered ... full story

(INFOWars): Trump says MSM is enemy of the People .. full story

(Breitbart): President bypasses MSM to take his message to people ... full story

(RT): F-15's scrambled to intercept plane over President's Florida residence ... full story

(Sputnik): Four NATO nations prefer Russia to protect them ... full story

(WND): Facebook CEO makes case for Globalism ... full story

(Breitbart): Iran starts military drills in defiance of agreements ... full story

(Sputnik): Safe Zones in Syria to be funded by Arab States according to Trump ... full story

February 17, 2017

(Breitbart): Pope says Islamic Terrorism does not exist ... full story

(Sputnik): Tillerson on a firing rampage ... full story

(TheGuardian): Pope takes stance against Trump ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Court forces FBI to release Saudi Arabian involvement in 9-11 ... full story

(C-Span): President Trump speaks at Boeing 787-10 unveiling ... video

(Breitbart): WH denies more fake news about roundup of illegals using the national guard ... full story

(Washington Examiner): Press self-imploded ... full story

(RT): Syria complains to UN of Turkey's repeated acts of aggression ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Netanyahu feels Israel will be more secure after meeting with Trump ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Israel and US defense ministers meet to discuss Iran ... full story

(Sputnik): Syrian army approaches historic/strategic Palmyra ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Tillerson fires most of 7th floor on State Department ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Drug lord Escobar worked for CIA selling drugs ... full story

February 16, 2017

(Rasmussen): Trump's approval now at 55% ... full story

(AP): Trump admin says it will revise travel ban ... full story

(Breitbart): Trump calls out the Press ... full story

(INFOWars): Muslim sympathizers behind Trump leaks ... full story

(RT): Putin says NATO is trying to drag Russia into war ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Michael Moore calls Trump a Russian ... full story

(Sputnik): Petition to ban Soros from USA reaches 10,000 ... full story

(JerusalemPost): Trumps nominee for Israel ambassador is heckled in Senate ... full story

February 15, 2017

(Yahoo): Bibi smiles as Trump says Iran will never get the bomb ... full story

(Breitbart): Evan McMullin says Trump is a 'domestic enemy' ... full story

(WSJ): Spys withholding intel from Trump ... full story

(Sputnik): Spy community bringing out Big Guns against Trump ... full story

(Judiciary Committee): Senate overturns Obama-era gun law ... full story

(Daily Mail): Melania goes to meet the Netanyahu's ... full story

(AP): Two-state solution off the table for now ... full story

(Breitbart): NSA tapping Trump's calls ... full story

(DailyCaller): Labor Sec. nominee withdraws ... full story

(WND): Hacking has DNC fingerprints on it ... full story

(YourNewswire): UK will allow Trump to speak in Parliament ... full story

(TheDuran): Russia says to US it will not return Crimea ... full story

February 14, 2017

(Breitbart): Trump asks Gen. Flynn to resign ... full story

(YourNewsWire): Kenya West's memory wiped clean ... full story

(INFOWars): Russia fears US establishment will assassinate Trump ... full story

(MagaFeed): Head of Secret Service resigns ... full story

(Fox61): Senate confirms Linda McMahon ... full story

(The Hill): GOP Senator wants investigation on Trump-Russia link ... full story

(TheDuran): US hints Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine ... full story

(Sputnik): US troops arrive in Romanian Black Sea port ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Mortars fall on Golan Heights ... full story

February 13, 2017

(AP): Trump considers role of Flynn given his position on Russia ... full story

(AP): Senate confirms Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary... full story

(Sputnik): David Shulkin confirmed as Sec. of Dept. of Veterans Affairs ... full story

(RT): China concerned of US approving Japan's territorial claims ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump meets Trudeau ... full story 

(PANAMPost): Venezuela kicks CNN out for Fake News ... full story

(American Mirror): Confused Waters thinks Trump is responsible for Ukraine crisis ... full story

(Sacramento Bee): Oroville dam expected to fail. 188,000 evacuated ... full story

(Sputnik): US Strike Group pounds Daesh from Mediterranean ... full story

(Sputnik): Syria will seek apologies from countries that destroyed it ... full story

February 12, 2017

(Zero Hedge): 72 people identified as terrorists since 2001 come from banned countries ... full story

(TruthUncensored): Obama will organize 30,000 anti-Trump force ... full story

(AP): Venezuela Asylum requests to US peak ... full story

(Sputnik): Latin America may side with China or Russia ... full story

(YourNewsWire): North Korea fires first ballistic missile to test Trump ... full story

(Daily Mail): Hungary's bounty hunters crackdown on illegals ... full story

(Sputnik): CIA used psychics to spy on Iran ... full story

February 11, 2017

(Truthfeed): Trump releases list of Terrorist attacks ... full story

(Spokesman): ICE conducts raids in 6 states ... full story

(Lifezette): Duke University now offers courses in 'anti-Trump training' ... full story

(The Hill): McCain-Trump feud takes new turn ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Mexicans vow to jam deportation courts ... full story

(Truthfeed): Lou Dobbs: Gorsuch should withdraw his name ... full story

(Your News Wire): US Army prepares for civil unrest ... full story

(Judicial Watch): President of Judicial Watch comments on 9th Circuit Court Ruling ... full story

(Breitbart): #ProtestPP. Nation wide protests to close Planned Parenthood ... full story

(Truthfeed): 750+ Sex Criminals arrested since Trump became President ... full story

(C-Span): DNC Chair candidates discuss future of DNC ... full story

(Sacramento Bee): Muslim group turns down Federal Grant to fight Muslim extremism ... full story

(Intellihub): Russia plans for autumn military exercises 83 times larger than 2013 worry Baltic states ... full story

(DPA): 300 hurt in Baghdad anti government protests ... full story

(Yahoo): Trump to Iran "better be careful" ... full story

(Truthfeed): Merkel offering cash to refugees to leave Germany ... full story

February 10, 2017

(The Hill): WH is considering a new immigration Executive Order in the interest of time ... full story

(Daily Star): Iran warns Trump of 'dark days ahead' ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Europe preparing for cash-less society ... full story

(RT): Thousands in Iran chant Death to America ... full story

(Your News Wire): Assad praises Trump for his immigration policies ... full story

(WND): WH Cyber Security officer fired ... full story

(Your News Wire): Petition on target to arrest George Soros ... full story

(The Duran): Trump agrees to honor One China policy after speaking with Xi ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Israeli Prime minister like to be indicted ... full story

(Daily Caller): BLM blocks DeVos entry to public school ... full story

(AP): Human and Health Sec. takes office ... full story

(AP): Abe talks with Trump ... full story

February 9, 2017

(Zero Hedge): Trump signs orders to crush crime and drug cartels ... full story

(Breitbart): Twitter earnings tank, stock crashes ... full story

(The Hill): Court of Appeals denies Trump travel ban ... full story

(INFOWars): Refugee Program full of fraud ... full story

(The Guardian): Jeff Sessions confirmed ... full story

(Breitbart): Pope says making Mexico pay for wall is not Christian ... full story

(RT): Poll shows Trump administration more thruthful than MSM ... full story

(Daily Caller): NY Times warns Trump about Muslim Brotherhood ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Iron Dome intercepts barrage of missiles fired at Israel from Sinai ... full story

(AP): Syrian war continues despite cease-fire ... full story

(AP): China agrees to stop harvesting organs from prisoners ... full story

(The Duran): Russia may use again Iranian air bases for its air force ... full story

February 8, 2017

(C-Span): Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as Attorney General ... full story

(Sputnik): Iran conducts another missile test ... full story

(Bloomberg): Republican old guard push for Carbon Tax ... full story

(Breitbart): Women boycott Nordstrom ... full story

(Daily Caller): Muslim charity worries Jeff Sessions will cut off its funding ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Putin must choose between China and the West ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): New Dead Sea scroll cave found ... full story

(Debka): Russia gives Syrian army high precision weapons ... full story

(Debka): Trump talks to Erdogan ... full story

(The Guardian): Pope urges to build bridges not 'walls' ... full story

(DPA): PM May gets parliament approval to start Brexit negotiations ... full story

(Sputnik): US may designate the Iranian Guard as a terrorist organization ... full story

February 7, 2017

(Zero Hedge): US confidence now highest on record ... full story

(Breitbart): Mike Pence casts historic tie braking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos ... full story

(Sputnik): MSM globalists attack Trump on magazine cover ... full story

(Breitbart): Mike Pence casts historic tie braking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Twitter to clamp down on trolls ... full story

(Sputnik): MSM globalists attack Trump on top-tier magazine covers ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Left starts Fight Clubs to bash the Right ... full story

(Zero Hedge): US troop and arms build up continues along Russian border ... full story

(Bloomberg): Iran gets more bellicose ... full story

(Your News Wire): British PM supports Iran nuclear deal ... full story

(Your News Wire): Russia prepares for War with NATO ... full story

(The Constitution): The Paris Agreement on Climate Change relied on Fake Data ... full story

February 6, 2017

(WND): Full list of Republicans backed by globalist Soros ... full story

(Fox News): Soros fingerprints on lawsuits against Trump ... full story

(InfoWars): California Senator says half his family is illegal ... full story

(Daily Caller): Feinstein sides with Trump on Iran ... full story

(AP): Trump wants to let in people who want to love our country ... full story

(RT): 'Do you think our country is so innocent' Trump responds to O'Reilly's statement that Putin is a killer ... full story

(Your News Wire): 30% of DC insiders part of Pedophile Ring ... full story

(DPA): States warn that reinstating travel ban will unleash chaos ... full story

(The Hill): Schumer to GOP 'Work with us to block Betsy DeVos' ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Trump blocked from speaking to UK Parliament ... full story

(TruthFeed): Sec of Defense James Matis tells N. Korea he won't tolerate their games ... full story

(Breitbart): One case of FGM per hour is reported in UK ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Amid UN warnings, Israel ready to pass historic resettlement Bill ... full story

(Daily Caller): Israel Air Force pummels Hamas ... full story

(The Guardian): China's Communist party says war with US would be a disaster ... full story

(Business Standard): Yemen Houthi Rebels strike Saudi Capital ... full story

(WND): Temple worthy Red Heiffer found ... full story

February 5, 2017

(Your News Wire): 'Void the Election' case reaches the Supreme Court ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Black Rifle Coffee Company announces to hire 10,000 veterans ... full story

(Breitbart): 'Refuse Fascism' thugs at Berkeley were financed by Soros ... full story

(InfoWars): Trump defends Putin ... full story

(ABC): Pence to Iran: don't test the resolve of new President; everything is on the table ... full story

(The Hill): McConnell breaks with Trump on Putin ... full story

(Breitbart): Pelosi wants FBI to investigate what Russia has on Trump ... full story

(Zero Hedge): Appeals court denies Trump travel band ... full story

(Breitbart): Facebook 'independent' Fake News censor  funded by the left ... full story

(Debka): Yemen prepares for US-Iran war ... full story

(Jerusalem Post): Iran says new sanctions violate Nuclear Deal ... full story

(Daily Mail): Angola shuts down all Mosques ... full story

February 4, 2017

(Your News Wire): FBI ready to arrest 30 Politicians and 40 other pedophile ring leaders ... full story

February 3, 2017

(Zero Hedge): The Face of Evil. The Climate Change hoax is meant to destroy Capitalism, admits UN official. This zeitgeist that is being perpetrated on the world is nothing more than a luciferian attempt at bringing the world under a one world order... full story



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